Strange Encounters Ch. 03

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I got up from my chair and walked over to where Stacy was sitting. I knelt down in front of her and grabbed her big pink dick in both hands, bent it toward me, and watched her as I wrapped my lips around the head of her cock.

Never breaking eye contact with her I worked my mouth and tongue around the head. I went down as far as I could until it hit the back of my throat and I gagged on it. Stacy was mesmerized. I heard a moan from the side…

“Oh fuck.”

Patty had one leg up on the table and the other one spread as far as she could get it. She was 3 fingers deep in her pussy staring at us and frigging herself as hard as she could. Slack jawed and glassy-eyed she shook and came until it ran off the chair and dripped on the floor.

Hell yessssss.

I turned my attention back to Stacy who had been watching her sister too. I squeezed her cock and pulled her hips forward and Stacy’s attention snapped back to me. She grabbed the edges of the chair seat and just watched me. I squeezed the bottom with one hand and wrapped my lips back around the tip of her cock. With the other hand I reached down and pushed her thighs further apart. She was so fucking hot and the area between her legs was positively tropical.

As I worked the dick with my mouth and one hand, my fingers on the other found the harness and began to stroke her through it. I worked my fingers around the edges then pushed under the harness and into her soaked pussy. Deep.

I proceeded to work the cock like I was getting paid and finger banged the shit out of her, never breaking eye contact. That was important. I was in charge.

Her pussy was squeezed my fingers tight and she was panting for me. I’d found it, at the top, a few inches in. When I hit her G-spot her eyes lit up. She moaned.That deep fuck me moan. I didn’t let up and I would have had my fist inside of her if the harness hadn’t been in the way. Stacy was moaning, whispering, begging.

I owned this sexy little bitch.

Then from behind I heard her sister’s voice again..


I heard Patty’s moan go staccato. The chair rattled under her as she came watching me violate her sister.

I own that one too.

Listening to Patty and watching Stacy only spurred me on. Stacy stiffened and began to cum not holding anything back and shaking in her chair. I took every last fucking ounce from her too. She shook and shook as I kept fingering the fuck out of her.

As I watched her shake I whispered and hissed at her…

“That’s right you little slut give it anadolu yakası escort to me. I’m going to own you, this pussy,that slut of a sister of yours, and whatever other hole I choose to fuck. You’re going to be my bitch. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you. This shit is far from over..”


She was gasping, pleading, and begging.. She was almost depleted..

I looked over at Patty who was sitting weakly in her chair watching wide-eyed and slack-jawed. She was next.

Watching them both submit had me dripping. My endorphins were surging and telling me to put that dick on and bend both of them over and pound the shit out of them, but I had to pace myself or I’d be wasted too soon.

Stacy’s pussy went weak and let my fingers loose. She slipped down in her chair and just stared at me with fresh fucked blindness. I stroked her legs and leaned up to kiss and suck on her tits. She shivered and moaned a bit. I stood up and bent over to kiss her poor tired mouth. The recognition was coming back into her eyes.

“Shhiiitt…”, she moaned.

She looked up at me. Her arms were hanging weak and limp. I reached down and massaged her tits while she just looked at me helplessly.

I grinned back at her and straddled her lap. Her eyes looked up at me confused for a second and she struggled to sit up in the chair. I reached down behind me and grabbed the head of her cock in my hand and rubbed it along my slit a couple of times, then aimed the tip at my pink little hole.

“This is what you wanted wasn’t it? This is why you went and put this on? You wanted to fuck me with it. You wanted to make me scream? Beg for you?”

I started sliding down. It felt so fucking good. It was almost real the way it stretched me out. I never broke eye contact with her all the way down until her balls were on my asshole.


I couldn’t hold it. I groaned loud and deep. It took the wind out of me. I felt my eyes close and roll back.

“FUUCCKK YESSS..I love this thinggg…”

My pussy was stretched and full. Oh my fucking God it was in me.

I opened my eyes and Stacy was smiling back, watching me. I put my hands on the back of the chair and started grinding on her slowly. The sound of my wet pussy sliding up and down that stiff cock was keeping her attention. She grabbed the chair seat to steady herself, then moved her hands to stroke my thighs and massage my tits. I leaned my weight forward and my tits swung to her face. She started licking gebze escort and sucking, moving from one nipple back to the other.She squeezed my tits hard, sucking on my nipples until I felt a wave and shudder shoot through me.

She kept one tit in her mouth and worked it over with her lips, teeth, and tongue while her hands went around to grab my ass. As I was sliding up and down, Stacy started pulling me forward with her hands, then pushing me down with her forearms, and at the same time pushing her hips up to meet me. She found her rhythm…forward, down, up, forward, down, up. My legs were going weak. Working back and forth between my tits, she was taking over, taking the rhythm away from me and making me work to hers. Pay back was going to be a bitch.

She was hitting it. Oh fuck was she hitting it. Looking up at me and grinning, fucking me deeper and harder. I felt my legs go weaker, but I was locked in her machination. I’d started to sweat, my cum dripping down the cock and balls, running down the harness. Stacy had started to sweat too, she was tired, but wasn’t giving up.

We could hear Patty behind us stroking her pussy like crazy again. She had gone beyond moaning watching us. You know those noises you make BEYOND your normal sex noises, when you’ve lost all reason and are all fang and claw? She was growling at us.

“FUCK HER! YESSssss! FUCK HER! Just like that! You know what I like little sister. Just fucking like that. Don’t you dare fucking stop. Make her take that dick. Takkkee ittt. Take it deep and hard. Fuck the HOLY SHIT OUT OF HER! UHHHHHHH!!”

Oh she was deep in that fuck craze. The smell of sweat and pussy was heavy in the air. I took a deep inhale.The balance of power had turned. He who controls the cock! Ha!

The waves started hitting me, going through me, making me dick drunk. Stacy was hitting every fucking spot just right. I moaned, I came, THEN I squirted. Like a fucking waterfall. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, try sticking your finger in the end of a garden hose. It’s like that. WHOOOSSHHH!

My body went completely weak, but I couldn’t fall. I had myself perfectly balanced on the balls of my feet with my legs spread the either side and on my wrists as they hung over the back chair above Stacy’s head. She kept me moving Pulling me, pushing me. I imagine it must have looked a lot like those videos of people riding a mechanical bull, except I couldn’t fall off. All I could do was take it and cum and cum and fucking cum. This gorgeous little bitch kartal escort was pounding the shit out of me from underneath until I had to beg for her to stop.

She relented and I collapsed forward. I felt her collapse underneath me. We were both gasping for breath for the how many-eth time tonite? Patty had collapsed back in her chair too with one leg still up on the kitchen table and the other stretched out weakly it whatever direction it found. We were like rag dolls at this point.

I finally found enough energy to slide myself off Stacy’s cock and spill myself back into my chair. Stacy was sitting in a puddle of mixed cum. Sweaty and cum-covered on kitchen vinyl, lovely. Textured kitchen vinyl too, better. lol. We all sat there gasping and heaving looking at each other and giggling weakly.

I found enough energy to peel myself off the chair and over to the sink and get myself a drink of water, out of the faucet…lol…using my hand and lapping the water out of it like a dog. I took a handful and splashed it on my face. The cool laminate counter felt soooo good under me. I could have slept right there. What a sight that would have been. I felt human enough to grab a glass from the dish drainer and have a proper drink. I guzzled down a full glass then filled it up again and turned to lean heavily on the counter and look at my fellow degenerates.

Stacy was moving a bit, trying to work the stiffness out of her back and hips. Patty had managed to get straightened up in her chair, tho her leg was still up on the table. My eyes scanned her body. Her tits were still heaving rhythmically as she caught her breath. I trailed down her tummy…to her pussy. Shaved, pretty, pink, shaved…wet…pink…shaved…

I felt myself thinking naughty thoughts. The spirit was willing, but the flesh…so weak. The energy started rising tho, I was falling back into that fang and claw as I stared at her pussy. So pink. I couldn’t my eyes off of it. My mouth started to water. I wanted. Mmmmm. My mind drifted, but I heard myself talking.

“Stacy, you know it occurs to me that sister dear has been sitting there for quite a while now. She’s done nothing but bark orders and fuck herself silly while you and I have been exerting ourselves quite extremely. It seems to me that my sense of justice and fair play are fairly incensed at the moment and I feel you and I need to rectify this situation…”

Stacy giggled, “You know I think I agree. What shall we do to fix this injustice?”

I looked back at her and gave her a grin the cheshire cat would approve of…

“Hun, be a dear and hand me that strap on…”

Patty laughed weakly for just a minute, hearing the words, but it took another few seconds for the intent to register.You know that look a deer gets in the headlights just before you fuck it with a strap-on?

Heh heh heh


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