Sucking in the Girls Room Pt. 01

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It was safe to say that it was an unremarkable start to the evening at the dark and smouldering metal club. I was wearing a black lacy top with black boudoir style tights that stretched an alluring line from my vixen red shoes towards the suggestive yet coveted curves underneath my flared leather skirt. When we got to the smoky club, it was full of hot, sweaty, band tee clad men and dark eyed girls dressed in tartan and piercings. They were dancing sexily and heavily in their chosen rooms, drinking their jäger and strumming the air to show the world that they were having a great time. My friends and I headed over to the bar and a couple of drinks and a mask of face paint later, we were ready to take to the dance floor within the bleak harem surrounded by cages of amorous couples.

After a 2 hours of heavy songs and equally heavy strumming, some of the group had paired off with their sexual treats for the evening. As I had not been lucky in the first wave of heavily petted advances, I headed back to the bar for another drink with the intention of buying another jäger to ease the night along. However, before I got there with my pure intentions, I went into the ladies to adjust my make-up. I walked past a younger girl and put my small bag onto a questionably grim sink. I got my lipstick out of my bag, and applied a coat onto my small yet full lips. As I was applying, I noticed the girl that I had passed was staring at me as I looked into the mirror. I smiled after the application, puckered my lips briefly and asked her if she would like to borrow my lipstick, trying to be nice. I thought, as she was staring, that the only reason for her pretty eyes to be upon me was to ask where I had purchased my brand of make-up. I glanced at her: all of 19, very slender, all legs, not much chest but, on closer reflection, a killer arse. I felt a little awkward looking at her pretty face, she was a typical black haired, dark skinned beauty with dark, wide eyes and a large mouth. She was wearing a floral shirt dress which lead into black biker boots. I could not help but think she was a little out of place. She looked too girly, too precious for the likes of a darkened drinking hole in the middle of Notting Hill, listening to thrash metal and hardcore punk.

She took my lipstick and Cebeci Escort said “you have such a lovely face, I love your lips in that colour!”

I blushed slightly, bemused that such a pretty creature would say that to me and cynically put it down to the “obvious” over consumption of alcohol. She placed a layer of colour on her lips smiled sweetly at me and gave it back.

“Are you having a good night?” I said. I am so bad at small talk, but what else do you do?

“Yes I have just come with some friends I will have to go and find them.”

“Well good luck!” I smiled and walked out the bathroom to rekindle my intention of getting a jäger. As I got to the bar, I noticed the girl stalk out of the toilets and a few minutes later I looked across and she was right next to me.

“Can I join you for a drink? I can’t seem to seem anyone I know and you have a nice smile…” she trailed off in a deep, sweet tone.

“Of course,” I said.

We talked for a short while and exchanged sweet nothings of information about schooling, music and life stories as you do over a few cans of something strong. I noticed that she was young and ignorant, and found that she reacted positively to anything vaguely topical in the darkened haze of the drunken hour. I could have said anything and she, like a playful, sexy sponge, would have soaked it up for my amusement. I was becoming aware of how much influence I had over her, and I felt darkly empowered by it.

“I really like you, you’re so interesting. Do you want to dance with me in the other room?” she asked in dizzy excitement, placing her hands on mine. Admittedly, this was the second time I had ever been asked by a girl to dance, and something about her gullible smile was promising this evening.

Surprised at her advance, I said “Lead the way my dear” and she grabbed my hand and lead me to the dance floor. As a new song slid the room into motion, we started dancing and she was sensual, but in a try hard way. She suggestively swayed her gentle hips with the heavy rhythm and then turned, smiled and started rubbed my thigh underneath my leather skirt. I naturally put my hands on her hips, pulling her towards me and I could feel her smooth inner thigh rubbing Kolej Escort on mine as we danced. Her arse backed into my pubic bone and she curved into me, and I felt a dark pull inside of me. I must have moaned slightly at her movement as she retaliated to the grinding beat. She turned around facing me, grinning. I surprised myself when I leaned in and kissed her, and she took the bait willingly. It was a hot, deep kiss that only a lover could attract from such a girl.

“You’re so beautiful, I can’t keep away from you. You want to go somewhere?” she asked.

“Okay” I managed, grinning from my small achievement, and very aware that I was testing my luck.

She lead me towards a dark corner, then started kissing me, pressing her body against mine. Sliding her hands down my sides, I instinctively moved my hands to her small breasts, squeezing them slightly to make her bite my lip like an angel of sweet death.

God it was so hot, she was kissing near my ear, and she then whispered, “Let’s go to the bathroom, I want you.”

“O…okay” I almost stumbled at her words. Dumbfounded. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the ladies room. What was this creature?

Pushing a bathroom stall door open, pulling me inside, slamming the door shut and pushing me against the door, she begins kissing me hard and rubbing against me. I could not help but kiss her back, with our hot tongues fighting desperately to be inside one another. I took her head in one hand and started kissing her neck, with one fumbled and desperate hand, she started to undo the buttons of her dress, exposing a black laced bra. I pushed her against the other side of the stall, and she gasped as, out of sheer blind confidence, I pushed the bra up and squashed her small brown breasts underneath the bottom of the bra. They were glorious; even in the darkness with large dark nipples erect under the strain of the bra.

I smiled mischievously. Even I could not believe I had got away with it. I put two hands on her hips and pushed them towards me so her back arched and pushed her breast upwards. I looked up at her, asking for her permission, and as she ran her fingers through my hair and pulled me close I circled my small, hot tongue across Rus Escort her nipples.

“Christ, you’re perfect!” I whispered. I sucked gently on her left nipple while I skated my right hand to meet her other breast to gently pinch the other. She gasped and guided her groin into mine. This was so hot, I did not know what to do with this girl. This stupid, pretty, little girl. I sucked harder at her breast and became more aggressive, to which she was met with little resistance and a suppressed whimper. I gathered both her trapped glorious mounds and circled my thumbs over her nipples as I grabbed towards be to kiss her once more.

Her hands moved down my body and I released her breasts as she placed her hand up my leather skirt to feel the hotness between my legs. She rubbed me hard and pressed her palm against the thin layer of my red French knickers and tights. I rocked into her palm and sucked my breath in sharply and then groaned into her soft, warm shoulder.

Hearing the bathroom door opening and closing as other girls came in and out of the bathroom, without a care in the world she tried to move towards the top of my tights, and I knew, she had the greedy intention to enter me right there in the stall. My heart stopped, reality crashed down on me and I knew I had to be the sensible one, I had to draw a line for this girl.

“Wait…I can’t do this here” I sighed as I stopped her hand from moving, and withdrew from her lips. She cocked her head and pouted as if she were denied her treasure. A spoiled brat I thought who had been told what for. She was flushed and I was unsurprised about how much I had affected this girl, I had laid all my cards on the table.

“What do you want beautiful?” She whispered putting her soft hand to my face that had been between my thighs, I could smell my musky scent on her skin and felt an awful pull beneath me. I could envisage myself putting her fingers in my mouth to take in what she had done to me. Temptation is a fine thing.

“If I am to have you, I have to have all you. I can’t do that here…” I carefully proposed on a curl of a smile, looking straight into those sensuous brown doe eyes. She blushed naively and shyly she withdrew from my embrace to button up her shirt. I straitened my skirt and hair and looked up at her as she assembled her dress one more on her slender frame.

“I live in Russell Square and my flat is empty tonight, I guess you could join me there?”

Fuck, this was really going to happen. An act of chivalry that has suddenly turned round and given me an opportunity. Where was this going to go…

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