Summer Heat Ch. 06

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Intro: This is a total work of my sick imagination. Any resemblance to anyone on this planet is just your imagination. You can’t think I’d write something I could get sued over. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). Several years have passed since Jason’s dad died in a tragic industrial accident. This chapter could stand alone, but why should it?


Summer Heat Chapter 6 Katherine’s drought becomes a flood.

Katherine Thomas sat at her desk Tuesday morning. After shooting pictures and meeting owners of two new listings on Monday, she was preparing the web site pages for the listings.

Phone rings.

“Real estate, Katherine speaking.”

“Hi Katherine, this is Kim Hollis. Good morning.”

“Kimmie! Hey there, pretty girl. How are y’all doing? How are you liking the house?

“Tony and I are fine. Loving the house. Moving was hard work.” The voice on the phone said. “Can we get together? I’d like to talk with you for a few minutes.”

“I’d love to see you, Kim. I’m working on something right now. Let’s meet for lunch. Do you eat meat?”

Kim chuckled, “Anytime he wants me to and sometime just for myself. I guess you mean diet wise.” Another laugh. “Yes, I’m still an omnivore.”

“OK, just thought I’d ask. My son works at the Steak Pit. I get a discount. Can you meet me there at twelve thirty?”

“Sounds great. Can we sit where we can talk in private?” Kim asked.

“Sure. No problem. See you then.” Katherine said hanging up the phone. She got back on the work but was distracted by the call.

Kim and Tony Hollis were a young interracial couple she had sold a house two months earlier. Tony was handsome and fit. He had a medium build and medium complexion. Katherine had met him at the tennis club when she was with Yvette. This lead to the sale in an indirect way. It also lead to Tony and his wife knowing of her bisexuality. Kim was very eye catching. She had jet black hair and fair skin. It was a natural gothic look. She also had an exaggerated hourglass figure with giant boobs, a tiny waist and a round ass. Kim also had a bawdy sense of humor and was quick to point out sexual innuendoes. She also had a tendency of bumping into Katherine with those monster hooters, seemingly on purpose.

As Kim entered the restaurant, she was approached by a tall, handsome young man. “You must be Kim. I’m Katherine’s son, Jason. She’ll be here in a minute or two. Congratulations on the house.”

Kim gave a quick glance to his nametag. “Jason, Assistant Manager.” She held out her hand. “Hi. Kim Hollis. How did you know it was me?”

“Mom sent a text. Watch for a raven-haired beauty with an hourglass figure. Here you are.”

Kim’s fair face blushed. “I like that. Your mom is so nice. I can’t believe she has a grown son.

“She has a time machine she sleeps in. I’m so proud of her. She’s amazing.” Jason looked toward the front door. “Here she is now. Hello beautiful.” Jason hugged his mom.

“Wow! Let me get a picture of you two together.” Kim took out her phone and took a snapshot of the mother/son duo. “Tony isn’t going to believe this.”

“This way ladies. I have you a quiet table in the back. I highly recommend the petite sirloin special.” Giving an exaggerated wink. “We’ve got in some undersized strip steaks. I can see you get those.”

Katherine beamed with pride as her son showed them to their table.

“Gladys will take care of you.” He said as a waitress came with them. “Mom, you know the deal.” He turned to the waitress. “Bring me their ticket and let me walk it back and ring it up.” He smiled and went away.

“Hi, Brenda.” Katherine said to the waitress.

“Hi, Ms. Kathy, so nice to see you.”

Kim spoke up. “Jason called you ‘Gladys’ but your nametag says ‘Brenda'”.

“Oh, it’s a silly nickname I’ve got around here.” Brenda answered. She took the orders for the steaks and drinks and disappeared.

Jason cruised by the table on his way to the kitchen with their ticket. “I can’t believe my mom is eating red meat.” He quipped and smiled.

“He’s showing out.” Katherine smiled. “He gives me two for one on the lunch specials. Don’t worry about the price.”

“You don’t have to buy my lunch. I should buy yours.” Kim protested. “I can’t believe you have a grown son.”

As the drinks came, “He’s my baby at twenty-seven. I have a daughter that’s about to turn thirty.”

Kim was honestly surprised. “So, you had them when you were six or eight years old?”

“Dear, I’m about to turn fifty.” Katherine said with a little dread in her voice.

“You’re shitting me! You look great. Sign me up for fifty if I can look that good.” Kim said.

“My kids saved my life. Shelby and I are gym buddies now. It’s been fun.”

The ladies chatted around. Kim told about the house and the pains of moving. Katherine told of the dance lessons and the strange soap opera that was developing with Donna and both of her children.

“I don’t know what’s güvenilir bahis going on. Shelby and Donna love each other and have been lovers for a while. But now you should see Donna’s eyes sparkle when she’s with Jason. I’m so afraid for any of them to get hurt.”

“You’ll just have to hope for the best. They could be a great triple but with a brother and sister as part of the triangle, really complicates things.” Kim commented.

“I’m holding my breath. The funny thing is that I suggested it, in a way. Also, Shelby is encouraging them to get together. It could be bad. They could all get hurt.”

Finishing lunch, Kim breached the subject she came for. “Tony and I want to have you over for dinner Friday. We both are so thankful for all the help you gave us getting in the house. We were lost, and you kept us together during the closing process.”

“Well, I usually bow out after I get a sales contract, but you two were so nice and first-time buyers. I was happy to help.”

“You come and have a good meal, a dip in the pool and lots of drinks. Bring your swim suit and a night shirt and we’ll party.” Kim sold the idea. “We really want you to stay over.”

“Well if I have some drinks, it might be for the best.” Katherine reasoned.

“I need to tell you something. You can say “no”. “No always means “no”. Kim was getting a little shy.

“What do you mean.” Katherine asked.

“Please don’t think ill of us. Kathy, Tony and I both find you very attractive. We swing a little sometimes with friends. We would dearly love for you to be our guest star in the bedroom. You are so sweet and sexy. I know it’s a lot to take in. You can say “no”. It’s not a common thing to ask.

“You hinted at this when we were working on your house. I thought you were kidding. You are a beautiful couple, but I’ve never done anything like that. Can I think about it?” Katherine was freaking out inside.

“Yes, of course, dear. You can stay in the guest room if you aren’t into it. No problem.” Kim said.

“The fact that I’ve been so horny lately that I can’t breathe sometimes will work in favor of it.” Katherine giggled nervously and wondered if she could make herself do it. “Let’s talk later in the week.”

The ladies parted ways. Katherine pondered the possibilities for the next few days. For her, there would be many firsts. It would be the first sex, for her, in a very long time. It would be her first threesome and her first black man. Those facts made her nervous. It would be her first time to play with a woman with truly giant tits. That fact was exciting her to wetness.

“Shelby, I need your help with something.” Katherine told her daughter as she left for work.

“Sure, Mom. Anything.”

“I’m going to a pool party tomorrow night. I need your expert help with my bikini area. I don’t want to be shaggy down there.”

Shelby giggled, “Are you going skinny dipping, Kitty-Kat?” With a big grin. “Or is my mommy going to get lucky?”

“Don’t be vulgar, young lady!” Katherine scolded. “I’m going to wear a bikini and I don’t want stubble showing.”

Shelby left thinking, “Good for you mom. Show off that rocking body.” She smiled.

When Shelby came home from her lunch shift, she was about to shower. Jason was about to leave for dinner shift. “I miss our Thursday together. Can I get a kiss before you go?”

“Sure, Sis. I missed you today too.” Jason slipped into the bathroom. Shelby’s robe hit the floor. They hugged then kissed passionately. Jason kneaded her breasts gently. Shelby reached down and gave his cock a squeeze. As they broke the embrace, “You, hot little tart.” He slapped her ass as he left.

After her shower, Shelby climbed the stairs thinking, “Here we go. I got so fucking horny last time. Mom is so beautiful. I’ll be drooling from mouth and pussy before this is over. Will she freak if I just bend over and lick her?”

“Hi Sweetie.” Katherine said as Shelby showed upstairs. “Thanks for doing this.”

“I need a little touch up myself.” Shelby tried to make it into nothing. “I shaved myself, but I missed a few.”

In Katherine’s bedroom, she had some towels, a razor, clippers and some water on a bowl. Like Shelby, Katherine was fresh showered and wearing just a thin robe.

“Do me first. I’ll just take a minute.” Shelby said, sitting on a towel on the bed.

“OK, baby.” Katherine got on her knees between her daughter’s legs. She applied a little shaving gel around Shelby’s little pussy and rubbed it in. She began shaving the area with careful attention to the places that had been missed. “Shelby, we haven’t talked about this. Last time, I felt like you might have stimulated my clit on purpose.” Katherine put her thumb on the side of Shelby’s clit and pressed it firmly to the side, rubbing it with her slippery digit.

Shelby jumped squealed, “Mom, damn.” She held her breath.

Katherine worked on the other side, finishing with two fingers pressing the now swollen clit the other way. “I just don’t see why you keep türkçe bahis jumping.” She finished the shaving. Katherine took her thumbs and pulled Shelby’s pussy wide open, enjoying the view.

Shelby raised up on her elbows and watched her mother’s eyes gaze into her twat. She remained silent.

“My daughter, you have a pretty little pussy.” Katherine’s voice was soft. She wet a wash cloth and wiped away the shaving cream. She gave Shelby’s clit a hard tickle.

“Ahhh, Mom!” Shelby was getting wet and fragrant. She sat up and hugged her mother. “Thanks, naughty lady.”

As they changed positions, Katherine dropped her robe. Now nude she held her tits up for Shelby to look at. “I’m thinking of getting a nipple pierced. What do you think.”

“Shit mom, you’re just bursting out of your shell, aren’t you?” Shelby knelt as he mom reclined on the bed. “Donna has one, it’s very pretty. Her boobs are sort of like yours only smaller.”

“She told me about it.”

“Did she show it to you?” Shelby asked.

“No, dear. She told me about it and how it felt. I think I’ll do it if you’ll go with me.”

Shelby got to work on her mom’s bush. “I got one done in Florida, but I took it out.”

“I’m so glad you didn’t come home all pierced and tattooed up.” Katherine said.

“Dad’s Catholic ideals coming through, I guess.” Shelby worked in silence until she finished. She applied some lotion to avoid rash. Then she put the things aside. She held her hands on Katherine’s pubic mound. “Mom, I’m so sorry I ran away to Florida. I know you needed me. I just couldn’t handle this place after we lost Dan. I love you and I loved Dan so much. I did what I had to do to get back home. I’m glad I’m here. I love you and Jason so much. I’m sorry mom.”

“Shell, you can always come home.” Katherine tried to relax.

“Mom, will you please just relax for a few minutes? Just lay back and forget the world for a while.” Shelby kept he hands on her mom’s mound but slipped her thumbs to either side of her labia. She spread the swollen lips, lowered her head and kissed Katherine’s firm clit.

“Shelby,” Katherine picked her daughter’s head up, “Are you sure this is something you want to do?”

“Yes, mommy. Please let me pleasure you a little bit. I love you and you are so beautiful.”

Katherine exhaled and lay back. She was speechless.

Shelby looked at the swollen pussy that she had wanted to lick for so long. She lowered her head and began to slowly lick and kiss each side in turn. Katherine had a sweet, faint scent of her own and Shelby was drinking it in. She dipped her tongue deep into her mom’s hole. She tasted the juices. She slipped back onto the clit and worked it harder and harder. Shelby brought one of her hands up from underneath and slid a finger into her mom’s hot wet pussy.

Katherine squirmed. She had come to terms with the fact that her daughter was eating her pussy out. She had thought that this would happen. Playing with Shelby’s clit was her way of signaling it was OK.

Shelby increased her rhythm and pressure. She added a finger then another. She was measuring her mom’s pussy. Three fingers with room to spare. The pinky finger slipped in. Shelby knew that she could slide her small hand in but refrained. “I’ll save that trick for another day.” Katherine was getting very wet and squirming all over the bed. Shelby rolled her hand palm up with three fingers inside. Katherine began to rock and press Shelby’s face harder against her pussy. Shelby curled her fingers into her mom’s g-spot and scrubbed it with her finger tips. Shelby sucked on the big clit as Katherine moaned and hunched uncontrollably. Then with a full body quiver, Katherine came with a gush of slick nectar. Shelby held on and caught the sweet liquid in her hand and mouth. As her mom relaxed, Shelby held some of the squirt in her mouth and hand and crawled up to Katherine’s face.

Katherine opened her mouth and accepted the liquid along with a long slow passionate kiss from Shelby. She felt Shelby take her hand and guide it into her crotch. As she marveled at the sweet taste of her own juices, Shelby took two of her fingers and pushed them against her hole. Katherine understood and fingered her daughter. First one then two of her slender fingers slid fully into Shelby’s wet pussy. Katherine marveled at how erotic it was to slide her fingers into Shelby’s hot little pussy. Shelby rose to a kneeling on the bed and rode her mom’s hand. She rode harder and harder. Shelby smiled realizing that her mom was a woman like her. As Katherine gouged her thumb into Shelby’s clit and jammed two into the pussy. Shelby began to orgasm intensely.

Shelby curled up next to Katherine and kissed her breast before laying her head on it. “Thank you, Kat. I wanted you so bad. I hope you aren’t mad at me.”

Katherine stroked Shelby’s back. “I can’t very well be mad. I wanted it myself. Even if it’s not right.”

“Mom, I don’t think it’s too bad. I’m an adult and we just gave each other some pleasure. I loved it.”

“I loved güvenilir bahis siteleri it too, baby. We just can’t make it a habit. You made me very happy.” After a moment, “Shell, have you ever had a threesome with a couple?”

Shelby sat up and gasped. “Mom!?”

Katherine arrived at the Hollis home around seven on Friday evening. She had spent so much of the day in awe of the roll with Shelby the day before, that she hadn’t thought of the night until she walked up to the door with an over-night bag in her hand. Now she was so nervous, she was shaking.

Kim met her at the door and handed her a glass of wine before she was even inside. “Oh, I’m so glad you came. I was afraid you might get cold feet.” Kim gave her a soft kiss on the lips. “Here. You are one glass behind.”

“Hi Tony.” Katherine said as she passed through the kitchen area of the great room.

“Hello, gorgeous. I’ll hug you in a minute. I’ve got fishy hands. A buddy brought us some snapper fillets.” Tony waved a wet hand her way.

“Come with me. I’ll show you where to put your things. Well you should know. You saw this house long before we did.” Kim chuckled.

“I love how you’ve decorated. I see you took my advice on making that den into the master bedroom.” Katherine drank deeply from the wine glass.

The ladies went into the guest bedroom. “You can dress or change in here however you want.” Kim assured her.

“I really don’t want to talk about it. OK?” Katherine said. “I’ll signal if I’m into it. OK?”

“Everything is fine. You are welcome here under any circumstance.” Kim said calmly.

“Look, we’ll get in the pool later. Right? If I take my top off, I’m into it. If I don’t. We’ll just have a quiet evening and I’ll sleep in here. Is that OK?”

“That sounds beautiful, Kathy. I love it. Relax, we will be friends either way.” Kim leaned in for a kiss and Katherine obliged with a soft kiss of a few seconds. “I think we’ll have a great time.”

Over the next two hours, the drinks flowed. Cocktails in one hand and wine in the other. The laughter and stories made for a fun relaxed evening. Tony put on a show of cooking dinner. The ladies teased him about his cooking show. Dinner was perfect. The snapper was cooked to perfection. Side dishes chosen to compliment the fish. Then came time for the pool.

Katherine whispered to Kim, “Remember my little signal.” But feeling the drinks already she was loud.

“What signal?” Tony asked and the all erupted in laughter.

In the guest room, Katherine stripped and pulled on the little bikini bottom. She looked in the mirror. “Can I do this. Oh, this is strange. They are so nice and cute.” Katherine admired her body and face. She decided that she ready. She finished dressing and headed for the pool.

In the pool Kim was filling in Tony in on the signal. “She just doesn’t want to talk about it. We’ll paddle around for a bit then, you un-hook my top. If she takes hers off, we’re on. If not, you behave, and I’ll suck you dry later. Can you dig that?”

Tony laughed. “I’m just jazzed that we get to see her in a bikini. She’s beautiful!”

“I know.” Kim said and stepped out into shoulder deep water. Kim’s suit was a bikini also but was more conservative and designed for her figure. The bra had support for her huge tits and the bottom kept her round ass in check. “Here she comes, baby.”

Katherine strolled onto the paddock around the pool. She had put her high heeled sandals back on. She knew they showed the muscles in her legs. She held a towel around her shoulders. She walked to the edge of the pool and set her feet like a model on the runway. “I want both of you to know that I’m having a wonderful time. I think you are a great couple. I wish you many years of happiness in this home.” She turned slowly, knowing most of her ass was not covered by the swim suit. Katherine kicked off the sandals. Then she took a breath and dropped the towel onto a chair. When she turned back to face the couple. She was already topless.

“Oh, holy shit!” Tony exclaimed. “Wow, wow, wow!”

“Oh, my God, Kathy! You are magnificent.” Kim proclaimed.

“Thanks, guys. You make me feel so good.” Katherine cupped her tits in her hands and jumped in. She swam straight to Kim and hugged her around the neck, resting her small “D” boobs on to of Kim’s which were a size known only to God. I thought I’d just surprise you and break the ice myself.” Katherine laughed.

Kim walked backward in the water carrying Katherine. She backed to her husband who un-hooked her top and let the mammoth melons free. “That feels better. I love the weightlessness.” Kim said and rubbed them from underneath.

“I hope you don’t mind if I play with them. I’ve never touched any big ones before.” Katherine said.

Tony walked over to the ladies. “Kathy, may I touch you?”

“Yes, young man. Nice of you to ask.” She answered.

Kim and Tony both laughed loudly. “That’s swinger etiquette.” Kim said with a smile. “See you asked out of courtesy. We must ask before we do anything. And “no” means “no”. If you don’t want something to happen. Just say so.”

“Well, I’ll cut through all that for you two. You can touch me any way you want.” Katherine smiled and kissed each of them in turn.

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