Summer Desire

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Big Tits

Spring came and went and they continued to get to know each other. Summer was well underway, full of boating and bikinis. She spent weekends on her boat. Sending her long distance lover pictures of the rich women and beautiful bartenders who would unveil a tit, or show off their perfect asses in short shorts and miniskirts.

On particular day she was heading to the marina alone. He had requested that she wear her plug, a pretty Swarovski anal plug that made her ass look and feel exquisite. She agreed. She put on a skirt and as part of their agreement, no panties were ever to be worn with dresses or skirts. But she had bought a new lace set and wanted to feel pretty. As she sat at the bar, legs spread and comfortable, she wished that she could feel the air on her bare skin. She laughed as the rum made her feel warm and amorous, among beautiful people she had gotten to know so well.

She had been messaging him and made the mistake of telling him about her desire to feel exposed. He asked her where her plug was. “In my purse” she answered. He told her to immediately remove her panties, put it in, and wear it for the remainder of the day, sending proof. She argued that she’d be sore if she wore it all day, but did as she was told. However, she made sure to tell him she rolled her eyes at his request.

“You do realize that you rolling your eyes is like telling me to fuck off, right?” The blood left her face. He was hundreds of miles away and her body reacted as if he was right there. She argued that it wasn’t even close to the same thing, but he never mentioned it again. They continued Şerifali Escort their amorous conversation as if it never came up, and the rum made her giddy and she soon forgot that part of the conversation.

Some time passed and she was finally going to see him in his home. She was trembling once again, during the drive. “I think this is just going to be the norm” she giggled to herself.

Sharply feeling the crunch of the tires in his driveway, she was here. She walked up the steps to his door and waited for what seemed to be an eternity. There. He. Was. Smiling, looking as handsome as ever. She tried to compose herself. She wanted to jump him right there, but she flashed a smile, and he pulled her in for a deep kiss. Fuck! How much she missed his lips. She forgot how good he felt. And smelled. And tasted. Oh they were going to have fun.

The night went on, dinner, music, hot tub. It was the most perfect night she had ever experienced. The conversation and gazing was magical. He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. There was some rustling and he revealed what looked like straps from around the edges of his bed. She was confused for a moment, then it dawned on her. “Oh shit. Is that…” she trailed off. They had briefly talked about trying restraints, but part of her thought it was just a fantasy.

He looked directly at her as he tightened the straps around her ankles. She had never been so exposed. She felt her face flush as she knew there was no way she could hide her arousal. He then gently grabbed each wrist, securing her hands.

As he joked Ümraniye Escort about how he should leave her like that, she started to feel a moment of panic. She soon dismissed that feeling, relying on her trust in the man for whom she’d already do anything.

He walked over to the dresser to reveal a beautiful Swarovski plug. Using her wetness, he slid the plug in to her ass, which made her want to have him inside. The feeling of fullness in her ass was maddening. She needed to be fucked hard and deep and he knew it.

He finally allowed her some relief, letting his fingers enter her again and again, but he would not let her cum, even after she pleaded. She was writhing. Needing something. Anything. Inside of her.

Then she heard it. The sound of his belt. “Fuck” she said out loud. He had teased that he would use the belt on her pussy for the eye rolling, but she forgot! The look on his face told her he was no longer teasing.

She felt the sharp crack of the leather on her wetness, and she gasped. It hurt more than expected, but also made her want more. Not that she had a choice. He took his time, using the leather over and over to both drive home a message and arouse her in the most intimate way. It was a challenge of trust. Of giving. And each time he allowed her to regain her composure after a particularly difficult stroke, she wanted to offer him her sore exposed lips and clit to do whatever he wanted.

Although she was already spread wide, she tried to spread further. She wanted him to have all of her. He paused. Then she felt the lovely calming sensation Üsküdar Escort of his lips and tongue on the very sore part of her body. She cried out, so taken with his care. She wanted him so badly.

He pulled back and started to once again finger her. She came easily and one orgasm followed another. He let another finger slip inside then another and the feeling of fullness was wonderful. They had discussed fisting, but that had never happened to her before. She wanted it now more than ever. “I want to take it for you.” she murmured. Finally he looked into her eyes and told her that his fist was inside.

Her poor exposed sore pussy was his. Her whole body was his. “Please, I need to touch you!” The words came out more urgent than she intended, but there was no hiding how she felt. He untethered her, allowing her arms and legs to relax. She instinctively reached for him, bringing him close, then felt his hardness. He was rock hard. So very different from the soft curves of her body, that seemed to be melting by the moment.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed, and looked at her with such an intensity that she felt she could get lost in the darkness of his eyes. Then he looked down. She watched his pleasure as he entered her. Only the tip, which made her beg. “Please. I need you inside of me.” Looking deeply into her eyes, he entered her fully. To be stretched by his thickness, was exquisite and soon their bodies were moving together as his hard cock parted her pink wetness.

Pulling her legs up to fully expose herself, she spread wide so that she could continue to offer herself to him. For hours they continued to explore each other until she came so hard that it seemed as if a river and her soul left her body. She wanted him to have all of her and as long as she was able, he would. Any time. Any place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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