Summer Camp

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I used to dislike being sent to camp, I was positive it was my dad’s incentive to have me leave home at 19 but he admitted (when he was drunk) he only sent us away so he could have noisy sex with my stepmom. The ‘us’ was myself and my just turned 18, pain in my ass step-sister. She had inherited my stepmom’s stunningly good looks that my dad would boast about, including the blonde hair and big tits. She claimed to be a lesbian but I knew it was a front to hide the fact she was blowing our gardener when she thought I wasn’t around.

I didn’t care, she had some kind of hatred for me I never understood, would yell ‘quit staring at my tits you perv’ on a regular basis and yes I usually was but she did wear low cut tops and I am a breast man. It did however get me extra chores from my stepmom (‘Its not nice to stare young man, go clean the bathroom’) and that pissed me off no end.

Summer was my respite I guess, camp was a place where, and I quote the brochure here “for young people to learn about The Lord in today’s society”. In reality it was for rich parents to be rid of the darling kids that were not shipped off to college yet or like myself, was waiting on my call up papers to finalize to join the next Officer training class for the Marines.

Most of the time, depending on the mentor we landed with, camp would be days of attempted brainwashing and nights of ‘see how much shit you can get away with’. Some mentors could be bribed, others were jerks and took it way too seriously which made the 3 weeks just boring.

As we waited for the rest of the people to arrive I took the time to swim in the lake. I’d been on a pretty harsh training regimen, I knew it wouldn’t be as tough as boot camp but I wanted to at least be ready and managed to turn my pudgy body into one resembling a soldier. I pulled myself onto the dock after a long swim and as I dried the water from my face I felt someone grab my ribs from behind.

“Oh my god, that used to be so much more fun when you were tubby! When did you get all buff Cuz” Said my cousin, Amber. We embraced in a warm hug.

“Didn’t your mom tell you I was going into the Marines as an Officer?” I replied.

“Yea but I still picture you as the pudgy guy with braces I’d practice kissing with. You look great though.” She said with a smile.

“You look just as ugly as I remember.” I said teasingly.

“Oh whatever, you know you want this.” Replied Amber.

Amber and I had a history of sexual tension. We would practice kissing when we were younger and when she came to camp we’d joke about us wanting each other. One year she’d sneaked in a bottle of Jack Daniels and drunkenly admitted to me that she would ‘totally fuck me’ if I wasn’t her cousin but she claimed to not remember the next morning and I didn’t press it. We both enjoyed the teasing and our friendship.

“Marcus can you please help me with my tent.” Said my Stepsister Jessica.

“What happened to that guy who was talking to you, thought he was helping.” I replied.

“He just wanted to stare at my breasts, he couldn’t even put his own tent up.” She said.

“Fine, I’ll be there in a bit. You remember Amber right? She hasn’t been for a couple of years.” I replied, Amber and Jessica didn’t get on at all.

“Hi Amber, please don’t keep me waiting Marcus, I want to get changed and go for a swim.” Replied Jessica then she walked off.

“She still hates me huh, did you hear the undertones of ‘fuck you’ when she said my name?” Said Amber with a grin.

“Well calling her an air headed bimbo cunt who’s only hope in life is to be some old guys trophy bitch maybe wasn’t the best bonding statement, she reminds me about that every time I mention your name you know.” We both laughed about it.

“Well you know how much sleep I lose over it. Hey, we got lucky this year, I have booze and we’re having a campfire tonight. I’ve already bribed the mentor, he’s a super horndog and enjoyed the head I gave him already. He’s promised to turn a blind eye and I hinted I’d fuck him.” Said Amber.

“You’re such a whore, isn’t he like 40?” I replied.

“I’m only your whore baby, you know that.” Said Amber who kissed me on the cheek then wandered off.

It didn’t take me long to put Jessica’s tent together, I showered and got changed into güvenilir bahis my shorts and t-shirt for the usual orientation when everyone had finally arrived. The rest of the day was the usual mind numbing crap but it was finally dark and I sat with Amber and a few of the other kids our age as we got drunk and talked about our plans for the year ahead. Jessica surprised me too and showed up with a bottle of vodka to share, we were all pretty hammered by the time the fire died down. The other kids all split, Jessica had already left to go back to her tent and I was left alone with Amber.

“So, I’m going to go get rid of these bottles and you are going to wait here then come to my tent and fuck me. I don’t care that we’re cousins, I want your cock inside me.” Said Amber, I was already getting hard in my shorts.

“Are you sure it’s not just the booze talking?” I replied.

“I’m not so drunk I don’t know what I’m saying. I’ll be waiting.”

I waited for as long as I could stand then staggered my way to Amber’s tent, cursing that I didn’t have my flashlight and eventually found it. The zipper was partially open so I made enough of a gap to let myself in and closed it behind me. Before I could get my shirt off Amber pounced on me, kissing me with a wild passion and quietly whispering ‘Oh Marcus I want this so bad’ as she pulled my clothes off. Once I was naked I pushed her onto her back and slowly licked her pussy. She was shaven and moaned quietly as my tongue explored her. She was already really wet and when I rasped her clit with my tongue she held my face to her and was soon shuddering as her climax burned through her body.

I climbed up her body and entered her with one deep thrust and closed my eyes in pleasure as I fucked her. Her pussy felt exquisite round my cock and I hoped I could hold out long enough to really enjoy it. I did not bad considering how drunk I was. I opened my eyes as I got close, my eyes finally getting used to the dark of her tent then my brain started on it’s ‘hey wtf’. Amber had a real sexy athletic body, her breasts were really nice but not huge. She also had fairly short dark hair. As my brain caught up, my pending orgasm was too much to hold back.

“Cum inside me Marcus, I’m on the pill.” Said Jessica.

I’d already gone to far to stop now, I pushed deep into my step-sister, a woman I’d shared a house with since I was 7 years old and shuddered in pure pleasure as I sprayed the contents of my balls deep in her pussy. She whispered a ‘oh fuck that feels good’ as she came again then when I was spent she held me as we both caught our breath. After a few minutes I rolled off her, she pulled me to spoon her, putting my hand on her breast.

“I know you’ve wanted to play with these for years, they’re all yours.” She said.

I fondled her breast for a few minutes but she fell asleep and was soon snoring. I got dressed and quietly let myself out of her tent and wandered towards mine, not easy being still drunk.

“Hey fucker, where you been, I’ve been waiting ages.” Said Amber as she grabbed me.

“I got lost.” I replied.

Amber dragged me back to her tent and I pretty much repeated what I’d just enjoyed with Jessica, she was amazed that I lasted so long and came about 3 times before I finally came again. She rested her head on my chest when we were spent.

“That was wonderful, I didn’t think you’d last as long. We’ve been building that up for years.” She said, kissing me.

“I have to tell you something, I still don’t know how I feel about it myself.” I said.

“You can tell me anything sweetie, you know I love you.” She replied.

“You’re not the first woman I’ve had sex with tonight.” I said.

“Like I care, as long as you can get it up for me I don’t give a shit, we’re just fucking, we’re not going to run off together. Was it that redhead that was giving you googly eyes all night.” She said.

“I thought it was you, it was dark and she was whispering that she wanted me, I only realized when I was about to cum.” I said.

“Oooh, now I’m intrigued, who?” She said, leaning on her elbow.

“I’m pretty sure I just fucked my stepsister.” I replied.

“No fucking way! Oh that is awesome. Was it good?” She said grinning.

“It was, you don’t think I’m sick?” I replied.

“Honey, türkçe bahis you’re my cousin, we are related by blood and I’ve just had wonderful sex with you. Do you honestly think I’d think that about a woman who you’re not really related to? I’ve just always thought her as a stuck up mommy’s girl and now I know the truth. Don’t worry I won’t say anything but this could be fun.” She said.

“Fun how?” I replied.

“Oh I’m not telling. You have to go, here, get the right tent this time, you’ll catch hell if they find out you were in the women’s area.” Said Amber as she handed me my clothes.

I slept pretty well that night, I’d drank plenty of water before I went to sleep so I didn’t have a hangover but was a little tired when I was woken by the overly cheerful camp staff. I was dreading facing Jessica in case she regretted it and was going to tell but she was her usual chirpy smiley self and was actually nice to me. I was still eating breakfast alone when she came and sat close beside me on the bench.

“So last night was just amazing, can we go again tonight but sober this time?” She said, touching my leg.

“You wanted it? All these years you’ve been treating me like crap, telling mom that I stare at your tits just to get me into trouble and more things I can think of right now and you’re suggesting now you secretly wanted me?” I replied.

“Keep your voice down. I always thought you were just a perv, you’re right, I did treat you like crap but mom said that’s how men like it. Anyway, I watched you shower last month and your cock is huge, I thought you’d be smaller but you are hot now, especially since you’ve been working out and I wanted you to be my first.” She said. I almost choked on my cereal.

“You were a virgin before last night?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ve had toys in me and stuff but you were my first man. Gotta go, they’re watching the women’s tents tonight, I’ll come to you.” She said then was gone.

Later that day, after the mind numbing activities, I sat on the dock after my swim when Amber came and sat beside me. She seen the troubled look on my face.

“Not still fretting about fucking your stepsister are you?” She said, always knowing how to push my buttons.

“She said she was a virgin before last night and that she’s going to sneak into my tent tonight for more.” I replied.

“You must be the first guy I’ve ever met who’s complaining about a large breasted blonde wanting his cock. I know you’re not gay, not the way you plowed your cousin last night.” She said grinning.

“I don’t know Amber, I’m worried I’ll get too attached, I’m finding it hard to not let my feelings for you surface, last night was amazing.” I replied.

“Oh sweetie, I love you, you’re one of my closest friends and favorite cousin but what we did last night and will do again is just sex. Don’t get attached, think with your dick like most other guys okay. Don’t go getting mushy on me, I want that lovely cock of yours in me at least twice a week while we’re here. When we’re done, I might kiss you but when we see each other at Christmas or weddings I’m going to act like it never happened and tease you like I always do. I’ll tell you what, if you’re worried she’ll have something to use over you when you guys get back home, I’ll level that for you tonight. Relax and enjoy it my dear” she said, kissed me on the cheek then wandered off.

That night I laid awake, stupidly letting my brain overthink things when I heard the zipper of my tent slowly open. Jessica crawled through the hole then quickly zipped it up again and was soon pulling off her clothes. She pulled my blanket off me to find me naked then immediately started sucking my cock to hardness. Once I was fully erect she laid on her back and pulled me on top of her.

“We don’t have a lot of time, fuck me big brother.” She said as she opened her legs.

I looked at her naked body in the dark and thought what the hell and pushed my cock into her. As I fucked her I thought about all the times she’d got me into trouble and all my suppressed anger started coming out and I started pounding her harder and harder. She enjoyed it though then as my climax started I thought to myself, why worry about the past when this is mine to play with and enjoyed being inside her. When she started güvenilir bahis siteleri cumming I let go too and pushed in deep as I sprayed her pussy with my hot seed, then I gave the code phrase.

“Fuck your pussy feels good Jessica.” I said then kissed her.

Unseen in the dark under a pile of my clothes and sleeping bag, Amber, completely naked, came out from hiding and laid on her side beside Jessica. Jessica looked at her and instead of freaking out like I expected she actually smiled.

“Your tits are awesome, you shouldn’t hide those things sweetie.” She said and gently fondled one. “Do you want him next, if you eat me I’ll get him hard again for you.”

Despite having just cum I felt my cock harden again, I knelt up as Amber leaned over and started passionately kissing Jessica and fondled her breasts, both of them acting like I wasn’t even there. Amber moved Jessica up my sleeping mat a little then got between Jessica’s legs and started licking her pussy, her own ass sticking up in the air. She stopped long enough to tell me to ‘fuck me already’ and I obliged by sliding into her from behind. I waited until I’d cum again before I said anything but by the grins on both of their faces, it was me being set up rather than the expected Jessica.

“That was hot as fuck but what’s going on.” I asked, still catching my breath.

“Amber came to me, explained your fears and we decided to show you they’re not warranted. We also had sex, turns out our tension was just lust after all so I can stop pretending to hate her too. You have the energy for one more time before we have to leave big brother or are you done for the night.” Said Jessica as she fondled my still dribbling cock.

“I uh, think I’m done for the night.” I replied.

For the rest of the 3 week break, both girls would take turn to visit my tent, sometimes together, sometimes alone. Amber got to have me more since I could have Jessica when we got home but I was pretty worn out most nights. Our parents pulled up as we were cuddling our goodbyes.

“I thought you didn’t get on with Amber sweetie?” Said my Stepmom Clara.

“We decided fighting wasn’t worth it so we sorted it out.” Said Jessica, she gave me a smile.

A few weeks later I sat on the edge of our pool catching my breath after a pretty intense swim when Clara came out in her bikini. She usually wore pretty dull one pieces so I enjoyed the chance to get a better look at her nice tits. She jumped straight into the water, swam a length then surfaced in front of me, parting my legs to hold onto the side.

“So, your dad won’t be home until after 10 tonight, Jessica is staying at her friends until late and that gives us about 8 hours to have fun. I know about you and Jessica, my darling daughter really should password her iPad diary but she describes your cock as magnificent and I want to find out for myself.” She said, rubbing the inside of my thigh.

“I don’t really have a choice do I?” I said, putting up fake objections.

“You get to choose which hole you cum in first sweetie.” She said.

I followed her upstairs to my room, she dried off with a towel then stripped out of her bikini. I was hard by the time I took my shorts off, she was double my age but I didn’t care, she was sexy as hell. True to her word I got to choose any hole, Jessica wouldn’t let me try anal but Clara’s throaty moans of ‘of fuck yes, slide that big thing in me’ got me pretty worked up. She kept me going for a good few hours then when we were both spent she kissed me on the cheek and left me breathless on my bed.

Next morning I got up for breakfast, Dad had already left for work and Jessica was still sleeping but Clara came in when I was washing up and playfully grabbed my ass.

“Yesterday was so much fun sweetie, I don’t need to tell you not to tell anyone but if you help me clean out the shed later you can have me again.” She said as she poured her coffee.

I agreed of course, cleaning the shed took 20 mins and I spent another 30 mins fucking her from behind when we were done. Jessica of course was still sneaking into my room every time we were alone in the house, by the time I shipped off to basic I’m sure my poor balls were relieved. Three weeks in though, I tore up my knee pretty badly, stupid contractor used the wrong bolts on a stairway repair and my military career was over before it started. 4 surgeries later I was on my way home with an insurance check that said I didn’t have to work again.

Clara and Jessica are happy I’m home though…

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