Summertime Show

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It was a warm summer morning when I woke up and went downstairs to get something to drink. The house had no signs of life and I called out to my younger sister to see if she was downstairs. She is an 18 year old, athletic brunette with a knockout body. She has a flat stomch, very large breasts that are easily large D cups and a great ass which comes from working out and playing volleyball and soccer at her school.

My sister loved to work on her tan in the backyard in the summertime so I looked out of the window towards the backyard and saw her lying on her stomach in the skimpiest thong bikini I’ve ever seen. It was a red, floral string bikini that left very little to the imagination. The straps of her top were untied to eliminate tan lines but it didn’t eliminate the lust I began to feel rising as I gazed at her oiled, firm body.

With my parents at work for the day, I knew I was free to ogle my sister all I wanted. So, I eagerly pulled my raging hardon from my shorts and started to rub myself as I watched my

sister adjust her big tits giving me a quick view of her perfect areolas. As I watched her I realized she was talking, but couldn’t see who she was looking at. She sat up and was resting on her elbows güvenilir bahis looking off to the side, but couldn’t follow her gaze from where I was standing. She wasn’t listening to music and I didn’t see any signs of another person with her.

I moved from the window to the sliding glass door at the back of the house that held a different angle. When I got to the back door I could see my friend and neighbor, Michael, hanging over the fence and talking to her. I couldn’t hear what was being said but whatever it was, Mike was making my sister laugh. She wasn’t too shy about being caught wearing next to nothing with her perfect ass on display and her big tits spilling out of her loosely worn bikini top. I saw Michael jump over the fence and into my backyard. His shirt was off and he was wearing boardshorts, so I assume he was swimming in his backyard and noticed my sister tanning. My sister sat up and openly adjust her tits in her top causing all kinds of jiggling and tenting Mike’s shorts. She said something and pointed at his obvious hardon, but neither were embarassed or seemed fazed by the sexual tension I felt from inside the house. What happened next had my heart racing and shocked me.

My sister reached over and türkçe bahis started rubbing my best friend’s dick through his boardshorts. He responded by grabbing my sister’s big tits with both hands and you could still see a lot of flesh as they are more than a handful. She untied her bikini to allow him to have easier access to her tits. At this point I was stunned and so turned on that I was jacking off furiously. My sister pulled my friend’s shorts down as his dick shot out like a catapult. He was a big, athletic guy and his dick had obviously impressed my slutty sister as I saw her mouth gasp and quickly turn to a smile. Then, she licked her lips and started stroking him while he continued to play with her tits. Lucky bastard.

I continued to watch as my hot sister began slowly licking his shaft from the balls to the head before taking his entire head into her mouth. It must have been heaven for him as I saw him look upward and close his eyes. She was stroking his shaft with her right hand while sucking his head and playing with herself with her left hand. My sister was really working him over flicking her tongue under his head and I could tell that she was a cocksucking veteran. That only made it that much harder for me to güvenilir bahis siteleri hold out long enough to see the conclusion to this slutty show my sister was unknowingly putting on for me.

I was close to cumming and I could tell Mike was too. He had moved his hands to her head and was violently fucking her mouth. My sister let him and seemed to be able to keep up the pace. Her head was bouncing in his lap and it was hot seeing her huge tits swinging back and forth. Michael suddenly pulled out of her mouth and jacked off as my sister held her tits up and lapped her tongue at his head. He sprayed all over her face getting most of it on her lips and chin as the rest splashed all over her tits. Watching my sexy sister get a facial from my best friend was all I could take and my own orgasm made my knees weak as I blasted a massive load all over the sliding glass door. It was one of the biggest cumshots of my life as I had never witnessed anything so hot before. I had to hold back from yelling out. I saw my sister licking up all the cum off my friend’s dick and her own tits. It was enough to make me want to cum again, but I quickly grabbed some paper towels to clean it up before it dripped to the floor.

At that point my buddy jumped back over the fence and I dashed upstairs before my sister knew I witnessed the entire thing. I laid in bed as I thought about what just transpired outside. I thought to myself, “I need to get in on that action somehow”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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