Summoning Lord Tyrrin

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I knew what I was doing. So many people who said that didn’t, and ended up paying some great price for it. But no, I knew what I was doing, and I got what I asked for. His means were unusual, but the results were exactly what I was looking for. Let me tell you the tale of how I became the most powerful woman on Earth…

The circle was perfect, the pentagram inside it had obsessively straight lines. I’d spent too much time and the risk was too great to make even the slightest mistake. I knew what I was doing, and I knew the risks, and the punishments of failure. I didn’t even need the book to recite the incantation, the summoning. The words were ancient and powerful, and nobody knew quite what they meant. But it was obvious what the words did.

In front of me the air started to swirl, the atmosphere seemed to suck inwards towards a dark hole that formed. I walked quickly around the chamber, checking the measurements to ensure that it was precisely in the center. It was. The hole in space twisted, then grew. It started the size of an orange, and elongated and expanded, until it was ten feet tall and only a foot across.

The massive demon’s hands extended from the portal I had wrought, gripping the edges of a hole in space and pulling them outwards, before walking into the human world. The behemoth was exactly as pictured. It… no. HE was fourteen feet tall, and stretched to his full height after crouching through the portal. His body rippled with a glorious musculature, with arms to match my waist and a stomach that looked like it could stop a car. Actually, it probably could. A thick fur started at his hips and covered his legs, but did not do much to conceal the massive shaft that grew from his crotch. He was half-limp now, but it was already a size that looked like it would kill me to take. I’m glad I was prepared, because if I didn’t do what I did next…

“Beast!” I cried, my voice filled with more power than I thought I could muster, “What is your name?”

The hulk replied, face expressionless. “I am Tyrrin, Lord of the Sixth Circle. Who has summoned me?”

I already knew I was summoning Tyrrin, but names have power. Which is why I replied. “My name is of no importance, for I bind you, Tyrrin. You are bound to this plane, this power, this circle, this chamber, this pentagram, this room, and above all this person until I release you.”

Tyrrin’s face twitched, at first in disgust, but then a little respect entered his eyes. My seven-fold binding was complete, and there was no loophole to one. He was completely bound, and only my words could release him from any of the bindings. In short, he was my slave. “Tyrrin!” I demanded. Putting power into my voice was becoming easier. “Your new mistress has commands for you.”

Humbling himself hurt, but he knew that there was nothing to do. “I prepare for your commands, Mistress.”

“First, I place a blanket restriction upon you: Until all seven bindings are released, you may not act in several ways. You may not harm me. You may not harm others unless I specifically order it. You must interpret what I say in a manner that benefits me, and if any action would damage me in any way, you must warn me of it before proceeding. Do you understand these terms?”
“Yes, Mistriss. I am your humble servant.”

“Don’t I know it. I know of your powers, I’ve studied you, mighty Tyrrin. Many have tried to summon you before, I know. I also know that none of them lived until the next day. I’d like to start using those powers of yours.”

“I prostrate myself before you, Mistress.”

There was a note of sarcasm in his last reply, and I knew he would kill me if he was freed from the bindings. But I also knew how great Tyrrin’s powers were… which is why I summoned him, knowing the casualty count. “Tyrrin! Grant me immortality!”

He rolled his eyes, obviously expecting something like that. He showed no emotion, and barely sakarya escort moved one finger, but I felt a rush of power, and felt giddy. “Yes! Eternal youth, I want to be twenty-five forever! Resiliency, I want to feel no pain and heal immediately! Wealth, I want to be fabulously rich! Beauty, make me glorious!” With each demand, another rush of power filled me and I knew each was granted. I lost ten years of age, my breasts rounded, filled a little more, and became firm. My body’s muscles tightened, becoming strong and thin, but not athletic. I was reveling in the great power I’d been granted. No, the power I’d earned. I felt almost orgasmic with the pleasures of power. It was then I made my mistake, if you can call it that. “Grant me power over men, women, children, and all other life on this planet!”

As soon as I said “power,” his face changed. From boredom, frustration, and begrudging respect to a fierce and terrible joy. I was too wrapped in the moment to notice it, and didn’t stop in time. In a flash, he broke from the circle, broke from the pentagram, and lunged at me. There was no way for me to dodge him, even if I was waiting for it. He tackled me and sent me crashing to the stone floor. My resiliency made the landing painless and actually kinda fun.

Tyrrin grabbed my leg off the ground and lifted me by it. I dangled in midair, before he set me down on his cock. It had stiffened once he knew the plan, and I was able to literally lie down on it. It must have been two feet long, and I could hug it comfortably. I was naked. I had to be, for the ritual, and one of his sausage-sized fingers trailed down my back. His sudden change of tempo took me by surprise, as I didn’t expect him to suddenly be so gentle. I lay there, hugging his cock, feeling my back getting caressed by the Lord of the Sixth Circle.

He walked over to a stone altar: It was not important for this ceremony, and currently unused. He slid me off of his cock, and started to get situated to fill me. It was then I remembered I still had power over him and yelled “STOP!” And stop he did. He froze, completely, not moving a muscle. And considering that he had stopped with my leg in one hand and my waist in another, I wasn’t going anywhere. I told him. “You may move only enough to answer my questions as of now. Why are you trying to have sex with me?”

That is when I learned some secrets never before known to humanity: You see, demons are the true power of the universe. Demonic anything has a massive capability to change the world around it, so in order for me to have the kind of power I’d asked for, I’d need something demonic of my own. And Tyrrin knew what demonic material he was giving me.

In retrospect, I know how he got free, at least as far as he did. I wished for immortality and resiliency too quickly, perhaps. For with those powers, he could not hurt me physically and my earlier order to never hurt me had far less meaning. I released him from the bindings to circle and pentagram by accident with my order to grant me power.

At this point I knew what was going on, and why. I knew that five of my bindings still held, and that he was still my slave. He just had a little more freedom. “Tyrrin. You may proceed with granting me power.”

He wasted no time once his ability to move was restored. He started forcing me back, slowly. Inch by inch his goliath of a cock disappeared between my thighs and into my pussy. The size of it seemed I should have been bulging outward from his cock, but I looked normal. The feeling of it… even now, looking back, I can’t fully explain the feeling. It was like having a million orgasms at once every second in every orifice that could take a cock, and a few that didn’t. I had nose-orgasms, I swear. And even better than that. Everything was blanked out of my mind, except getting fucked by this amazing demon.

When his huge rod was almost all the way in me, I felt it sakarya escort bayan at the back of my throat. Apparently part of my wishes inadvertently made my organs rearrangeable at whim. He slammed the last two inches into me, and his cock forced my head back as it shoved into my mouth. When fully sheathed, the head of his cock just barely stopped short of my teeth, as though it were crafted to fill me entirely. He pulled out, and the feeling of reverse-deepthroating him will never leave me, as my

weirdest feeling. When he “only” had seven inches in me, he slammed the rest of the way in one swoop, snapping my head back to fill my mouth.

The next twenty minutes are somewhat of a blur, but I remember licking and tasting his cock as it fucked into my mouth and tasted my own pussy juice. I remember when he started jerking up well. I knew he was going to cum in me, and I loved the idea. All I wanted was more, more, more, more, MORE! He grabbed my hips and pushed me back, and I felt my womb snap into place over his cock. He let out a soft groan and a sigh as I felt him start to come. His volume was prodigious, but he came less than I expected. It was enough to fill my womb, though. After that, the mighty demon Tyrrin held me close and fell asleep, his massive cock still inside me, still making me cum. I slept not at all.

A full eight hours later, Tyrrin stirred. I had tried waking him, but to no avail. When he awoke, he grinned at me, and I wondered at how surprisingly handsome this demon was. But maybe that was just the orgasms talking. I was tired and worn-out, but he was fresh and ready for round 2. He pulled out of me, making me groan, and turned me over. He mounted me doggystyle, and this time his goliath of a penis entered my ass. Again he slowly started to fill me, and again I was covered in orgasms. This time, I was not silent. I began to scream and cry, telling him to fuck me harder. Perhaps that was a mistake, because he had to obey. In seconds I was being fucked like a ragdoll, slamming my ass up and down his huge cock. His cock again forced itself into my mouth on the deepest thrusts and I tasted my own asshole. I was still screaming for more, and he was diving into me over and over with all the force he could muster. Whenever his head burst into my mouth, my scream was silenced for a moment as it held down my vocal cords.

His orgasm approached quickly this time, and he spurted his seed deep into my ass, coating every internal organ he could with his seed. Again, however, it felt like he was shooting too little for his otherwise mammoth proportions. This time there was no sleep. Probably the fact that I screamed “Oh my God no way are you falling asleep right after you fuck my ass like this! You’d best start a new run ASAP!” as he was cumming.

He knew the third step, and it conveniently prevented me from making any more ill-fated orders. He pulled me off the altar and dropped me at the base of it, my body limp with pleasure. He know his duty, and grabbed my head and held it up. He put the tip of his cock into my limp mouth and started shoving into my throat. It was like no deepthroat I’d done before, because I never seemed to run out of air. The fact that I was still trying to scream seemed to do nothing but pleasure Tyrrin more. His thrusts grew purposeful, and I knew he was coming towards an end. He jerked and held my head in place for his third orgasm. This one did not take him long to reach, and he coated my vocal cords in his cum.

He pulled out then, and held me tight. This time we both slept eight hours. We awoke simultaneously, and I finally was able to think straight. As we lay on the ground together, I asked him “What… what exactly did you do?”

He answered with no attempt to hide anything. “Mistress, I gave you power over all life on Earth. My cum in your bowels” – As he said “bowels”, my organs felt a pulse of heat – “allows you power over the body. escort sakarya Your body and that of other people. My cum in your throat” – again, a pulse of heat – “allows you power over the mind, power to control what people think and know. Finally, and probably most powerfully, my cum in your womb” – At this a pulse of heat ran through my womb, the closest thing to pain I’d felt since wishing it away – “gives you the power to control the beliefs and opinions of people. I granted your wish.”

The possibilities of what I could do with these powers swirled in my head… and throw in immortality and eternal youth, to boot! “Are there rules I need to follow?” I asked.

“No. There are none. There is no more danger to these powers than the danger inherent in eating. You are, undeniably, the most powerful person on earth, Mistress. Only those who have greater demonic powers can even touch you.” And I knew from my research that no demon larger than an imp had ever been successfully forced to grant wishes. In all other cases, the demon either killed the wisher outright or worked the wish in some way to hurt or kill the wisher eventually. I was the most powerful of all!
“Mistress, I sense that you’re going to send me back soon.” The thought had occurred to me, and he had been on Earth an awfully long time. “I would like to give you a present before I am banished.”

Accepting a demon’s present was an incredibly risky thing to do. My blanket bindings from earlier would still hold, but the content was up to him. What could a demon do? What couldn’t they do was a better question. And there’s no doubt he was smarter than me. In the end, I decided that my protections were adequate. “I accept your present, Lord Tyrrin.”

He stood up, towering over me. One hand dropped to his penis and started stroking, aiming it at my feet. He started blasting all the cum he’d been keeping pent up earlier. Each jet had power, each shot enough force to push me slightly. After each spurt, he’d aim at a new place, covering my body with his demonic semen. After he came on my face a few times, he knelt in front of me, still cumming, and put the tip of his cock into my mouth. I drank greedily of his sperm, or semen, or whatever demons shot. I was again consumed by the thought of his cum and nothing more. He tasted of roast apples and pomegranate, which I still find weird for a demon’s cum.

After he finally finished, I was coated in cum from head to toe, lying next to the altar that had held me. I must have drunk a gallon of his cum, and as much again was on my body or the ground next to it. I thought that was the gift, but then he told me about the true gift. I was granted what amounted to a major nobility in his realm: I could summon and banish lesser demons at will, and I could even open portals to his realm.

Among demons, nothing is as sacred as nobility, which means that I was now safe from demon’s ill-intentions. No demon of lesser rank in the Sixth Circle would bother me, and no demon of any other Circle would, for fear of provoking a demon’s war. Not even Tyrrin, he who had given me my nobility, could safely harm me. For I was protected as a noble, and to harm me would provoke a mass rebellion by every other noble, no matter how they felt about me. The best part is… demon nobles have no responsibilities. They’re an elite ruling class of a group that is immortal and doesn’t need ruling.

I raised my hand and held it in a gesture. “Tyrrin, lord of the Sixth Circle. I unbind you from this plane and upon your return to your own plane, I remove all other bindings I have placed upon you. So do I return you to your home.”

With that, Tyrrin inclined his head to me, then turned and walked into the portal, which closed behind him. I was left lying on the ground, coated in demon cum, to reflect on how life had changed. And how I would make it change for me.

Author’s Post-Script:
I hope you enjoyed it. This was supposed to be not only a one-shot, but also perhaps a beginning to a larger story. Heck, maybe I’ll even give the main character a name if y’all like it.

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