Stolen Moment

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Your breath is hot against my lips; I can feel every rasp rush along my sensitive skin as your lower body holds me in place against the wall. I can feel my skin tingling wherever we touch, your hands flex excitedly against the fleshy part of my hip, dragging my hips closer to yours, fitting me more firmly against you. My breath rasps in and out of me, my breasts jerking with each breath, I can see your eyes occasionally flicker down to them in the low light. Your expression could be thought of as serious, if not for the darkness of your eyes, blazing your desire for me as you slide your palm down my thigh to catch the hem of my light summer dress. My eyes flick down your body, your chest, your shirt clinging slightly to your sweat dampened body down to your stomach, following the clinging fabric to the waist of your shorts, your hard on, looking like it is trying to burst free of your fly of your shorts at any moment, pressed where our bodies meet, before flicking back up to your face.

You grind against me softly, making my head tip back slightly against the wall behind me. The corner of your mouth kicks up as you watch my reaction as you slowly repeat the movement.

‘You like that baby?’ you ask in a husky tone. I swallow, trying to bring saliva to my mouth as its suddenly gone dry.

‘Yes… oh… God yes…’ I whisper in return as you flow into a smooth controlled rocking, pressing firmly against my aching pussy, my clit already begging for attention being firmly pressed with each roll of your hips. You lean in, nosing my jaw up as you kiss down to the point where my shoulder and neck meet, before grazing your teeth across it. My hands come up, sliding up your chest, feeling the fabric catch and slide over your body as I bring my hands to your shoulder, unsure if I want to pull you closer or push you away my hands squeeze the muscles there.

I know I can’t have you inside me now, having let our kissing get a bit carried away at the back of the holiday lodge we’re both staying at. With no condoms on hand, I hadn’t even imagined this outcome before coming up for a spontaneous weekend away.

When I came down tonight for a quick drink after a busy day hiking around the local area, I had not expected to meet anyone. Somehow against my better judgment, I had been unable to resist your slow sexy smiles and the way your eyes would slowly trail over my body like a whispering touch. When you approached me and asked me if I would like some company, I had told myself I could enjoy a bit of harmless flirting over a couple of drinks before going back to my room and bringing myself off to thoughts of the cute guy I met that ataşehir escort bayan night. Your lips trail up to my ear and you suck my earlobe into your mouth before giving it a playful bite, bringing my attention back to you. Your breath is hot and makes me shiver as you whisper in my ear.

‘As soon as you I saw you walk through that door, I knew I wanted to taste you. You looked so sweet in this dress.’ You hand sweeps it higher as you hand moves back up to my hip under my dress.

‘It just begged to find out what was hidden underneath. I was getting hard, just thinking about if there was a cute pair of panties hidden under this dress, or if you were naked, those pink, wet pussy lips pouting right there for anyone lucky enough to see in the bar.’

I squirm against you; your words making me picture what it would be like to have my pussy open and at any moment visible to a roomful of people.

‘oh… um, no I wouldn’t… I couldn’t in this dress? What if someone saw?’ your laugh is dark and husky as you crowd me closer to the wall.

‘Indeed, I bet any man who saw you with your hot little pussy on display would be panting to get under this dress. The thought was enough for me…’ your hand meets my hip, feeling the fabric of my panties as you slip your fingers under, and pulling your hips back slightly so you can drag my panties down my legs and I feel them wet, and clinging slightly as they catch at my knees. I wiggle my legs a little, feeling them slide the rest of the way, before I step out of them and you step back between my legs and press your body to mine.

‘Mmm… just like this, can you feel the cool air on that wet skin?’ you ask against my mouth as your hand slides up the inside of my thigh, almost skimming your own body as you seek out my wet pussy. My breath catches in my throat the second before I feel your fingers glide across my pouting pussy lips.

‘oh.. yes… oh Christ…’ I whisper brokenly, my legs opening in invitation, and your fingers slide easily past my wet lips, and I shudder as I feel your finger graze across my hard and budding clit.

‘Ah yes.. That’s it, you like that hey..?’ you ask, watching my face in the low light as you circle my clit a few times before grazing your finger over the raw nerve. My hips buck, my body begging where my voice has failed. You slide your finger down, and rubbing around the entrance to my body, you lean in to take another kiss and push your finger into me. I shudder against your length as your kiss swallows my groan.

‘Fuck you’re so bloody wet…’ you moan as you pull back from our kiss. Quickly you slide another into me.

‘Fuck, escort kadıköy look how you took that second finger, god, and so tight… yes, that’s it, you like my fingers deep in that sweet little cunt don’t you…? tell me.’ You have started to pant too, I can feel your body almost vibrating with your desire as you lean into me.

‘I… yes… please, it feels so good, don’t stop…’ I stutter before breaking off in a helpless moan. As you continue to work your fingers inside of me, the only sound that can be heard in the quite night is our rough breaths, broken by my helpless moans and the soft click of your fingers as they find there way to the third knuckle inside of me. My eyes flutter closed, and I tilt my head back, my focus coming down to just your body pressed against mine, your long, blunt fingers sliding in and out of me. Your free hand comes up, and you tug roughly on the bra strap and sleeve of the dress.

‘I need to see these tits..’ you pant close to my mouth, and after a few forceful shoves of the fabric, you have got the material low enough that I can slide my arms out of the holes. You hardly give me time to have my hands clear when you fist the front of my summer dress and yank it down, making my heavy breasts spill free. I bring my hands up, framing their familiar heavy weight; I lift them in invitation in the low light.

‘I want… I want you to suck on them, make them hard in your mouth’ I state softly, unable to resist grazing my thumbs over the sensitive tips, feeling them bud in silent invitation under the slight attention.

‘Mm, look at them…’ you murmur quietly as your head slips forward, and I bite my full bottom lip as my eyes slip closed again. Your lips are hot and wet on my sensitive nipple and I can feel my clit throb in response to the feeling of your tongue gliding over my skin. You tug softly on it, my hand dropping from one of my breasts to catch the back of your head, pulling you closer as you start to kiss and lick the heavy curve of my breast, your fingers pick up speed and I feel you turning your hand, before the graze of your thumb on my clit. I let out a high-pitched whimper, my body tingling all over as you start to work it together. God, it feels so good, if only I could get the words out to tell you. I know you’re reading me clearly as you kiss your way back up my chest towards my ear, bringing your body closer to mine again. Your lips come close to my ear, as you kiss my jaw and neck.

‘I want to hear you scream as you come, are you loud baby? Do you shudder like your bones are about to melt? Show me, I want to see… feel… it, give it to me, bostancı escort show me…’ your words fill my mind, and I can feel the climax racing along my nerves, your thumb is relentless on my clit and I feel like my mind is splintering, spinning faster with your words, the feel of your hard on against my thigh, your fingers plucking at my wet, sensitive nipple, your hot breath on my neck. My eyelids get heavy and I realise I’m begging, pleading with you to help me cum, suddenly I feel the bliss rush over me, crashing like waves inside of me, you bite my exposed neck, and I let out a long moan, that breaks into a scream as my vision breaks into a thousand lights. I can feel your weight pressing me into the wall, keeping me upright as I squirm against you. Coming down, I relax, my body feeling like its boneless, I’m suddenly glad for your support.

Your breath is coming in short and sharp. Your lips are still on my neck, and slipping your hand free from between my legs, your hips slide in, pressing you firmly against my highly sensitive, wet pussy.

‘God, I can feel your heat through my clothes…’ you groan as you start to roll your hips against me, making me moan helplessly as the rough fabric of your clothes pushes and brushes against my over sensitive clit.

‘I know we can’t… I know… but…’ you mutter brokenly as you start to roll your hips harder, faster against me, rubbing against me I realise how desperate you are, I hook my leg over you hip, pulling you more closely against me, as I seek out your mouth. The sensation of you rubbing against me is somewhere between pleasure and pain because I’m so sensitive, but I can’t deny you your pleasure.

‘That’s in honey…’ I whisper softly as I kiss along your jaw.

‘I can feel how hard you are, how big and hungry you are for my pussy, I would love to have you fill me, fuck me nice and hard, would you like that too?’ I ask rhetorically as you moan softly in response to my words. I slide my hands up, framing your face, pulling your lips to mine. I let my tongue dart out and your mouth opens willingly, my tongue touching yours as your grinding becomes frantic.

‘I want to fuck that tight pussy so bad… god, yes… I can’t…’ Your gasping against my mouth, you break the kiss and drop your head to my shoulder, I close my eyes, imagining your cock inside of me, thrusting into me, filling and stretching me. I moan and feel a smile break onto my lips as you still suddenly, shuddering against my body. I trail my free hand over your temple, down to your jaw and along your neck; I can feel the slickness of the sweat on your skin. You drag in a shuddering breath and then pull back, looking at me with a slightly sheepish expression. I grin at you, rocking my hips against you. I smile at you reassuringly, planting a soft kiss on the corner of your mouth.

‘Well! That was deliciously unexpected!’ I comment with a laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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