Summer Holidays Ch. 1

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For as long as I could remember we’d gone to stay with Grandma and Grandpa for a few weeks over the school holidays, and it had always been an exciting time. They lived in an almost isolated farm house quite close to the sea, and it always seemed to take an age to get there down a road that twisted and turned through a heavily forested area.

They loved it because of the privacy it gave them, I loved it because there always seemed to be so much to explore, the woods, the beaches, and a small amount of farmland in between, rarely, if ever, did I meet anyone on my many walks. Mom and dad never seemed to worry when I was out from dawn to dusk as I rather think they enjoyed the opportunity to have time to themselves and go off swimming and snorkeling.

This particular year I’d just passed my 18th birthday, and Mom and Dad were starting to wonder if I’d rather spend my holidays where there was more people, more kids my own age to play with, but I told them that I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than at Nanna and Grandad’s, so here we were, and I couldn’t wait to get out and start exploring again, I was sure that much would have changed in the year since I was here, old trees would have fallen and created new grotto’s in the forest, and new ones would have started to grow to fill the gaps, Mmmm, I sure loved those trees.

The first day was going to be very hot, so I knew I was going to spend the day in the cool of the forest, exploring, but even though it would be cooler in there, it would still be warm enough not to wear too many clothes. I giggled as I remembered the time last year when I’d got too hot and had thrown off all my clothes and run naked through the forest pretending I was a nature nymph, I’d felt so free and I knew that if it was hot again this year I’d do the same thing.

So, making sure no one was around the house to see me leave, I slipped on a pair of bikini bottoms, some tight shorts and a loose, floppy T shirt, with no bra underneath, and dashed out. As soon as I moved into the trees I felt free, and glancing around quickly I slipped my T shirt over my head to let the breeze get to my breast and my nipples, Mmm that felt sooo good. I giggled as I slung the T shirt over my shoulders and started out through the forest, I felt so wicked!

I was quite tall for my age, almost 5ft 8, and with the height had come a very early development! By age 13 I already had a nice pair of breasts that had all the boys in my class trying to cop a feel or sneak a look, particularly at swimming carnivals, but I learned very quickly how to avoid their fumbling hands, while still teasing them just a little.

Now, at 18, I had quite large, but very firm breasts, probably a 36 c or maybe larger, grin, and it wasn’t the boys that were ogling me now, or trying to cop a feel, grown men were licking their lips, even some of my male teachers! One had even gone so far as to invite me to a party he was holding, but I knew mom and dad wouldn’t let me go. Mmmm that night I lay in bed and dreamed of what might have happened if I’d gone, and it wasn’t long before I was moaning and groaning with my fingers deep in my shuddering pussy, bringing myself to a climax. Just thinking of it now made my nipples jump to attention and I lifted my hand and caressed them, shuddering slightly.

Oh god I was getting so horny as I got older, and my one attempt at sex had only fuelled that. I’d been at a party with some of my fellow students and had a little too much to drink, enough to dampen my usual caution, and one of the boys had taken advantage of that and bailed me up out in the pool, fondling my breasts and my pussy and getting me real hot, then he’d pulled my bather bottoms aside and tried to slide his hard cock into me. I guess he got it in a little way, but then he groaned and shot his load and quickly pulled out, afraid he might get me pregnant. Damn it, he left me right up in the air, I guess I could have told him I was on the pill and there was no danger, but he’d already cum so that was a waste of time, I wasn’t even sure he’d popped my cherry – if I still had one after all the manual manipulations I’d been doing over the last few years! I rushed home and masturbated furiously until I came, making a promise to myself that next time it would be different, next time it would be a man making me scream out my orgasm.

I was still thinking these idle horny thoughts, and getting a little turned on, when I heard voices. I stopped dead, not afraid, just curious, in all these years I’d never met anyone else in these woods. I turned my ears one way and then the other, trying to determine where the voices were coming from, and promptly headed slowly and quietly in that direction, slipping quickly into my T shirt as I did so.

Suddenly I knew where the voices were coming from, there was a stream that meandered through the forest down to the beach, and in some places the stream widened and deepened to form pools, I’d swum in some of them myself, although the Gazipaşa Escort water was always so incredibly cold, I knew there was one just ahead, with a small clearing around it. By now I could hear the voices clearly enough to realize that there was a man and a woman there, and they were arguing a little.

“No Johnny” I heard the woman say, “You promised I could keep my top on otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to you taking pictures”

“But Jennifer. You’re so beautiful and you would make a fantastic model, and all models do bikini shots, hell some even do topless shots” Johnny replied, in a pleading tone.

Mmmm, this sounded interesting, I thought as I moved closer, moved to where I was hidden from them by some trees, but I could see them quite clearly. Jennifer was standing by the pool in a half pose position, her hands above her head, her breasts thrust forward. She was wearing a thin T shirt like me, but it was wet as if she’d been in the water, and it was plastered to her breasts so closely that you could see her bikini top showing through. She was tall and blonde and quite good looking, although that was marred by the pouting look she had on her face at that moment.

“Well, what if you took off your bikini top, but left your T shirt on” Johnny pleaded.

“Oh, that would be just as bad, my breasts would show right through, and I know you, you’ll be showing the pictures to all your friends and I’ll get a reputation” she said, “No, this is far as I go, and it that doesn’t please you then I’ll leave”

“Aw hell. Jennifer that’s not fair, you promised me some good shots, got me all worked up, and now you want to walk off, well perhaps I should let you!” he almost snarled.

Jennifer laughed, “Let me? you forget it’s my car, so if that’s the way you feel. I’ll head off and leave you to walk home” she pouted.

“Do that” he said, turning away, turning almost to face me, and I suddenly realized what he meant by ‘worked up’! he was only wearing shorts and they were tenting out at the front like crazy, Johnny had a massive hard on! I felt the heat shoot through me as I stared at his bulge, then movement caught my yes and I saw Jennifer pick up her shoulder bag and start to walk away.

Then she stopped and a cruel kind of laugh came from her, “Guess you’ll have to handle you own problem, I’m sure you’re used to that, being such a perve and all, oh yes Mary told me how you’d tried to get her to take her clothes off too, you’re just a dirty old man” she cried out, then turned away.

He spun around, “So why did you come if you knew that and if you felt like that?” he asked, an almost plaintive note in his voice.

She laughed, “Because I like to tease” she said, “I like to see men get all aroused and excited, and it was sure easy with you” still laughing, she turned and walked away, and soon disappeared into the woods. Johnny stood there shoulders slumped, a picture of dejection, until we both heard the distant car start up and drive off, then he slumped to the floor, gazing out over the pool.

I felt so sorry for him and so angry with her, that before I realized what I was doing I stepped forward around the bank of trees and walked towards him. I was almost on top of him before he sensed my presence and looked around, and immediately jumped up, startled, “Where did you come from” he gasped.

I smiled, “Oh, Hi, I’m Gina, I’m staying with my grandparents just over by the beach and I always walk through these woods, I’ve never ever met anyone here before, but I heard voices, so I came to see who was here” I said.

His eyes dropped, “Oh, you heard” he said.

I blushed, “Well I must admit I did stop and listen for a while, I thought she was very cruel” I said.

“Yeah, well, I should have guessed as much, her sister was the same” he said, sighing.

I grinned, “That would be Mary” I said, “So if you knew, or guessed, why did you come?”

He flushed slightly, then laughed, “Well hell, they’re both pretty good looking, and I would have loved some pictures, and she’s right, it excites me to look” he said, then frowned, “But I shouldn’t be telling you all that, I’d better get going, I have a long way to walk”

I don’t know what made me do it, but I put out my hand to stop him turning away, “Do you have to go?” I asked, “after all didn’t you come all, this way for pictures?, did you take many of Jennifer?” I asked.

He looked a little stunned, “Oh, just a few, I was saving the rest of the roll for …” he said, then he flushed deeply.

I laughed, feeling incredibly adult and turned on all of a sudden, “For when Jennifer took off her clothes and showed you her breasts and maybe all the rest of her too” I said, grinning.

He blushed then smiled again, “Well I guess I can’t deny that, after all you heard her call me a dirty old man” he said.

I snorted, “you’re not old at all” I said.

“I’m 35, and feel like 50 right at this moment” he said, Gazipaşa Escort Bayan then let his eyes wander slowly over me, “And you must be what?…21, 22?” he asked.

I literally felt my shoulders straightening and my large breasts push forward, wow, did I really look that old? for a moment I thought of lying, but then decided not to, “No” I said, laughing, “I just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago”

He gasped, stepping back a step and really letting his eyes roam over me and I could see his bulge start to grow all over again, “That’s unbelievable, I mean you look so mature … and so beautiful .. and so sexy” He said. then flushed, “Oh I guess I shouldn’t have said that last bit”

“Why not” I asked impishly, “Every girl likes to be told she’s beautiful and sexy”

He laughed, “Oh I guess so, but there’s a law about coming on to girls of your age” he said.

“Oh” I said, trying to be as coy as possible, “Were you coming on to me?”

He tossed back his head and laughed, “Hell, you know I was, in fact I was about to ask if you’d like to pose for me before you told me your age” he said.

Oh. and does being young make me ugly?” I asked.

“Hell no, it makes you exciting … and dangerous” He said.

I grinned at him, “And if I feel …exciting …. And dangerous?” I asked.

His eyes just about popped out and he swallowed uncomfortably through his dry throat , “You mean you’d really?” he stammered.

I ignored him, walking around him and approaching the pool, “I’ve often swum here on my own” I said, “I love the freedom, and the privacy”, and as I spoke I lifted my T shirt over my head and tossed it aside. I heard his loud gasp and knew he was seeing my naked breasts in all their glory. I turned and smiled at him, lifting my hands above my head, thrusting my breasts forward, they felt so firm and the nipples were swollen and standing right out. “Will this do” I asked in a soft, sultry voice.

He groaned aloud and just stood and stared.

“Well, aren’t you going to take some pictures?” I asked, laughing.

He gulped, “You really mean?”

“Of course, I’ve always wanted to be a model” I said.

Suddenly he broke out of his shock, and raising his camera began to click away, moving from side to side, closer, then further away. He posed me against a tree, partially in the water, and lying flat on my back, and I felt absolutely fantastic, like a real model, and he told me repeatedly how beautiful and exciting and sexy I was. Then he ran out of film, and rushed to his bag to get another reel, pausing as he put it in and glancing at me with a strange expression on his face. “Mmmm, you’ve been absolutely fantastic” he said, “and I know I’ve got some real beauties, but ….”

“But what?” I asked.

He licked his lips, “Would you…would you remove the rest?” he asked.

It was my turn to gasp, “You mean…be …completely naked?” I asked, flushing.

He nodded, “Oh, it’s ok if you don’t, I understand, but … well you are just soo sexy I’d love to see all of you ” he murmured, coming closer.

I glanced down and my eyes widened, his shorts were like a tent. He saw where my eyes were looking, “sorry about that, but seeing you arouses me so much” he whispered.

I felt the flush run right through me, “But wont it be worse if I …..?” I whispered, “and isn’t it terribly uncomfortable?”

He grinned, “Yes, and Yes” he said, “But I like to think of it as better rather than worse, and as for being uncomfortable, well I can always let it out … if you don’t mind?”

I was on fire, staring at his bulge, and I knew I wanted to see him,, see how big he was, heck I hadn’t even seen the one cock that had slipped into me in the pool. I licked my lips and heard myself saying, “I think you should, after all, If I’m naked then you should be too, its only fair?”

For a moment he gaped, his jaw dropping, then as if scared I might realize what I’d said and change my mind, he hung the camera around his neck and bent forward at the waist and slid his shorts and his pants off, straightening up to reveal one massive , thick cock! I gaped, god I’d never seen anything that big, even in books or magazines.

He smiled, “Don’t let it frighten you, it’s always under control, it never misbehaves unless someone really wants it to” he said.

I felt a huge shudder run through me and I’m sure he saw it, as his smile widened, then I was slipping my bikini bottoms off, revealing my pussy, with it’s small patch of brown hair neatly trimmed, and he groaned.

“Damn, if only you weren’t so goddamn young” He whispered, and I saw his big cock lurch.

I grinned, feeling very grown up all of a sudden, “Oh, and if I wasn’t what would you do?” I asked.

“First of all I’d take this whole reel of film of you naked in various sexy, revealing positions, then I’d lie you on the grass beside the pool and I’d fuck you over and over again” He said.

I knew he’d deliberately said Escort Gazipaşa it crudely to shock me, but all it did was excite me like crazy, and much to his astonishment I stepped forward and cupped my hand around his cock, stroking it up and down lightly, “My age doesn’t make any difference to this at all, does it? It wants to be inside me, filling me up, fucking me, doesn’t it?” I whispered hotly.

He groaned, “Maybe that’s true, but I know you’re too young” He whispered.

I grinned, continuing to fondle his cock…my first real cock! … “If you can look me in the eyes and tell me honestly that you don’t want to fuck me even though you know I’m just 18, I’ll let you go” I said, grinning.

He groaned, deeply, squirming around in my hand, “And if I can’t?” he gasped.

I moved forward even more and brushed the head of his cock up and down the lips of my pussy so he could feel my wetness, “Then I guess you’re just going to have to fuck me like you promised” I said.

“But” he squawked.

I lifted one finger to his lips, “No buts, tell me …. Now…” I said.

He groaned deeply again, a shudder running through him, “I can’t, I just can’t” he groaned.

I smiled hotly and reached up and lifted the camera off his neck, putting down carefully by his bag, “You can take your pictures later, whatever shots you want” I said, “But right now…” and I slipped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips hard upon his.

There was only a momentary hesitation, a brief battle with his conscience, then his hands were on my breasts and he was pressing his massive cock against my belly, and he was kissing me deeply and passionately. Oh god yes, this is what I’d been waiting for, and wanting, a man, a real man, caressing me and wanting me, arousing me and exciting me. Then I was on the grass and his hands and his lips were everywhere, my nipples seemed to explode as he first licked around them, then sucked them into his hot mouth and lashed them with his tongue, and the first orgasm ripped through me, leaving me breathless. He spent an age on my breasts and the fire inside me seemed to grow hotter and hotter, I was reaching down and grasping his hard cock whenever I could, squeezing and stroking it, feeling it grow even more.

Then his lips and his tongue were at my pussy, oh god I just about jumped out of my skin as his tongue thrust inside and curled around my throbbing clit, and I shook and shuddered, oh god so much better than when my fingers did it!. He spread my pussy lips wide and sucked my clit into his mouth, and I screamed and came wildly, thrusting my pussy up into his face, pouring my juices all over him, and that seemed to excite him even more.

He rolled over and worked his way up my body, back to my breasts, and I felt his hard cock trailing up my leg and my inner thigh until it was brushing against my pussy, “Oh yes, yes” I whimpered, and lifted my backside off the grass, spreading my knees wide, feeling the head of his cock slip just a little bit inside. Oh god I was about to be fucked, I knew it and I wanted it!

He hesitated, pulling back slightly, but I reached around and clutched at his tight ass cheeks, “Please. oh yes please” I whimpered, and with a groan of despair he thrust forward ….burying his massive cock ball deep in one stroke!!

God I thought I’d been split in two, and I screamed loudly and shook like crazy, and he stopped and froze. “Are you alright” he whispered, ‘I didn’t know you were … oh god, you seemed so mature and knowing I didn’t mean to…”

I reached up and put my fingers on his lips once more, “Shhhhh, it’s ok, make it good, make my first time the best it could possibly be” I whispered, “Love me and fuck me all at the same time” I said.

He was shaking his head back and fo muttering, “Damn, a virgin, a goddamn 18 year old virgin, I never thought….”

“Mmmmm, fuck me Johnny, fuck me with your big cock and fill me with your cum” I whispered boldly, and my language seemed to have the desired effect, he started to move his big cock backwards and forwards , slowly at first, but with growing passion as his body took over his mind and all he cared about was the tight, wet, cunt he was thrusting into. “OH God Gina”, he whispered, “you are so tight and hot, such a fantastic fuck, I can’t get enough of you” and he fucked me harder and faster, pounding his big dick into me, and I loved it, loved the feel of it, loved it’s thickness and it’s length, loved it filling me up, and I answered him stroke for stroke, thrusting up as he thrust down, slamming his cock deeper and deeper, squeezing it with my pussy walls as if I’d been trained to do it from birth.

Then he was CUMMING, screaming wildly and thrusting out of control, his big cock spurting and spewing his juices into me, and I was CUMMING too!!!! equally wildly, pulling him deeper and wailing and screaming as I shuddered through orgasm after orgasm until we both collapsed exhausted onto the grass.

He didn’t allow me to fall away from him completely, he held me gently, stroking and kissing me, telling me how beautiful and exciting and fantastic I was, and I listened and grew a little taller with every word. A man, a real man, had fucked me and it had been good for him too, now I knew I was well on the way to becoming a real woman!

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