Strip Poker

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Ok you’ve heard of friends playing strip poker before but have you ever heard one where the object of lust was your own sister? It was a late Sunday afternoon after we had finished watching football that my college buddies Steve, Danny, Scott and I decided to play some poker. My little sister Sarah walked in the door after a day of shopping at the mall, clutching shopping bags in both hands.

“Well lookey here. The brat pack are at it again!” she chimed as she sauntered into the living room where we were playing.

Danny gave her a wolf whistle as she walked up and I gave him a playful jab to indicate that I was just protecting my sister. I peered over my cards to see what had caught his attention and noticed she was wearing one of her short summer dresses that showed off a generous amount of cleavage and came about 6 inches above her knees. I had seen my sister in various stages of undress before but just couldn’t ever bring myself to think of her sexually because well, she’s my little sister! But I’m a guy and I do notice a nice body even if it does happen to belong to my sister.

Sarah is a petite little thing at 5’3″ and weighing in at a light 100 pounds. Her shoulder length blonde hair had a nice little bounce to it and her eyes sparkled a deep blue whenever she looked at you. If she wasn’t my sister I’d be the first to admit that I’d be all over that in a second. I concentrated back on my cards as Sarah continued down the hall to her room with all eyes following her ass as it swayed from side to side. Just before she reached her door she turned around and caught all of us staring and winked knowingly.

“I’ve got some outfits I wanna model for you boys to get some male opinion if you don’t mind,” she said before disappearing into her bedroom and closing the door behind her.

“Damn Bryan your sister is fine dude!” Scott said as he threw his bet in the pile and dealt out the cards.

“Yeah man, what I would give for a piece of that ass!” Steve agreed.

“Aww c’mon guys. She’s my little sister and she’s still in high school,” I countered back not angry but annoyed because I knew deep down inside I would say the same thing if I wasn’t her brother.

“Dude. You know you’d do her if you two weren’t related. Heck I’d bet you’d do her anyways,” laughed Danny.

“No, no, I don’t think of her that way,” I said unconvincingly.

A few minutes later my sister stepped out modeling a black mini dress with thin straps that showed off smooth bare shoulders and lots of legs. It clung to her perky little breasts and pert little ass.

“What do you boys think of this?” she said as she twirled around causing the bottom of her dress to spin up higher revealing her creamy thighs.

“Woohoo!” Scott whistled.

“You look hot Sarah,” Steve complimented.

“Oh yeah” is all Danny could muster up saying.

I remained silent and just nodded my head. She quickly disappeared back into her room and we were all left a little flustered.

“C’mon dude. Don’t even try to lie and say that didn’t look hot to you,” teased Steve.

“No, no it doesn’t do anything for me,” I tried to bluff.

“Bullshit!” Danny playfully jabbed me back. “I bet you if you saw a little bit more you’d be rock hard just like the rest of us.”

He was right. I could feel myself pitching a small tent inside my pants and cursed at myself silently for not having better restraint.

“I’ve got an idea to test that theory,” added Scott. “Let’s invite her to play strip poker with us.”

“What? Are you crazy? We can’t do that man. She’s my sister!” I tried to argue.

“Let’s leave it up to her,” Danny countered.

My sister came walking back out and asked, “What’s all the commotion about?”

She now had on a short white summer dress that was partially see-thru because of the sunlight coming through the living room windows. The light was coming in behind her and silhouetted her body nicely, the contour of her legs and thighs showing through the thin material. All four of us could clearly see the outline of her petite body displayed before us.

“Well all of us were bored and wanted you to join us for some poker,” Scott slyly said.

“Oh yeah? But I already spent all my money at the mall” my sister replied.

“That’s ok Sarah. We were thinking of playing for something else. Maybe your clothes,” Danny winked.

“Ha, ha!” my sister replied. “Strip poker eh?”

“Yup,” Steve chimed in.

“Sounds like fun but I don’t know. It’d be kinda weird with Bryan here and all. I mean he’s my brother,” Sarah said.

“Eh don’t worry about him. Besides he probably won’t ever win a hand,” said Scott.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was about to be playing strip poker with a bunch of my college pals and my little sister.

“But what about dad? He’ll kick our asses if he walks in and sees this,” I said as I tried to think of a way out of this.

“Duh! He went to dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s. Tonight’s güvenilir bahis his date remember? He’s not gonna be home for a few more hours,” Sarah reminded me.

Oh yeah I thought to myself. After our parent’s divorced a year ago, Dad was dating again and Sarah was right that he usually didn’t come home until pretty late on the evenings that he went out.

“Woohoo!” all three guys hollered with their fists pumped up in the air.

“But if I’m gonna play we need to even out the stakes cuz you guys are wearing way more clothes than me,” Sarah said, counting off numbers on her fingers and pointing to articles of clothes we were wearing.

“Lets see: shoes, socks, pants, a belt, underwear, and a shirt are what you guys all seem to be wearing so that makes what? 7 pieces of clothing for betting. I only have on 4 so I need to go put on 3 more things,” she calculated.

“4?” we all quizzed.

Judging from what she had on: heels, her dress and probably a pair of panties added to 4. So did that mean she wasn’t wearing a bra?

“I need to put on a bra and some stockings and that will even things up,” Sarah said as she twinkled her eyes and disappeared back into her room.

“Wow, this is gonna be intense man!” Scott hooted.

Sarah appeared a couple of minutes later and we made room for her at the table.

“Ok a couple of rules guys,” she started. “My bra and thong stays on last. Whoever that wins the round can remove the item of clothing from the loser of that round.”

“Sounds good to me but if Scott loses his hand from me he can remove it himself,” Danny remarked as we all laughed.

“Ante up!” everyone yelled.

I sat there still stunned that I was actually letting this go forward. I mean at any given time I could’ve said no way and stopped them from encouraging this from happening. But somehow, something deep down inside of me was really wondering if we would get a chance to see Sarah down in her underwear and maybe even naked. My cock twitched slightly at the possibility. I

had caught her partially nude a few times before running back and forth between the bathroom with a towel draped around her after she showered but that was a few years ago before she even developed any breasts and was too young for me to notice. But lately, especially the past few months she started dressing sexier and wearing shorter skirts. I don’t know, maybe girls do that when they are in high school.

The first round went by with Scott losing so he tossed his shirt aside. Round two ended with Steve losing and him losing his shirt. It was beginning to look like we weren’t going to get anywhere with this game when Sarah finally lost a round to Danny and propped her right foot onto his lap and he unstrapped her heel and tossed it aside. Sarah then loss again and this time propped her left foot onto Scott’s lap so that he could help her rid herself of the other heel. Flashes of her stocking tops would come into view as she was doing this. The guys didn’t bother helping each other off with clothes if we ourselves lost. Sarah would do the honors and help us if any of us lost a round.

A few more rounds and both Scott and Steve lost a few more times and were down to their boxers and socks. I began to get a little nervous watching Sarah helping them remove their clothes cuz I knew that sooner or later we were getting into dark territory. It also felt funny having Sarah helping me remove my shirt when it came my turn to shed a piece of clothing although it seemed innocent enough. She would just giggle and continue on.

Danny still hadn’t loss a hand yet and was actually concentrating seriously for one of the few times I had ever seen in my life. I think he knew this was as good a time as ever to see my sister naked and wasn’t about to blow the opportunity. I won the next hand from Sarah and she stood up so that I could remove her dress. This was really awkward so she just said, “Here get behind me.”

I stood behind her as she reached down taking the hem of her dress slowly sliding it upwards until the lace bands of her thigh high stockings came into view. She then told me to grab the bottom from her and continue lifting. I nervously placed my hands on her dress and continued to lift higher. From the back I could see her creamy thighs coming into view and almost choked as the dress slipped up over her waist revealing a tiny white thong that disappeared into the crack of her ass. I heard a simultaneous gasp from my 3 friends as they stared at her front, which I’m sure, was a great view judging from what little was covering the back. I continued upward until I saw the back of her bra and saw that the guys’ eyes were now staring intently at her breasts. In another movement the dress was up over her head and I tossed it aside.

Before Sarah sat back down I got to see why my friend’s eyes had gotten so wide. She was wearing a very sheer white bra and thong set that was showing a lot more than it was covering. Her nipples and areolas were barely türkçe bahis visible though the flimsy material. Her thong was nothing more than a tiny triangle covering her crotch. This was getting interesting indeed.

Danny finally lost a round and pretty soon Scott and I were down to our boxers and socks. Steve had only his boxers left so if he lost, that meant there’d be no hiding his hard on. Sarah finally lost a round again to Scott, which meant one of her thigh high stockings was coming off. She propped her left foot onto his lap and we all watched as he slowly hooked his fingers underneath the lace band of her stocking and carefully rolled them down and off her smooth thigh and calf. She giggled as she pointed to Scott’s crotch and said, “My aren’t we excited about something?”

Danny lost the next round and dropped his pants and it was obvious he was sporting a major woody as I saw Sarah checking him out with wide eyes. I then won the next round from Sarah and again felt a little strange having to do the honors. Since I was sitting across from Sarah and didn’t move, she finally got up and came over to my side and hopped up on the table swinging her right foot onto my lap. I nervously reached up and hooked my fingers underneath the lace band of her stocking and was amazed at how smooth and warm her skin was. I found myself sneaking a peek at her crotch and could barely make out her pussy lips which caused my cock to strain even harder in my boxers. I was hoping she wouldn’t notice this as I continued pulling the stocking down and off her smooth leg.

The next hand the guys all at once said, “Damn” as Steve lost, which meant he was to shed his boxers and we thought the game was over. Steve dejectedly stood up and said “Sorry guys.”

Sarah giggled as she got on her knees and in one motion yanked his boxers down causing his cock to spring free and almost hit her in the face. We all laughed as she gave his cock a playful squeeze and delighted us by hopping back in her seat and said, “Lets continue!”

We all looked at each other with gleaming eyes and knew this was going to keep going until everyone was naked. With Steve sitting out the next round, the game progressed faster with both Scott and I also losing again and down to just our boxers.

Danny lost too and now had just his socks and boxers. Sarah had just her bra and panties left and secretly inside I couldn’t help but wish for her to lose another round. My prayers were answered as she lost the next round to Scott and asked him to do the honors of helping her remove her bra.

Scott got up behind her and unfastened her bra and as it slowly slid away, we were treated to two of the perkiest tits we had ever seen. Her breasts were a perfect 34b and hung like delicate pears with a soft roundness and bounce. Her nipples were erect and protruding from her dark areolas that seemed to just stare at me right in the face. She reached underneath her breasts to cup them and giggled. Scott was still behind her and she motioned for him to come up closer behind her. She then reached behind her and guided his hands up to cup her soft breasts. “Since you’re the winner of this round, I’ll give you one minute to fondle these as you wish,” she told Scott.

We watched as Scott pinched her nipples, which caused her to sigh. I secretly wished I was in his shoes standing behind Sarah leaning into her so that I could firmly squeeze those perky tits of hers. I caught Sarah looking my way and I averted her gaze pretending to not be too interested. When the minute was over, Sarah returned to her seat leaving us wanting more. The next round came with Scott losing his boxers and Sarah getting on her knees to help him remove them. Just as we suspected he had a big hard on too and Sarah wasted no time in giving it a playful squeeze before getting back to the game. With both Steve and Scott out, it was only myself, Danny and Sarah left. Danny then lost again leaving the three of us remaining in only our underwear. Everyone kept staring at Sarah’s tits and she giggled playfully and teased us by pinching her nipples.

I cursed silently at myself for perversely imagining what it would be like to place my lips around those perky nipples and suck on her succulent breasts. Then another thought came into my mind. What if I won the next hand from her? I actually didn’t know if I’d be up to removing Sarah’s panties. That would be weird! On the other hand I was embarrassed to lose which meant that I had to get completely naked and revealing my hard on. I decided it was better for me to lose and let Danny and Sarah duke it out amongst themselves so I secretly threw away my hand causing me to lose the round. The problem was I forgot that the loser gives in to the winning hand, which meant that Sarah was to be the one to do the honors and remove my boxers.

I stood up and was about to remove them myself when Danny said. “Not uh. She’s supposed to do that buddy.”

I looked over at Sarah and with a sheepish grin she just said, “It’s güvenilir bahis siteleri just a game don’t worry about it. I promise not to do anything.”

With that she got down on her knees in front of me and in one fast motion yanked my boxers down. My cock sprang to attention and almost hit her on her cheek. I was so embarrassed and wanted to cover up. I’m not going to exaggerate like in other stories and tell you I have a 10 inch cock, but it can hold its own against anybody. As far as I could tell, Scott’s, Steve’s and mine were all about 7 inches. Sarah was staring at my cock with fascination and almost reached out to give it a playful squeeze but remembered I was her brother and slowly went back to her seat. All the guys were teasing me saying, “What got you so hard huh? Staring at Sarah tits here?”

I knew I was red from embarrassment but didn’t say anything in defense. They knew they were right. At that moment I didn’t care what was right or wrong anymore. All I knew was that I wanted Danny to win so that we could see Sarah’s pussy. There was no reason to think she’d back out now. As luck would have it, Danny did win the next round, which meant Sarah was to lose her thong.

“Woohoo!” Danny yelled as he laid his winning hand down on the table. I saw Sarah’s calm demeanor suddenly turn to nervousness. She was flirting with us but its another thing to make good on your word and actually bare your nakedness to others. I knew exactly how she was feeling.

“Oh my god!” she sighed. She took a deep breath and then rose up from her seat. I felt my excitement building as Sarah nervously hopped up on the table in front of Danny’s chair. I could see the excitement in his face as he reached up and started pawing at her tiny white thong.

“Don’t look too hard ok? I’d be too embarrassed” Sarah asked us but while looking only at me straight in the eyes.

I nodded and pretended to look away but was peering out from the corner of my eye. I wasn’t going to miss this show for anything in the world.

Sarah laid down on her back on the table with her ass up to the edge. She placed her feet flat on either side of Danny’s chair and raised her ass in the air so that he could do the honors. He quickly peeled the thong down pass her calves then past her ankles then completely off. I saw him take a whiff of her thong before tossing it aside. Scott quickly picked the thong up and began to sniff it then passed it to Steve. I felt so dirty but I wanted to smell it too. After Steve had his turn I nonchalantly picked up her thong and brought it up to my nose. The crotch was slightly damp from her wetness and I could smell the strong scent of Sarah’s pussy. It was highly intoxicating and made my cock twitch even more.

I looked back and everyone was just gasping as we saw that Sarah was completely hairless. Her pussy was absolutely stunning. Young, fresh and delicate with little engorged lips to match her petite body. Danny scooted his chair forward so that his face was now right in front of Sarah’s pussy and gently placed his hands on either side of her thighs causing her to spread her legs even wider. I heard myself moan as this action caused her pussy lips to separate revealing her moist insides to us. There was already a drop of wetness beginning to leak out and I felt my mouth grow dry.

Sarah reached down and with her fingers spread her tender lips completely open for us to see. All of us were crowded around Danny’s chair behind him watching the exquisite view of my young sister being displayed to us. We watched as she traced the line of her slit spreading her wetness all around her lips then bringing her fingers up to her mouth to taste herself. It looked so slutty and innocent at the same time. Slutty because she was so wet. Innocent because my sister looked so young, pink, tender, soft, untouched…all the things you associate with innocence.

“Remember the winner of the round gets one minute to do whatever they want. So go ahead and touch me there if you want Danny,” my sister instructed.

Danny wasted no time as he pushed a finger partially into Sarah then brought it back out covered in her wetness. I almost choked at seeing how wet she was.

“Holy shit man! She’s still a virgin! Check this out!” Danny shouted as he spread her hole open wider so that we could see her hymen still intact. Her insides were completely pink and covered in a wet shine. We all watched in fascination as her pussy expanded every time he carefully pushed partially forward. Her hole would then contract tightly around his finger as he slowly removed it. Sarah was moaning very lightly now it was obvious she was getting more and more lubricated with wetness. I knew that if I wanted to stop this that I better do it now before it really got out of hand. But something inside me told me not to interfere and to just let things continue.

The one minute was up but no one was counting as Danny placed his tongue inside her slit and began to eat Sarah’s offering for all it was worth.

“Oh God, yes” was all Sarah kept saying as he continued licking her little pussy.

“Damn,” Danny said upon bringing himself up for some air. “This is the hottest pussy that I have ever tasted.”

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