Summer of an Older Woman Pt. 02

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I got a lot of positive feedback regarding part one. Thank you all for enjoying this story, and here’s part 2 for you to enjoy as well. There will be a third part as well as soon as I can write it. Rabbitman


The next morning we got up early so we could shower (I used the shower in the second bathroom to save time), and after we got dressed, we had time to go to the local diner by her condo for breakfast. Linda made sandwiches for both of us for lunch so I picked up the breakfast check, and then we headed over to the rendezvous separately. We were trying hard to keep our relationship secret, even from the other division heads and the camp director. Not that we would have had any trouble. We just wanted to be discreet to avoid any uncomfortable questions.

Friday, we had a date night. Instead of meeting me at the diner, which would have meant driving everywhere separately, I picked Linda up outside her building. It also helped with the fact that we both wanted me to spend the night, though I had to leave by 7 Saturday morning so I’d be gone before her kids got up. We were getting close to each other, more than a casual fling, and I kind of wanted to meet her children, but that was Linda’s call. It would be hard for her to keep me secret from them all summer long. Besides, unless they met me, I wouldn’t be able to spend a day with her, like at the beach or a public park on the weekends she had them. In any case, I did pick her up outside her building, we had a light bite at the diner, went to a movie theatre in Brooklyn so we wouldn’t run into anyone from work, and I spent the night with Linda, having a great time in bed, though a little quiet. And I left at 7 sharp.

The next Monday, we were able to have lunch together in the woods, away from prying eyes. I brought up the subject of her children. “This coming weekend won’t be a problem since Dave has your kids, but I would like to be able to spend at least one day with you every weekend. I have no problem with your kids joining us. We could go to a ballgame or the beach. Whatever you want, babe. I like spending the time with you.”

She took my hand as we sat there in the woods, far enough away from the various campsites each group set up. “Dennis, I would love to see you at least one day each weekend. But I’m worried about one of them, especially Sandy, saying something to my ex when she sees him. She really has almost no filter. She’s only 3, after all. She won’t realize you’re younger than I am, but I don’t know how Dave will react if he finds out about any man in my life. He still acts like he has rights regarding me. I don’t want to hurt you, and I know our time together is short, but he can frighten me sometimes.” We were quiet for a few minutes while we finished eating; we had to get back to our groups in a little while. “I’ve been thinking about something. Camp ends August 22nd. You don’t have to leave for school until September 6th, right?”

“Yeah, that’s the plan. Just over two weeks between the end of camp and heading back to school.”

“Dave has the kids starting the 24th through September 3rd. He’s taking them to the Bahamas. How about we go away for four or five days in between? I know you can’t afford a resort type of trip, but we could either do an inexpensive motel near the beach out east, or we could go camping. I love camping, I used to do it every summer with friends. And a couple of boyfriends. It’s a lot of fun. I can even borrow a nice size tent. Just the two of us? Five days by ourselves, roughing it?”

We heard the sounds of kids running around, heading off to afternoon activities. We got up and brushed ourselves off. “I love that idea. Especially the two of us alone part. And I’ve done some camping as well, with my father and brother.” I smiled and took her hand, and then Linda gave me a very quick kiss.

“We’ll figure out the details in a week or so. And Dennis, this doesn’t mean you won’t meet my children. I just have to think it over. I think they’d really like you. Especially Sandy. Michael…I have to feel him out about it. A boy and his father, you know.”

“I know. I won’t take it personally if you say no. But think it over. And this coming weekend…you’re all mine.” We both laughed and she said it was a deal.

At home, I was getting questioned about Linda almost every night. Sometimes Tom had questions about things we did, and my parents asked about how we were keeping everything such a secret from everyone we worked with. I answered everything as best I could; I didn’t want them to think I had something to hide (except about the obvious subject). On Thursday, when I told my parents I’d be spending the whole weekend from Friday after work on through Sunday night with Linda, my mom insisted that I bring her over for dinner Saturday night. “If you’re going to be spending so much time with her, particularly spending nights there, I think your father and I should meet her. And in case you’re thinking of saying no, you Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort still live under our roof and this is not a request. You need to make this happen or I will forbid you from seeing her. We still pay most of your bills, Dennis.” Shit. I wasn’t worried about how they would all get along. Not much, anyways. I knew I had to do this or my parents would make the rest of the summer difficult, especially when I told them I was planning to go away with Linda for a few days.

I went to work the next day with a weekend bag in my trunk, and when I saw Linda that Friday morning, I told her what my mother said the night before, that we had to go there for dinner Saturday night. She wasn’t exactly thrilled, not that she thought she wouldn’t get along with my family. But this whole thing was getting much more serious than either of us had expected at the beginning. Me possibly meeting her kids, her meeting my parents…those weren’t the actions of people taking things casually. But Linda accepted that this was going to have to happen.

We went to Linda’s right after work (her kids were picked up by her ex from her parents), and we took a hot shower together when we got to her place. I’d never done that before, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. We took turns soaping each other up, and just the feel of her hands sliding all over my body, as well as mine gliding over hers, slipping all over her feminine curves, was enough to make my cock swell to impressive results. To put it simply, I looked like it was carved from a solid piece of wood. Linda was very impressed. She spent a ridiculous amount of time soaping up my cock and balls, then my ass and she even rubbed her finger up and down my crack and around my asshole, which made my cock jump up and down without any help from me.

“I see you liked that, baby” she said, purring in my ear. “Maybe we’ll try something new later tonight. But for now, soap me up. We’ll make this fast, have dinner, relax for a while and then move things into the bedroom. I even have a little outfit I think you’ll enjoy.”

I looked at her like the cat who caught the canary, then finished soaping her breasts and then her tummy and thighs and of course her pubic area and then the lips of her pussy. And her ass, her round, wide, shapely ass. She moaned all the while before rubbing her hand all over my erection in a manner that used various techniques and was unhurried. I was so lost in the pleasure Linda was giving me, I kind of forgot to take care of her but she gently reminded me of my ‘responsibilities’. We were standing under the hot spray, soapy and horny, with Linda jerking my cock and me fingering her pussy, outside and inside. She let me know I should use my thumb on her clit while I fucked her with two fingers, and being a good student, I caught on quick. My other hand gripped her ass firmly and I was sucking hard on her right breast. In the meantime, her right hand was flying up and down my throbbing cock, paying special attention to the glans, on the head, twisting her hand as she went up and down.

I was getting weak in the knees as I got close to cumming, and Linda was moaning out loud, prompting me to rub her faster. I moved my head to her face and we locked in a deep kiss as our orgasms almost literally burst from us. Linda shook all over, crying into my mouth as our tongues danced, and I shot a furious load of my cum all over her tummy, making a new mess there that was easily dealt with, with just a little more soap and hot water. We stood there gasping, smiling, then giggling as we came back to ourselves. A few more short, affectionate kisses were exchanged before we shut the water, grabbed some towels, and dried each other off in the steamy room.

Linda asked me to call for Chinese delivery while she dried her hair, telling me what she wanted and where the menu was in her kitchen. I took care of it, and by the time it was delivered 40 minutes later, we were both lightly dressed and presentable for the delivery guy.

While we ate, I asked Linda about where she learned about teasing my ass like that. We paused from eating, and Linda took my hand. “It’s hardly going to surprise you to know I have a lot more experience with sex than you do, baby. I was still a virgin when I got to college in Wisconsin. But once I ‘lost’ it, and I discovered how much I absolutely loved sex, I went a little crazy for a while. I didn’t want a boyfriend, I wanted experiences, with different men…and a few women.” That caught me by surprise and it must have been all over my face. I didn’t have a problem with it; I just didn’t expect it.

“So you’re bisexual? Sometimes you like to be with a woman?” I didn’t ask like a pervert, but just in a curious way, though the thought of it was getting my attention down below.

“Sometimes. I much prefer men, but there are times.;. Dennis, can I be completely honest with you? You won’t freak out on me?”

“I Yenimahalle Rus Escort guess so. I won’t be offended in any way, I can promise you that much. I don’t have an issue with peoples sexuality. So yeah, you can tell me anything.”

I squeezed her fingers gently, and Linda went ahead with her story. “I told you I haven’t been with a man before you for a few years. But I have been with a woman, a friend of mine who also prefers men, but sometimes, we both need to be with someone. She’s divorced too, and we prefer to be together than to find a strange man. That idea frightens me. So yeah, when I was at Wisconsin, I went a little crazy for a few years, making up for lost time. I can show you something after dinner, if you won’t be upset.”

“Well, that has me intrigued. I can’t imagine anything would upset me. I care about you too much for that to be the case. I think.” I smiled at her, trying to reassure her, and she smiled back, a little nervous. I couldn’t imagine what she was talking about, something that could upset me. I would find out soon enough.

We finished eating, put away the leftovers and the dishes in the dishwasher, then we just settled down for a while, digesting our dinner, watching the news and a couple of programs as we cuddled on the couch. It was quiet, and it felt natural and comfortable. Still, I was wondering what Linda had been talking about before.

Around 9, Linda got up, kissed me, and told me to wait there for about ten minutes or so, and she’d call me into her bedroom when she was ready for me. She walked into the other room while I checked out the wiggle of her ass. I was definitely horny and hot for her. She was the only woman I had been fantasizing about at home all summer, and between our experiences to that point, plus what she told me, I was wanting her very badly.

After about 15 minutes, she called me to come to her bedroom. I shut the tv and the lights, then joined her in her room. Linda was sitting on her bed in a hot pink satin camisole, very feminine and incredibly sexy. But the surprise was a 8mm projector set up next to her on her side of the bed, aimed at a smooth white sheet on the wall. Clearly she had done this before.

“Strip down and come sit with me, baby” Linda said, patting the empty side, what had become my side when I was there. “You can leave on your underwear if you want or you can get naked. Your choice.” Her smile was sexy and inviting.

“I’ll leave them on, I think, for now. I doubt they’ll be on for long.” I got out of my shorts and shirt and sat with Linda.

“Probably not. Now, I have to ask you something. Please, whatever happens with us in the next week or beyond, please, don’t tell anyone about these movies. There’s two on the reel. You have to promise me, baby.”

“Babe, I hope you know me better than that by now. I would never betray your trust. Never. I promise.”

We kissed a couple of times, then she had me shut the lamp on my side of the bed and she turned on the projector in the dark room. First the sheet was lit by just the lamp, then some scratchy lead frames before the action started.

I should mention I had seen a couple of 8mm ‘stag’ c t6bn n films before. Some friends and I, after a concert at Madison Square Garden, went up to Times Square and went into one of the many ‘peep shows’ that filled the Crossroads of the World back in the 80s. There were many booths where you dropped a quarter into a slot and for a minute or so, one of those cheap films played before the curtain came down again. More quarters, more time to watch. It was kind of hot, but I wasn’t the type to whip out my dick and jerk off in semi-public. Another time, a friend of mine found a few of them at his girlfriends house, in her parents storage, and he smuggled them out for an evening and a bunch of us watched, including a few girls. Again, it was hot, but it wasn’t like we were going to have an orgy. So I didn’t take care of my problem until I got home alone. But nothing prepared me for what I saw with Linda.

That first scene started in a motel room. The camera operator was not skilled; the picture was bouncing around a little, like watching my dads films of our family vacations. Then a couple walked into the picture and immediately started stripping. It took a moment before I realized the girl was Linda, about ten years younger.

My jaw must have hit my chest. She got out of her dress, down to a pair of black panties and heels, and the guy got out of everything. He had a very impressive cock, at least 8 inches, maybe bigger. They started kissing in front of the bed, and Linda was jerking his dick slowly while he massaged her tits vigorously.

I turned to look at her and she was nervous now. She didn’t know if I would be turned on and eager to watch with her, or if I would, as she said, “freak out” and put on my clothes and leave. I chose the former. I was really turned on watching her and I put my arm around her waist and pulled closer.

“Are you sure you’re all right with this, baby?” she whispered. Why she whispered, I don’t know. There wasn’t any sound to the movie.

“Babe, I’m fine. Kind of blown away, but in a good way. You’ll have to tell me about this later…or tomorrow. We might be busy all night.” I smiled and we kissed before we returned to the movie.

The man sat at the edge of the bed and Linda got on her knees, still in her panties and heels, and started to blow him, slow to start, using her tongue in a way I had come to know and enjoy. She sucked up and down, both from the outside and taking him into her mouth. She also licked and sucked his balls while she jerked his red dick. The camera moved closer, getting in tight on her very pretty face buried in his crotch. There was a cutaway to his face, with his eyes closed. He looked like he was loving everything she was doing to him, something I could relate to.

After a couple of minutes, they changed positions. Linda was on her back and his head was between her legs, licking at her pussy. No foreplay, he just went at it. Yet Linda looked like she was having an even better time than the guy had when she was going down on him. Her head was twisting side to side and her body was moving wildly.

I had to ask. “Was he that great? Or are you just acting?”

Without taking her eyes off herself, Linda answered “A little of both. I was incredibly turned on, to tell the truth.” I felt her hand reaching into my briefs, and her hand grasped my cock skillfully. I groaned at her touch and we slid down in the bed as I reached under her camisole and found a matching pair of panties. I put my hand inside and found Linda was incredibly wet, dripping down to the crack of her ass and onto her thighs.

We kissed hungrily, our tongues darting back and forth in each others mouths. We were only paying partial attention to the movie now, and when I looked again, Linda was still on her back with her legs way up in the air as the man was fucking her hard and fast. Nothing gentle in his lunges, just pure fucking. The heels made her legs look long and shapely, and she was again looking like it was the greatest fuck of her life. Except she wasn’t doing the things I had come to love, such as grabbing his ass or kissing him at all, let alone any passion. Her arms were just out wide, and her body was barely moving around.

“Acting?” I asked, both of us fixated again on the film.

“Yeah. He didn’t know what he was doing. It was just a fuck.” I tingled at her words: her dirty language was incredibly erotic. We kept our hands busy on each other, with two of my fingers deep in her pussy and her hand jerking me fast and then slow, mixing it up nicely.

On the sheet, he flipped her over on her hands and knees and drove his cock into her from behind. The cameraman got a tight closeup of his cock thrusting in and out, fast, his balls swaying freely. Then suddenly, he pulled out and jerked off all over Linda’s ass and back, giving her a pretty thick load of cum. She reached behind her and smeared it all around, even tasting a few drops for the camera before the picture faded out.

Linda shut the camera and turned to me in the now fully dark room. “Do you want to watch the next one? Or should be go for it now?” Her breathing was ragged and shallow, and so was mine. I wanted her right then.

“Let me put it to you this way” I said as I roughly tugged down her panties as I thrust my tongue into her mouth. Linda grabbed me, easily as turned on as I was. I mounted her quickly, but I was determined to make this time last. Her legs were up in the air just like in the film, sans the heels, and I fucked her hard but with more consideration for her needs than that guy she did the film with.

“Oh God! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me with that lovely dick! Right in my hot cunt!” Her language was even dirtier than previously, and her hand came down hard and smacked my ass.

“You want it rough?” I grunted through grit teeth. “A hot, dirty fuck?”


I slammed into her, holding her arms down with my hands, pounding her like I was trying to drive her through the mattress to the box spring. My balls were spanking her, and she cried out as she came, once, then again, before I managed to barely pull my cock free and jerk off all over her mound and her tummy. The first shot even sprayed her up to her tits.

“Bring your cock to me! Don’t waste the rest!” I crawled up to her face, shoving my cock at her lips. Linda sucked and licked, draining the rest of my cum from my balls, at least for the moment. I had a feeling I’d be sharing more before the night was over.

I fell next to her, sweaty and sticky and incredibly happy. Linda was usually very sweet and loving, but she had moments of wild kinkiness, everything a man could want. And I was all of 19, turning 20 in October.

I touched her shoulder, then down her arm. “You’re amazing” I said hoarsely. My throat was dry. “Seriously. I never would have imagined any of this. And please don’t think for a moment I’m bothered by that film. It’s hot, sexy, and completely your business. I was wrong before when I said you can tell me about it later or tomorrow. You can tell me or not. It’s up to you.” I kissed her warm lips.

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