Story about an Internet Hookup

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This is a true story. I had not included names and websites, but it is all 100% accurate. I choose to tell this now as I used to come on Literotica to read others stories to drum up the bravery to explore my own sexuality, have my own story to tell. I am not a professional writer and hope the quality of this story is not too unbearable.

First, about me. I am 33 (was 31 at the time of this story). Pretty much your average white guy. I’m 5’10” 160 lbs a little more physically fit then average, but nothing that would stand out in a crowd. 6″ uncut cock. I have red hair, green eyes and a close cropped beard. I live in southern Wisconsin. I think you would call me bi curious. I am sexually attracted to woman, and do rather well with them, and to all outward appearance I’m just that. Average American joe.

There is another side to me though. As time went on I became more unfulfilled, more dissatisfied with my sex life. I don’t know if bored is the right term, but its close enough to convey what was going on. I began more and more to fantasize about being submissive sexually. First watching femdom porn, but gradually more and more I began fantasizing about being with a man, especially sucking cock. It all just seemed to fit, seemed like the most complete surrender, the most submissive act. So many of my fantasies became a man instructing me EXACTLY how to please him, where to suck, how to lick. Him telling me what he was going to do and then him doing it or making me do it whether I wanted it or was ready for it or not. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I didn’t do anything about it for years. I read stories, trolled on the m4m section of craigslist (this was before they shut it down) and i found my urges weren’t all that uncommon. Other men felt the same! But still it took me years and years before it got to be too much. I HAD to experience it, had to know if it was real or just a fantasy.

I started being more open. Made personals, posted pictures Betturkey of my body, my cock and my ass. I found out that men LOVED my ass, found out I had a bubble butt. I know that sounds strange, but women had never commented on this, never cared. Suddenly I was sexy, I was pursued. I liked it, but still, I was looking for something specific. I wanted a dominant but gentle man. A man to take charge, push my limits but not hurt me. I would get so many messages from men who either wanted to flip fuck or had tiny cocks or just gave off the wrong unsafe vibe. Craigslist m4m went away and I gave up for awhile until I came across another gay male website and made a profile.

Then one day I got a message that was perfect. It was an older white guy about an hour drive away. Big cock and he just seemed to GET it. Seemed to understand how I wanted to submit and he just said all the right things. We texted for a couple weeks and I finally worked up the nerve to ask for a meeting. We agreed on a time and I started my hour drive to suck my first cock.

I was so nervous, more nervous than i’ve ever been, but I loved that feeling too. The adrenaline rush was amazing, but I still almost turned around twice. Anyway, I called him once i was 5 mins out and he directed me the final way. We had agreed to meet at his office, I thought this was hot don’t know why. I pulled into the parking lot of a warehouse, I think it had something to do with agriculture shipping. He met me in the parking lot. He looked a little older then in his pictures but nothing alarming. An older white guy, I’d say in his late to mid sixties, very slim about my height. Mostly bald with a grey goatee. We shook hands and he asked how the drive was then lead me to a side door behind the warehouse.

Walking in my heart was pounding. The office was pretty much what you’d expect from an agribusiness. Concrete floor with a drain in it, old messy desk with old, broke in, flaking office chairs. Betturkey Giriş Old barebones computer with one of those ancient giant monitors. He sat back in one of the office chairs and looked me up and down eventually saying, “Are you sure you want this? It’s not too late to back out.” I gave a little chuckle, I’d come this far I wasn’t going to back out now. He seemed to understand and told me, “Ok, get naked, i want to see you.”

My hands were shaking bad, but I stripped down. In my head I wanted to be sexy, but really I was just taking my clothes off, probably looked awkward as hell. But there I was standing there completely naked, skin seeming even paler in the florescent light before another man! I was rock hard and already leaking precum, a fact he noticed right away. He had me turn around, bend over, spread my ass cheeks to show him my hole. This was exactly what I wanted, I did everything he said and I knew I’d do anything he wanted me to. I loved the feeling of exposure and vulnerability.

“Stand up and turn towards me”, he said. “Now come here.” I walked to him and he grabbed my cock. My whole body jumped and he laughed. Not a mean laugh, but a knowing one. This was the first time I’d been touched by a man and he knew it. “I like how tight your balls are.” he said as he started to play and gently squeeze them. He slowly slid my foreskin back and smiled at me as ili shuttered. “Oh, your sensitive huh?” as he fully exposed the head of my cock. He rubbed his thumb on the underside of my cock head and my knees almost gave out. He gathered a drop of my precum and lifted it to my mouth. “open” was all he said and I let him put his thumb in my mouth, let him feed me my own precum.

He let go of my cock and leaned back in the chair, “You ready to taste your first cock boy?” I nodded, “No, i want to hear you say it.”

I whispered, “Can i suck your cock sir?” and he made me repeat myself louder several times until it was loud enough for him.

“Get on your knees.” I got down as he slid his pants down, no underwear. His cock was laying against his thigh. Probably about 6.5″ big mushroom head, but still soft.

I reached down and touched my first cock. It felt strange, but i liked the feeling. If it was this big soft, it was going to be huge hard. “Suck it.” was all he had to say. I expected it to taste bad or musky or something, but it didn’t really taste like anything.

I sucked the head and tried to get more in my mouth, but he still wasn’t getting hard. I cupped his balls and he made all the right noises, telling me I was a natural, I was a good boy, but he was still soft! I sucked him for about 10 mins when I finally asked what I was doing wrong. He told he was on blood pressure meds and was having a hard time getting up lately. I tried again, but after 10 more minutes he stopped me. He told me it just wasn’t working and that he was sorry.

I can’t say how disappointed I was, but I get it. I’ll probably have that problem too eventually. He asked if i wanted him to jerk me off, but the mood was dead. I put my clothes on and he told me he was sorry again and he’d call me once his problem was sorted out. That was almost two years ago and I never got another call.

Even though it was anticlimactic and I didn’t get the experience I wanted, everything up to the disappointment was amazing! It seemed to fill my desire, my urge for submission and I went back to being an average dude. Fucking women and going about life. But lately, maybe because of the covid lockdown the urge is coming back…STRONG. I want this again, want to be used, want to surrender. But this time I want it all. I want a total surrender a whole experience. Hopefully it doesn’t take me as long to find the right man this time.

Thank you for reading my story. I welcome any feedback or discussion. Hopefully it helps you like other stories on here helped push me to have my own experiences. If there is interest let me know and i’ll keep everyone updated on my path. Hopefully if people are interested it’ll push me to have another better experience that i’ll share with you.

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