Stranger in My Camper

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The darkness lay with me in my bed nestled above the cab of my pickup truck. Starlight softened the darkness and I could see just enough to make out the shapes in the camper around me. Anticipation flowed through my veins and nervousness made my heart feel a little tight in my chest.

The knock was expected of course, but made me jump. I propped myself up on an arm and opened my mouth to answer. And then stopped. I waited. Waited to see if he was a man who was easily hindered? Maybe. Was he going to slink away into the night if he heard no response? Or take initiative?

It didn’t take long to learn the answer, the handle rattled and the hinges squeaked and in a moment a large dark shadow was in the corner, closing the door behind him.

“Hi,” I half whispered.

He didn’t respond. Just stood there looking at me and slowly moved forward until he was standing a few steps from the bunk. I knew he could hear my breaths and I couldn’t stop them from being audible.

“Get down here,” he said gruffly.

I sat up, scooted to the edge of the bunk and dropped down in front of him. His eyes burned and his hand went to my neck and carressed me ever so softly. He cupped my chin in his hand and I felt like he held all of me in that calloused palm.

One more step from him and I was up against the wall and his hand was around my throat. I suddenly felt intensely vulnerable. I hardly knew this man. And I was tall and strong but he was yenibosna escort taller and so much stronger. I might be able to put up a fight but he could surely subdue me.

Then his mouth was on mine and my lips opened under the intensity of his kiss. All fear was immediately swept aside as my arms were around him and all I could feel and touch and sense was this Man. His size and smell and the rough skin of his neck under my fingers and the taste of his lips and tongue on mine.

Oh how I needed him in me. In me, on me, around me, part of me. I was desperate to pull him closer and my body was melting into his and I needed more.

We didn’t even make it to the mattress. The lust was taking us both fast and he lifted my night dress to my waist and grunted with the unexpected pleasure of finding no barrier beneath it. Within moments he had his hard cock buried in me, making us both moan with the fierce perfection of the initial thrust.

He stopped for a moment and looked at me in such a way that I knew he was there with me, not just lost in his own lust and gratification, but there with me and feeling mine as well. My breath caught and my heart ached for that acute moment and then his movement took me away and his fingers on my clit made me cry out and I came almost immediately around him and he held me close as the orgasm moved through me.

The rest of the night was spent zeytinburnu escort in and out of sleep in the small space above the truck cab. Drew hardly even fit in there with me but reassured me that he was just fine, comfortable in fact. And that nothing was better than this moment with our bodies entwined.

And I let all the love that I have in me flow out for this strange man in my bed. Who I had only known for a few hours. The kind of love that I know runs through me but rarely have the opportunity to show. And not the noble self-sacrificing kind, but the love that expresses itself through the most intimate of ways. The deep kisses and longing touches and the passion of allowing a man into my bed, mouth and pussy. He could have done almost anything to me that night and I would have let him. I wanted to consume him.

I woke the next morning with Drew on top of me. His softness lay against my thigh and his weight was a boulder that threatened to suffocate me but all I could think of was to reach between us, stroke him back to hardness while waking him from a deep sleep.

He rose above me, and spreading my legs he moved hard and deep and fast and came inside me quickly. I wrapped my legs around him and held him in me, breathing in his musty smell and loving the half awake kiss that was never ending.

It was an exploration of my mouth. His tongue and mine in a acıbadem escort gentle dance. A discovery of our little triggers; a sharp nip that made me gasp and arch into him, the right amount of pressure that made him moan into my mouth. My heart sank knowing he needed to be on the road in just a couple hours and this moment couldn’t last much longer.

“Turn around,” he whispered into my ear after a moment of snuggling.

My belly clenched with the erotic order. I waited to hear it again.

“Turn around Kit.” Growling this time.

He removed his weight from my body and flipped me over. My head rested against the soft mattress and the smell of clean sheets and the night of sex drifted around me. The cool air on my back made me shiver.

Drew traced the line of my neck and shoulders, down my spine to the cleft of my ass. My body arched as he stroked me there.

“Ahhh. A sensitive spot.” He smiled as I whimpered under his touch.

My moans were being lost in the pillows and my pussy was slick. His fingers inside me had me crying out for more.

“Now Drew,” I gasped, “please now.”

“Now what?”

I breathed hard.

“Now what?” He prompted.

“Fuck me now, please. Fuck me hard.”

He grabbed my hips and lifted me to my knees. Pressed my head down into the sheets and grasped my hair. The feeling of him, thick and hard, entering me yet again was like the very first time; the most beautiful and complete fullness I could dream of. I wanted to be like this forever, bent over with my ass in the air and meeting each aggressive thrust as he drove into me over and over and over.

“Don’t stop!” I cried.

“Fuuuuckk,” he groaned.

The powerful slap was unexpected and it stung and it made me scream and it shattered me. I came apart and he filled me with his seed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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