Summer of Sex Ch. 07

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I highly recommend you read at least part 6 before diving into this one.


Zach stepped in the room, completely naked. He motioned as if he were clapping and I wondered how long he had be there. He crossed the room, quickly putting his hands on my back. He kissed my neck, before pushing my face back to his sister’s sopping pussy. As I bent forward, he ran his hands down my back and onto my hips. He pushed his hard cock in between my ass checks and humped against me. I was already soaked. It did not take but a few moderate thrusts to have his cock buried deep in my cunt.

It was times like this that I wish I had a video camera hidden in my bedroom. What a scene it must have been. The tight body of Joslyn lying across the bed with her arms tied above her head and her eyes blindfolded. My face pushed into her pussy while I ever so calmly dildo fucked her ass for the second time that night. My ass high in the air while Zach stood at the end of the bed, smoothly forcing his cock into my slippery cunt. It must have been an incredible view.

After several minutes of the nice and easy pace, Zach gripped my hips tighter. I knew he wanted to fuck me fast and hard. I lifted my face from Joslyn’s clit, slowly pulling the cock from her ass. I set it aside as she let out a whimper, twisting her face in disappointment.

“Don’t worry,” I explained to her. “I’ve got another surprise.”

I climbed off the bed, pulling my strap on harness from the nightstand drawer. As I stepped into it, I looked over at Zach who was stroking his rock hard cock. He was watching me, and then turned his attention to his exposed sister. He licked his lips as if to tell me all the things running through his head. He looked back at me, and with a very stern look I conveyed exactly what I was thinking. He was not going to fuck her without consent. I already felt bad about sneaking this threesome onto her. I was not about to let him fuck her while she though it was me. I would have to slowly introduce him into this, but I still was not sure what to say.

I tightened the straps of the harness and slid the cock in place. I walked back to the foot of the bed and climbed up. I pulled Joslyn’s legs up, so that her knees were at her chest and I bent forward. I rubbed the cock against her wet pussy as I spoke very softly to her.

“I have a friend that is going to play with us, is that okay?” I asked her as reassuringly as I could.

“Ummm… Okay.” She looked confused. “Who is it?”

“It’s a surprise. But he isn’t going to do anything to you without your permission,” I shot a look back at Zach. He shrugged and then nodded in acceptance.

“Okay!” Jos said, seemingly excited about the whole thing.

I spread her legs to the sides of my body and leaned down to her. I continued rubbing the cock against her pussy as I licked and sucked on her nipples. I felt Zach’s hand on my lower back as he climbed on the bed. He kissed across my shoulders and down my back. I heard him spit on his cock as he began stroking it again. I sat up, leaning against him and kissed him deeply. He positioned his painfully erect dick right at my pussy lips as I did the same with the toy to Joslyn. He nodded and we both pushed forward, his cock sliding into me and mine into Jos. She and I both let out moans. Zach slowly found a nice rhythm and I followed his lead. I slid off his cock and into his sister, and the out of her and back onto him. güvenilir bahis We moved like this, while he pawed at my breasts. Soon I could feel my pussy aching to be fucked harder.

I leaned forward, my hands at Joslyn’s shoulders. She wrapped her feet around my back as we kissed. Zach let go of my breasts and took ahold of her knees. He pulled on them, lifting her tiny body off the bed as I sank into her. She moaned with joy as I hit deep in her soaked cunt.

“I’ll untie your hands,” I offered her. “But! You must leave your blindfold on for now.”

“Okay she nodded.”

I sat up to release her hands, but Zach did not let go of her knees. He continued to push me into her as he thrust his cock deep into me. When her hands were free, Joslyn immediately found my tits, pulling me down so that she could take one in her mouth. She flicked my nipple with her tongue, squeezing the other. I tossed my head back as the new sensations sent shockwaves down my body. Zach leaned forward, balancing himself on the headboard. His long arms gave me plenty of room between Joslyn and his warm body, but I wanted to feel them both.

I lowered myself onto Joslyn, pulling my nipple from her mouth and smashing my enormous breasts against hers. I steadied myself on my elbow, reaching up to pull Zach’s arm down next to mine. The three of us worked like a well-oiled machine, thrusting in perfect unison. Soon we were all fucking each other hard and quick. I kissed Joslyn, then leaned back and kissed Zach. As my body was turned to him, he moved his free hand to her exposed tit, grabbing the whole thing in his giant hand. She let out surprised a moan and I turned to see what he was doing.

“Is that okay,” I asked her.

“More…than…okay,” she answered between trusts. “It feels good. He can touch me if he wants.”

In response, Joslyn had begun groping my breast and we continued that way for a while. Zach urged me to switch my weight to the other side. As I did so, he ran his hand down Joslyn’s side and up mine. He grabbed a handful of my hair, pulling my ear to his mouth. He exhaled directly into my ear, making me completely lose focus on anything other than that.

“Be still,” he whispered. It was the first time he had spoken, other than a few grunts.

I steadied myself on both hands, stopping my thrusting. Joslyn stopped as well, curious of what was happening above her.

He pulled my hips back so that my cock was barely inside his sister. Then he drove down with such force that my pelvis slammed against Joslyn. She and I both yelped. He rose up again, and pulled my hips to follow. Then he slammed into us again. He did this again and again, less hard and faster each time. Soon he was moving in such a way that it was as if he were fucking his sister with my cock. He grabbed at her knees again, pulling her up into me. He fucked hard and deep, forcing me to do the same. Joslyn began to tremble below me. She reached up with her hands and grabbed ahold of his forearms. They thrusted into one another we me stuck in the middle. The feeling of Joslyn reaching another orgasm set something off in me. I could feel myself nearing my first of the night as well. And from the pounding Zack was giving me, it seemed as if he was not far behind us. It didn’t take much longer for Joslyn to be screaming as her body shook against my cock. This set off a chain reaction in which I was the next step. I stopped moving as my türkçe bahis pussy gripped around Zach’s cock. I moaned loudly as I felt it spasm on him. Next he sunk deep into me as I milked his cum into my cunt. We were all groaning and shuddering together.

Eventually I slumped over Joslyn as Zach pulled out of me. I then slipped my toy cock out of her. He sat back on his heels, as I rolled over next to her. We all laughed and then fell to silence as the heavy breathing filled the room. I looked up at Zach with a very content grin. He nodded, then pointed as his glistening cock.

“I want her to suck it clean,” he whispered. I shook my head, but he moved toward her anyway.

“Baby girl,” I rubbed her stomach, still rising heavily. “Why don’t you clean my juices from our friend’s dick.”

“Hmmmmmm…” she cooed, reaching for the scarf over her eyes.

I slapped her hand away, “No! Not yet…”

She shrugged, then moved into position. She placed her hands on his bulging thighs and lowered herself about halfway down his still erect penis. It seemed like that was all she could take. I brushed the loose hair away from her face while I watched her suck her brother’s cock. It was incredibly exciting and I could not believe that I actually wanted to fuck them again. My pussy throbbed as I slid my hands across her shoulders and down her back. I spread her legs open and wiggled in below her. I lowered her cunt to my mouth and opened my eyes to see her running her tongue up and down the length of Zach’s engorged member. At first I was intent on just cleaning her pussy of all the nectar she had created, but soon was I completely aroused by the scene above me.

When Zach felt as if his cock had been thoroughly cleaned by his little sister, he pulled away from her mouth. He said back and watched as she began grinding on my face. He moved down between my legs and took the same actions as I had. I moaned against Joslyn’s cunt as her brother lapped at my clit. Soon I was thrusting my hips against him, and pawing at her tits as she rode my face with vigor. She and I both humped our way to another orgasm.

Zach sat back on his knees, his cock still as hard as when we had started. Joslyn leaned back and rolled onto the bed.

“Can I take this thing off now?” she asked, the childlike tone returning to her voice. She reached for the blindfold, sitting up on her knees.

“Hold on a second, Babygirl,” I said uneasily. “I need to say something.” I cleared my throat, as I sat up. I moved over to Zach as he put his arms around me.

“I don’t want you to be mad about this. Just remember that I love you very much.”

“Okay…” she said warily as she pulled the blindfold from her face. She shook the hair away and opened her eyes. Her mouth dropped and then so did her body. She stared at her brother as the emotions seemed to scroll across her face. First stunned, then angry, then lust, then angry, again. She launched forward, slapping and hitting as she went. I barely dodged her attack as she threw herself at Zach.

“You planned this, didn’t you!” She yelled at him. “I can’t believe you would do this! You’re a fucking pervert! I hate you! I hate you!”

Zach just kind of laughed through it all, but eventually grabbed her shoulders with his enormous hands. She fought hard to get free, but that was simply not going to happen. He turned her around, and sat her between his legs, wrapping his güvenilir bahis siteleri arms around her shoulders the way he had just done me. Joslyn looked at me and I could see her heart breaking.

“Fuck you!” She shouted at me.

“Shhhh…” Zack whispered in his sister’s ear. “Listen to her.”

“Look,” I sat in front of her and took her hand in mine. “This doesn’t change anything. I still love you… in a way that I truly should not. But that does not mean that I cannot have those same feelings for someone else. I’m sorry that I did not tell you about Zach. I did not want to hurt you or make you feel like what we have is anything less than it is.”

“But you’ve fucked him, too!” She pouted.

“Yes. I have,” I nodded. I looked at Zach. “And it was… special. Just like it was with you.”

Zach turned his focus from holding his sister down and looked at me with confusion.

“But Jos, that doesn’t mean that I can’t have you both, that I can’t share my time or my love with you. I apologize that we did all this without talking to you first, but I didn’t know how else to tell you. You don’t have to ever do anything with him, again, if you wish not to.” Zach twisted his face at me.

We sat in silence for a minute. Eventually she pushed her way out of his grip and climbed off the bed, storming out of the bedroom. I looked at Zach with desperation. I was certain the big risk I had just taken was going to explode in my face. He leaned over and kissed me. Not the kind of kiss we had shared just early while fucking so passionately. But a deep, emotional, romantic kiss. The kind that makes your blood rush and your stomach stir. He held me close and kissed me like it was the last one he might ever have. When we finished, he looked me right in the eyes.

“I think…” he stammered, just inches from my face. “I think I love you, too.”

I pulled away from him. “I, I can’t do this now!” I reached for the towel I had left on the ground just hours before, and ran out of the room after Joslyn.

She was sitting on the couch, her knees pulled her to chest and her arms wrapped around them. I sat next to her, pulling the towel over my naked body.

“Can we talk?” I brushed the hair off her face.

“I just don’t understand how you can do this, how you can love us both… like that.” She started to tear up.

“It’s… it’s hard to explain. I’ve had the experience with love and emotions and sex. You haven’t, and it makes it difficult to relate to me yet. But I promise, I can.”

Zach walked out of the bedroom, the sheet from my bed wrapped around his waist and trailing behind him. He pulled up the ottoman and sat in front of us.

“Am I supposed to… love him? Like that?” she tilted her head in her brother’s direction, but kept her eyes focused on me.

“No,” I shook my head. “That isn’t what I am saying. But I think you can learn that sex isn’t always about love. Sometimes its just about having fun… with someone you trust. And while I am not so sure how I feel about the two of you fucking each other, I’m not saying it can’t happen.”

We sat like that for about an hour, talking to each other about where our relationships would take us. We all agreed that we could continue to have fun together and individually, and to keep our relationship quiet outside the house. Joslyn eventually calmed down and the conversation became light hearted. She and I recanted our time together for Zach and then he and I shared our times with her. When I told her he had fisted me, her eyes got really big. She wanted to know all about that and how she could possibly achieve that. I assured her we could work on it over the summer.

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