Sucked Dry

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Sucked Dry

It was a stale, early autumn night in the woods.
The air had a certain level of mugginess around it all day, only now that the full moon had risen, with barely a blink of a star in the foggy night sky, blew a small breeze that sent chills down the spine…

A young male and female were walking through the ancient woods. Woods that have been untouched by man for all its existence.

“Are you sure this is the right way back into the village?”
The young handsome man questioned.

“I’m sure.”
The dainty blonde replied.

“I don’t know how we got ourselves so far off the beaten path…”
He pondered.

“I’ve lived here all my life. I know my way around.”
The blonde replied with a calm cheeriness to her voice.

“I’ll have to take your word for it, m’lady.”
The guy tried to hide his worries behind an assured voice.

The pair had only met each other a week ago. The guy had decided to take a small holiday in a quaint, idyllic countryside village, away from the noise and smoke of the big city.

“Come, it’s just a little further ahead.”
The blonde cheered as she raced ahead of the guy.

“Please do hold up for me, sweetheart, I’m not quite as sure-footed as you!”
He started to puff as he hastened his unsure steps to keep up behind her.

A small clearing appeared through the sea of trees, to reveal a huge castle, darkened in the shadow of night.

“Woah… I don’t recall seeing anything about this place in the brochures…”
The guy paused in his step to take in the towering sight of the old medieval structure.

“That’s because this castle is a local secret… Few know of it’s existence.”
The blonde stopped in her tracks to smile back at the guy.

He continued taking in the awe-inspiring, if disturbingly imposing, sight.

“Come, let’s see if anyone’s in!”
The young girl cried with delight, as she raced to the large solid-oak doors at the entrance.

“No – wait! What if we’re shot for trespassing?!”
The guy fretted as he rushed behind her to try and stop her.

She just giggled as she banged the large ornate iron knocker on the front of one of the towering doors.

“Shh! We’re imposing on private land here! We could get into serious trouble!”
The guy scolded her, his voice raised in pitch from nerves.

“You’re silly!”
She giggled playfully at him, like a small child.

She pushed against the knocker, and the large door creaked open.

“Ooh, look… It’s open!”
She declared, her eyes widened with delight.

“We really shouldn’t go any further.”
The guy bit his lip with worry.

“Oh hush! Take a look around. No mortal has stepped foot in this place for centuries!”
She chuckled as she headed inside.

“Be that as it may, we really shouldn’t fool around here. This could be a UNESCO heritage site or something!”
He hesitated to follow behind her.

“Come on, silly, follow me.”
Her voice echoed from inside the dark castle.

“We really shouldn’t…”
He shuffled his feet anxiously outside.

Just then, a thunder strike clapped high above in the heavens, and rain began to trickle down from above.
He looked up, as the droplets began to flick his head.

He called out nervously into the castle as he peered through into total darkness.

No reply.

“Oh, heck!”
He exclaimed as the rain began to pour hard, forcing him to take shelter inside.

It was so black inside, that he couldn’t even see his hand in front of his face.

“Emily? …Emily, answer me!”
He called out in a sharp hushed whisper.

Still no reply.

He cautiously trawled through the medieval, pitch-black, dreary castle, mindful of every blind step he took.

“Emily! …Let me know you’re OK, at least! Please!”
He kept calling out in his quivering voice.

“Up here!”
Her voice finally called out in the darkness, echoing off of the cold stone walls.

He strained his eyes, trying to see anything in the dark.

“Up the stairs, right in front of you.”
She directed just as he banged the toe of his shoe on the first step of the grand stairway.

His voice echoed loudly off the walls as he tripped up the stairs.

“Come. You’re almost there.”
Emily’s voice called from up above. Her voice like a sultry, breathy, siren’s call.

He hesitantly followed up the stairs, which seemed to go on forever.
The whole time, Emily’s voice called for him, guiding him, directing him towards her…

As he finally made it to the top of the stairs, a sudden greyness flickered through the blinding darkness.
A small, dim, grey light coming from underneath a closed door.

He headed towards it.

“You’re getting warmer…”
Emily’s voice teased as he approached closer to the door.
The closer he got, the warmer and brighter the light became.

The grey faded away into revealing a warmer yellow light.

“Emily? You in here?”
He asked nervously as he reached his hand for the large wooden door.

“So warm now…”
Her voice called from within the room.

He anxiously pushed his hand against the door, which slowly opened with a very loud creak.
His footsteps creaked too, beneath him, as he entered into the carpeted room.

The room was lit up in a warm light by an ornate candelabra, high above his head. The ceiling was a good 20ft high. The room itself wasn’t all that big, but the tall ceiling and the fact that the only piece of furniture in the room was a large, beautifully decorated and obviously expensive queen-sized bed, made the room feel more bigger than what it was.

But there was no Emily to be seen.

“Emily? Where are you hiding?”
He nervously grinned, thinking she’s playing one of her silly girlish games with him.

“I’m around.”
She giggled, her voice seeming to come all around him from all directions.

“Take off those wet clothes…”
She then instructed him.

He gasped.

“You’ll catch your death of cold in those wet rags…”
She coyly giggled.
“Take them off, and lay on the bed…”

“I fear this foggy night air has driven you quite mad!”
He chuckled with his nerves, trying to ease his own nervous tension with humour.

“I’m only mad about you… Please, take off your clothes… For me…”
Her voice soothed him with an hypnotic effect.

“Well… For you, my love.”
He hesitated at first, but soon began to remove his clothes.

“And your briefs, too…”
Her voice seemed to breathe in his ear, despite being nowhere to be seen.

“Um, OK…”
He nervously removed his underwear. His youthful body now fully exposed.

“Lay down… The bed is very comfortable…”
She breathily instructed.

His naturally toned stomach bathed under the warm yellow light of the candles as he nervously laid down backwards onto the huge plump mattress.

“Now close your eyes… For me…”
She cooed, and he anxiously obeyed.

As soon as his eyes shut, he felt her presence above him. He went to open his eyes, but her gentle dainty fingertips pressed against his eyelids, forcing them closed again.

“Ah, Emily! Your fingers are like ice!”
He gasped at the shocking coldness of them. She giggled.

“I told you to keep your eyes closed.”
She then murmured as she pressed her lips gently to his.

“And your lips too. We really ought to warm you up by a nice fire.”
He concerned for her as she sat on top of him.

“Oh, but you will warm me up… I’m sure of it.”
She softly chuckled, her sweet-scented cool breath washed over his lips and nose.

As they kissed, he felt her grabbing his arms and raising them above his head. They softly moaned as she deliberately played with his hands. He was too distracted by the sweetness of her kisses to mind the freezing coldness of her touch. Nor did he notice how intentional her movements of his hands were… Until it was too late.

With a sudden tightening around his wrists, he opened his eyes in sudden realisation and turned to look up towards his wrists.
She had just restrained his arms to the corner bedposts with leather belt straps.

He turned his gaze to Emily, who was staring down at him with a straight face, wearing a small loose-fitting nightwear frock.

“My, this is… I must say… I, um…”
He stuttered his words, not knowing what to say or think to the sudden turn of events.

“This’ll be so much easier for the both of us if you just relax for me.”
She spoke in a more serious tone of voice.

“Emily, I… I mean I’m not upset, in fact I’m quite intrigued, but um…”
He awkwardly tried to reassure her, even though he was the one in desperate need of reassurance.

“Shhh… Just relax… For me… Please.”
She cooed as she began to slide down his body. She was so light with him, it almost felt like as if she was hovering over him. He barely felt her weight upon him at all.

She grabbed his leg by the ankle, and pulled his leg straight and into place by the corner of the bedpost, where another leather strap awaited.

“I – I honestly can’t say I’ve ever, um, done something like this before…”
He stammered nervously, but allowed her with very little resistance to tie his leg to the bed.
There was even less resistance when she tied his other leg to the other corner post.

“Thank you.”
She gently thanked him for his cooperation, as she then got off the bed and moved towards the corner of the room.

“What are yo- um, Emily?”
He shot her a very puzzled look as she looked on at him. A sense of nervous concern etched upon her sweet face.

Suddenly, with a loud crack of thunder, the old iron-framed window to the room blew open, causing the flames of the candles to extinguish.

He let out a shocked gasp, almost jumping off the bed, if not for the restraints keeping him locked tight in place upon the bed.
With only the light of the moon illuminating the now darkened room, he saw a shadowy figure arise from the foot of the bed.

“Wh-wh-what’s this?!”
He nervously uttered as the shadowy figured removed a pitch-black cloak that had been wrapped around itself.

He swallowed hard, as the being stepped back and turned to Emily.
The pale moonlight bathed the face of the intruder, revealing the features of a woman. There was clearly something otherworldly about her. She had a clear aura of danger about her. The guy instinctively knew to fear for his life in her deathly presence.

She advanced towards the anxious-looking Emily, who stared cautiously towards the feminine creature of the night..

“Emily – quick! Save yourself and run!”
The guy called out in fear for her, but Emily didn’t run.

She stood still…

Her anxious expression never changing.

The guy called, but she didn’t even glance towards him.

He feared the worst for her as the dark creature grabbed Emily in her hands, and pulled her body close to her.

“Oh no!”
He closed his eyes, shut tight, awaiting the dreadful scream that was sure to follow!
…Not a peep was heard.

He cautiously opened his eyes, fearing the gory sight he might be about to witness, but to his shock, all he saw was the creature kissing the lips of Emily, whose eyes were shut, embracing and kissing the creature in return.

He puzzled.

Their embrace and kiss soon ended, and the creature turned back around to face the poor guy. With a short wave of her hand over Emily’s frock, the frock fell to the floor, exposing Emily’s youthful naked body.

The creature stepped once more into the moonlight peering into the dark room from the open window. The pale silver light bathed her body.

He could now make out more of her features. She was a tall woman, long flowing black-as-night hair draped down over her shoulders, down to her perfectly-formed pear-shaped hips, with healthy curves and buxom boobs. She was clearly naked too. Every inch of her pale silvery skin was exposed for all to see.

She hovered towards him, as though gliding on air, towards the foot of the bed.

“What.. What are you?”
He nervously asked.

“You should really be asking yourself, what you are…”
She replied in a breathy, cat-like voice, as a demonic smirk stretched across her evilly-attractive face.

“Wha-what am I?”
He quizzed.

“You’re dinner!”
She chuckled evilly.

“..You’re insane!”
He yelled.

“Oh no, I’m quite sane, I assure you. A girl’s got to feast is all… You wouldn’t want a girl to go hungry now, would you?”
She softly chuckled.

“You’re no girl! You’re a.. A… A vampire!”
He cried out.

“…In a manner of speaking.”
She chuckled her evil chuckle.

“And now you’re going to suck my blood until I become like you!”
He fretted.

“No one could ever be like me,”
She chuckled again,
“But you’re quite right, I am going to suck you dry…”
She then started to crawl onto the bed, her paranormal movements slow and deliberate.

“No! No! Please! Emily, help me! Please!”
He begged her, the fear making his voice come out shrill and quivering.

“Shush! Beg all you want, she won’t help you. She brought you to me.”
The dark temptress explained as she inched her way closer upwards between the frightened guy’s legs.

“Did I do good, mistress?”
Emily then asked, as she continued to stand and watch in the corner of the room.

“Yes, my love, you did splendidly. You shall be deservedly rewarded once I’ve had my feed.”
She grinned as she turned her head to look back at Emily. As she grinned, her white canine-fangs glistened in the moonlight.

She then turned her attention back onto the poor helpless guy.
“She did very well bringing me such a young handsome guy… I am going to feast well on you!”

“Please don’t bite me! Please don’t suck my blood dry!”
The poor tied-up guy continued to plead.

“Oh? You got it all wrong, handsome,”
She softly giggled as she bowed her head down towards his naked crotch, but with her dark blood-red coloured eyes looking up into his, “I am going to suck you dry… But it’s not your blood that I’m going to suck!”

Almost instantly his fear disappeared, making way for sudden relief, with a touch of apprehension.

“You… You mean?”
He glanced her a quizzical look.

She nodded her head, winked at him, and licked her lips, with the tip of her tongue sliding over the sharpness of her fangs in the process.

“Oh… Oh my… Oh my!”
He gasped as she inched just that little bit closer towards his helplessly exposed cock. He wanted to block her progress to his cock, but with his wrists and ankles tied up the way he was, there was just nothing he could do to prevent her deliberate movements.

He swallowed hard as she placed a fingertip over the back of his spongy shaft.

Almost like magic, with just that one touch, he felt his cock beginning to grow.
He wasn’t trying to get turned on, he wasn’t trying to let it happen, but he was powerless to stop it. His cock was growing big, strong, and stiff, and there was nothing he could do about it!

“W-w-wait… Won’t I become a vampire too if you feed on me?”
He nervously asked, as though he could ever get her to stop now that his cock was all for her taking.

“No, silly.”
Emily answered him as she glided over towards the side of the bed. She crawled upon the bed, and knelt her naked body beside his nakedness, positioning herself so as to face towards his crotch, to watch her dark mistress feed on him…

“Just relax… For me… She’s going to suck ever last drop of your essence from you… Until there’s nothing left of you to give her…”
Emily explained to him in her sweet voice, her lip being bit by her between sentences as she watched.

“But… But I…”
He started to quietly gasp as he felt the dark mistress press her soft blood-red lips against the tip of his cock-head.

“Shhh… Just relax…”
Emily continued cooing, almost in a whisper, as she began to stroke his hair for him, comforting him. All the while, her eyes remained glued to her mistress’ lips and his now fully stiffened cock.
“Just enjoy being feasted on… You don’t know how lucky you are, to be chosen to give everything you have up to her… Trust me, it’s the best thing to have ever happened to you… You’re going to be so thankful for it… When she finally takes the very last drop from you, you’re going to want to thank her… Oh, what a blessed man you are… To sacrifice yourself to feed her what she needs to survive… You will be celebrated and honoured for giving up everything about you to her… All for her… All to satisfy her needs… What a blessed man you truly are…”

It was all too late for him now… There was no going back now for him… His cock now belonged to the evil princess of darkness… His essence was all for her to suck dry at her leisure… No one and nothing could help him now… It’s all too late for him…

With his cock buried helplessly deep down her throat, she could feed on him for as long as she wishes… Entirely at her pleasure… He and everything he ever held dear now belonged entirely to her… And there was nothing he could do about it now… She now owns his very life, and all he can do about it is lay there and give it all up to her…

Emily took his hand in hers, as she gently stroked his hair, supporting him in her own sweet way through the sacrificial feeding process…

As the wet, sloppy, slurpy sounds of her mistress’ feeding rang out in the silent night air, she would lick her lips, awaiting permission from her mistress to have a feed of her own… Her tummy grew hungry at the thought of feeding on such a delicious and tasty sacrificial lamb…

As the dark mistress feasted noisily upon his cock, sucking on it as though it’s the teat of life, her eyes began to glaze over, entering into a trance.

The poor guy tried to resist, he tried his very best to not just give it up so easily for her… But he couldn’t help it. He was just simply powerless to resist. He felt the pleasure of a thousand angel-choruses course through his entire being as the orgasmic pleasure built up all around inside of him. He knew it was now time to give up his very essence to her, and he couldn’t do anything about it except let it happen…

He offered one final plea for mercy from his terrible fate… But his pitiful plea fell onto deaf ears.

With a tight squeeze of Emily’s cold hand, he unleashed his essence all over the wet hungry tongue of the stunning sinner.

“Mmmmmm good boy…”
The evil vampire praised as she thirstily lapped up every single drop that spewed from his helpless throbbing cock.
“That’s it… Give up every drop…”
She spoke clearly despite her mouth and throat getting pumped and doused in so much potent cream.
Clearly her supernatural powers allowed for clear speech despite the creamy blockage now occupying her throat and gullet.

With a loud hungry suck, she swallowed her last drop that she milked from him, and then lifted her head up and away from his flustered crotch.

With a lick of her lips, and a wipe with the back of her fingertip, which she also sucked clean, she turned to look at Emily.
“You did splendidly, picking this tasty mortal for me. Please, feel free to have yourself a taste now.”

Emily’s eyes lit up, breaking her trance, a big excited grin formed across her face.

“Really, mistress? I can have a taste?”
She asked, unsure if she only dreamt being given such an opportunity.

“You’ve earned it!”
Her mistress smiled sweetly at her.

“Oooh thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Emily cheered excitedly as she shuffled herself into position, her face over his ever-so-slowly deflating cream-moistened cock.

Without any ceremony or hesitation, she just knelt down, taking his defenceless sticky cummy cock in her hand, and immediately began to feast on it in the same way as her mistress had been doing.

“Mmmm thank you, thank you, thank you…!!”
She continued to thank her mistress for the gift, although her words were coming out very muffled thanks to her mouth being stuffed with his cummy cock.

“There’s more where that came from, if you keep bringing me such delicious mortals to feast on like this.”
Her mistress quietly chuckled as she stroked her blonde hair for her.

“What happens to me now?”
The guy asked, his voice coming out drained and soft, as though he’s deep in a spaced-out trance of his own.

“Now you rest… Let your tasty essence build up again for me.”
She explained to him, as her skin began to glow, its silvery paleness quickly being replaced by colourful tones of normal healthy flesh colours.

“And then what?”
His eyes struggling to stop themselves from rolling into the back of his skull, as he helplessly felt the tingling sensations of Emily’s mouth hungrily sucking on him.

“And then I’ll be back to feast on you again… And again… And again…”
She softly chuckled,
“Until I’ve sucked out every last bit of essence from you…”

“…And then?”

“And then you shall just whither up and rest for all eternity!”
She sneered with devilish delight as she hovered up off the bed.

“Enjoy feeding on him, my love, but don’t you dare let a single drop of essence escape from him,”
She warned Emily, who looked up at her mistress while still holding his cock inside her mouth,
“His essence belongs to me, and me alone.”

“I promise, my queen of darkness, I’ll make sure that not a single drop of his cream ever gets unleashed, no matter how much I suck on him!”
Emily grinned, trapping his cock gently between her teeth as she spoke, before swiftly returning to hungrily suckle on it.

And with that, the dark mistress flew off out the window, disappearing into the still blackness of night, leaving her poor sacrificial lamb at the mercy of Emily’s hungry mouth… Until the dark mistress returns for another feast…!

The End.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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