Summer Olympics Ch. 01

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Slinging my heavy duffel bag onto my shoulder, I followed the group of people in front of me down the carpeted tunnel and onto the waiting airplane. I was suddenly happy that I hadn’t gone to sleep yet because I absolutely hate flying and taking a nap would not only keep me from being afraid during the trip but would also assure that I wouldn’t be travel-tired like everyone else when we landed. I wasn’t able to sleep the night before because I was so excited about finally being able to compete in the Olympics. I had been playing soccer since I was a kid and snagging a spot on the US Olympic women’s team was a dream come true. I packed my bags the day I got the call, then spent the next three weeks going back and forth to my suitcases to retrieve things I’d packed too early. While I stayed up the night before our flight to Rio de Janeiro, giddy with excitement, I used my time to upend every bag into my bedroom floor and completely repack. After hours of carefully debating each and every non-essential item, (Why am I bringing a hairdryer? Since when do I even own a hairdryer?) I finally had it all narrowed down to a moderate pile of stuff that could fit into the biggest duffel bag I owned. Bonus points for cramming everything into the carry on and not having to check luggage!

I picked a window seat near the middle of the plane and stuffed my bag into the overhead compartment. Turning to sit down, a conversation behind me caught my attention.

“Wait, what do we have to do?” a male voice asked.

“It’s just like Bingo,” a second male voice replied. “Just keep the card on you all the time and whenever you nail a chick from another country, mark it off on the card,”

“The country,” a third man added.

“Right,” the second man confirmed. “If you get five countries in a row, it’s Bingo.”

I twisted around in my seat and scowled at the trio behind me.

“You’re not seriously going to play Bingo with the names of countries of people you hook up with?” I asked, frowning.

The guy by the window nodded with a grin, flashing brilliant white teeth. He had very light brown hair that was short and spiked on top and buzzed almost to the bare scalp around the back and sides. His bright blue eyes beamed at me and the muscles in his chiseled jaw flexed as he chewed something. “Yep. It was my idea,” he said proudly. “We call it ‘International Panty Bingo.'” His had been the second voice. I spotted a wad of red gum in his mouth as he spoke.

“What do you get for getting Bingo?” the guy in the middle asked. He looked younger than the other two, about eighteen or nineteen while the other two looked to be in their mid to late twenties. I recognized his voice as the first one. The guy by the aisle, Mr. Third Voice I presume, held his hands palms up and shrugged.

“Bragging rights?” he suggested. Window Guy shook his head.

“No way,” he said. “A hundred bucks.”

Turning fully around, I held out a hand to Window Guy.

“Give me a card,” I said.

He scowled. “Why?”

I shrugged. “I want in. Guys can’t be the only ones who get to have fun.”

He grinned and nodded approvingly. Reaching into the bag by his feet, he withdrew a half sheet of paper and handed it to me over the top of the seat.

“Make sure you don’t show this to anyone,” he said. “Or tell anyone about it. Can’t have this getting all over the media.”

I folded the paper as small as I could get it and stuffed it into the pocket of my windbreaker, zipping the pocket closed for good measure.

“Who are you, by the way?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Yea, and what do you do?” Aisle Guy chimed in.

“Rebecca Hunter,” I said, holding out a hand. “Soccer.”

Window Guy gave me a slow nod. “Cool. I’m Taylor Cole, swimming.” He shook my hand.

Middle guy gave me a wide, warm smile. “Scott Allen.” He reached up to shake my hand. “I’m on the swim team too.”

Aisle Guy jerked his chin up at me. “Sup I’m Dave Grier,” he said as he also shook my hand. “Swim team captain.”

“Nice to meet you boys,” I said, turning around and taking my seat. Taylor leaned forward and stuck his head between the seats.

“Are you really gonna play with us?” he asked very close to my face escort bostancı in a low voice. His breath smelled like cinnamon.

I nodded. “Hell yes. This should be fun.”

He chuckled. “Too bad ‘USA’ isn’t on my card.”

I retrieved mine from my pocket and glanced at it.

“It’s not on mine either.”

Taylor stuck out his bottom lip. “Shame.”

I winked at him. “We could mark it as the ‘free space.'”

He grinned and started to say something else, but one of my soccer teammates waved at me as she headed towards my row and he sat back when she approached. Heather chose the aisle seat and began chatting with a girl across the aisle as she sat down. When I was satisfied that she wasn’t paying any attention to me, I carefully unfolded my card and read it.

B: Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Japan, Germany

I: France, Cuba, Sweden, India, Russia

N: Spain, England, FREE SPACE, Australia, Hungary

G: Ireland, Philippines, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Israel

O: Jamaica, China, Chile, Austria, Greece

I was in the middle of wondering whether or not I wanted to use a strategy to play this game when a very tall, very thin woman slipped into the seat next to me.

“May I sit here?” she asked with a polite smile.

“Sure,” I said, hastily folding the paper and stuffing it back into my pocket. I made sure to zip the pocket again, just to be safe. The woman introduced herself as one of the coaches of the women’s volleyball team and we struck up small talk. Not long after Heather returned to her seat and said a quick hello the pilot announced that we would be taking off soon. I put on my noise-canceling headphones, put a sleep mask over my eyes, and quickly dozed off.

I was awakened by someone gently gripping my shoulders and lightly shaking me. Pulling off the headphones and sleep mask, I looked up into Taylor’s amused face.

“Welcome to Brazil!” he said, sweeping his arm towards the tiny windows of the fuselage.

I stretched, stood, then stretched some more. Yawning, I looked at my watch. The flight had taken nine hours. I looked around at my fellow USA teammates and noticed that nearly all of them were dragging ass. Nine hours is a long time to sit still and it seemed that not many had slept through the entire flight like I had. I pulled my bag down from the overhead compartment and got in line to deplane. Someone stepped up behind me, slid his hands down over my hips, and pressed his groin into my ass. I knew it was a he because I felt a large stiffness rub against me.

“Come see me tonight,” Taylor whispered in my ear. “I’ve got a hotel room all to myself.”

I twisted around and pursed my lips. “Maybe,” I said, slipping a hand between us and dragging it slowly up the front of his sweatpants. I felt his cock jump under my touch. He closed his eyes and slowly drew in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. His blue eyes sparkled as he grinned down at me.

“How do I get a hold with you?” I asked.

“Slip your hand under the waistband,” he purred with a wink.

I shook my head and smiled. “You know what I mean.”

Taylor pressed his phone into my lower back and slowly slid it around to the front of my body, tucking it into the waistband of my jeans. There were so many people in front of us that it seemed like we would stand in the aisle forever.

I swiped a finger across the phone’s screen to unlock it and Taylor slipped a hand down the front of my jeans, filling the space between denim and panty. As I typed in my number, he pushed his hand further and teased my lower lips through the soft cotton of the boyshorts I was wearing. I looked up to see that the line hadn’t moved and took my time to input my number, enjoying what he was doing. Taylor tugged aside the crotch of my panties and teased his fingertip lightly up and down my damp slit. He breathed a sigh against my ear as he slowly circled my clit then pressed his finger into my pussy. I bit my lip to keep from moaning and tried to concentrate on typing in my number. I tapped the call icon just as Taylor withdrew his finger then slipped it and another back in. My phone vibrated in my back pocket and he pushed his hips forward into it.

“Mmmm. I like that,” ümraniye escort he murmured.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see the people in front of me moving forward. Just before it was my turn to move, I leaned back into Taylor’s chest and raised up on tiptoe then back down, rubbing my ass against his stiff cock. I heard him exhale a sigh as he reluctantly pulled back his hand and let me walk forward without him.

It took a good four hours to get everyone to the Athletes Village and dispersed to their rooms. The basketball teams had rented an entire cruise ship and sailed it down so they wouldn’t have to stay in the AV. I walked past several athletes lingering in the hallways on their phones, trying to finesse their way onto the ship. By the time it was all said and done, I was sharing a room with Heather and it was one in the morning.

Heather had taken a shower and gone straight to bed, leaving me to my own devices. I wandered through the sliding glass door and onto the balcony that overlooked Rio. It was beautiful in Fast Five, but that was a movie. This was real life.

Even after midnight, Rio was humming with life. The night was warm and the air was thick with humidity and the smells of food and flowers. The streets were brightly lit and pulsed with sound. There were people absolutely everywhere. Some were dancing on the cobblestone sidewalks while others played instruments and sang. Sitting in one of the plastic chairs on the balcony I drank it all in. In just a few short moments, I was ready to say goodbye to my life back in the States and start a new one in Brazil.

Settling down further in the chair, I was putting my feet up on the balcony’s railing when I heard a loud buzzing coming from inside the room. I jumped up and bolted for my phone, knowing that Heather had turned hers off after she’d called home and before going to bed because she didn’t want to be disturbed. Luckily it was just a text and not a call. I unplugged my phone and opened the text as I closed the sliding glass door.

Hey u up?

It was from Taylor. For a moment I thought about just ignoring him and going to bed, but I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about that moment on the plane. I sat down on my bed and texted back.


Wanna come over?

It’s kinda late.


I don’t want to go somewhere alone here.

Good point. I’ll come get u. Meet me outside in 10


I quickly changed into shorts and a clean tank top, grabbed my key and phone, and headed out the door.

I stood outside on the sidewalk for a few minutes and watched the traffic go by. A yellow taxi with the Brazilian flag painted on the hood pulled away from the swarm of vehicles and stopped in front of me. The door opened and Taylor grinned up at me from the backseat.

“You coming?”

It turned out that his hotel was actually within walking distance. If we had been somewhere that I felt safer, I would have walked over. But I didn’t want to push my luck in South America. Not every city in every part of South America is dangerous, but I still didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere alone.

Taylor’s hotel room was a lot bigger than the one I shared with Heather. He must’ve booked it early. It looked exactly like every other economy hotel room I’d ever seen, except for the bed. The queen sized bed had a thin blanket that looked like it was made up of tied-together squares of fabric that was pulled back showing a set of navy blue sheets. Taylor saw me looking at it and shrugged.

“I like to bring my own stuff when I travel,” he explained.

I scowled. “Damn,” I said, plopping onto the bed and letting my flip flops fall off. “I wish I’d thought of that.” I looked at the blanket and saw that it wasn’t made of random squares of fabric. It was made of t-shirts. ‘East Lincoln High School Swim Team’ a gray one said in dark green block letters. ‘Bubba Gump Shrimp Shack- Myrtle Beach, SC’ another read. ‘The Blue Parrot- Playa del Carmen’s best nightclub! Quintana Roo, Mexico’ proclaimed a particularly bright yellow one. I pointed at it excitedly.

“Hey! I’ve been there!” I said happily.

Taylor sank down onto the bed beside me. “Nice. kartal escort bayan When did you go?”

“I spent a month there when I was in college,” I told him. “In Playa del Carmen, I mean.”


Not wanting to sit there and talk all night, I quickly stood and straddled his waist, pulling him into a deep kiss. Taylor responded by leaning backwards and pulling me down with him. We kissed hard and fast, tearing off each other’s clothing as we maneuvered further towards the middle of the bed. Taylor broke the kiss and dragged my t-shirt up over my head as I pulled his off. I threw his shirt behind me and rolled away onto my back. I unhooked my bra and he snatched it from my grasp. Taylor lowered his body over mine and we kissed hurriedly as he pushed his sweatpants down over his thighs and kicked them off. I sat up just enough to shove my shorts and panties down to my knees and he pulled them down the rest of the way, slipping them over my ankles and tossing the bundle across the room.

Taylor knelt in the floor beside the bed and, gripping my legs behind my knees, yanked me towards him. He winked at me then ducked his head and began to torment the sensitive, tender flesh of my inner thighs. He went from lightly kissing the soft skin to gently sucking then playfully nipping.

“You can…mmm…bite…if you want…” I moaned, running my fingers through his hair.

He looked up suddenly. “Yeah?” he asked, flicking an eyebrow up.

“Oh yeah.”

A sharp gasp shot from my mouth the first time Taylor sank his teeth into my thigh. I moaned and begged him to do it again. The second time he bit down hard on the other leg, sucking equally hard. Suddenly he thrust two fingers deep into my dripping pussy. I cried out and my hips inadvertently twitched upwards. Taylor rotated his wrist back and forth and he rapidly pumped his fingers in and out.


I was getting really close. The climax hit me unexpectedly when Taylor pressed his face between my legs and sucked my aching clit between his so soft lips. My hips bucked as my body trembled. Taylor sat back on his heels and slowed the pace of his fingers, wiggling them as the walls of my soaked pussy twitched around them. He grinned at me and got to his feet. I made a sound of disappointment when he withdrew his fingers. I swung my legs onto the bed and he climbed on top of me, holding himself in a push up position. I was glad that I was so wet when he plunged his cock in because it was much bigger than I’d anticipated. My skin almost burned from the stretch, but it felt so good that I didn’t want him to pull out.

Taylor leaned in to kiss me then pushed up again and slowly tilted his hips back, dragging his thick cock all the way out. He moved slightly, slipping in just the head then pulling it back out. I’d never had a guy fuck me with just the tip of his cock before and it felt amazing. I wanted more. Quickly wrapping my legs around his hips, I pulled him forward and moaned loudly when his girth stretched me again.

“Harder,” I insisted.

He sat back on his heels and tightly held my hips, slamming in deep. I gasped as he pounded hard into my dripping center. Taylor’s cock was so big I could feel every vein. He held my hips so tightly I was grateful that I wasn’t competing in a sport that showed a lot of skin. Can’t be on worldwide tv with handprint bruises on your hips.

My cries grew louder and Taylor grunted through gritted teeth with each forceful thrust. He suddenly fell forward and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. Our bodies collided so hard and so fast that it was possible to think one of us might break. I felt another orgasm building and clung to Taylor’s broad shoulders as it grew. His skin was hot and slick and I could feel sweat beading across my body.

“You gonna cum for me?” I moaned into his ear.

“Yeah..” he breathed against my neck.

He rotated and rocked his hips until my climax crashed into me. I let my head drop back into the mattress as a wavering scream fell from my lips. Taylor suddenly sped up then, thrusting in deep a few more times, he came with an echoing open-mouthed moan. My body shook as he continued to drive in long after he exploded inside me. It was just too much. I cried out over and over as several orgasms whipped through me in quick succession. Taylor wrapped his arms tighter around me then, pushing in farther than I thought it was possible to go, he came again, this time shouting “Oh FUCK!!”

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