Strict Alisson

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Due to that, after college, she began dating “nicer” men. Men she could control, or at least not have men that made demands on her.

Over time, with the Covid outbreak, working from home, she inevitably gained weight. She was not happy about it, but she was also lazy and unmotivated to work out and hold herself to a diet.

The men she had dated would never tell her she should lose weight, or that she was unattractive. Even when she asked them, feeling insecure, they only said they liked her as she was.

She wanted change. She wanted to be held responsible, but the men she knew, would never be the ones to do it.

She reached out to a friend, whom she knew to be submissive, and asked for her friends help.

The next day her friend texted her a name and a number.

Holding her breath, she texted, introduced herself, and waited.

A while later, a text came back, asking for a time, and the address, to meet that coming Saturday, at her house.

Alison nearly jumped out of her skin when the doorbell rang.

When she opened the door, she caught her breath. He was a handsome older man, confidence oozed from him, and his smile and soft strong voice was intoxicating.

As she brought him a cup of coffee, he bid her to get a notebook and something with which to write. As she was about to sit, her told her, “not yet… strip and stand in front of me”

Alison blushed and hesitated.

“I take it you are not serious” he told her, making her feel like a young girl, disappointing her dad.

She began to undress, and then stood in front of him, trembling.

“You are very attractive. You have the body type i enjoy the most” he told her.

“but”, he added, “I am to understand you want to make a change, and don’t have the fortitude to be successful at this time. Do i understand this correctly?”

“Yes Sir” she said, surprised at herself for already calling him Sir, so submissively.

“Turn around” he told her.

Shamefully, and very self conscious of her body, Alison did as commanded.

“Perfect” he told her.. “now, sit down, and let us define your goals”

As Alison began to tell him of her desires, ultimately her goal weight and dress size.. he nodded.

“All good.. but we need to be realistic, and this has to be a healthy process. A blend of diet, and working out” he informed her.

“I will come back this time next week” he stated.

“By then, you will join a health club, and will meet with your doctor, and i will expect to hear the time frame for healthy weight loss, as well as a recommended diet, when i come back. Is that clear?” he asked?

“Yes Sir” she said with a nod. Excited, yet nervous about taking the steps she had never had the courage to take.

“Good.. Also, i will text you a model number of a scale, that i like, that you will purchase for your weekly weigh-ins”

“yes sir” Alison agreed.

Seven days later, undressed once again, she handed him her notepad.

“kneel while i read this” he told her.

As Alison knelt submissively, he went over her notes.

“ok. You joined the local health club. You have a trainer. Your doctor states that for you to be healthy, you need to look at no more than 1-4 pounds per week. I say we agree on two pounds per week. As you stated you wanted to lose 40 pounds, that gives us a working window of 5 months”

“Now, the other issue is, you will gain muscle as you work out, which weighs more than fat – so you will be in a struggle early on, until your diet and work out develops your metabolism. Are we clear?”

“Yes Sir”

He produced a brief but clear contract, stating simply, that they would meet weekly, and that the contract was in force until the desired weight loss was achieved, and that weekly there would be motivational discipline, even if her weekly goal was met, and if her goal was not met, then it would become a much more severe spot punishment.

Alison looked nervous, as he handed her a pen, to sign the contract.

“but, Sir.. the contract… there is no way to just stop?”

“Do you want to reach your goal weight?” he asked?

“Yes Sir” she replied.

“And urfa seks hikayeleri have you been too lazy and unmotivated in the past to achieve your goals” he asked.

“yyess sir” she said with her head dropping.

“That is why, once signed, the only way our meetings stop, is when you hit your goal”

“but, even if i meet my weekly goal, i get a punishment of some type?” Alison asked nervously…

“Of course.. you are a lazy woman, who needs regular motivation. If you meet your goal, you will be punished as i see fit, to remind you of the hard work that needs to continue.. Think of it as being reminded of your commitment, and hopefully it will motivate you to keep meeting your goals, lest you slip one week, don’t meet your goal, and then face a very firm spot punishment”

Alison trembled more..

Reading under the area for signatures, she looked up, confused, and said, “What does it mean that you will be properly thanked after each session, and that you retain full rights over my body, and that any and all pleasure is at the your discretion?

“you are a smart woman Alison. You will be expected to properly thank and please me, after each session. Also, i know how it is with women, whom after punishment, run to their room to find their own pleasure, so we will nip that in the bud right away. Your only pleasure will be allowed if i feel you have earned it. Desire for pleasure can be a strong motivator to help with goal achievement”

“but sir” she started.

“are you saying i should not be thanked properly for my hard work?”

“err… no…”

“And how many times a week do you masturbate Alison..? Be honest with me”

“um.. several” she lied

“I thought so.. i would imagine you masturbate daily, more so on the weekends.. but it is interesting to know you felt you could lie to me”

“i am sorry sir” she said, feeling again like a little girl.

“Sign the contract Alison – or i will leave and you will not have the help you know you need, to achieve your goal”

With a shaking hand, Alison signed the contract.

As he took the contract, signed it as well, dating it also, he told her, “Now, go get the scale”

As Alison stepped on the scale, she noted that he wrote the date and time on the back of the contract, with the weight that he read off the scale.

“The goal” he said, “is that there are only 20 entries, for 20 weeks of meeting your goal.

“yes sir” she told him

“Good, now show me to your attached garage”

Confused, but submissively doing as he stated, she walked to the kitchen, and then to the door that led to the heated and attached garage. She noticed his had a small bag with him, as she led him in to the garage, as she turned on the light.

Alison watched as he went and got a step ladder, and then in the middle of the garage, got up on the step ladder, and attached a simple rope, with wrist restraints on each end.

“Come over here Alison”

Once standing in front of him, he had her raise each arm, and restrained each wrist.

“There – that should do nicely for the first month of sessions” he told her.

Trembling, she watched as he pulled out a leather strap, a paddle, a paddle with holes in it, as well as a thinner whippy looking implement.

“Today, you will feel how each one feels, and hopefully these will be enough to motivate you properly. If i find you slacking, i will bring a nice thin rod and a cane, for a more purposeful session”

Walking around her slowly, feeling her body, inspecting her, pulling apart her bottom cheeks, feeling between her legs, and then walking around, pulling and twisting her nipples, he told her, ” there is nothing off limits of your body, to thank me, or for me to punish. I have never failed to help someone meet their goals, and you will not be one who fails. Are we clear?”

“yes sir” she told him nervously.

“You will be introduced to all the implements i brought today, 10 strokes each – to learn what will be used to motivate you, to know i am serious, and also to get a taste of what will happen if you fail to meet your agreed upon weekly goals” he said, as he walked over the the bench with the implements.

Starting with the leather strap, he raised his arm back, and the garage echoed with the sound of the supple leather striking Alison’s backside.

Alison howled from the pain and the shock, and then cried out as the next nine strokes lashed at her now red bottom.

“Take a breath” he instructed, as he put down the strap, and picked up the wooden paddle.

“This will feel different – the pain goes more deeply than the leather” he explained.

Alison jumped when the heavy thud of the paddle hit her, the scream was caught in her throat. Her mind tried to understand to flat face of the paddle hitting her with such force. As the paddle continued to rain upon her bottom, the best she could do was emit a strangled cry.

As he returned the paddle to the bench, picking up the next one with holes in it, she tried to comprehend the difference in the pain from the supple leather to the hard wood.

Her mental process didn’t get far, when he said, “see if you can fee the difference in the paddle, now with holes in it, and how it adds to the sensations” and then brought the paddle down hard against her already tender and flaming red backside.

After the first swat, he said, “the holes allow the air to pass through it, meaning a firmer harder impact, plus you will see the nice welts where the holes meet the skin”

Trying to understand the pain, while dealing with the physics of why she should notice there is less airflow, Alison’s eyes rolled back in her head as the remainder of the strokes made her cry out, as she began pleading for her first lesson to be over.

“Almost done – just one more to experience” he told her. “Again, Alison, I want you to fully know what will be motivating you over the next 5 months, or longer”

“yesss, sir” she whimpered.

“Now, just 10 more left, with this thin rod. Unlike the paddle, the pain of this thin rod is much more concentrated, and is quite the motivator. Brace back, stick your backside out, and let us finish this lesson, shall we?”

As Alison pushed her bottom back, trembling, she swore she could hear the swishing of the thin rod as his arm brought it down fully across her bottom.

The scream was delicious, as he paused, and remarked, “i do love a perfect red line all the way across a naughty girls bottom”

Alison lost track of the the remaining strokes, feeling each line, each stroke, each welt beginning to rise from her skin.

Tears pouring down her face, he came around and faced her.

“now, that is just a taste of your maintenance sessions, and nothing like what will happen if you fail yourself, fail me, on your weekly goals.. do you understand?”

“yes sir” she mumbled.

Unhooking her wrists, he told her to take a minute, to go wash her face, and to wait for him, kneeling, in the living room.

As Alison knelt, waiting, he came and sat down.

After a bit, he said, “Are we clear on the punishment side of what will happen?”

“Yes sir” she nodded.

“Good… you may not always be tied like that.. Good girls don’t need to be restrained, but for firm punishment, and in the early part, it can help in getting through the session”

“Now” he said, “Let us see how good you are at thanking me properly for giving my time and expertise, helping you with your goal”

Unsure of how she was to thank him, she began to open her mouth to ask a question, but he raised his hand and said, “I want you to use your mouth today, on my. I expect to feel your gratitude, and i expect you to make no mess. A good girl takes everything she is given”

“yes sir” she said.

“So, crawl over, and ask me properly, if you can thank me for caring so much about your goals”

Alison tried to wrap her head around what she was doing, shamed by the submission, but also finding her body responding to it. She wanted his praise, his help, she wanted to accomplish her goal, and wondered if this was the one thing that would help her.

As she undid his pants, pulling his cock free, and then beginning to use her mouth, she found she responded to his praise. She had had men in her mouth before, but she was warmed by the fact that this felt natural, it felt so comfortable, that she found she wanted to please him immensely.

As Alison sucked him, slowly, deeply, he told her that at times, he would take his thanks in other ways. Her body was his, until she met her goal.

Alison nodded as she continued to please him.

Finally, he looked down and said, “Be a good girl now, and finish this properly. Take my cum in your mouth, and then when i am done, pull your mouth of me, and show me”

Alison felt his cock harden, his balls tighten, and then felt the hard hot stream of his cum hitting her mouth. Again, she had never been instructed to do anything like this before, and she struggled to understand how it aroused her.. but it did.

“Now show me Alison” he said.

Submissively, Alison opened her mouth, showing him her mouthful of his cum.

“Good Girl, Now, swallow it for me, and show me your mouth again when empty”

As she swallowed, Alison tried to comprehend the sensations. She had sucked and swallowed other men’s cum before, but never like this. Never this level of submission, or control, and it was affecting her mind and her body.

Showing him her now empty, open mouth, he leaned forward, and moving his hand down, between her legs, he smiled, finding her wet with arousal.

“I am proud of you Alison. Not only for signing the contract, wanting to make changes in your life, but how you have responded to the punishment examples, and in how you have thanked me”

Alison smiled from the praise.

“I think you deserve a reward Alison. Punishment and rewards help achieve goals. Do you want a reward?”

“Yes Sir” she answered quickly.

“Good.. Now, you have not earned a reward of me touching you for pleasure, nor enjoying the traditional pleasure of a man fucking you, but, i will allow you to sit on the floor, your back to the chair on which you were sitting, and to spread your legs wide for me”

In Alison’s mind, had anyone else in the world stated that she should sit and spread her legs, she would have laughed – but for some reason, she wanted to please him, she wanted his praise, and wanted any form of pleasure, as her body was on fire.

Blushing, Alison spread her legs.

“So beautiful Alison… now, you have 10 minutes to make yourself cum for me.. If you do not cum by then, i will make you stop.. are we clear?”

“yes sir” Alison breathed.. spreading her legs even wider, touching herself, amazed that while she was ashamed at the exposure, the humiliation of being so open, her body felt electricity from her own touch.

Soon, Alison was fingering herself with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other. Lost in her head. Amazed she could both tune him out, yet be aware of him watching.

As her breathing quickened, he merely said, “good girl.. now cum for me”

His words, his praise, the full impact of the day so far, hit her hard, and her body let go, and she yelped as her body shook from an orgasm as intense as she had ever known.

As she settled down, he told her, “I am proud of you Alison. This will be the format of your weekly sessions. When you meet your goals, and handle your maintenance properly, you will be given rewards. Believe me, you don’t want to not meet your goals, as that will be completely different session”

He got up, and walked to the door.. Alison didn’t understand why, but she ran to him, hugged him, and thanked him.

He kissed her forehead and told her he would see her the next week.

Later that day, still in the glow of the session, she got a text from her friend, the one that recommended the man that was now her goal coach and disciplinarian.

“How was the session” the text inquired..

“terrifying, amazing.. and well, we shall see” Alison replied.

“I understand” her friend texted.. He helped me achieve a few goals i never could have with others, or alone”

“how do you handle it when not working on goals?” Alison asked

There was a pause, and then the text came across, “I always find new goals. This is now a part of my life that i cannot quit”

Alison put down her phone.. and contemplated that statement.. wondering if this would now be a part of her life forever.

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