Suburban Sweetheart Ch. 03

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I opened my eyes in a strange room. I hadn’t slept, just dozed off. She was napping beside me, her breathing shallow and her body still. I needed to pee, I’d gulped some water before I’d drifted off and was bursting. I crept off the bed and tiptoed out of the bedroom, across the lounge and to the bathroom.

It was a neat and tidy room, fitting in with her manner and style. I stood over the bowl and had to squeeze the end of my penis as the hole was sticky with dried cum. As I relieved myself I looked around a bit more, trying to get an insight into this sweet woman who’d accepted by rude proposal and who was now asleep with my cum in and over her. There were dried flowers in dainty vases on shelves. Bottles were lined tidily and the metal surfaces shone. She was very ordinary from what I could see. A single woman who took care of her home and self and kept both clean and ordered and presented a neat and unassuming vision to the outside world. I finished up, washed my hands, lathering with one of the fresh scented bars of soap and padded back to the bedroom where she was sleeping.

My movement as I lay down stirred her and she moved to look over at me, smiling instantly. Strands of her hair were plastered to her cheek, set in the cum that had dried there and as she smiled I could see the white dusting crack around her mouth.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s ok,” she reached out to stroke my chest, “I was only dozing, I heard you get up.” and she laughed. “I even peeked to see your bum as you walked out.”

‘Oh, I see!” I feigned indigence.

She chuckled again. “You have a good bum, do you work out? you seem very toned.”

This was nice to hear, I usually got classed as skinny or scrawny and left aside in favour of beefier, manly, men.

“Not really, I cycle sometimes and tend to walk up escalators and take stairs two at a time. You’re pretty fit yourself and your bum is very firm.”

Another snigger came from her and a light blush. “Well, I do go to the gym and I walk up escalators, so we have that in common. My legs aren’t long enough to take stairs two at a time, but I do like going for long walks and the occasional swim. I guess I’m pretty active.”

“That would explain the calf muscles then.” I said as I slid an arm across her belly.

“Ok, now I need to pee. Don’t go away.” And she slid away, leaving my arm empty and my eyes following her behind, as it seemed to dance out of the room.

I lay back and looked around. I hadn’t paid much attention when I first arrived, I was too busy concentration on getting her naked and making her cum. Again, there wasn’t much to see. Cupboards and wardrobes held everything in place and a few shelves were filled with books and mementoes, but there were no pictures, apart from framed paintings. Nothing to give a clue to who she loved or had known and loved. She was quite enigmatic, which was one of the reasons I’d wanted her. The sweet, smiling woman on her way home to no one, but content with her lot. I’d barged in and opened her up, in every way and it was at odds with the surroundings. Whatever her reasons for bringing me home, I wasn’t complaining.

Several minutes later she strode back into the room, her breasts swaying as she moved. From behind her came a faint rumbling sound that was worrying me.

“I’m running a bath. I think I need to clean up a little.” She grinned.

I figured this was her signal for “get out now, I’ve come to my senses.”

She looked at me, my eyes finding hers after I’d been staring at her matted, dark pubic hair and the dark red nipples.

“Maybe you’d like to scrub my back.” She turned and headed for the sound of running water, glancing back again to add “And my front.”

I really should learn how to understand women. Then again, I was completely perplexed by this one.

My eyes followed her as her buttocks flexed with each stride. I gave a silent blessing and swung my feet off the bed and onto the floor. Looking down, my pubic hair was as matted and sticky as hers. My penis had retreated, the head snuggling back inside the foreskin so that just the tip was visible and that was coated with a crisp whiteness that also flecked along the shaft. Yes, a clean up was called for.

Just as I walked from the bedroom she bounded from the bathroom.

“Music!” She boomed and headed for the corner and the stereo. She switched it on and turned the volume control up. I was staring at her behind as she bent over to do this and didn’t even hear her as she asked me to pick a CD.

“Huh!” I blinked at her, managing to look away from her buttocks and the glimpse of curly hair below.

“You choose.” and waved at the shelves of disks. “I’ll trust your judgement.” And then she bounded back to he bathroom, the door swinging shut behind her.

I studied the CD’s. She had pretty good taste, over half of the titles I knew and liked. I picked something suitable, not too heavy, not too mellow and none too intrusive. I hit illegal bahis play and the sounds swept out and filled the room. I turned, nervous again as I reached for the bathroom door. Opening it I was hit by the heat, the humid kind that is welcoming. I stepped in, pushing the door closed, but not fully shut, letting the music follow me through the gap. She was lying in the bath, bubbles covering her, and steam rising off her body.

“Good choice.” She murmured. “Do you like REM or was it just a blind decision?”

“No, I like them. I figured this album would sound best for soaking to.” And I walked over to stare down at her naked, wet body, peering through the bubbles at her skin beneath, the darkness between her legs just visible and a nipple poking through. She turned, her gaze on my soft cock, which stirred slightly under the scrutiny, before her eyes rose up to mine.

“Shame my bath isn’t bigger.” She whispered and then closed her eyes, relaxing in the heat.

I knelt down next to her, leaning across to kiss her on the lips, which opened under my touch. She reached a wet hand up and caressed my head, dampening my hair as she stoked it.

We stayed in silence for a while, listening to the music and using our mouths to kiss every so often. What had started as just lust was now becoming quite tender.

“So,” I decided to break the silence, “why is such a nice girl all alone at the weekend?”

She smiled, but with a hint of sadness.

“I haven’t found the right man. I think I’ve given up.”

“Is that why you take up such offers as mine?”

She laughed quietly, but still with a dark side. “No. I don’t get these offers often. In fact, never before. I wouldn’t do it anyway, it’s not my style, I’m too timid and slow.”

Now I laughed, but not maliciously, causing her to flash her eyes at me.

“You just looked nice.” She explained. “As soon as you sat down you looked different. It was quite refreshing seeing you on the train next to all the suits. You were very out of place.”

“hmmmm. Is that a good thing?” I enquired.

“Well, you pulled!”

With that we both laughed. Yes, I guess being odd had worked.

“What about you?” She turned to face me. “Why are you alone? Or have you got a partner somewhere and just fancied some fun?”

“No, I’m single. I just don’t click with girls. I guess I am too odd! I don’t go to bars or clubs, I am quite solitary I guess and I don’t seem to understand girls, especially British ones. Which, obviously, is a problem.”

Her face softened as she listened. It seems we were closer matched than we thought. Two drifters outside the mainstream.

“You are very handsome, I’d have thought girls would be clamouring for you. And you give good head!” And she gave a dirty chuckle.

Now it was my turn to blush.

“Well, I never get that far! I’m not a typical lad, I think I was born in the wrong time. Maybe I’m old fashioned.”

Another dirty chuckle gurgled from her.

“Yes, very old fashioned… ‘Excuse me miss, could I give you a blow job’!”

“As I said, I’d never done that before, but I found you very alluring and thought you might appreciate it, the offer or the actual act.”

She reached out and stroked my face. “It was very sweet and incredibly sexy. I was going to act shocked, but I was turned on. Had you said you wanted to sleep with me, or even get to know me better, I’d have declined, but the way you said it, just to give for nothing in return. Oh my!” And her eyes opened fully with the exclamation.

“Well, that’s all I wanted to do, to make you cum and see you as it happened. I was actually worried about entering you earlier, you might think I was taking advantage.”

Her dirty chuckle echoed off the tiles and gleaming chrome of the room, drowning out the music.

“And there was I thinking I’d taken advantage of your offer, getting a blow job, a hand job and a shag. Anyway, I wanted to see you cum too.”

I laughed, not quite a suggestive chuckle like hers, but the intent was there.

“Back to my question. How comes you’re single?”

Her face straightened. She looked into the distance and spoke quietly.

“Men think I’m too nice. They want glamorous women who spill from their dress and make other men want them. They like to show off their catch. They don’t want dowdy biddies.” There was a trace of bitterness in her words.

“You’re not a biddy. You’re not dowdy. You’re quietly sexy. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with being kind and sweet. And you give good head.”

The last remark brought the chuckle back.

She caressed my face again and sat up in the bath, causing the water to splosh about and exposing her bubble covered breasts, the dark red of the nipples peeking through as the bubbles popped.

“Now, about my back.” And she bent forward slightly to allow me access.

I took a sponge and ran it down her spine slowly, moving in small circles as it lowered, squeezing occasionally to allow soapy illegal bahis siteleri water to stream down her skin. She sighed. I lathered her shoulders and pressed the sponge onto her neck, squeezing them both with my fingers, the warm liquid cascading out and over her shoulders. I scrubbed over her arms and even ran the sponge over her face, to cleanse the last remnants of the dried sperm from her. She lay back again with a contented sigh and I moved the sponge to my right hand and began the process on her front now. The bubbles on her breasts were washed aside and I pressed the sponge down on a nipple, twisting it slightly as if wringing out the water on the hardening point. I squeezed the other breast through the cleaning pad and the water formed rivulets down the curves before flowing into the tub via the soft underside of her breast. She let out a sigh that turned to a moan as her nipple was bathed in bubbly water. I moved down her cleavage, squeezing and releasing more water and bubbles that streamed over her skin. She raised her belly up from the water as I stroked over it, again circling the skin and pressing against it. She relaxed again, letting her body sink down as she bent her legs up, her shoulders slinking below the surface as she changed position. Her thighs parted and the sponge ran over the pubic mound, scrubbing briefly before rising from the water to run along her inner thigh as it poked above the surface. Her eyes closed as the warm water, soothing music and gentle scrubbing carried her way. I washed down to one foot, squeezing the sponge over her cute toes and then started on the other leg where I had left the first one. I circled her knee, rubbing behind it gently and then traversed along the thigh, stroking the front and rubbing small circles on the inner part. Her mouth half opened. I sponged over her pubic area again, but softly and quickly, before moving up to her belly.

I left the sponge over her navel and moved my bare hand down. My fingers swam through the floating hair and skimmed over her vulva, causing a faint shiver. She raised her hips for an instant, as if to confirm my touch and then dropped again to rest on the bottom. I cupped my hand to her pudenda and squeezed. She moaned and sighed, wiggling her groin area. I squeezed again, pressing the middle finger harder against her labia and spreading he fingers either side of that. She started to open under my touch, the fingers drawing the lips apart and my middle finger slipped between the soft folds.

I curled the finger so that it penetrated further between the flaps of skin and stroked along the cleft. Her breathing quickened and her noises merged with the music that floated though from outside. My fingers grew more insistent, pulling her open and allowing the hot water to flow over her exposed pussy. The middle finger rose up and touched against her hard spot, generating another gasp. I held it there and widened the other fingers to part her further, seeing her open and bloom in the gaps between the bubbles.

I started to move the fingers along her now, the lips were swollen and had unfurled from her, swimming in the water as my fingers caressed them. The hard bud of her clit grew under the pressure from my finger and I ran the tip over it, pushing the hood back in an attempt to expose it to my touch.

Her eyes were half open now, looking at me with a look that made me increase the pressure and pace before they rolled back and the lids closed. Her nipples had burst the bubbles around them and shone like beacons against the whiteness of the suds. Beneath the water the red gash was visible as my fingers pulled it open. Her clit moved under my touch and throbbed as I rubbed it, drawing back the hood as the digit swirled around the organ. She started to pant as my finger ran in a smaller circle around the sensitive spot. Her hips wiggled as I settled the other fingers between her labia, pressing them against the inner folds.

My middle finger was moving faster now, her grunts indicating that it was a good speed. Her mouth widened and a low groan escaped and I pressed harder, closing the circle that the finger was drawing around her and then pressing the tip over the had point. She juddered and I ran the finger back, up and over, flicking her clit as it moved. I flicked and circled, increasing her breathing and the noises she made that were still soft enough to blend with the music. My finger danced on her clitoris, twisting and waltzing it along with the movement, swirling it around as the water eddied with the movement of my hand. She shivered and groaned as the pace increased, the finger moshing over her sensitive bud and heading for a crescendo. She cried out with a moan, mouth widening and eyes firmly closed as her head tilted back. Her back arched, causing her hips to dip further under the water and slide up the bath. Her legs quivered. My hand stayed clamped between her labia, the fingers insistently pressing on her and the middle one fixed on her clit. canlı bahis siteleri She groaned and it filled the room and then her legs thrashed, splashing water up in my face and then her whole body shook and juddered.

Her eyes shot open and she reached down to push my hand away before she slumped down, shoulders submerging and her legs clamping shut.

She gasped and fought for breath, panting and puffing, breasts rapidly rising from the water and sinking again. My hand was still held tight and away from her body. She still shivered, even whilst covered in warm water. All that came from her mouth was a groan as she exhaled.

“Phew!” She finally exclaimed.

She released my hand and I stroked her leg, causing more shivers, so she pushed me away again and I decided to rest my arms on the side of the bath.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Mmmmmm, yes. Thank you.” And she sighed deeply.

We stayed quiet for a while, allowing her time to subside. She looked across and moved her head to kiss my mouth. Her tongue flicked over mine as we opened to each other, she was still gasping slightly as she forced air into my mouth.

As we broke away she glanced down. I was very hard and there was a smear of precum bubbling from my hole.

“Hello.” She whispered and then resumed her position.

I reached a hand down under the water and across her belly. She flinched as it got lower and then pulled me away.

“Sorry, it need a rest, you’ve worn it out!” She laughed and then turned to face me. She twisted her body in the water so that she was on her front, it was elegantly done with barely a ripple, it must be all that swimming she does, I thought. Her eyes glinted, a mischievous look there. “Of course, being in the bath means we can be very dirty.” and her voice lowered to a low whisper. As she said it her eyes darted across, just for an instance and barely noticeable.

She raised her behind out of the water, drawing her legs under her as she steadied herself with her hands either side of her face.

I looked across to her bottom and to also see where she’d looked at. On the side of the bath were a few bottles, shampoo, bubble bath and cleansers. There was also some baby oil. My heart jolted. Maybe I had got it wrong though.

I bent over and kissed her buttock through the bubbles. She didn’t move. I stroked the soft, rounded flesh. Again, no movement from her. I ran a finger down the crack and brushed it over her sphincter. She moved. She pressed her behind back, against my hand. I decided to go for it. Standing up, I exposed my erection to her and she smiled when it came into view. I then moved down and stepped into the warm water behind her. Her legs were splayed and pulled under her, pointing her bottom at me. I knelt down, the bubbles lapping over my legs and making me sigh with their welcome. I stroked her buttocks again and then pressed my face to them, kissing and sucking on the tender flesh. She sighed and moaned. I licked the sweet skin, running my tongue over her and then leaving a damp trail on the drying skin that headed towards the crack. I flicked around at the top of the crease, just to give her time to say no. I lowered and still nothing but contented sighs. I pressed my tongue out further, hardening the tip to increase the sensation on her. The gnarled and wrinkled skin of her opening was beneath me now. I flicked over the ridge and onto the centre, tasting then entrance to her body. She wiggled in synchronisation with my tongue movements. I swirled and fluttered over the uneven skin around the hole and then moved upwards again, licking up her spine and kissing her back, my tongue pressing into the notches as I went. I moved so that I drew up over her and my penis rested against her behind. Still she didn’t pull away. I moved my hips, grinding them up and making my cock travel along the valley between her buttocks. Nothing. I shifted, this time letting my head draw down her until it rested on the puckered, dark hole. She wiggled and moved backward to increase the pressure. She turned her head and her eyes said it all. I turned around and reached for the oil and she followed my movements with her eyes.

I flipped open the top and upturned the bottle, letting the liquid drizzle out and onto her behind. It ran down the cleft and flowed around the hole. I scooped some up and smeared it over her anus and then let some fall onto my hard penis. I rubbed it, mixing the slippery oil with my precum. Soon the head was shining and I poured some down the shaft using my fingers to coat the underside. I put a dollop on my fingers and then rubbed this directly on her anus, pressing against the tight opening and feeling her relax as I did so, letting the tip of one finger just move in to swab the inside of her. We were both quiet now, the CD played next door and there was a slight hiss of bursting bubble in the rub. I squatted down behind her and held the shaft of my penis to point the curved head at her hole. Her behind was raised to me, out of the water and she was spreading herself wide. Her labia hung down and there was a slick sheen between them that had washed away any bubbles, although some still twinkled and clung to the sides and very ends of the distended flaps.

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