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This time I am narrating a very different kind of story. Yes, it’s a story, a highly erotic story. Just a fiction not a real experience. I hope that you will like it. It all started with the coming home of Nikhil, a 22 year old guy with his wife Jayasree, charming young bride of 20 years to the ancestral home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. Rajsekhar (lets call him Raj). Raj a towering figure at 44 years was a Land Lord in a small town.

His wife, Vimala, a real beauty was in her early forties. They were a hard working couple, loved, feared and respected by one and all in the town. Being on the move every minute of the day, they had maintained an excellent physique and not even an iota of fat was in their bodies. They wore a look of a young couple.

By nature, Raj was up early every day. After having a massage done by his servant, was out on his farm for a stroll. He used to cover up to 10 K.M everyday by foot before coming back to his huge mansion for breakfast. His wife Vimala, meanwhile would finish all her morning chores like giving instructions to a stream of workers, who worked at the farm and as well as the mansion, going to the nearby temple to offer her morning prayers and also look after the house hold work.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Raj were a couple on the move. They looked after their huge farm very meticulously. They had earned name, fame and were blessed with one and only son Nikhil. Unlike his parents, Nikhil had to spend most of time in the city. His schooling, his college studies were all done over there. It was while studying for Final Year Engineering; he met a beautiful girl by name of Jayasree, whom he married without the consent of his parents. On marrying her he was scared whether his parents would be against this marriage as Jayasree came from a very poor family. His joy knew no bounds when he was asked to bring home his bride. While Nikhil was overjoyed, his wife Jayasree, shivered at the very thought of meeting her in-laws. She had heard a lot about them from her husband and now meeting them in person was worrying her a lot. The day at last arrived and passed off peacefully when young Nikhil brought his dazzling young wife to meet his parents. He was happy to note that they were welcomed by his parents without much I do. Jayasree felt very uneasy living in that huge mansion. All the things present in the mansion were something which she had not seen and beyond her imagination. The luxury furnishings and settings were amazing. It took her a couple of days to be acquainted with the vastness of the mansion and another couple of days to study the daily chores of her in-laws. Whenever she came across her father-in-law she would buckle under her knees with fear. Mr. Raj had such authority over everyone in his mansion.

This fear of him was the cause of things to happen. Nikhil left home to go back to the city for his studies and as a custom he had to leave behind his wife with his parents. Jayasree felt very lonely in the absence of Nikhil until one small incidence which shook the whole mansion and changed everyone’s life in it. Jayasree, slowly but steadily was made known of her duties in the house. She started to get accustomed to her new home. One day while she was having her bath, a maid came to her with a message that her father-in-law wanted a glass of milk. Getting this call straight from her in-law for the first time,

She came out of the bath hurriedly and putting on whatever garments she could lay her hands on, she ran to fetch the milk from the kitchen and in one go went straight into the room of her father-in-law. At that very moment Raj after having finished the massage done by the masseur was about to get up from the table to put on a robe; which a maid was holding for him. In a flash, before

Jayasree could realize the mistake and turn around, Mr. Raj saw his daughter-in-law, dressed in a thin veil of a sari, which was totally wet and glued to her body as a second skin. It was the sexiest pose he had ever seen of any woman. She in turn, saw her father-in-law in the briefest of brief underwear’s,

His whole body shining from the oil applied on it. Both Ram the masseur and his wife Shanti the maid who were present there, were silent spectators of the incident. For one moment Mr. Raj could not believe his own eyes when he saw Jayasree at that moment. For a split second he forgot he was seeing his own daughter-in-law, and in her place

What he saw was an exquisite figure of a fascinating woman, from whose face tiny pearls of water droplets where sliding down her throat to the v line of Sex hikayeleri her bosom. He could also see her exposed navel and the wet light blue sari could not hide her slim legs, the beautifully carved thighs and the sexiest part was her bare footedness.

All these were the cause for his member to be aroused. Raj was restless the whole of night. The vision of Jayasree was foremost in his mind, which kept him aroused most of the time. On waking up too he continued having a huge erection and this made him uneasy as he had to face the masseur. Today when Jayasree entered with glass of milk he asked her to wait till the massuer left.

Then he asked which color do you like, he enquired. Blue! She shot back instantly. Yes Blue! Yes. It looks good on you. The other day too you were wearing a light blue sari and you wear looking very charming in it, he said. Jayasree instinctively blushed realizing which sari he was talking about. Seeing her blush,

Raj went near her and placing a hand over her shoulder said you are very sweet. Jayasree blushed more and smiled to herself. You have a very beautiful smile too, said Raj. Hearing these words, Jayasree was in a very embarrassing position. She could feel her father-in-laws hand pulling her and she let herself be pulled a little.

After having a firm grip on her, Raj started caressing her arms slightly all the time looking down at her. As Raj was busy feeling Jayasree’s arms, Raj instantly got excited and on impulse pulling Jayasree closer to him, remarked you look very beautiful dear.

Jayasree was stunned to have heard Raj ‘dear’ and also in his excitement he had pulled her close to his body. Jayasree on being held firmly close to his hot body started getting excited and to come out of this, she tried to free herself from his grip. Seeing her writhe, Raj let her free as today he had had enough. Jayasree after completing her house hold chores and winding up for the day, as she settled on her bed, she saw a shadow pass through her door.

At first she did not bother about it and was thinking of what was store for her the next morning. She was certain that Raj was going to put her on the massage table and fondle her intimately. He was so kinky she feared that he may denude her in front of massuer and play with her body. Though she loved having his hands on her body, she wanted it happen in a cozy dark room and not in the open with the massuer watching.

She knew that if she was alone with him, she can make him dance to her tunes, make him rub his nose on the floor, but when he had two of his trusted workers along with him, then it would be impossible for her to overcome three of them at a time. She wished she could have him at her mercy and thinking of it her body started to get ignited. Just while Jayasree was dreaming of how she would make

Raj to sing to her tunes, she again saw the shadow and this time it did not pass through but saw it entering her room. As she saw the shadow moving towards her, Jayasree who was in a state of heated passion, said ‘close the door’. Raj was ecstatic to hear this command and turning over he moved across, to close the door and making sure by bolting it,

He turned and carrying a huge erection in his night suit, he moved closer to the bed and stood staring in awe at Jayasree who was lying on the bed in a seductive pose, draped in the rich semi transparent sari which he had presented her. Ogling at her as Raj came over the bed, Jayasree looking straight into his eyes, holding the loose end of her sari by her teeth,

Smiling at him, lifted her eyebrows in such a way like questioning him for what he had come for. Seeing the change, the seductive look, the raw passion and also knowing her teasing skills, Raj was totally aroused and looking below her navel he pointed a finger directly upon her woman hood and by way of answering her question,

Nodded his head. Jayasree shook her head, intending to say no mischievously and smiling at him whispered, ‘it is your son’s property’. Raj being excited by her words replied.’ My son is my property, and whatever belongs to him is mine’. But your son paid for it very dearly, said Jayasree. I can pay anything, replied Raj,

Settling down by the side of her, on her bed. Are you sure; asked Jayasree humorously? Try me, said Raj and taking hold of one of her hand in his and fondling, he kissed it. Are you positive, she asked again? Yes, you have only to name it to have it, replied Raj. ‘You’ said Jayasree and by the time Raj could figure it out, she moved a bit away from Sikiş hikayeleri him.

Raj was ecstatic when his brain absorbed the full meaning of it and when he turned himself towards her and looked at her, she had a mischievous smile on her face and her lips were trembling with desire and as Raj caught her face in both his hands, he could feel her shivering and as Raj moved his face closer to her lips,

Jayasree suddenly bringing her arms around him and drawing him closer to her, hugged him passionately to her body. Embracing him and pressing his body to hers she did not let him go and as Raj’s had her child like face in his hands, he brought his lips and gliding over her face, kissed her soft cheeks.

The contact of his hot lips on her cheeks aroused her and tightening her hold on his, she lifted her lips to his and as she felt his lips on hers, she kissed him passionately. Raj then lifting himself and placing his lower body upon her, pressed and squeezed her delicate body with his and as she felt his heavy body crush her and engulf, she started to come.

She had wanted this to happen to her from the day she had laid her eyes upon his solid body at the massage table and now having it fulfilled she was delighted. Raj had felt her body convulsing and knowing very well that she had come, he smiled at her and placing a hand on her back pulled her body over him and hugged her.

Jayasree now being on top of him felt his erect member below her inner thighs and she snuggled closer to him, sliding her full body upon his. When she felt Raj’s hand in front of her body searching for an opening to her blouse, she looked at him and smiling at him braced her chest, allowing his hand to have easy access to her blouse and as

Raj moving her sari aside unbuttoned her blouse, she lifted her body up so that he can ease out the blouse from her and when she left Raj unhook her bra she suddenly pressed herself on him and snuggled her face on his chest hiding her bare breasts from his view taunting him.

Raj knowing that Jayasree was teasing him, he started caressing her bare back and as she lifted herself a little, he slid one hand of his on her chest and feeling her soft petite breasts for the first time, whispered in her ears, ‘let me see them’. Hearing this Jayasree shaking her head and smiling at him, bowed down and sealed her lips on his and when she felt his

Hand caressing her breasts she lifted herself a little and maneuvered them closer to his face. As Jayasree moved up, Raj taking the cue from her, suddenly heaved her up and as her lovely petite breasts were exposed right in front of his face, he locked his vision at them and drank the sweetness from them.

Jayasree seeing his eyes glued on her breasts whispered, ‘do you like what you see’. Raj without replying and moving his face closer to them placed a soft delicate kiss on the tip of her breast and as Jayasree moaned, he took hold of them in one hand and opening his mouth wide he sucked the whole breast inside.

Jayasree’s body trembled on having her whole breast sucked in his mouth and as she brought her hand to push the other breast into his mouth, Raj looked up her and seeing her again in an aroused state, took the other breast in his mouth and Ravished it by his tongue while his hands slid down on her back to her mound.

Jayasree on having both her breasts fondled, sucked and Ravished was feeling her juices to build up inside her and when Raj’s hands reached her buttocks and when she felt him squeezing them, she started to whimper. Raj seeing her getting excited, spread her buttocks a little and holding them in

His hands pressed them down making her belly and her hot mound to come into contact with his midriff, then he dug his hand deep into the crevice of her buttocks and felt the heat rising from the inner parts of her body. Jayasree started to moan on contact of his hand on her crevice of her buttocks and as

Raj putting his hands down started lifting her sari and petticoat up her body, she was getting heated more and more and at last when the sari and petticoat were pushed over her buttocks, exposing them to his eyes, she started grating her body on his, and as he brought his hand on her naked buttocks and left the

Soft flesh in his hand and squeezed, she opened her mouth and bit him on his shoulder and as he burrowed his hand deeper and felt her hot wet cunt, Jayasree unable to control herself released her gates and came for the second time.

She came so strong that it dampened Raj’s hand and Erotik hikaye he feeling the warm fluid on his hand, lifted it to her face and creamed it all over it. Jayasree had cum so strong that it took her a few minutes for her body’s spasms to subside and as she regained her posture, Raj had finished setting her sari free from her body and was trying to pull her petticoat’s strings.

Jayasree realizing that she had not cared for his pleasure, put her hand on his and helping him pulled the strings of her petticoat and made way for him to ease it down her body. As she was fully naked and as she felt his hand caressing her inner thighs and buttocks, Jayasree brought her own down and moving it inside his pajamas, feeling the heat generated inside, touched his solid hot cock.

The sudden change in her attitude made Raj to squirm and as he held her inner thighs strongly for support, Jayasree holding his cock, pushed his pajamas down and with the help of her leg yanked it from his body. Now as his cock was free,

Jayasree shifted herself a little and holding his cock in her hand and bringing it on to her vision was aroused again by the look and feel of it. Her joy knew no bounds to hold the red hot cock in her hand and as she desired to kiss it she curved her body a little and bringing her face closer to it, she kissed the tip of his cock.

Raj’s whole body shuddered at the contact of her lips on his cock and as Jayasree started to glide his hot cock on her face sometimes brushing it on her lips, it was difficult for him to hold back his juices and the moment when Jayasree opened her mouth to draw it inside, he ejaculated in such a force that

Jayasree felt his cum hit her right inside her throat. Jayasree was so pleased in making him come that she took the whole cock in her mouth and lapping it by her tongue cleaned it. Finally when Raj’s throbbing subsided; Jayasree fondling his soft cock lovingly in her hand and pointing it to him said ‘Is he not cute’.

Raj smilingly replied back, ‘If he is so cute then you can keep it for yourself’. ‘Where’, quipped Jayasree jokingly? Deep inside your wet cave, he replied. ‘Now you need my wet cave is it’; where you not satisfied with my hot tunnel, she asked opening her mouth a little? After feeling the hot tunnel, it is the turn of the wet cave, replied Raj. ‘

Do you think you can’? Saying this as Jayasree tried to wriggle away, Raj catching her pulled her over to him and said, and ‘I am yet to see it? This made Jayasree blush and hiding her face on his chest asked, ‘do you want to’? ‘Yes’ he replied. ‘

Then what’s stopping you’, quipped Jayasree. The moment Raj heard her say that, he got up pushing Jayasree down on the bed and pulling her by his feet dragged her body close to his. Jayasree on being pulled by him locked her legs tightly, hiding her wet cunt from his gaze and laughed at him. Seeing Jayasree’s jovial face, and having her naked body in his hold, Raj started to get aroused again.

Then sitting straight on the bed and holding both her feet in each hand, he spread them to the maximum and exposing her lovely cunt, he lifted Jayasree up till her hot moist cunt came right in front of his eyes and staring at her beautiful cuntlips covered slightly with wet black hair he felt his cock pulsate and his juices stir up.

This sight was so enthralling that he brought his face down and separating her black hair with it, he pushed his tongue deep inside her cunt. Her cunt was so wet and slippery that his tongue slid deep into it at once and as his lips met her cunt lips, he chewed them up which made Jayasree’s body to convulse again.

Sensing that she was ready again and before she could come, Raj pushed Jayasree down a little and positioning himself up on her opening he let his hot cock touch her moist cunt. The feel of her wet moist cunt lips on his hot hard cock was so thrilling that Raj holding Jayasree in his arms tightly, pushed his cock inside her and as he felt it difficult to enter,

He positioned himself right over her and having some leverage, he trust his thick hot cock deep into her hole. His hard hot cock penetrating her soft inner flesh was devastating her body and as Raj felt her getting excited, rammed himself deeper into her she screamed with joy and she erupted juices out of her for the third time that day and as

Raj saw her child like face, filled with stimulation he could no longer sustain himself and he forcing inside her with all his might erupted his seed deep inside her hot hole and did not let her go till every drop of his cum was out of his cock. As some time elapsed and they looked upon, their faces conveyed pure love and care for each other and this made them embrace and lock their bodies in each others arms.

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