Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 03

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This is based in fact. I’ve changed a few things, both to make it less clearly identifiable for all involved and also to smooth the story out a bit, since life is never as simple as we’d like. So I took out some of the more convoluted teen dopiness that we all (or me, at least!) engaged in.

And in case you missed part one:

And part two:


Why was Todd rubbing my ass out of Debbie’s sight? Okay, whatever, don’t read too much in and make a fool of yourself, but… as wild as everything already was, why would this straight guy rub my ass like that?

I tried not to get hard from that. It was all too confusing. So as we got out of the shower, I toweled off and went over to the sink. There was a hair dryer and brush there, so I grabbed both, dryed my hair and made myself look presentable. We were going to get a bite to eat, but right then I just went back to the bed to relax for a few minutes. Everything was mind-blowingly awesome, but I also wasn’t sure what to expect next.

There were some wet spots on the bed. I tried to avoid those, but then I decided not to worry too much. I just wanted a short break. Besides, it’s not like I hadn’t already encountered plenty of whatever was on these sheets! So I lay down on the bed and relaxed. A minute later, I felt movement and saw Debbie lie down next to me. “Tired?” she asked. “A little. But very happy.” “Mmmm. Me, too! I knew you’d be fun, but… wow, Jess, you’re so low key in school, but that dick you’re packing. I mean it, I don’t cum from fucking, but I did with you!” I just smiled. Could this wild girl be the one who turned me into the straight guy I wanted to be? Nah. That thought lasted about 5 seconds. Deep down, I knew what kind of people turned my head—hot guys—but I still didn’t want to overthink this. Maybe I was bi? Whatever. This all was awesome, so why think too much and screw it up?

I was lying there and Debbie started running her nails down the center of my chest. Mmmm, that felt nice. She smiled… “You look so innocent lying there, all cute and tired.” I smiled back.

I don’t know why I cared—or maybe I do—but I remember asking where Todd was. What was taking him so long? She said he’s working on his hair. “You think the golden beauty can just be out of the bathroom in a minute? No, he takes his time.” I actually hadn’t thought about that. When I showered, I dried my hair, and that was that. In later years, as I got to know more hot guys “intimately,” I learned about all the fussing that can go into getting hair just right. güvenilir bahis siteleri Not that he even looked bad with it all wet after the shower—he still was hot, and I sure wasn’t complaining!—but apparently the stunningly gorgeous hair took work. Who know?

As we were lying there, Debbie ran her hand lower. “You may look innocent, but I know you’re not innocent. There’s a tiger in there.” And she wrapped her hand around me, I was hard in seconds. “Oh yeah, that’s it” she practically purred. She started stroking me, and I moaned.

Being the idiot I was, I said, “But we’re going to get dinner.” She laughed and said, “there’s always time for this. I need more of this amazing cock!” There wasn’t any foreplay, kissing, fondling… nothing. She just got up, straddled me and sank down on my cock! She took every inch of me inside her, and she immediately started riding and moaning. I could feel how wet she already was as she impaled herself on me! The feeling was amazing, and I continued to revel in this heavenly feeling as she slid herself up and down my throbbing cock. She leaned down a little, so I could thrust more easily, and I tried to match my thrusts up into her with her slide down, so we’d collide, making both of us moan. As she leaned forward, she put her hands on me, and I reached up to fondle her breasts and play with her nipples. (For whatever reason, I always liked breasts. Even as a man who now knows for certain that he’s gay, they’re probably my favorite part of the female anatomy, if I had to pick one! I may gay, but I still can appreciate female things!) Deb didn’t seem to mind the attention at all. She moaned and kept riding.

I hadn’t even noticed the hair dryer or any of the other noises from the bathroom stop, but then I heard Todd. “Oh, well, don’t wait for me!” I looked around Deb and saw him standing there, ever the sex god, already getting hard watching us, and his statement clearly wasn’t a complaint as he had a big smile on his face. Deb looked over her shoulder and said, “You’re still welcome, baby. I just needed more of this!” When she said “this,” she squeezed me inside her in a way that almost made me shoot.

I don’t know if Todd knew what she was up to or was just observing the whole thing, but he looked me in the eye and said, “Now you see why I couldn’t say no to her?” I nodded and moaned at the same time. He was stroking himself, and I was trying not to be so obvious as to lock my eyes on his cock. It still was hard to believe I even was seeing this! I made myself look back to Debbie. I mean, I couldn’t be a complete ingrate. The girl was riding me and making me feel things I didn’t canlı bahis siteleri even know could feel so good before today!

As she kept riding, I closed my eyes and enjoyed every sensation. I was feeling her amazing talent for milking my cock and her stamina as she kept riding. I’ve been with fit guys in the years since who couldn’t keep riding so long! But she kept at it, and she was getting louder, clearly enjoying herself as she made me feel so good I thought we might float off the bed. I was playing with her nipples and massaging her tits as she kept going. Then, with my eyes still closed, I could feel breathing right on my face. She must have leaned in for a kiss. But wait, my hands were still on her breasts and my arms hadn’t moved, so her body wasn’t closer. I opened my eyes, and there he was, my gorgeous-but-confusing sex god, smiling a shit-eating grin with our mouths maybe an inch or two apart. It took every bit of self-control not to try to kiss him. In hindsight, he had to know he was torturing me. I know he had a much more advanced sense to detect people who wanted him than I did. Probably more than I even do now!

So he was hovering over me and said, “You really are a sexy motherfucker, you know that? Look at you fucking that pussy, you stud!”

At that moment, Debbie was moaning and cumming on my cock, and that together with Todd talking dirty was all it took. “I can’t hold it anymore… uh, uh, uh!” And I shot hard into her! I could feel every shot of cum! Long, full ropes of cum! I could feel every bit of it racing down my cock to flood her tight, spasming pussy! And she clearly felt it, too. In the midst of her practically howling from her orgasm, I heard, “Oh yeah, Jess! Flood my pussy with that hot load!”

She kept moving as we both went through the throes of orgasm. Just as I thought we were done, I heard Todd moan, “fuck, that was hot!” And I looked to my side to see him stroking really fast. Then he just let out a long “fuuuuuck!” And his cock was shooting more cum! It was shooting and landing on me! Four or five spurts across my chest and some even hit my cheek. This was too much to believe. I would like to have pretended to be angry, but damn, it was so hot! Deb was laughing, and after Todd finished shooting, she curled up on my chest, lying in some of his load. She kissed me, and I kissed her back. That wasn’t an ambition of mine too long ago, but she’d given me such pleasure! In fact, I was still inside her as we kissed, and between that and Todd’s cum, I still managed to flex my cock in her. She moaned as we kissed, and then she broke the kiss and said, “such a fucking stud!” I still couldn’t bahis firmaları believe that was aimed at me, but again, I wasn’t complaining!

Finally, she lifted herself off of me, and my dick slid out of her pussy with a bit of a wet pop sound. She smiled and said, “Okay, quick shower this time. You two stay here, so I don’t get distracted!” And then Todd lies down next to me again! “Sorry about the mess, dude.” And he laughed. I tried to act a little bothered. “Yeah, watch your aim next time.” And he said, “I can tell you’re upset” (in a tone that said he knew I really wasn’t at all) and he gave me that smile that was enough by itself to make my heart pound. He leaned towards me and ran a finger on my cheek to get some of his cum off me as it was starting to run down. And then he ran that finger on my lips and whispered, “Eat it, hot man! You know you want to!”

I couldn’t resist. It was just too much. My mouth opened, seemingly on its own, and he slid his finger in. My tongue ran over my finger, and then I found myself sucking Todd’s finger, as he made little noises and said, “One day soon, you’ll get to suck something a lot better than that! You really are hot, and she’s not keeping you to herself!”

With that, he said, “but we have enough fun for now, right? Time for you to clean up, man! You smell like a hooker’s hotel room! Go clean up!”

I heard the water stop, so I did just that. Confused, excited and with my balls more drained than they’d ever been. I showered by myself, got nice and clean, and then we all got dressed. We went to a local pizzeria, and I’m not sure how much others could guess that something was going on, but we sure were smiling a lot.

Debbie being Debbie, she made contact here and there. At one point, I was sitting across from her when I felt a foot she was rubbing on the inside of my thigh. When I looked across, she ran her tongue seductively along her lip. She was insatiable, but I really wasn’t ready to complain!

Then I said to both of them, “I should check in at home and see if I can just stay over.” Almost simultaneously, they said, “you’d better!” Still, I was 18 and still lived with my parents, so I had to be smart about this.

I’d like to claim there was more drama to it, but I called my mom (and Todd yelled hi from behind, in case that helped—I guess his mom usually figured he was shacked up with a girl, so he figured a guy’s voice would help) and she just told me to have fun. That was easier than I expected, but it seemed my luck was at an ultimate high that weekend.

We finished our pizza (sexual newbie that I was, I’d only realize later that pizza might not make for the best breath if you’re going to be very close to someone), and then we headed back to the house, giggling and laughing like the sexed-up teenagers we were. We had the whole weekend ahead of us, but I think I’ll save more of that for next time!

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