Summer Camp Discovery

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When I was a freshman in college, our soccer team went to a 5-day camp at an out of state University campus. We stayed in their dorms, used their locker rooms and played on their field which was the best field I had ever played on. Also, their coach was the head of the camp, and there was one of their nationally ranked college players as a mentor for each three “campers.” It was a great camp, but that’s not the point of the story.

The dorms had two bunk beds, so there would be three players and a mentor in each room. I was bunked with my good friend, Dana, and our University mentor was Kasey. She was one of their star players, and everybody knew her. She was also missing her boyfriend a lot and horny as hell.

During the second night of camp, I woke up in the middle of the night. You know how sometimes you wake up and are totally wide awake? Well, that is what I did. My mind scrambled a bit to remember where I was and to make out the surroundings of the almost-unfamiliar dorm. As my eyes began to adjust to the darkness, I could see Kasey in the bunk across the room. We both had the top two bunks, so I could see directly across the room at her without sitting up. She was lying on her stomach with her face facing the wall, so she couldn’t see me at all. She was also masturbating. Now you couldn’t tell too much, but you could see her butt rise up a little bit under the blanket and then go back down. She clearly had her hand down underneath her and between her legs.

I laid there mesmerized. I had never seen another girl masturbate before, at least not in real life. It was so exciting and so wrong. An invasion of her privacy. But I wasn’t spying on her, really — I was just in my bed, minding my own business. Once I got over the guilty feeling, I quickly got to the aroused feeling. Here was a very pretty girl, humping her hand just 10 feet away from me. I tried to listen to her, but couldn’t really hear anything. My mind raced around wondering what she could be thinking about — was it her boyfriend back home? Her movements started to quicken, and I knew that she was going to get to the good part real soon. I watched her body closely and listened to her movements. Her breath did quicken a bit and became more shallow, and then…dead silence, followed by a couple of convulsions, followed again by more silence.

Wow, I was so excited. There it was, the first orgasm I experienced in real life other than my own. It was amazing and so erotic. I was so wet and tingly, but knew there was no way I could drop my hand down there and pursue my own orgasm — there was no way I could do it as quietly as Kasey, and, by the way, she was probably still awake and would hear me as soon as I moved the covers. So, I reluctantly went back to sleep, horny and dripping wet.

The next day coming back from breakfast, I told Dana everything. She had so many questions and was clearly getting turned on by the story. Yes, I saw her cum…no I didn’t see anything really…yes she made a sound when she finally did it…no she didn’t see me, etc. Dana had never seen someone cum in real life either, so we were both pretty excited about the whole thing. Wow, she must really miss her boyfriend to have to do it in a small dorm with 3 strangers around you. We both agreed that we would try to stay awake the next night to see if she did it again.

So as we’re going to bed, Dana, who is sleeping below me in one of the bunks, tells me to signal her if I see something. She gives me one of her socks, and tells me to drop it down on her as a signal. I know this won’t work because if I move a single muscle, it would make a sound in the dead quiet of the night, but I tell her ok, and we go to sleep. My mind is racing, and I have a number of nasty dreams about a bunch of things, including Kasey. I wake up from one of them, and the room is completely black, and I know it’s late. I listen excitedly for sounds coming from across the room. Nothing. My eyes finally get adjusted to the darkness, and I poker oyna look over at Kasey’s bed. Nothing. Just a lump under the blanket, dead asleep. My mind is racing too much to fall back asleep. I start to fantasize about some of the nasty dreams I just had. I can’t believe how horny I am. I even think about touching myself, but am way too embarrassed to do something like that with other people in the room, even if it is in the middle of the night.

As I continue the internal debate, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know, it’s morning. Dana is asking if I saw anything, and we are both disappointed that I didn’t. Maybe we’ll get another chance the following night, and we try to come up with another plan. I’m thinking that there is a chance that Dana will try to get her “private time” in tonight again, and it is just a matter of if I am awake at the same time. Eventually I will need some sleep as the camp is pretty tough on your muscles, and my body needs its sleep to keep up.

That night after dinner, there was a team party being held in one of the other dorm wings. They were having a bunch of pizzas delivered, and there were going to be movies shown on the big screen. Dana and I were not that interested in the movies, so after the pizza, we decided to go back to our dorm building and take a shower. My hair was so jacked and needed a good conditioning. When we got back to our dorm wing, it was completely empty because everyone was at the party. We quickly got changed into our swim suits (we wear swim suits to shower) and headed down the hall to the bathroom/shower.

I was the first one to turn the corner and see inside the bathroom area, and then quickly stopped and backed up, halting Dana as I did. My fingers quickly went up to my lips and told her to shush. She looked at me like I was crazy, and then I led her by the hand slowly into the doorway of the bathroom. We peeked our heads around the corner and saw Kasey, wrapped in a towel in front of the bank of sinks and mirrors. That’s not what made me stop. It was what she was doing. She was leaning in forward toward the mirror like she was putting on eye makeup. Her hips were pressed up against the sink. Normally, no big deal. However, her towel, which was wrapped around her from her chest to her thighs was hiked up a bit and you could see Kasey’s bare butt. We looked further and realized that she wasn’t putting on eye makeup at all, rather she was rubbing herself against the edge of the sink. What??

Sure enough, she was pressing herself against the sink and rocking up and back. Dana and I gave each other the “what in the heck” look, and then looked back at Kasey. There was no doubt about it, she was rubbing herself, and it looked like it was doing the job. So we crouched down toward the floor to make sure that Kasey wouldn’t see us, and then, for the second time, I watched her masturbate. She had her eyes closed and had both hands on the front of the sink. Her towel was pulled up over her pussy, but you couldn’t see anything, not even her hair (if there was any). She just kept rocking and rocking and then, after a few minutes, you could hear her breath start to quicken. We knew it wouldn’t be too much longer, and we were right. She didn’t moan, but did make a few loud exhales and then her body got stiff and sort of quivered on the edge of the sink.

With this, both Dana and I backed out of the shower room, and then ran back down the hall to our dorm. We changed back into our regular clothes as fast as possible, and then ran out to go join the others in the dorm wing next door. Just as we opened our dorm door, however, Kasey was standing there wrapped in her towel and jumped. “Wow, didn’t expect to see you girls here. I thought everyone was over watching the movie?”

“I just forgot something, so Dana and I ran over here real quick to get it. We’re headed back now. See ya, Kasey,” I said as normally as I could.

“See you girls. Enjoy the movie.” And with that we rushed out of canlı poker oyna our dorm wing and headed toward the one next door.

“Can you believe it?” I said to Dana as soon as we walked out of the dorm doors. “What in the heck was she doing?”

“You know exactly what she was doing. She was getting off. And it looked like she was doing a good job of it as well.”

“Yea, maybe she realized that it was too tough to try and do it at night in the dorm when we’re all there, so she tried to sneak it in now,” I suggested.

“Wow, could you imagine if she was doing it in our dorm room when we barged in? I mean, we surprised her that we were here at all, so what if we actually caught her in the dorm going at it? Holy…”

“No kidding. How embarrassing that would have been. For all of us. Anyway, what in the heck was she doing on the sink? That just seems sort of weird. Why wouldn’t she just do it in a shower stall?” I was really trying to figure her out. Seemed sort of risky and bizarre, but maybe that was the point.

“I guess it would work if you move against it just right,” Dana said. “I mean, we know it works, we just saw it in action. But maybe I’ll have to give it try one of these times just to make sure.” We both then laughed a nervous laugh. Although we are great friends, we’ve never had intimate talks about exploring our own sexuality and masturbation.

“I’m sure you will, D,” I said and then we joined the others for the movie.

The next night was the last night of camp, so we had a big party planned in the common room of the dorm wing next door. Dana and I were running late and were the last ones in the shower when the other girls were all finishing themselves up and heading over. By the time we got out of the shower, everyone was gone. We were both wearing our swim suits and trying to get ourselves as dry as possible as fast as possible. I headed over to the sink, and Dana went back down the hall to our room, but returned a minute later. “Hey, everyone is gone already.”

“Yea, I figured. We need to hurry,” I said, stating the obvious.

“No, I mean we are literally the only ones here,” she said, reinforcing the point.

“Yea, so, what are you saying,” I asked not following her at all. Then, with a smirk, she walked over to one of the sinks and pressed herself right up against it the same way Kasey had done the day before. “Nice,” I said and broke out laughing. “You going to really give it a try, Dana?”

“Why not? Let’s see if this can even do it.”

“You’re not serious, are you? Stop it before someone comes in here and sees you.” I sounded both nervous and scared as I realized that she was not joking, but was truly going to attempt to hump the sink.

“Don’t be lame. I’ve got my bikini on so if anyone comes in, I’ll just stand here normally. C’mon, you do it, too. We’ll see who can finish first.”

She was serious. I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t believe how matter-of-fact she was about the whole thing. Even if she had her swim suit on, she was still talking about masturbating in front of me. What the heck?

I stood there in disbelief, not knowing if I should leave or stay. And if I were to stay, would I watch her or should I join her? All these feelings happening at the same time. I just didn’t know what to do. And then, she let out a small moan.

“Mmmmm. Yes, this is going to do it,” she said with her eyes closed and a look of satisfaction on her face. I looked down at her pussy and could see that she was really driving herself into the counter. Her feet were off the ground and she was sort of moving her butt in a circular motion. I do have to admit that the thought of masturbating, and the thought of masturbating together, and then seeing her actually doing it to herself — all of these things were making me crazy, so I laughed a nervous laugh and said, “Ok, wait for me.”

I leaned up against the top of the counter up on my tip toes. I am a little taller than Dana, so could internet casino get to the right spot without having to have my feet dangle in the air. I moved my sex around in different motions until I found the right one. YEP — this WAS going to work!

I worked my hips and lips in such a way that my clit was getting tossed around from the counter. This felt pretty good, and I knew that I could have an orgasm from it. In fact, the tingling was already starting to happen deep within me. Then I opened my eyes and saw Dana through the reflection of the mirror. I watched her as she pushed her sex against the sink, and the look of pleasure on her face as she did this. This was amazing. This was one of my best friends, and I was watching her get off right in front of me. Not only that, I was getting off, too. The thought of all of this just fast forwarded my own pleasure and began building an orgasm. I could feel myself getting wet which added to the excitement of the rubbing.

Dana let out a loud sigh, and I realized that I had had my eyes closed. I opened them and again saw her reflection in the mirror. Her face told the whole story — she was getting close. Her breathing was coming out in pre-orgasm bursts. I grinded myself into the counter top just as my friend build to a climax. She started shaking and moaning through clenched teeth, and the whole sight of it all just sent me over the top as well. I felt myself peak and then shudder against the counter with a series of mini convulsions. Never taking my eyes off of Dana’s reflection, I saw her open her eyes and watch me as I dove into my own orgasm. It was an amazing site. It was the first time another girl has witnessed me having an orgasm and was unbelievably hot.

We both sort of looked at each other for what seemed like forever, but was probably less than a minute, then we both started laughing.

“No way, I can’t believe we just did that” she said.

“What do you mean? You were barely suggesting it when you had already jumped on the counter and were humping away.” Again, we both laughed.

As we came down off of the counter and stood up, I could feel that my legs were shaky and weak. “Wow.”

“No kidding,” she said and we just kept laughing. For some reason, neither one of us seemed embarrassed. In fact, Dana pulled the waistband of her bikini bottoms out with her thumbs and then while looking down inside said, “Damn, now I need to take another shower. I came all over myself.”

The thought of her looking at the wetness smeared all over her pussy made mine tingle instantly. I couldn’t believe how hot I found this whole thing. I am no lesbian, but I was sure super turned on and felt like I wanted to come again.

“Me too,” I said after pulling out my own bottoms even though I didn’t feel that messy down there. I walked back over to the shower stalls and turned mine on and stepped into the spray without closing the curtain. Making sure Dana was still there to see, I turned around to face her and pulled my biking bottoms way out so the water spray would go down inside. I pulled them out far enough so that Dana could see my shaved pussy. I don’t know why I was doing this or if she actually saw it or not, but the thought of it turned me on even more.

“Good idea,” she said, and stepped into the stall next me, also choosing not to pull the shower curtain closed.

The entire time during the two-minute shower, I debated whether to strip out of my bathing suit altogether and rub myself off another time. I thought about being loud so Dana would know what I was doing and would maybe come over to see me. Then, before I could make up my mind and do something, Dana’s water turned off and she grabbed her towel. I decided the fun was over for this time, but knew I’d have to satisfy myself soon.

We ended up getting dressed and going to the party. It was a fun time and camp, as a whole, was great. I will never forget what I saw with Kasey and what I did with Dana. In fact, that was not the last time Dana and I played “Hump the Bump” which is what we later called it. That summer had a few more very memorable moments of pleasure. In fact, when I get a chance, I’ll write those down, too, as Part 2 to this one.

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