Student Teacher Conference Ch. 02

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Class was a bit awkward that morning for Dr. S and I, but I think we made it through without any other students being suspicious.

I arrived to the class room first and Dr. S came in about seven minutes later saying that she was held up at a staff budget meeting.

If we hadn’t spent last night having amazing hot sex together I would have believed it, and somehow she still managed to come into class looking completely put together.

I did notice however she made quite a bit less eye contact than usual and was not looking for me to participate very much in class discussion.

So I clung to my Red Bull and pulled my hoodie over my hat and put on my best hung over face. I figured that should work after all I am in a room full of traditional age college sophomores.

After class ended I went to Dr. S’s office when I got there she told me to close the door behind me so we could discuss how the tutoring session went last night.

I figured she said this because her office was located in the education suite and I would guess she was covering her tracks because I was definitely not tutoring a student last night.

So I closed the door, Dr. S also told me to pull the blind on the window of the door. So I said what is going on now, was last night just a onetime fluke?

Dr. S said I don’t know, but I do know there is a strict policy regarding students and relationships with their teachers, and what happened last night is considered by the university a big no no.

Come on, I said there is only two years difference between us, the only reason why I am a college student at my age is because I took a break.

Dr. S looked perplexed I could tell she was torn between more possible nights of pure unadulterated pleasure and the possibility of those nights being sniffed out by other students or the dean.

What is the big deal? We are both consenting legal adults, I know there is an ethical issue because I am taking your class, but we both know my grades in this class kick ass or we wouldn’t have fucked in the first place. You are right Dr. S replied.

I like you but Dani, you are the first person I have been interested in, in a long time that I could actually hold an intelligent conversation with, but I could lose my job over this.

I am stuck in a tough place right now I am sure you can understand the veracity of the situation.

I do understand, but I also understand last night was amazing and I know you feel the same. We just need to come up with a solution to our predicament.

I know if we continue with any sort of relationship that it would have to be on the “q t.” I also know if we were to go to most places in the city that we would run the risk of being seen by students, or other staff and faculty at the university.

So let’s just keep things between us simple, quiet, and out of the public. I will have to think about it Dr. S said. My heart sank, it felt as if there was a brick in my stomach, tekirdağ escort Ok I said just let me know what you decide the sooner the better.

The next week I was pretty much a raging bitch, my friends couldn’t figure it out and I couldn’t let them know what was going on due to the fact that some of them were students.

I worked on my classes like a mad man trying to pass time and keep thoughts of Dr. S out of my mind. My class with her was complete torture I had to see her up there in person three times a week.

I was about ready to fucking explode with frustration when I received an e-mail at my student account from Dr. S. it said that we needed to discuss my grade.

What the fuck I thought, my grade in that class kicks ass. I bet I just opened up a can because I fucked Dr. S and now she is trying to make it look like I need help discussing things I discussed in church when I was 12.

Oh well at least if I go talk to her about my supposed grade I can chat about another matter at heart.

The meeting was to be at her office at 5pm. Weird I thought faculty offices close at 4pm. Whatever I thought it’s her world now. I got to her office at about five and she was at her desk.

Without turning around she said lock the door behind you. Since then she had put a poster in the window and the blinds were also letdown so her space was quite private.

I sat in one of the chairs and said what the hell is wrong with my grade, we both know nothing is wrong with it.

Nothing is wrong with your grade; I had to put something in the message so it wasn’t suspicious. I see, so I guess I am here so we can discuss your decision. Yep Dr. S replied.

So, what did you decide? I decided you should shut the fuck up and get on your knees on the floor. I didn’t know what to think, so I got on the floor.

Dr. S got up from her desk opened up a drawer, face away from she said. I turned around, Dr. S came up from behind me and blind folded me. Place your hands behind your back, complying with her demand I did so.

I felt something course being wrapped around my wrists. She was tying my hands behind my back, I was so confused who was this woman?

A week and a half ago she was the shy half-drunk scantily clad teacher begging me to fuck her, and now I was on the floor in her office blind folded with my hands being tied behind my back.

Dr. S said I decided that since I am your teacher and I have something big to lose by continuing this, I will call the shots.

Ok I said, she then said, in a forceful manner you will reply with yes ma’am, and no ma’am only do you understand! Yes ma’am I said.

Good I knew you were a quick learner. Now we are going to do things my way, I like you Dani and we are going to have lots of fun, but you need to know that I am in charge, so things do not get out of hand. Yes ma’am.

Good now that we are on the same level lets get down to business. Here in your office? Dr. S slapped me in the face, and said what did I tell you!

I heard what sounded like Dr. S undressing; I was still trying to understand the gravity of what was happening when she took the blind fold off.

Turn around and face me. I turned around and Dr. S was standing right in front of me. She was topless, her perky breasts were excited and her nipples were erect. Do you like what you see?

Yes ma’am. Good because whether or not you like it you are going to get it! She was so confident and forceful, it was beautiful and I was getting extremely turned on.

Dr. S removed her pants and underneath she had on a harness with what I would consider a pretty decent size dildo.

Suck it she said I don’t have any lube in this office and I am going to fucking ravage your pussy with this thing. So if you want any type of lube you had better do a damn good job!

With that I wrapped my lips around her cock and started sucking with abandon. Look up at me when you suck my cock, you little professor chasing lesbian slut!

Looking up at Dr. S while she was being so forceful and sucking her cock made my pussy dripping wet. I loved every second of this.

Put more cock in your mouth, you had better go deeper than that bitch! With that command I gagged myself a little trying to comply.

Mmmmm Dr. S let out a low moan in approval. Dr. S pulled out of my mouth completely, and said open your mouth wide. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and she grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my face with her cock.

When she hit the back of my throat I gagged again, that’s right slut gag on my fucking cock! After a couple minutes of that she pulled out and said, I bet you want me to fuck you don’t you? Yes ma’am I said.

That was not very convincing I don’t fucking believe you, if you want my cock in your pussy, you better make me fucking believe it!

Please Dr. S I said fuck my pussy it’s dripping wet. I am still not convinced! Please fuck me I need to cum and only you can do that by fucking my pussy with your big cock, please, please, please!

That’s better she said. Stand up and turn around! I stood up and turned around, and Dr. S said I am going to untie your hands when they are free no funny business you are mine to do with as I please right now, do you understand? Yes ma’am I replied.

After being completely untied I just stood there, Dr. S opened and closed a drawer in her desk. Bend over my desk ass first! Put your arms over the other side!

As I did this Dr. S tied a rope around each wrist and then took the length of rope and tied it to the leg of the desk on either side, so my hands were not free.

She then did the same with my ankles, so I was spread eagle, ass up bent over her desk with no possible movement.

Dr. S stood behind me and laughed. Look at you now, nowhere to go, no one to save you, you are all mine!

I felt her finger the slit of my pussy, wow Dani my little slut you must really like this, it appears as though I don’t need any lube for my monster cock. Your pussy is dripping wet.

I felt the head of her cock rub against my pussy; she rubbed it there teasing me. Then she pushed the head of her cock into my wet pussy.

Ohhh I moaned, Dr. S slowly fucked me with just the head of her cock. Revenge is a bitch isn’t it Dani? Remember how you teased my pussy?

Please fuck me, PLEASE! Shut the fuck up, I will decide when to fuck you and while she said that she rammed the whole length of her huge cock in my pussy.

OH MY GOD DR. S your cock is so fucking big ohhhh. You like that do you? Yes ma’am I love your huge cock deep inside my pussy. You must be a little lesbian cock whore, Dani are you a little lesbian cock whore? Yes ma’am.

That’s what I thought. You have been eyeballing me in class all week, the look on your face so pathetic.

I knew you needed to be tied down and fucked, to knock that ego of yours down a notch. Don’t think that I don’t know you have already gone through and fucked all those little freshmen lesbian soccer players.

Dr. S began to fuck my pussy harder, mmmm I moaned. I knew you would like this, I knew from the second day of class, you couldn’t stop staring at me.

You, making up stupid excuses to come talk to me in my office. I never needed you to tutor a student I came over that night to see if you had the balls to make a move on me.

Then I decided that we would both be drunker than fuck if I had waited with all that beer you had in your fridge. That’s why I kissed you.

I am not the shy frail little professor everyone thinks I am. Now I have you tied to my desk spread eagle just like a whore, fucking your pussy.

Holy shit! Dr. S is a hot dominating control freak. This whole time I thought I was the one on the prowl and she had the whole thing planned out.

I was in disbelief, I was LOVING IT! Lost in thought of the whole situation I was brought out of it by a hand hitting my ass.

Dr. S was fucking me so hard I thought I was going to feel her for a week and now she was smacking my ass hard! I let out a loud moan OHHHHHHH. You sound like you are going to cum.

Are you going to cum cock slut? Yes ma’am I am going to cum. Dr. S drove into me harder and deeper, I didn’t think she could get any deeper but I was WRONG! That’s right cum all over my cock slut!

Dr. S grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head back forcefully and that was all it took I came harder than I had in a long time. I squirted all over Dr. S’s cock.

Ooooo that must mean that I fucked you pretty damn good, you are a cum squirting cock slut, perfect! Dr. S pulled out of my pussy, untied me, and stood me up.

She kissed me deep and passionately. What did you think? I loved it, Dr. S you are so fucking hot. You had this whole thing planned didn’t you?

Yes I did said Dr. S, there was never a question of what my decision was I just had to let you squirm for a good week. Then Dr. S said, Dani this is just the beginning!

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