Study Buddies Ch. 02

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For the second time in as many days, Kevin found himself wondering if he’d pushed things too far with his sister. The first was the night before, when he’d walked in on Keeley masturbating in her room and, upon interrupting her, discovered she could squirt farther than most porn stars. The second was just now, after a very unexpected moment of passion where they found themselves wildly and without warning fucking on the floor just inside the entrance of their shared dorm room. Yes, Keeley initiated the actual sex, Kevin thought, but he had tormented her all day with the remote controlled eggs he’d had her wear inside her so he could help her cheat on her test. He was her brother, and he felt responsible.

Kevin picked himself up off the floor, still dripping with his sister’s cum from her explosive orgasm. He pulled up his pants and collected the rest of his clothes and wondered how in the hell he and his sister were going to move forward from this. Would this ruin their relationship irrevocably? Would they try to pretend it never happened? Or would they, somehow, continue along the path they just started down? Kevin couldn’t even fathom how that last possibility might play out, but at the same time he couldn’t keep from replaying moments from their last few, forbidden moments over and over in his head, be it the image of his beautiful, shapely sister riding his cock without a care in the world, or feeling of her uncontrollable ejaculation showering them both as her tight, flexing anus swallowed his own volcanic eruption while clenching him so tightly he thought she might tear him off at the base. Even the moment after their impromptu coupling, when Keeley realized the enormity of what they’d just done and ran down the hall to her room, her cum-stained sock feet leaving guilty footprints across their hard floor, was one of the sexiest sights Kevin had ever seen.

Kevin buttoned up his shirt haphazardly as he stood outside the closed door to Keeley’s room. Just like the night before he found himself outside her room, about to beg forgiveness, hoping he hadn’t ruined things between them forever, though the incident last night seemed utterly insignificant in comparison to this. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer that didn’t come. He was about to call her name when he suddenly felt too ashamed to even speak aloud. He didn’t want to push if she wasn’t ready, so he decided to text her instead, so that she could respond in her own time. Kevin reached into his pocket for his phone and, discovering its absence, remembered that Ms. Blank had confiscated it from him during the test and that he, so distracted by the malfunctioning eggs he’d left vibrating inside his sister’s most vulnerable holes, had forgotten to get it back when he handed in his test.

I’m going to get my phone, Kevin started to say, but the words couldn’t come out. Kevin threw his blazer and his backpack into his room and distractedly replaced his belt and his shirt as he walked out of the room looking like he’d just finished reporting live from the scene of a hurricane.

Kevin returned to his and Keeley’s last period classroom but Ms. Blank was already gone. He made his way to her office but it, too, was already locked up. Kevin hurried across the campus and breathed a sigh of relief when he found Ms. Blank making her way towards her house on Faculty Row.

“Ms. Blank!” Kevin exhaled, short of breath. Ms. Blank turned to face him. Any other time, just looking at Ms. Blank would make Kevin fantasize about tearing her tight blouse and skirt from her thin frame and bending her over her desk, but the last half hour had proven anything but an ordinary time. Ms. Blank fixed her gaze upon her distressed student and marched towards him in her high heels.

“Mr. Clarke,” she chided, holding out his cell phone. “I think you forgot this.”

“Thanks,” Kevin said, still trying to catch his breath, as he reached out and took his phone from her hand.

“Next time, keep it in your pants,” she exhorted him as she turned to head back home.

“Right,” Kevin nodded absentmindedly as he started to turn around.

“Are you all right, Mr. Clarke?” Ms. Blank asked after him.

“Huh?” Kevin turned around again, confused.

“Without meaning to, I just set you right up to make any number of terribly sarcastic sexual jokes, and you didn’t even take the bait. That’s very unlike you.”

“I’ve, uh, just got a lot on my mind,” Kevin made the understatement of the century. Ms. Blank nodded skeptically.

“Enjoy the weekend,” she offered and turned back towards her walk home.

When Kevin got back home Keeley was still in her room. Kevin found her, curled up under the covers of her bed, just like the night before. He walked in quietly and made his way around to her side of the bed and, like the night before, started to sit down on the edge at her feet.

“Robe,” Keeley muttered through the covers she clutched tightly to her mouth. Kevin remembered gaziantep escort the drill and got up and retrieved her robe from her closet. She reached an arm out from her cocoon and he handed it to her. He turned around so he wouldn’t see her as she got up to put it on. He waited a minute, maybe two, with his back to his sister, not even knowing what he was going to say, what he could say, when he tried to speak to her.

“Turn around,” Keeley said feebly. Kevin did and found that she hadn’t moved—she just held the robe up as another protective layer in her coat of covers. Kevin sat down at the end of her lump of sheets. Neither sibling looked at each other or said anything for what felt like an eternity.

“I’m sorry,” Keeley finally croaked.

“It’s not your fault,” Kevin said flatly, still staring forward into nothing.

“Yes it is,” her voice broke into sobs.

“Hey, hey, whoa, whoa,” Kevin slipped instinctively into protective brother mode. He crawled around onto the bed and lied down beside her, reaching from behind her and putting his arm around her over the covers. “This is not your fault, okay? It’s mine. I teased you all day. I took it so far over the line, there’s no excuse.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Keeley’s voice was barely a breath in the air. “I pushed you into having sex. You said no.” Keeley curled up even deeper into herself as she cried.

“Hey,” Kevin asserted firmly. “You didn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do.” Keeley finally turned around to face her brother once those words were forever out in the air. The twins’ eyes each held so many questions for the other that neither of them dared speak, so once again they found themselves frozen in silence. Kevin gently wiped the tears away from his sister’s cheeks. They looked in each other’s eyes, seeing no apparent path forward.

“You’re just saying that,” Keeley finally deflected.

“I’m not,” Kevin insisted, and to prove it he leaned forward and kissed her. For a few blissful seconds Keeley gave into her heretofore unconscious desires and kissed him back, marrying her lips to his, before common sense kicked in and she pulled back, flushed.

“We can’t do this,” she breathed, hoping her brother would agree.

“You remember when we were kids,” Kevin asked, “all the times we played pretend?”

“Yeah,” she remembered.

“We took turns, playing my interests or yours. When it was my turn we were always cops and robbers, or superheroes and villains, or fighting big space battles. When it was your turn it was always fairy tales and medieval fantasy.” Keeley thought back, wistfully, on those days, and she could tell by the way he spoke that her brother felt the same. “And sometimes,” Kevin continued, “we played house. We played husband and wife.” Keeley’s face registered the same memory. “I don’t remember whose turn it was when we played that,” Kevin concluded.

“I don’t either,” Keeley confessed.

“I miss those days,” Kevin finally confided in his sister.

“So do I,” Keeley agreed, wistfully, before hardening. “But I think children are a lot better at playing pretend than adults. Back then I could look at you and see whomever I imagined. Now I can’t look at you and not see my brother.”

Kevin appeared crestfallen at first, but then he had an idea. He got up off the bed and walked around to Keeley’s nightstand. Keeley rolled over on the bed, still clutching her covers, to see what her brother was up to. Kevin opened the top drawer of the nightstand and produced a pair of sleep masks. Before she could say anything Kevin leaned over his sister and affixed one of the sleep masks snugly over her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Keeley questioned anxiously.

“Removing the problem of sight,” Kevin said as he placed the second sleep mask over his own head. He left his on his forehead instead of pulling it all the way down.

“We can’t do this,” Keeley protested again, sitting up and holding her covers to her chest. She still held her robe uselessly before her.

“You don’t have to do anything,” Kevin assured her. He grabbed the sash from her robe and pulled it out. He crawled onto the bed in front of Keeley, took her wrists, and pulled her back down onto the bed, her arms outstretched above her head.

“Now what are you doing?” Keeley’s trepidation grew. Kevin used the sash to tie Keeley’s wrists around one of the bars on her headboard, restraining her.

“You were worried that you forced me,” Kevin explained. “I’m assuring you that you didn’t.”

Keeley struggled feebly against her binds as she felt her brother slowly pulling the sheets down from her body, exposing her. Part of Kevin wanted to stare forever at his sister’s shapely, splendid form splayed out before him, but instead he pulled his own sleep mask down over his eyes. He started to take off his clothes.

“We shouldn’t do this,” Keeley protested weakly as she heard her brother’s belt drop to the adıyaman escort floor.

“Tell me to stop and I’ll stop,” Kevin promised her. The words were on her lips, but Keeley couldn’t make herself say them.

“I don’t want you to see me,” Keeley objected instead, a lesser objection that wouldn’t stop what they were actually doing. She sensed the weight shift on the bed and knew Kevin had climbed on near her feet. She felt Kevin’s hands gently caress her calves before they worked their way down to her ankles.

“I can’t,” he told her. He lifted her legs high up into the air and then, suddenly, she felt the soles of her feet pressed against her brother’s face and, underneath her toes, she felt the fabric of the other sleep mask. While she had still never known this kind of nervousness and anxiety in her life, Keeley also felt some comfort and assurance in knowing her brother had, willfully, made himself as blind as her.

With her feet still pressed to his face, Kevin decided to test his sister and carefully let go of her ankles. Instead of pulling away, Keeley held her soles to her brother’s cheeks, caressing his face gently with the only instruments of touch currently left to her. Keeley felt her brother replace his grip on her right ankle, directing her down ever so slightly until she felt him planting soft kisses on the arch of her foot. As Kevin continued peppering the sole of her foot with little kisses Keeley let her free foot roam down her brother’s face and farther until she planted her sole firmly on his chest. She ran her toes through the hair on his chest—Keeley had imagined her brother staying as hairless and juvenile as when they were kids, so this was a pleasant surprise to her—clutching and tugging at it gently as she curled her toes through his thin curls. Instinctively Keeley tried to reach down and touch herself and was rudely reminded of her restraints when she found her wrists unable to pass through the metal bar on the headboard. She tried squeezing her thighs together for any amount of relief it might bring to her suddenly aching cunt.

Keeley drew her foot further down her brother’s torso until her heel discovered the base of his long, thick shaft. She ran her arch along his curved underside and squeezed her toes around his plump cockhead, satisfied to discover the tiniest bit of precum already oozing from his tip. She swirled it around his cockhead in the hopes that such agitation might urge him to throw himself on top of her and relieve the urgent need building rapidly inside her. Keeley thought her prayers were being answered as she felt Kevin’s hands pull both her ankles down, spreading her legs and placing her feet at her sides. She felt his body fall forward and press down on top of hers, his thick cock teasing her wet entrance. She felt his face inches from hers, his breath on her skin.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded instinctively, her voice barely above a whisper. She hadn’t meant to say it but she didn’t care once she had; it was what she needed, now, more than anything.

Instead, she felt the breath draw away from her face and felt her brother’s body pulling back down along hers. She lifted her body up off the bed as best she could, trying to reach him, but again the bindings at her wrists held her down. She felt his hands running along the sides of her body and felt his lips unexpectedly wrap themselves around one of her nipples. She moaned as she felt his tongue flick at the tiny nub, already sensitive and engorged from the small bar pierced through it. She felt him alternating between teasing her with his tongue and with his teeth, while his hand made its way to her other breast, mashing it to her chest while simultaneously toying with its sensitive, pierced peak as well. Keeley bit her lip as she thrust her wet cunt out fruitlessly in search of her brother’s cock, but agonizingly he held that part of himself back just out of her reach.

Keeley felt her brother continue his tour down her body, leaving a trail of kisses down to her belly button while he continued to play with her breasts. Kevin’s lips inched ever downward until they reached Keeley’s shaven mound. Her folds were already salivating and waiting to be entered but Kevin took his time, kissing around them and outside them rather than plunging straight in. Keeley whimpered in desperation, but her desperation soon gave way to excitement and still deeper desperation as she felt her brother’s fingertips stretch her open and his tongue running up and down her slit in slow, back-and-forth motions. His tongue toyed at her clit and his lips wrapped around it and sucked at it and Keeley let out a little yelp in spite of herself. She wanted desperately to reach down, grab the back of her brother’s head, and force his tongue deeper down inside her, but once again the soft sash tied around her wrists thwarted and intensified her desires.

Slowly Kevin worked his way deeper down inside his akkent escort sister, and she facilitated his descent by pressing herself closer to him, slowly grinding her wetness against his hungry mouth. She was moaning steadily now as he lapped her up; she could feel the orgasm building inside her and was desperate for her brother’s cock. Her hips started shaking, threatening to buck up off the bed, and Kevin pressed his hands down onto her hips to hold her in place. In response Keeley threw her legs up over her brother’s shoulders, wrapping her thighs tight around her brother’s head, desperate to ride him. With a strength neither sibling knew she possessed, Keeley managed to lift herself up off the mattress and flip over in mid-air, landing herself in a squatting position on her knees, her wrists still bound and now in an uncomfortably twisted position around the headboard, with her brother now flat on his back, his sister sitting squarely on his face. Kevin dug his fingers into his sister’s ass and tried to burrow even deeper into her but she lifted herself up just out of tongue’s reach.

“I can’t take it!” she panted. “I need you to fuck me!” Kevin shifted underneath her on the bed and at first Keeley thought he was going to accommodate her, but then she felt him crawling around so that his head was still underneath her quivering pussy but now his hard prick was reaching up and smearing precum along her lips. Keeley still needed desperately to be fucked but decided to give this a try, lowering herself down onto her brother’s probing tongue while swallowing his long, hard girth. She wrapped her lips into an airtight seal around his thick column and tried to take him in down to his base but he was so long she felt herself starting to gag just shy of the mark. She proceeded to bob up and down on him as deeply as she could comfortably go, but without use of her hands, and with her brother unleashing an unprecedented, frenzied assault on her own insides with his tongue, there was simply no way for her to do the job effectively.

“Oh fuck!” she exclaimed once her brother’s throbbing tube was clear of her lips. “I can’t take this! I need you to fuck me!” Her legs trembling and weak, she lifted herself off Kevin’s face and forced herself forward on her knees until she felt his erect prick dancing at her pearly wet gates. She pressed herself down on top of him and let out a deep, un-self-conscious moan as she took him up into her depths. She ground her pussy down on top of him and rode him wildly, damping his closely-trimmed hairs with her leaking juices as she skewered herself on him. Kevin grabbed onto his sister’s hips and held on tightly as she bucked back and forth wildly. Keeley was screaming now as her tied wrists wrenched against her headboard so hard that the metal rod snapped off and she tossed it back past their heads where they heard it clatter against the wall. She arched herself upward and threw her arms back as she tried desperately to untie the sash binding her, and while Kevin couldn’t see what was happening any better than his sister could he could feel her shift in weight and quickly sat up to catch her wrists above their heads. He grabbed the tight sash and pulled Keeley’s hand back behind her head and, bundling her long pigtails in the same hand as the sash, pulled her head and her hands back simultaneously with a hard, restraining yank as he reached around with his other hand and began furiously strumming her soaking clit while she reared herself deeper and deeper back into him.

“Oooooh! Ooooh! Aaaaah! Aaaah! Aaah!” Keeley’s screams grew higher and higher in pitch as she lost all control and her orgasm fired through every nerve ending in her body like an electric shock. She felt herself drenching his cock, her thighs, and the bed beneath them as she continued to ride her brother like a rodeo bull. Kevin could feel his own pressure building, his sister squeezing him tighter and plunging him deeper with every thrust. He held on for as long as he could but finally his own moans escaped uncontrollably into his sister’s ear until finally he erupted inside of her, spraying untold volleys of his hot seed deep inside of her until she was so full that the rest of his juices spilled out down his cock and balls and down their legs to join her already generous puddle on the bed. As they continued to moan hoarsely into the air Kevin pulled his sister’s head back and kissed her hungrily. She leaned back into him, pressing her tongue and her lips deeply into his as she rode out every last muscle spasm on his still twitching prick until finally, with no remaining energy between them they collapsed sideways onto the bed in a tangle of lifeless limbs.

For the next several minutes the twins did nothing but sweat and try to catch their breaths. Kevin’s arm fell across his sister’s limp body and, once she had the strength, she pulled it and him closer to her, as if she was afraid he might evaporate if she let him go. Kevin clutched her tightly in kind, their sweaty bodies bound together in their blindness, the warm stickiness splattering their thighs growing slowly colder as they neglected to move. Even though they were hot and itchy from the sweat, the siblings didn’t remove their sleep masks.

“That was amazing,” Keeley finally breathed.

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