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“Do you think this new invention will work?” Lenny asks Thea, his girlfriend, as they get in the first co-ed tanning room. They put on their ultra-violet sunglasses as the doors hiss open right before they enter. Lenny or Len decided to be the premier test subjects. The couple was selected for their ages between mid-twenties and up. Len, a 28 year old, was a third year biology student and Thea was the same year and majoring in psychology. They had answered an advertisement in Streets, a local independent city magazine, about becoming test subjects; moreover they needed the cash.

Len noticed the small hidden camera hidden in the top corner. He grinned and grabbed the suntan lotion as they entered the Sun Chamber3000. Their skin had a light blue glow similar to a film negative. They felt slightly embarrassed naked in the pale ocean colour as they looked upon each other. Thea turned around to hide her red face.

Len put a tab of lotion on escort bostancı his hands then stepped behind his petite framed, 25 year old. girlfriend standing a meagre 5”1’. He hands caressed her thighs and along her sides and fondled her 34C breasts. Thea leaned back onto his 6’ frame as her hands clasped together rubbing the lotion all over her breasts. Len noticed her ever hardening nipples with his fingers flicking over them. Thea reached back and began massaging suntan lotion over his hardening shaft. Len continued to caress her entire body with lotion occasionally kissing her inner thighs and hips. Now she was completely covered in smooth strawberry scented suntan lotion (patent pending).

Thea turned around and kissed him deeply. She looked into his eyes with her lips only inches away “It’s my turn.” Len said “Oh this will be good.” She kissed part of his chest and smoothed some lotion on. She licked around his nipple then using her finger dabbed some suntan lotion around that. Thea continued to kiss and lick each part of his body thus adding more lotion. Len was ümraniye escort being teased; but he knew she would not disappoint him. Thea avoided his cock through the entire process until she was on her knees looking up at him.

Thea took both hands and begun massaging his aching eight-inch monster. Her tongue lightly licked the head as she slowly engulfed his cock inch at time letting her hands free and squeezing his balls. Len caressed her black hair strands at a time so he could get more of her tender loving mouth and tongue. She picked up the pace went harder, faster and never releasing her grip from his hard shaft. Thea grabbed his ass checked and deep throated him. Len was so close in cumming. She sensed the cum going up the shaft and almost brought him to cum but not letting him shoot into her mouth. Len was going crazy. Thea looked up at him. Len said “What?”

She turned around showing her very trimmed noir pussy to him. “No, not like that.” she chuckled. Thea spread her legs wide and bent over. Len grabbed her tight toned ass and plunged his hard cock into her. kartal escort bayan Thea sighed, clenching her pussy lips around this hard flesh. Now Len was going to do her real hard. She leaned up slightly now pinching and rubbing her breast in complete ecstasy. Thea released one hand from her hard nipple, she reached back and massaged his balls. He went hard and faster; she moaned louder with each thrust. Len took his cock out momentarily, turned her around and kissed her passionately.

He lifted her upon his raging shaft, placing her against the wall. Accidently, he found the fold out beds as they slid out from the wall. They both grinned; Len placed her upon the upper bed and went hard into her. Len leaned forward and licked her breasts. Together between licking, sucking her hard nipples plus pounding her sweet love tunnel he made her cum three times. It was a record. He never made her cum this many times. They collapsed upon each other for another ten more minutes. The session was almost up.

The buzzer came on telling them they had their maximum exposure time. Thea left the sun chamber first to the entryway; Len followed right behind her. They had even tans except Thea’s breasts were slightly burned.

Len noticed this nice predicament, “Now for the aloa vera!” they both laughed and looked into each eyes thinking of the next session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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