Stranger in the Night

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In the moonlit room my lover half sits against the head board, his legs spread, allowing me to nestle in and lean back into his chest. He wraps his arms around me and I drink deeply from my champagne glass. He strokes my breast and I close my eyes, enjoying the cool air wafting over me from the open window. I turn my head and he dips his head, his lips meeting mine, gently at first then moving harder, demandingly against mine. His hand slides up to my neck, around my throat as we kiss passionately.

The door creaks open, a tall stranger enters the room, he takes a seat in a chair and leans forward, his eyes on me. The light is not enough to make out his face clearly, but his presence is electric.

My lover takes my glass from my hand, he places it on the table. His hand moves down my body, he starts to trace gentle circles over my silken pantie covered mound, teasing me. I can’t help but arch my hips up to meet him, urging him to stroke me harder. He continues his slow, languid movements, no urgency or hurry apparent in his actions. He slips his finger inside my panties, gauging escort ataşehir my excitement, an intake of breath at how wet I am already. His strokes become more insistent, firmer, longer, his fingers easily slide deep inside me. He spreads my legs wider. I start at the feel of another man’s hands on me. The stranger has slowly moved closer to the bed, kneeling on the floor between my lovers knees. His hands gently caress my thighs, up and down, then reach up and ease my panties off. I suddenly feel self conscious, embarrassed and try to conceal myself, my lover holds me firmly, stroking my hair and telling me relax honey, it’s OK, I’ve got you.

He reaches down and using both hands spreads my legs, inviting the stranger closer. He instructs him to taste me, his confident compelling tone makes me quiver. He holds my legs firmly, I am exposed and ready. The stranger leans down and licks my smooth, dripping pussy in one long delicious stroke, the sensation bringing me to the edge. He, too, is unhurried, building a slow insistent rhythm. I lean back, eyes closed, savouring kadıköy escort bayan the feeling of having a man between my legs, a hard cock behind me, firm hands squeezing and twisting my nipples, a hot mouth sucking and biting my neck possessively.

The stranger suddenly pulls away, stands up. My lover pushes me down the bed, laying flat, he roughly positions me on top of him. I can’t help but grind against his cock, desperate to feel his excitement too, eager to feel him inside me. I rub myself against his hot hardness, spreading my wetness over him before I angle my hips and work him into me, filling me up. I sink back onto him, blissfully lost in the moment. The stranger again approaches, pushing my lovers legs apart, allowing him to reach my aching clit, he starts to lick and suck me while my lover fucks me slowly. He lifts me slightly, allowing his cock to spring out of me, the stranger eagerly takes it into his mouth, sucking and licking my juices off before guiding it back into me. I arch back, breasts thrust forward, overwhelmed with the glorious sensation.

I escort bostancı moan, start to shake, both men sense how close I am, their movements become more focused, unrelenting, rhythmic and in harmony. I let go, riding my powerful orgasm, feeling my juices squirt, over and over, soaking us all. My lover drags me up so I am positioned over his face, he hungrily pulls me onto him, licking my pussy and burying his tongue inside me. He groans loudly and bucks his hips as the stranger engulfs his cock in his mouth, taking him deep. The stranger works my lovers cock, one hand fisted around it tightly, the other cupping and rubbing his balls. My lover moves underneath me, fucking the strangers mouth, tonguing my pussy in time to his movements. His hands clamp around my thighs tightly, he starts to moan, his focus lost. I move forward onto his chest, my hand reaches down to rub myself as I listen and watch him lose control, my orgasm matching his, feeling his whole body jerk and tense as he cums hard, the stranger taking it all.

As my lover settles down, slowly returning, the stranger gives him one last long lick, he stands and leans in, places his hand behind my head and pulls me in for a long, open mouthed kiss, I taste my lovers cum in his mouth, I taste myself on his face. He turns and leaves quietly, closing the door behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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