Student vs. Teacher

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It was the last day of my senior year at Hurley High School in Virginia after this I was off to Boston University is Massachusetts. Hurley High School wasn’t a big high school at all considering Hurley’s population was only 3119. I didn’t mind, it was a nice place where everyone knows everyone. My last class of the day was History and my teacher Ms. Lockheart was probably one of the, if not the most attractive of the female teachers at the school. She was also probably one of the youngest she couldn’t be older that 30. Now I am sure the whole semester she has been checking me out but never talked to me outside of the class or called upon me to answer any questions and wondered why. I also wondered if she was at all interested in me and just too shy to approach me. Now it wasn’t a big secret around the school but I also didn’t broadcast it that I was into girls. Actually, I was really rather hurt and sad that she treated me the way she did, like she didn’t see me or I didn’t even exist. I was seated in the second row in the center table I shared with a girl named Karen. The way the tables were set up were there was two students to a table , there were three rows in front of the teachers desk to her right, left and center and maybe four rows back. Anyways the point is I knew she saw me and resented her for ignoring me the entire semester. It was the final day and I would never see her again, time to get back at her and make her never forget me and make her sorry for the way she treated me.

The class ended and everyone rushed out as fast as they could, the summer holidays were finally here me on the other hand took my time. I wanted to make sure everyone was out of the classroom before I approached her desk where she was just packing up her stuff.

“Why have you ignored the whole semester,” I yelled at her as I slammed my hands on her desk glaring at her.

“Sadie…I…I…” was all she got out.

I went around her desk to face her I quickly ataşehir sarışın escort grabbed her and spun her around forcefully pushing her in to the chalkboard as her hands slammed against the board.

“For Gods sake Sadie what are you doing to me?”

“Shut up bitch,” I yelled back at her “you ignored me the whole semester now I am going to make sure you never forget me.”

I lifted up the bottom of her floral sun dress the she was wearing and spanked her ass. The crack echoing through the empty classroom. I grab her hair and yanked her head back towards me and whispered in her ear. “Tell me Ms. Lockheart, do you like girls? Are you a fucking dyke?”

Ms. Lockheart gasped. “What? Sadie no….I never…” her voice trailed off.

I spanked her ass hard again as she screamed and a saw tears prickling her eyes and falling down her cheeks. “I know you do Ms. Lockheart, you like girls. You are nothing but a closet dyke. If only all the other students knew what you were.”

“Please Sadie let me go,” I heard her cry to me as tears continued to fall from her eyes.

“Not a chance, not till you confess to me that you are a dyke and apologize to me for ignoring me all semester long. Was I not a good student? Did I not get good marks? Was I not smart?”

Ms. Lockheart’s breathing quickened. “Okay, okay Sadie I am a dyke, I’m a dyke, I am sorry for not calling on you during class,” she cried.

“And you want me me don’t you Ms. Lockheart? You want my hot body taking you don’t you?”

“Sadie…I…I…” I spanked her hard twice more and as she cried out out, “yes, yes Sadie I want you to take me.”

I slid off her sun dress and threw her over her desk as I unsnapped her bra and lowered her panties and knelt behind her and began to lick her her pussy and asshole from behind. She was crying and I loved it breaking her and making her my personal slut. Then I stood back from her removing ataşehir şişman escort my black tank top and faded blue denim cut offs. I then took off my baby blue bra revealing my 32B breasts and then lowered my matching baby blue panties showing a neatly trimmed landing strip. I then proceeded to run my upper body over her back her crying the entire time from the sheer humiliation she was feeling. Then I yanked her hair back to force her to a standing position, reached my hands in front of her squeezing and groping her tits pinching her nipples. I guessed they were maybe a large B or a small C cup. I then turned her to face me, I could see her make-up has ran and black steaks on her face from her tears as she continued to cry.

“On your knees tramp,” I commanded her.

“No please,” she replied but slowly sank to her knees.

“Now lick my pussy you dyke.”

She cried as her head moved forward her tongue sticking out she did. As her tongue made contact with my pussy it almost sent me over the edge immediately. Either she was a dyke or it was beginners luck, I didn’t care either way. My hands went to her hair as I started grinding my pussy on her face. “Shove your tongue deeper.” She did on command, this was so hot a student taking her teacher. I knelt down to face her kissing her on the lips tasting myself on them. “Tell me Ms. Lockheart, are you married? Have you ever had a cock in you?”

Fear covered her face. “No, no please,” she pleaded.

I walked back to my desk opening my knapsack taking out my 8 inch strap on and strapping it on myself and walking back over to her my fake cock bobbing. “Suck me off Ms. Lockheart service my cock.”

“P…please S…S…Sadie you c…c…can’t b…b…be serious,” she stuttered

“Now,” I screamed at her as I grabbed her head causing her mouth to open from fear and pain of my fingers gripping her hair hard and I jammed the entire strap on in her mouth ataşehir sınırsız escort and down her throat causing her to choke. I pulled out of her mouth as she coughed and saliva falling for her mouth and stuffed it back in her mouth and began moving her head back and forth over the strap on.

“Owwwww,” she screamed as I picked her up by the hair throwing her over her desk.

“Prepare to be fucked Ms. Lockeart.” I lined up my strap on to her pussy and slowly began to slide it in. I slid all 8 inches in her and slowly pulled it out. Then in one swift motion I slammed the entire strap on up her pussy fucking her fast, hard and deep. I grabbed her hips pulling her back and forth over the strap on.

Ms. Lockeart just lay over her desk crying, “please stop, please don’t do this to me.” She knew she couldn’t fight me.

“Are you sorry for ignoring me now Ms. Lockheart?” I replied. “Are you sorry you were such a bitch to me all semester and never calling on me to answer? You knew I knew the answers you knew I was going to answer correctly and you just didn’t care you just fucking ignored me. What did I ever do to deserve that shit from you?”

“I’m sorry Sadie, I’m sorry,” she continued to cry as I continued to pound away at her pussy.

I felt her body starting to respond to my fucking. I could tell she was close to cumming. I started fucking her as fast and as hard as I could. Both of our bodies covered in sweat, the smell of our sex filling the classroom. “C’mon Ms. Lockheart, cum, cum for me.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” was her final scream as she let go. I knew she came with my strap on buried deep inside her. I could see some trickling down her legs.

“You messed up my strap on,” I said to her and pulled out and took it off me placing it up right on the desk. “Clean it Ms. Lockheart.”

“What? Are you insane?”

“Do it whore,” I screamed at her forcing her down and her mouth covering the cum covered cock. “Suck it clean Ms. Lockheart, swallow all your juices.” I got dressed as she continued to suck the strap on clean. I walked back to my desk and grabbed my knapsack and headed out of the classroom. Ms Lockheart realizing I am gone raises her mouth of the strap on and wipes her mouth clean.P…please S…S…Sadie you c…c…can’t b…b…be serious.

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