Student Nurse

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After I decided to get married, doing research and staying in graduate school were not so attractive, so I took a job teaching Mathematics at a local college.

The students were in a mix of academic and vocational courses, and their abilities ranged widely. One class I taught was Arithmetic for Nurses; the students were doing nursing training at a local hospital and came to school two days a week. My wife was about six months pregnant so I wasn’t getting much sex at home, so I must confess that the young nurses were a source of some fantasy.

One girl in the class was Alice a splendid redhead, about 20 years old. She claimed to find the work difficult, and came to my desk after many sessions to ask questions. She always seemed to lean close, and whisper in my ear while I tried to avoid staring at her lovely breasts. Before she left she would always thank me, and often touch my hand or arm before she went to her next class. Just innocent gestures, I told myself, while hoping it was more!

Then one weekend I skidded my bicycle and somehow cut my thigh open when I fell onto a fence post. In hospital I was told I needed stitches, and that my pubic area had to be shaved. They gave me an injection and I was feeling groggy so it seemed like a dream when Alice walked in the room holding a bowl, towel, and razor.

“Fancy seeing you here,” she said, “but we’ll take good care of mobil porno you.” With that she pulled up my robe, started inspecting my penis and then took a pair of clippers to my pubic hair. The drug must have been keeping me sedated, because although I enjoyed her touch fortunately I didn’t get erect.

Alice leant over me and her breasts were close to my face as she started spreading shaving cream over my upper thighs and on the stubble where she’d clipped. She kept moving my limp penis from side to side as she used the razor. I don’t remember much more; the operation was completed and in a day I went home to recover.

About ten days later I went back to have the stitches removed, and to my delight it was Alice who came to do that. She told me to lie on the bed and removed my pants and shorts. It stung as she cut the stitches and pulled each one out. To my alarm I felt a stirring in my penis as each stinging pulse shot up my leg.

Alice now took cream and started rubbing it into the scar. Her hands started wandering a bit higher and she giggled a little as my penis started to lift.

“I was really worried that you were damaged down there,” she said, “or that you didn’t like me!”

“You’re beautiful, Alice” I gasped. “I’m sorry I can’t control myself when you touch me like that.”

“You know it’s just my job.” she said. “But it’s also important to make certain alman porno nothing has affected your ability to have sex.” By now her hand was wrapped round my stiff shaft and she started stroking up and down.

“The first test is to make certain you can get a hard erection,” she smiled.

“No, please don’t do that,” I said.

To my shock she asked, “You prefer this?” and put her mouth onto my knob. She moved her head up and down and then paused while her tongue licked at the head of my penis.

“In a little while I need to make certain you can still produce sperm,” Alice said seriously, “But I must also check if you can penetrate a vagina. You would be surprised how many men lose their erection when offered the chance to slide their penis into a woman.”

“I do not believe you have ever found someone with that problem,” I told her, as her hand continued to stroke me. She just grinned.

Reaching into a pocket, Alice produced a condom and tore open the packet. Carefully she rolled it down my shaft, leaving a little space at the tip. She made certain it covered the full length of my penis, then sat back with a smile.

In awe at what was happening I reached across and put a hand up under her uniform skirt and felt for her crotch. She was hot and wet and I got a finger into her panties. There was a patch of hair, and I longed to see alexis texas porno if it was as red as the hair on her head.

With a quick movement, Alice climbed onto the bed and knelt astride me. She pulled panties to one side and to my delight her pussy hair was as red as I had hoped. My erection was harder than ever, and Alice separated the lips of her vagina as she moved herself onto the tip of my penis. She wriggled just a little, to spread the moisture, then thrust herself onto my hard cock, rocking up and down.

Too soon, too soon I shot all my sperm into the condom and she gasped as she reached some sort of climax as well. She was breathing hard as she stepped down.

“That all seems to be working well,” she said and carefully removed the condom, wiping my penis with a tissue. She collected her equipment to leave.

“You would not believe all sorts of favors I had to do for the other staff so I could take care of you.” She grinned, “Now, do you want me to tell the other girls what a good lover you are?”

“No, no! Please keep this as our secret,” I cried out in panic, “I’ll lose any chance of teaching again!”

“Well, maybe I would not want to share with them, anyway.” Alice said, and kissed me as she went out of the room.

The college year was ending and I was about to move to another job, so I never had the situation of trying to teach arithmetic to Alice while remembering being in her hot pussy. We moved house; my son was born; and my wife and I (mostly) settled down as old married folk.

I never again had sex with one of my students, but that’s ok. Alice deserves to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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