Stormy NIght

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It starts out like any other evening, the sky turning from day to night, in transition with the pinks and blues on the horizon. I finish dinner, and begin to wash dishes when a loud flash of light startles me and I drop the plate back into the sink, soapy water splashing onto the floor. Laughing at how easy I was startled, I dry my hands and walk to the large patio window. Looking out just in time to see the sky light up, I notice the clapping boom that follows it. Wanting a closer look I open the patio door, stepping cautiously over the threshold. Standing out in the open, looking up, hearing the next boom and then I instinctively count, determining how far away it is by how close together they happen.

All of a sudden a voice causes me to jump. I flip my body around to the voice, and grasp my chest like it could have stopped. Squinting to see who it is, he says he is sorry; I see my neighbor as he comes a little closer. I tell him it’s okay that I’m a little on edge anyway. I find it hard to catch my breath as my eyes are suddenly glued to his topless chest, running over every sculpted muscle. Feeling my face get warmer as my cheeks turn red, I bring my gaze up to his eyes. Realizing I have on only shorts and a tank top because of the recent heat wave, I smile coyly trying to keep my attention away from his body, talking about the weather and the brewing storm. I make eye contact, then have to avert my gaze because the taksim escort sky lights up. Then the thunder booms loudly, startled I launch myself toward him.

He catches me, one foot going backward to keep from falling over. Looking up with an apologetic look, my eyes lock with his, his eyes a look of passion and want. He assures me that it wasn’t a problem and when I try to break the eye contact he holds me there. I lean into to him, relaxing from the safety that his arms provide, together watching and listening for more sounds of the storm. Then as our heads are tilting back looking into the now dark cloudy sky it starts to drizzle. Almost laughing at the sensation we look at each other, my lips touching his gently and then I feel his arm on my lower back while his other hand entangles in my hair pulling me to him. Deepening the kiss, my lips part to allow for the intrusion of his tongue, a moan escaping from my throat.

As if the moan was encouragement I feel his hand move from my hair over my back around my side and then to my breast over my shirt. My head spinning with excitement, my nipples erect, his hand now slides under my shirt, his fingers unfasten my bra. Tugging it and my shirt gently over my head, facing him, smiling at him, I was impressed with his bra removal skills. Not sure how he did it, but as our chests touch all that I’m aware of are the topkapı escort tingles running through my body and the goose bumps on my skin. My hand caresses every part of him, finger tips teasing his flesh, then moving it between us I undo his pants button.

Bending down so my head meets his zipper, I undo his pants, pulling them down, waiting at his feet while he steps out of them.

My eyes caught by the magnificence of his body, every wonderful inch of him screaming confidence and all man. Placing sweet gentle kisses from his ankle up his leg, to his hardened largeness, I lick once from his balls to his shaft then up to his tip. Seeing him as one big lollipop, I take him with my open mouth, my throat relaxed, and pull him in as far as I can. Stuck there, I suck as hard as I can, swirling my tongue around him, then pull back when I need air. He puts his hand on my shoulder, holding me at length then moves to slide my shorts down. Stepping out of them I feel the rain drops get harder, increasing with size, my already excited body wanting, needing to have him.

Not able to think, I take his hand and lead him to the near by picnic table, never used for anything until he sits his ass on the seat facing out with both feet on the ground. He grabs my hips and pulls me onto him, facing away from him, working my now dripping wet pussy on top of his rock hard cock. tüyap escort The tip pushes past my wet engorged lips and slides into me further. Using my legs to hold me up I suddenly slam down, my pussy is so tight around him I can feel his cock throbbing with excitement. Staying as far down as possible, my ass cheeks flat against his thighs and hips, I lean my head back on his shoulder and wrap my arms behind him, latching around the back of his neck. Using his neck for leverage, the deep growl from his throat adds to the urgency, telling me that he isn’t happy with my stillness. My lips in a gentle smile, I start to move up and down slowly, taking the time to clench and unclench my muscles inside. Hearing him grunt and his body tense, I pump harder and faster unclasping my hands behind him to lean way over in front and touch the ground.

Then, sensing almost immediate satisfaction I feel my mind wander, body tense from head to toes. I tilt my head up now to feel the warm gentle raindrops fall on my face, and I start to as my climax gets close. Feeling his release coming, I hold off so that our climaxes can happen together. His hands tighten their grip on my hips, and I know he is close. I grind into him as my wetness erupts to greater volumes, and he adds his seed to my release. His mouth trails kisses over my shoulder and neck, then his warm breath in my ear whispering “Thanks neighbor shall we get in where it’s dry?” Laughing I stand slowly, as he eases out of me, I turn to kiss him, grab my clothes and point to my place since it’s closer. I get to the patio and look back, the satisfaction apparent on my face as the sky lights up with more lightening. Reaching to open the door he beats me to it and I walk through before he does, waiting for him to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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