Stormy Night

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The rain was getting heavier as the car pulled up outside Anita’s house.

“Ok then, Anita miss. See you,” said Prakash.

“You said you were finding it hard to see through the windshield. By the looks of it, the rain is only going to get worse. How can you drive now? Why don’t you come inside and stay until the rain abates?”

“Well…no…I’ll just…”

“No, please come inside. I can’t let you drive in this weather when you’ve taken the trouble to drive all this way to drop me home. Please let me be of some help in return.” Anita insisted.


Prakash had barely finished his objection when ear-splitting thunder roared overhead.

“I’ll tell Ashwin that his father is insane if you’re planning to drive in spite of this,” said Anita reproachfully.

“Ok Anita miss, I’ll come in,” said Prakash, finally yielding.

Anita extracted an umbrella from her handbag. She unlocked the car’s door, held it ajar, and stuck out the umbrella through the gap between the door and the car’s roof. She spread out the canopy with the click of a button on the handle and stepped out of the car gingerly. She walked over to the driver’s door and held out the umbrella over it. Prakash got out of the car and joined Anita under the canopy. They took careful steps towards the front door of the house, upon reaching which Anita took out a key from the handbag and opened it. Both of them ambled into the house.

Anita promptly turned on a switch and a light flickered to life, illuminating what Prakash saw to be a somewhat poky hall. In the hall, there was a sofa and a television set next to it. Anita laid the wet umbrella in an area beside the sofa and turned on the fan overhead. She closed the door behind her.

“Please have a seat,” she said, simpering.

Anita realized that she had got wet in spite of having used the umbrella, and that Prakash too had noticed it.

“Oh…I have to change…excuse me,” she said sheepishly, making off to the adjacent room.

Anita closed the door. She knew what she was going to wear couldn’t be just any dress. She had been waiting for an opportunity like this since the PTA meeting which had been held two weeks before. Ashwin, Prakash’s son, had flunked almost every subject and she was supposed to tell Prakash to be extra mindful of his son’s academic matters. But things didn’t go as she had intended. A sudden surge of passion had gripped her from the moment she saw Prakash. His rugged features and sonorous voice were too much for her to handle. To her embarrassment, she had stammered and started perspiring when she began to talk to him. When it came to a point when she could no longer hold herself back, she had excused herself and left the place under the pretext of attending a phone call. She then went to the restroom, locked herself in and masturbated to her heart’s content. She had prayed nobody had heard her moaning. Right now she couldn’t remember how she had managed to talk to Prakash that day with her dignity intact after coming out of the restroom.

Anita opened her wardrobe and began sifting through it. She had always been aware that she was a well-endowed woman. She had never actually had bonus veren siteler to do anything to make men take notice of her. Wherever she went, she could feel the eyes of all the boys and men on her. Barring some creepily lascivious stares that she got at times, she had mostly enjoyed the male attention that she received. Now for the first time in her life, she found herself making an earnest effort to seduce a man. Where is it, where is that one dress that I bought exclusively for an occasion like this?

Finally she found it. Under the pile of clothes, there lay a black silky dress. She had bought it from an online retailer. She knew when she saw its picture for the first time that it was the perfect outfit for her if she ever wanted to seduce a man. She took off her saree and blouse and put on her magic gown. She stepped in front of the mirror and studied her figure. It was perfect. The figure-hugging gown had impeccably accentuated the contours of her body. Its neckline plunged down to reveal her cleavage and a bit of her plump breasts. Its hemline rose just above her knees to lay bare her shapely legs. Now Prakash just had to see her.

As Anita tiptoed to the door, her moribund sense of modesty reared its head. What are you doing, Anita? You’re going to seduce your student’s father! You’re a teacher, bear that in mind! But the nymphomaniac in her readily killed it with an irrefutable argument. Yes, I’m a teacher. That’s my profession. But before that, I’m a human being with primal desires, a woman, a sexual being. I’m a teacher at school. I would cease to be that if I were to resign the job. But I can never stop being a woman who yearns for sex.

Anita gently pushed the door open and stepped on to the hall. Prakash looked up. No sooner had his brain finished processing the image before him than his penis distended. He had been holding himself back from the moment Anita had hopped on to his car. He had been preoccupied with this buxom woman ever since he saw her for the first time during his son’s PTA meeting. He had seen few women who were more physically gifted than her. There was something bewitching about her swarthy complexion which enhanced her breath-taking figure. Now, as she stood there with her sexiness heightened several notches by the low-cut black gown, Prakash was at a loss as to what to say.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting…” said Anita, with a meaning smile.

“That’s…that’s fine…I..t-think…I should leave…” stammered Prakash.

“No man would think of leaving now, would he?” said Anita suggestively.

The import of the line was not lost on Prakash. He had hardly opened his mouth to reply when Anita took a step forward.

“Here’s a rusty nail on the floor. We might step on it…” she said, as she bent down. There was no nail on the floor and Prakash realized it. Anita had hunkered down so that he could have a clear view of her cleavage and breasts in case he hadn’t already seen them. The subsequent part of the script was tacit and they both knew what it was. Anita rose from her hunched position and threw herself to Prakash’s arms. He pulled her towards him and pressed his lips against hers. bedava bahis They savored each other’s saliva for a while and shuffled towards the room from which Anita had emerged in her new garb. As they moved past the door, Prakash lifted Anita off her feet and carried her in his arms.

“As you may have noticed, this is a fairly remote house…there aren’t other houses nearby…” said Anita coquettishly, snuggling in his arms.

“So?” asked Prakash.

“So…feel free to make me moan…I mean aloud…you think you can do that?” said Anita teasingly.

“You’re an atheist, if I’m not wrong?” asked Prakash.

“Yes, is that relevant now?” asked Anita, bemused.

“Yes. I’m gonna make you scream ‘Oh my god’ tonight. You have my word,” said Prakash.

“Oh really? I can’t wait to be a believer again!” said Anita, as they both laughed.

Prakash threw her gently to the bed and started to unbutton his shirt. He leaned towards the bed and kissed her again on the lips, while slowly slipping off her gown. Anita was now lying there in her bra and knickers. Prakash felt he was about to faint. The street lamp’s light that filtered in through the glass window of the room illuminated her curvaceous body so that he could now see that her breasts were larger than he had fancied them to be. Cursing the fact that he still had his pants on, he lunged at her as he began to unzip frantically. He kissed her again on the lips but didn’t stop there. His lips slid downward to her neck whereupon he clasped his mouth onto it. He started sucking it with his mouth which was now moist with saliva. He slithered further downward to her cleavage. In one swift motion, he yanked her bra away while she slid out of her knickers. Prakash straightened up in the bed and took a good look at Anita’s fully naked body. Owing to her dusky skin, she now looked like a succulent chocolate cake. Her plump breasts glistened in the street lamp’s light. He immersed his mouth in her cleavage, fondled her breasts and pinched the left one. Anita moaned. He finally pulled out his penis which had now got engorged. He gently shoved it into her vagina.

“Oh…yeah…” Anita moaned.

He was astride her now. He gently thrust his penis into her until its entire length was inside her.

“Aah…oh yeah…aah…” she continued moaning, as if in a trance.

His arms slithered along hers until they reached her hands and their fingers entwined. One after the other, he took her large breasts inside his mouth and sucked them as he pushed his maleness harder into her body.


Their lips met again as he pounded even harder, causing the bed to judder. The rain seemed to be pelting down in harmony with his thrusts. He pushed even harder and slightly bit her left nipple.


If the thunder hadn’t rumbled right then, Anita’s screams would have startled the family in the house 800 meters away, who were her nearest neighbors.

Semen rushed to his penis, and realizing it, Prakash began to pull his penis out of Anita’s vagina, but she stopped him.

“NO! Don’t! I want to feel its flow deneme bonus to my body. I’ll take a contraceptive pill,” she said frantically, slightly gripping the root of his penis, the remaining length of which was still inside her.

Her touch on his penis sent a fresh wave of vigor throughout his body. He ran his tongue along her neck and breasts as he pounded harder than ever. They both moaned aloud as he finally ejaculated inside her. Prakash’s body shuddered as he emptied the last of his fluid into her body. They looked into each other’s eyes and burst out laughing, whereupon they cuddled and kissed.

Prakash’s phone started to ring. He looked up and saw that it was Ashwin. He brought his finger to his lips, gesturing to Anita to be silent. He then put the phone on loudspeaker mode and answered the call.

“Dad, where are you? I need your help to solve the maths homework! Anita miss is going to kill me tomorrow if I show up in her class without doing it. She’s a real witch!”

Anita opened her mouth, outraged. Prakash stifled a guffaw.”

Yes, I know. I’ve seen that!” Prakash blurted out, before he realized what he was saying.


“I talked to her two weeks ago during your PTA meeting. Forgot that? I could see that she was one nasty woman!” he said and winked at Anita.

“Yes, she is! Come home now and help me sort out this mess!” yelled Ashwin.

“It’s raining cats and dogs here. I’ve taken shelter inside a shop now. Nevertheless, I’ll leave now,” said Prakash.

“Ok dad, bye” said Ashwin and he hung up.

“You mean man! You called me a nasty woman!” bellowed Anita.

“What else was I supposed to say? That his Anita miss is a good woman, so good that I’ve just slept with her?” asked Prakash.

Anita burst out laughing. Prakash swooped down and kissed her again.

“Do you feel guilty? About having cheated on your wife?” asked Anita.

“I haven’t cheated on my wife. We got divorced five years ago,” said Prakash.

“Oh, so if you weren’t divorced, would you have managed to resist me tonight?” asked Anita impishly, as she got up from the bed and started to wrap her bra around her breasts.

“Maybe. For about five more minutes,” Prakash quipped, getting into his pants.

The rain had stopped by the time they put their dresses back on and got out of the room.

“How do we take this forward?” asked Anita.


“Should we see this as a one-off physical thing or should we start dating?” asked Anita.

“I’m not sure. But I surely haven’t had enough of this marvelous body,” said Prakash, running his hands along her torso.

“Me neither…no other man has gratified me so much in bed. I want more of you,” said Anita.

“I’ll call you, Anita,” he added, as they hugged and passionately kissed again.

I have to hurry. Ashwin and his homework are waiting for me,” said Prakash.


“He’s terrified of you, Anita miss. Don’t be so harsh to him ever again, now that his father’s sperms are inside you,” said Prakash, as Anita pinched his arms.

Prakash walked over to the car, opened the door and got into the driver’s seat. He waved to Anita and she waved back. He drove off and Anita looked on until the car disappeared in the distance. Anita got into the house, closed the front door behind her and let out a whoop, having finally turned into reality what she had been fantasizing about for several weeks.

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