Straight Bear Cabin Ch. 02

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I woke up sweaty and naked in my bed. My chest hair was damp and I was erect. My mind immediately returned to the incredible time that Brian and I had had last night. I thought again of us, like real men, masturbating together, watching each other pump our cocks while we talked about the simpler things in life. I wished more than anything that I could pump that cock for him.

I lay there for a bit in my bed listening to Brian snore. I loved sex with women. I loved the taste of pussy. But I couldn’t help but crave crawling in bed next to him and pulling him close, feeling his furry bubble but grind against my dick. Brian had something that nobody else had. Didn’t know what it was, but I was addicted.

Before long, Brian came into my room. He was still naked, holding his boxers at his side, presenting me again with the glorious image of his soft dick. “Mornin'” he mumbled in his deep, gravely voice. We proceeded getting ready, with no mention of last night. I’m sure he could tell I had a spring in my step.

We went out on the town again, had dinner and spent the day sight seeing. Still, neither of us mentioned what had happened the night before. However, when we arrived home, Brian decided to mention the hot tub that we had available in our cabin. We rushed off to the back of the cabin and pulled our clothes off. The hot tub was sitting on a balcony that overlooked the woods outside. The moon was shining bright through the pines. A beam of moonlight ran beautifully across Brian’s bare back as he approached the balcony, ass naked, and looked out over the trees.

“Beautiful land, ain’t it? Wish I could stay here all the time.” He said.

“I know. There’s nothing like coming out here to the woods and getting in touch with nature.” I walked over to Brian and looked him in the eye. His gorgeous blue eyes were sparkling against the backdrop of the night sky. He smiled at me and looked away, gently tugging at his beard as if he were in deep thought.

We got in the tub and relaxed. It was somewhat small, so I could feel my feel touching his thick, hairy legs under the steamy water. Brian lay spread out, eyes closed, head staring up at the cabin porch’s roof. He was beautiful. I rested my hand on my stomach, twiddling the belly hair and thinking again about the previous night. I decided to bring it up. “So about last night… nothing gay about it. But I gotta say, it was nice just doing what I do with someone else for a change.”

“I agree bro. Sort of peaceful. Just letting it all hang out with your buddy. Out in the wilderness. Betturkey No pressure. No ladies to impress. Just pleasure.” He made it all sound so elegant. “You know,” he began, “We oughta sleep out here on the balcony tonight. That mesh won’t let bugs in. Move the beds out here and get some fresh air.”

“Definitely. Sounds like a blast.” We got out and went to the bedroom. It took both of us to move the first bed (mine) out the door, as they were somewhat large. By the time we had pulled it out onto the balcony, we realized that the other bed wasn’t going to fit.

“I don’t mind sleeping with you if you don’t”. It was mutual. I wasn’t sure if he was as eager as I was, but I was definitely looking forward to this. I was hoping that he still planned on sleeping naked, because I sure as hell did. We sat on the bed looking out at the stars when Brian spoke up. “What do you say we jerk off again?” He chuckled.


“Be right back.” He scurried back into the cabin and I could hear him shuffling in his bag. He returned with something in his hand. “Ever used one of these?” He held up a fleshlight. I shook my head no. “Well, I don’t mind sharing if you don’t. They’re pretty fucking awesome.” I grabbed up my radio and switched to the old time country station. We laid back on the bed, side by side, legs spread, and started rubbing our crotches.

I glanced over from time to time to admire his slowly growing erection, but I tried to keep my eyes out over the beauty of the natural world in front of us. I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. After a while all seven inches of his rod was up in the air, and so was mine. He retrieved the fleshlight and spit in his hand. He rubbed down his cock with the spit and slid the opening of the fleshlight onto his cock. He slowly moved his head back with pleasure and closed his eyes and he squeezed the device down onto his dick. I could hear a suction as he slowly moved it up and down. I licked my lips.

His balls were twitching and hanging down in front of his furry crack between his legs while he teased his pole. I was dying to get closer, but I refrained. Before long he handed over the fleshlight to me. His spit and precum were dripping out of the soft pussy shaped hole in the fleshlight. I brought it to my cock and slide it in. It was warm, a little sticky, and felt amazing.

“Nice ain’t it?” He said, tugging at his swollen dick.

“Fuck yeah dude.” I worked my cock with the fleshlight, feeling his precum and spit lube up my cock and mix with my own. We Betturkey Giriş traded off a few times, laughing, talking, bonding, rubbing our masculine, furry bodies under the moon.

At last, I released my cum into the fleshlight. It was a big load, squirting out the sides a bit. I went soft inside the toy and some of the cum spilled out onto my belly as I handed it over to Brian so he could finish. He didn’t hesitate to shove his dick through my cum and into the fleshlight. It squirted and squished as he grinded it down on his curved glory, my cum drizzling down his cock and onto his hairy balls. He bit his lip and threw his head back and groaned as he twitched. He was jizzing inside the fleshlight too.

Finally, we decided it was time to sleep. It was almost 1 AM when we pulled the covers up over our bodies. We lay back to back, not touching. I drifted off into sleep.

At some point during the night, I rolled over and faced Brian. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. He reached over with his huge arms and pulled me close to him and we embraced. I felt our hairy bodies pull together. Our bellies touched, our soft cocks we rubbing against one another. I ran my hands down along his back and ran them around his round ass and grabbed his thighs lightly. “This is nice, man.” He mumbled. We cuddled for a while, tangled our legs up. I felt our semi hard dicks flopping together as we grasped one another. I rubbed Brian’s back softly as he ran his fingers through the hair on my ass. At last our faces met and we made eye contact. It was like a dream as he moved his face to mine and our lips met. It was soft, our facial hair was tangling together. Our bodies seemed to melt into one another as we softly kissed. I slid my tongue out and over Brian’s mouth and he opened it to let it in. I explored his mouth, running my tongue against his and over his teeth. Occasionally, we would pull apart to breathe, and Brian would kiss my neck or I would nibble his ears.

By this point, our cocks were rock hard. As we cuddled and kissed, they fenced against one another, rubbing and sliding.

At last, he rolled over onto his back and let out a sigh of contentment. I threw off our blankets and exposed his naked body to the moon. I saw that his stocky, furry frame was illuminated perfectly outside, and I ran my hands down his body and grasped his cock. I slowly stroked him and watched as he closed his eyes, smiled, and whimpered.

I longed to go further. I climbed on top of him, letting our cocks touch once again, and kissed him. I kissed his lips, then his neck, and moved down to his nipples. I bit them softly and watched him jump in surprise. I tongued them and slowly moved down, tasting his body hair and his skin, sliding my tongue down to his strong, chubby belly. Finally, my face arrived at his crotch. I took it all in, admiring his thick, hard rod curving up in front of me. His big, soft testicles resting against his ass. He smelled a little musty and I pressed his balls against my face, licking them lightly. He continued to moan as I jiggled them with my tongue, before moving up and sliding it along the shaft of his cock. He tasted amazing. At last, I took it in and choked it down, sliding the rod into my mouth. He groaned in ecstasy as I sucked on his meat.

“Fuck dude. Your mouth feels amazing.” He whispered.

I pulled his cock out. “Your cock feels amazing. Tastes fucking great.” I said as I rubbed it lovingly against my beard and my nose. He took my face in his hands and pulled it close, sliding his tongue into my mouth again, tasting his own cock on my breath.

He lifted my legs and laid me down on the bed. He kissed down my body and I watched his gruff, handsome face approach my cock. He kissed the head of my dick and rubbed it on his face softly. “Damn dude. Your body is amazing.” He started sucking on my dick. I could hear him pulling it in and out of his mouth. His tongue was so warm and soft against my cock. He deep throated me.

I reached around and got into the 69 position. I pulled his cock back into my mouth. All was silent except for the wet sucking of our cocks. I opened my eyes occasionally to admire the moon beaming down on our bodies, sweaty, his furry face sucking on my cock, mine sucking his. We were one.

At last I felt myself coming to orgasm. I lifted up so I could watch his face. His eyes were rolling in his head with pleasure as he worked his mouth down on my dick. He sucked and tongued it, pulling it deep into his throat. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I exploded in a creamy white dream, shooting loads of cum into his mouth. He pulled my cock out as I was squirting and I covered his face. He rubbed my soaked cock into his beard, turning it a shiny, sticky white. He licked around my cum covered cock slowly as I went soft. I kissed him with cum in his mouth and laid him down.

I went to work on his own dick, feeling it pulse in my mouth. Finally, he too let his cock erupt. I felt it, sweet sticky cum fill my mouth. It spilled out and dripped onto my body as I sucked it out of his cock. I lay there for a bit, cleaning up his crotch with my tongue as the crickets chirped outside.

That night, we fell asleep like that, bodies embraced, still covered with cum, kissing passionately again before we drifted into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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