Stripper’s Move

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There were five people jammed into Tori’s little red Honda and everyone was drunk except for her. That was usual for a Friday night, but they weren’t usually in this part of town. If it weren’t for Jo volunteering them to pick Shauna up after work, she wouldn’t be here at all under any circumstances.

“Where the hell is this place?” Tori asked, as she cruised along the street called Broadway on the map and the pussy mile on campus.

“Shauna said you couldn’t miss it,” Veronica Goings offered.

“Yeah, well, this is our third time up the street. If we don’t find it soon, I’m heading back to the dorm.”

“Don’t be a stick in the mud, Tori, we’ll find it,” Candice Ford replied.

“Yeah, take a hit of this and chill out,” Joann Taylor said, passing a blunt to the front seat.

Joann was her best friend. They had known each other since grade school and roomed together in the upperclassman dorm. They were thinking about getting an apartment after this semester and she knew Tori didn’t smoke. Tori should have been mad, but she wasn’t. Jo was like that, always pushing her to relax and as she put it, “live a little.”

“Get that shit away from me,” Tori snarled as Monica Riley tried to pass her the joint.

Monica inhaled deeply and blew out a cloud of the reeking smoke right into Tori’s face.

The car exploded into a fit of giggles as Tori coughed and choked. She desperately wanted to roll down a window, but in this area of town her innate caution overcame her desire.

Hookers ranged up and down the sidewalks, many accompanied by their pimps. Strip clubs and adult book stores decorated the rundown facades in garish neon light. College students prowled along in groups, egging each other on and getting drunk. The occasional beat cop and his partner could be seen, as well as a few black and whites parked in warehouse loading docks. Hotels advertised rooms by the hour with free XXX feeds. Dealers had their corners staked out and junkies could be seen in every possible recess.

“There it is,” Veronica said, pointing to a rundown building with a ‘girls girls girls’ sign flashing in red and gold.

A larger sign proclaimed The Harem in red lettering, but the sign was almost burned out with only the small ‘a’ still lit, explaining how they had missed it.

Tori rarely drank and never used drugs. She was the straight arrow among her friends. Her slightly prudish demeanor was tolerated because she was Jo’s best friend and because she didn’t mind being designated driver. She had a contact high now and found parking to be difficult in the narrow alley behind the place. The lines seemed uneven, but she wasn’t sure if that was just bad city planning or the way her head was spinning.

They all piled out and made their way to the front, stepping through a doorway covered only by Persian beads. Inside the door was a small foyer with Arabic murals and some very explicit photos of the dancers. A small, greasy man in black leathers sat behind a bank teller style grill with a money box.

“Ten dollar cover, two drink minimum,” he declared, apparently unfazed by their gender.

After they paid, they made their way into a large, open room, with a main stage in the middle and two smaller stages at each end. The décor was a pathetic attempt at an Arabian harem, with pillows and silk wall hangings. Plastic scimitars hung on the walls and the waitresses all wore gauzy pants and pointy-toed slippers that reminded her of Jeannie from the old TV show. Each table had a small candle burning on it. The place reeked of marijuana and stale beer.

It wasn’t very crowded and they found a table near the main stage. A few of the male customers gave them curious looks. One table had a bunch of frat rats and they seemed to be paying them more attention than the other patrons. Tori had the idea they were egging each other on to see if the girls wanted company, but nothing came of it. Soon a topless barmaid appeared.

She was an older woman, with sad, tired eyes and a listless manner that bespoke of extreme exhaustion. Tori noticed her breasts were large and very firm, obviously implants.

“What can I get you?” she asked.

Everyone ordered exotic sounding drinks, except for Tori. She was still flying from the weed and wanted to try and clear her head.

“Do you have coffee?” she asked.

“Ignore her,” Candice said, before the woman could answer.

“Yeah, bring her a pink panty pulldown,” Monica cackled.

“I don’t…”

“Be cool, Tor. It’s only two drinks and we’re staying till Shauna gets off. You’ll be plenty sober by then,” Joann said reasonably.

“Sweetie?” the woman asked, with a tired, but apparently genuine smile.

Normally, she would have demurred, but she was feeling strange from the weed and she couldn’t really make sense of her thoughts.

“All right, I guess,” she said.

“So, when’s Shauna gonna be on stage?” Veronica asked excitedly.

“Probably be a while, they work in rotations. She’ll get a main stage introduction, then work samsun escort the side stages, then the floor, then a break, then main stage again,” Joann said.

“You sure seem to know a lot about strip clubs,” Monica observed.

“I worked at T & A’s two months last summer to pay for the cruise.”

“Really? Make a lot?” the perpetually broke Veronica asked.

“Oh, yeah. It’s really good money if you have a body or can dance. Even better if you will work the back room.”

“The back room?” Tori asked.

“Yeah. Girls take guys to the back rooms for private dances. If all you do is dance, it’s thirty bucks, half going to the house, but if you’re willing to give him a hand job or blow, you can make a mint because the house only takes ten more for extra services, no matter how much you make.”

“So, did you blow a lot of cute guys?” Monica asked.

She was a great person when sober, but when she started drinking she became really mean and snide. Everyone was used to it, so Joann took no offense.

“No, I was making over two hundred a night in tips. I didn’t need to run any extra risks.”

“Two hundred a night? I was wondering why Shauna was doing this,” Veronica exclaimed.

“She wants that Mercedes pretty bad, but Mommy and Daddy are in a snit because her grades sucked so they won’t get it for her.”

“How much do the waitresses make?” Tori asked.

“Not much. They’re usually older women and don’t look all that good anymore. A lot are single moms. These places rack up most of their profit on the weekends. The big earners usually only work two nights a week, so most of the waitresses you see on Friday and Saturday night are the dancers Monday through Thursday.”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, it’s a double dose of shit. They have to wait tables on the busy nights and when they are working there are fewer patrons so fewer tips.”

“Why do they put up with it?” Candice asked.

“Most of them don’t have any other option. I mean, it’s one thing for me or Shauna to do it for a short while to get some extra cash. It’s another thing entirely when your family depends on you doing it. It’s fun and exciting and all that for a while, but the only reason it’s like that is because we can walk away anytime we choose. It’s a pretty crappy job when it’s all you have.”

“Think Shauna will rack up, she has pretty big boobs,” Candice asked.

“No, she’ll do all right, but she hasn’t got the mentality to really make money at it,” Jo said thoughtfully.

“What do you mean?”

“The trick to it is to make every guy thinks you’re interested in him. You hook ’em, then lead them on through the night. Shauna might do that with a cute guy, but she won’t do it with every guy. The cute ones are usually the ones with the least money, they are guys who count on looks to get them in with women. You want to make money, you make nice with the dorks and geeks and losers. The poor bastards couldn’t hope to get your attention in a bar or at a party. Once you smile at one, he’ll follow you like a puppy, tipping heavily, ponying up for table and private dances, maybe you come out on break and sit with him, let him buy you a drink or two, whatever.”

“That sounds so cold blooded,” Tori said.

“It’s like any other business, Tor, you’re here to part the customer from his cash,” Jo said.

Tori was flying now, the smoke in the club was at least half reefer and she was having trouble marshalling her chaotic thoughts. When the waitress returned and served their drinks, she fished into her pocket on impulse and dropped a twenty dollar bill on her tray.

“I don’t have change, sweetie, you have to go to the bartender to get ones.”

Tori colored and stammered as the others laughed like a pack of hyenas.

“She didn’t want change, she was just giving you a big tip,” Joann said with a smile on her face.

“Thank you,” the woman said with an obviously heartfelt smile.

“You’re welcome,” Tori managed.

“Be careful with that,” Joann warned after the waitress had moved out of earshot.

“Careful?” Tori asked.

“Yeah. I know you’re just a sweetheart and were trying to be nice, but this is a cutthroat business, like I said before. Word gets around fast. Big spenders are always given special attention and I don’t think you want that.”

The house lights dimmed and a spot lit the stage. A DJ’s voice boomed over the PA system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from El Paso, Texas, put your hands together for Lilith!”

A dark haired girl in white cowgirl boots, a little white Stetson, tight short shorts and a white vest with red fringe came out on stage as everyone clapped. She had long legs and a big chest, which the vest barely concealed. Tori thought she was a little older than herself and pretty, though by no means a knockout.

Tori sipped her drink, finding it to be very fruity and not as harsh as many drinks she had tried. The girl did a slow strip tease and guys came up, stuffing bills into her red g-string. Monica ran up waving a bill and did the same as everyone at the table cheered. Before her dance was done, all of the girls had given her a dollar except Tori. Try as they might, the others couldn’t convince her to do so, even when the girl smiled invitingly and stood still for a moment at the end of the stage.

When she finished, she gathered her clothes, took a bow and, as Joann had predicted, moved down to the stage at one end of the place. A few guys followed her to that stage, predominantly the ones she had danced close to while on center stage.

“Jeeze, Tor, you could have at least given her a buck,” Joann said.

“Yeah, get with the program,” Candice added.

“Now she thinks you didn’t like her,” Monica said.

“It’s not that!” Tori exclaimed.

Before they could do more than laugh, the DJ’s voice came back on.

“And now, from way up north, we bring you, Bunny! Give her a big hand.”

She was blonde and tanned, with a massive bust and wide hips. She wore faux fur stiletto boots, lederhosen and a little white top, with a ski cap. As she danced, Tori was mildly aroused. That was embarrassing, but no one seemed to notice. She didn’t tip this one either and soon she gave way to another girl.

After that one, the DJ called again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, from the Caribbean and performing for the first time on stage, put your hands together for Chiquita!”

Everyone at the table went wild cheering when Shauna came out. She had her hair up and dressed with tropical fruit and wore a tiny halter top and a long skirt with a slit up to her hip. As she danced they kept up a steady stream from their table to the stage, stuffing her g-string with bills and laughing. Even Tori managed to get up the nerve to go up several times.

When she finished, she was gathering up her things when the DJ called again.

“That was Chiquita, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t forget our two for one beer specials and remember to tip your waitress. Lilith is now available for table dances, so guys, get those bills out. Our next dancer is fresh off the reservation. Put your hands together for Comanche!”

Everyone was starting to rise to follow Shauna down to the smaller stage, but when Comanche stepped on stage, Tori found herself stuck fast in her chair.

Her hair was long, braided with a feather and reached down to the small of her back. Large, full breasts were held back by a faux buckskin bikini top. Unlike the first performers, they were in perfect proportion to her wide shoulders and hips. Her legs were long and sleek, the short, triangular buckskin skirt barely hiding them. Instead of the high heels most of the girls wore, she wore moccasins that laced up and covered most of her calves.

Her face was classically beautiful, with high cheekbones and forehead, sensuous lips and an aquiline nose, but her eyes really held Tori. They were brown, intelligent and unbelievably intense as they scanned the crowd. They stopped on her table and the girl smiled.

“Come on, Tori,” Monica called as she and Candice and Veronica walked off.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” Joann said in a quiet voice.

“She’s incredible,” Tori mouthed.

“Wait till you see her in action.”

The music started and she moved sensuously about the stage. She didn’t seem to be a trained dancer, so much as naturally graceful and fluid of motion. Her copper skin glistened under the light and Tori felt the room get hot and stuffy. She had always kept her attraction to a certain kind of girl well hidden, but now it was all she could do not to drool.

When Comanche turned her back and undid the clasp on her top, Tori felt her breath catch in her throat. Comanche turned back, holding the garment over her breasts and danced a moment longer before tossing it off stage. The guys all cheered and clapped, but Tori was oblivious to it.

The girl’s breasts were incredible. They were proud and firm, capped with large areolas and thick nipples. Tori couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of them. They swayed and bounced gently as Comanche danced. Tori was so enthralled she didn’t even hear Joann speaking. It was just a minor buzz in the background.

When the dancer bent over and slowly pushed her skirt down, Tori felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. She couldn’t seem to breathe at all as the soft expanse of the girl’s beautiful ass was revealed. She wore only a tiny black g-string and Tori could easily see where it clung to her fat mound.

The girl stepped out of her skirt and began to move slowly around the stage, holding her g-string out for guys to stuff bills in, or presenting her ass, which they all took the opportunity to run their hands over. Tori was barely cognizant of Joann stuffing a bill into her hand. When she noticed it she blushed crimson and stared at the floor.

“Go ahead, Tor, you know you want to,” her friend encouraged.

Tori stood hesitantly and walked mechanically toward the stage. She felt like every eye in the place was on her and she nearly fell when her feet moved from the carpet to the tile surrounding the stage. When she looked back up, Comanche was staring at her and Tori felt her face flush.

As Tori approached, Comanche moved to the end of the stage and gracefully squatted down. She spread her long legs and hooked both thumbs into her g-string, pulling it outward. Tori could clearly see her thick black pubes and the coral colored lips peeking out as she shakily placed the bill inside.

“Thank you,” she whispered in a seductive voice that somehow drowned out the music and cat calls.

“Y..y…your welcome,” Tori stammered.

The girl smiled and winked before rising in a fluid motion and gathering her things. Tori made her way back to her seat and sat down.

“You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Joann said with a smile.


“Shhh. Don’t say anything. You aren’t a good liar and you can’t lie to me even if you were, I know you too well.”

Tori wondered what she was talking about, but let it pass as the others came back by.

“What are you two doing?” Veronica asked.

“Holding our table. Place is filling up and if we leave, we won’t get it back,” Joann said quickly.

“Oh, cool,” she replied as they breezed down to the other stage.

Joann crammed another bill into Tori’s hand.

“Go on, Tor. She’s at the other stage.”

“Jo, I…”

“Shush. Take your drink for some courage, but get moving, the song’s already starting.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the DJ called, “Direct your attention center stage for our featured performer, Pinky Pumpkins!”

A roar went up from the crowd and most of the patrons crowded towards the center stage. Tori ignored them, ignored everything as she gulped down the last of her drink and took a seat by the smaller stage. She was the only one on this end of the club as Comanche glided out from behind the curtain.

She was still wearing only her g-string and moccasins. Tori couldn’t believe how toned her body was or how beautiful. She was just staring when the girl smiled directly at her and began to dance. This song was different than the one she had performed to center stage, it was more frenetic and allowed her to show off her strength and stamina rather than accentuating her grace. When she held the hips of an imaginary lover and bucked her hips as if fucking her, Tori thought she would die.

Comanche whirled and twirled, working up a good sweat that bathed her skin and caused the light to glitter of the soft curves of her body. The music slowed suddenly, and became soft as it flowed into a sensual acoustic interlude. Comanche fell to her stomach a little to Tori’s left and then rolled over twice, so she was lying on her tummy with her feet pressed against the gilt work rail at the edge of the stage. She pushed up, in a single languid motion, spreading her legs and raising her ass, while pressing back.

Her pussy was directly in front of Tori, only inches from her face. She knew it had to be her imagination, but she swore she could smell the delicate aroma of the dancer’s arousal. Comanche had her torso flat on stage, but she glanced back and pulled her g-string to one side, leaving her pussy bare.

Her mound was fat and fleshy, but the lips were delicately formed and gaped open just enough to reveal the darker pink of her inner folds. Her pubic thatch was strange, seemingly starting from a central line and growing outwards. The heady scent of her arousal and exertions was now obvious.

“Thanks for sticking with me, I hate going before the feature act,” she said in an exotic whisper.

Tori wanted to reply. She desperately wanted to say something, but her tongue seemed cloven to her palate. The girl smiled, rolled over so she was sitting with her legs still spread and thrust her pelvis towards Tori.

“You’re a shy one, I like that. If you want to tip me better do it now, the song’s almost over.”

Tori nodded mutely and extended her hand with the bill Joan had given her. Comanche glanced left and right, then dropped to her back. With one hand she grabbed her g-string and pulled it aside. With the other, she grabbed Tori’s wrist and guided the shaking girl’s hand to her pussy.

“Thanks, babe,” Comanche said as the song ended.

She sat up quickly, pecked Tori on the forehead and was gone. Tori wandered back towards their table totally lost. She could feel the girl’s wetness on her fingertips, but was unsure if it was sweat or something else. She absently held her fingers to her nose and the heady scent left no doubts. She drifted past the table and down towards the other stage, oblivious to her friends calling her.

Several patrons had gathered around, but Tori still got a seat at the middle of the small stage. She dug another bill out of her pocket and waited tensely.

“Ladies and gentleman, that was Pinky Pumpkins! She’ll be back in half an hour. Right now we have Boobarella center stage. Camille and Comanche are on the side stages and Bunny, Lilith and our new girl, Chiquita are available for table dances. If you really want a treat, remember to ask about the private dances, only thirty bucks for three songs, until midnight.”

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