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Big Dicks

My mouth went dry and I shuddered nervously, as my son stood before me slowly sliding his trousers down to reveal a large penis, in the half-light, it seemed to have a life of its own as it jumped free from its confines. I could feel beads of perspiration on my forehead as I took in the scene. The man, who stood behind me and held my arms in a vice like grip, sniggered and said;

“You’re going to get all of that and more besides.”

As my son, Paul advanced towards me, I noticed his eyes, were looking me up and down. Oh my god I thought as it dawned on me that I was about to raped by my own son, I started to struggle trying to get away and pleaded with him not to do this. I was frightened and yet almost flattered as his lusty gaze held me in its grip.

“You’ve a lovely body I have admired it for years and now I am going to have it,” then he said with a snigger “I’m going to enjoy this.”

I tried to back away, but only succeeded in pushing myself closer to my captor. I could easily feel his erection rubbing my arse through my silk nightdress.

I looked towards my husband who was tied to the bed, in an almost sitting position; he was struggling with his bonds, but to no avail. I still had my husband in view as Paul reached me, again I tried to wriggle free but I was held fast. Paul slid his hand up my legs, under my short shift and I could feel his fingers running through my pubic hair and along the length and between the folds of my vagina. I took a short intake of breath and attempted to close my legs as tight as possible, however I was unable to stop this intruder from slipping the end of his finger inside me, he pushed on and found my dampness and stirred until I could feel myself quite wet, he then slid his lubricated finger up to my clitoris making gentle circular motions pulling the hood back and sweeping over it like a butterfly. I involuntarily opened my legs a little wider; with this newfound space he was able to roam at leisure in, around and along my ever-dampening pussy.

My captor forced me down onto my knees; I had a good idea of what was going to happen next, my face was now level with his penis, I saw that it was quite large about seven or so inches long and fairly thick it was smooth in appearance with a large purplish head who’s eye seemed to be staring at me. He held my head tight so that I was unable to move and he pushed his cock straight into my mouth. I tried to clamp my mouth shut, but I could not resist the pressure of his hips pushing towards me, my mouth opened and it glided in as if it had every right to be there, my mouth was filled with this slightly salty, warm and hard muscle. I swallowed hard and gagged a little. I tried to breathe in to ease the pressure at the back of my throat, but I only succeeded in drawing it in deeper, he let out a long sigh. This was unfair one of my greatest pleasures is sucking cock, I really get a kick out of it, and here I was with an excellent specimen in my mouth. I started to feel betrayed by my body, as I felt myself tingle and my heart beating faster, my fanny felt as if it were alive such were the sensations. I glanced at my husband, he had stopped his struggle and was staring at us, his eyes almost popping out, he had the first signs of an erection, and I felt sorry for the poor man, watching his wife get sexually assaulted by her son and his friend, and being unable to help. Now his basic male instincts were taking over as he watched the scene unfold before him.

We had often fantasised about me making love with a couple of other men, but I did not think it would ever happen, at least not in these circumstances being forced and taken by my own son. The man behind me released his grip, tilted me forward so I was almost in the doggy position, he slid at least two fingers up my fanny, and pushed deeply I let out a loud moan as he started slide his fingers nice and slowly in and out of my now eager cunt he stroked güvenilir bahis and caressed every nerve in my vaginal sheath as he expertly finger fucked me,

“she’s fucking soaking” he told my son “what a slut she’s fucking loving it”

Which I’m afraid was true; I was starting to enjoy being dominated and having my body being used by these men for their own personal gratification. He was also correct at his observation; I was now so wet that I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs. I felt my final strands of resistance crumble and I submitted totally to these two men and their growing lust. I sucked the length of my sons cock into my mouth, dragging my tongue along the underside and flicking it across its eye. His breathing was now quite slow and deep as I pleasured him, I lifted my eyes to look at him, his face was contorted with pleasure, and his eyes were closed. This turned me on even more; I had an itch in my fanny that I had not felt for a long time. I now had more freedom of movement so I cupped his balls in my hand they were heavy, maybe with cum I thought. I took each one into my mouth and run my tongue around them. Then I took his cock again into my mouth and slid along its length, I was so turned on now I was almost forcing him to face fuck me as I greedily gobbled on this wonderfully hard offering.

The man behind me was slowly reaming my cunt, pushing in and out, twisting his fingers inside me. I felt him withdraw his fingers from me and I groaned in frustration and pushed my arse against him seeking to have him put them back in me. One of his hands was on the cheek of my arse slowly easing it open a little. I felt the end of his cock sliding between my slick cunt lips and brushing my clit as his other hand he guided his erection so teasingly slowly between the folds of my labia lips, along the length of my well-lubricated fanny then sliding down and nudge into my opening. It pushed slowly and easily past any defences I may have had left, I could feel it going deeper into me and I eased myself back onto it seeking his hardness and wanting it in me. He pushed the tip against my cervix and I felt his balls slap against my bottom I let out a long slow moan of pleasure it felt so good having a nice sized cock fucking me and sucking on my son’s gorgeous cock at the same time was so good.

I was now really gone and beyond caring I was enjoying this more than was decent. I lavished my best efforts on the cock in my mouth and accepted the one in my cunt with the greatest pleasure. I looked towards my husband, who had now ceased his struggle and was staring at us; unable to avert his eyes he sported a huge erection. What was going through his mind I wondered, he must be able to hear the bestial slobbering as I slutted myself on my sons cock sucking for all I was worth, also the squelching and slapping of flesh on flesh as I now participated in and willingly allowed myself to be fucked by this stranger, but I just could not stop myself, they had found and pushed some hidden button that freed me from convention and liberated my inner slut self. I’m sure many women must have that button somewhere and long to have it pushed.

I then felt the men change position the other cock came into my mouth, as my sons slammed hard into me,

“Take it you horny bitch, take your sons hard cock,” Paul shouted as he drove into me.

“Yes oh yes fuck me you bastard,”

I screamed as the wet dick slipped from mouth,

“Please harder fuck me harder”

I pleaded with him as I fucked back against his thrusts. I was now totally abandoned they were in total control of me and I was the more than willing object of their lust and desires. I felt the familiar tingles and shudders as an orgasm raced through me. I screamed with pleasure as wave after wave of that ultimate pleasurable feeling racked my body. I was roughly turned onto my back both men were now at my face each with türkçe bahis their proud and muscular cocks in their hands, each one was fed into my mouth alternately, and I could taste my own love juice, as I tried with no success to get them both in at the same time. I felt my sons hot breath on my wet fanny and a tongue wiggled its way up to my clit,

“god your such a slut, a dirty slut for your sons cock aren’t you,” Paul’s friend whispered in my ear,

I nodded eagerly unable to deny that at that point I was behaving like a slut,

“Yes” I mumbled

As Paul sucked each lip into his mouth, kissed and nibbled gently, his tongue pushed into me lapping my juices and making more in the process, it then slipped to my love bud, which was sucked, licked and manipulated by this very able mouth.

The other man was now lying on his back, with his erection poking up from his groin. I was swiftly manhandled across him until I was straddling his cock, he guided it towards my cunt and I pushed down onto it. I loved feeling it pushing deep inside me, thrusting and twitching as I willingly rode him, I was aware that I was moaning obscenities and breathing loudly and heard the squelching as I shoved my arse up and down on his cock. I opened my eyes, I was looking straight at my husband, he was staring at me open mouthed his cock was as stiff as I’d ever seen it. I had my back towards the man fucking me, my thighs spread obscenely wide I then realised that with my legs spread in this way my husband had an unrestricted view of my fanny, he could clearly see my cunt lips grabbing this cock as I impaled my self willingly onto it.

The guy fucking me rubbed my clit and looked at my husband I felt my eyes roll as I tilted my head back in sheer pleasures at the sensations that were running up and down my body, my son stood up and forced his erection into my mouth. I instantly orgasamed again, this time with such feeling that my love juice squirted, I felt as though I had had a pee, but I hadn’t.

“She’s a great fuck,” Paul said to his father, “and a very willing one as well.” He added.

Paul’s friend looked at my husband and said

“Judging by you’re stiff cock. You seem to be enjoying it as well seeing your wife fucked like this,”

After we had been in this position for a while, I was lifted and placed on the bed next to my husband, I felt the heat from his body, my head was pushed down onto my husband’s dick, this was more familiar, I thought, and enjoyed the comfort it brought. I was pushed from my thoughts as a cock was slid into my sopping cunt I had no idea who it was at first, a slow and sensual fucking motion started, almost tenderly, gently pushing inside me seeking out the sensitive and responsive parts of me. I was made aware that my son was at my head, his cock gently rubbing my cheek, I took each one into my mouth in turn, my husbands and my sons cocks they both felt really good, especially as I was getting such terrific treatment at the other end I felt like a real whore now especially as I had my husband to play with as well, I now had three stiff dicks, and I were enjoying coping with all of them and loved Sucking, nibbling and accepting them into my mouth and cunt.

I was turned about and now had my knees either side of my husbands head in a doggy position my cunt over my husband’s mouth, without hesitation he started lick my clit. A cock pushed hard into me firmly sliding its length deep into me. Fuck, what a wonderful feeling such exquisite sensations I screamed with pleasure. Then the third cock not to be outdone fed its self into my mouth. I thought I was dead and gone to heaven. As my clit was treated to a good licking as I was being fucked, wonderful. I could feel that the speed of the cock in my cunt increase and after several deep pushes I felt him shoot his load inside me I felt it splash against my cervix and fill me up.

I can’t remember having so güvenilir bahis siteleri much cum pumped into me. I wiggled my arse and squeezed my inner muscles trying to milk the last drop I felt a firm slap across my arse cheeks. He pulled out and came to my mouth and pushed it in.

“Can’t leave with a messy cock,” said Paul’s friend

As I greedily sucked hard on it, tasting his salty sperm mixed with my own sweet love juice. I was once more manhandled around, the sight that greeted me was a real turn on, my old mans face was covered in the mix of my lovers spunk and my love juice. It had run from my cunt as I had cleaned his cock and wiggled my arse.

I was getting another good fucking at the business end as Paul fucked me, and I started to lick my husbands face clean, he was moaning with pleasure I glanced into the mirror and was astonished to see that Paul’s friend who had just fucked me was now had my husband cock in his mouth. I’m not sure what he felt about it, but being tied he had no option but to endure it although he sounded happy enough.

My wonderful son who was fucking me pulled out quickly and directed his come over my face and tits I tried to rub it in, but was forced down onto my husbands face.

“Lick her tits and taste my spunk,” Paul ordered

And my old man duly obliged. I was then lifted and lowered onto my husband’s stiff cock it felt really hard. It only took a couple of quick pushes down and I then felt a third cock explode inside me. It felt fucking marvellous.

We all collapsed into a heap, and lay their for several minutes, Paul’s friend untied my husband, as my son returned from the refrigerator with some cold beers,

“Was that ok” he said.

I was dumbfounded and confused.

“Fucking brilliant” replied my husband

Who was now grinning at me.

“Happy birthday darling. “I knew you would be to shy to admit you wanted your fantasy about your son to really happen.”

He grinned again and held my hand,

“So I arranged this with Paul and his mate.” “I hope you aren’t angry, he added quickly.”

The huge smile on my face, my perspiration and sticky body answered his question. I gave him a big kiss.

“How do I follow that for your birthday” I asked.

“Just doing it again would be a perfect present for me” he answered,

My smile got bigger.

“The problem is,” I started looking between my husband and my son, “is now that I have experienced Paul as a lover I am sure I will want him again.”

Paul looked at his father, who was smiling,

“I see no problem with that I am sure he and I can work something out.”

Paul grinned and looked at me.

“My little submissive lover and slut,” he said quietly,

Then while looking at me but speaking to his father he added,

“Our little submissive fuck toy eh Dad.”

They smiled at each other then laughed as they clasped hands and hugged each other,

“Yea for sure that would be great, she will be so perfect for our personal fuck slut,” replied my husband.

My tummy lurched with excitement as I took on board their willingness to share and use me. I kissed my husband and my son whispering to them both

“We will all have such fun my special men.”

I kissed Paul’s friends, and went into the bath. As I soaked myself I felt really happy, I had been shagged half to death, with the blessing and involvement of my husband, and I had felt like a Queen having three men wanting me, and just taking me as they wanted regardless of my feelings, that was such a nice feeling. I thought about the arrangement that my husband and son had made between themselves, again without asking me how I felt about it god that excited me. I wondered how they planed to share me and I tried to imagine what it would be like having two lovers in the house, I smiled in anticipation.

As I soaked dreamily easing the slight throbbing in my well-used pussy I could hear the chatter and laughter drifting up from downstairs. I wonder what they were talking about or maybe even planning, perhaps more nights like tonight God I hope so I thought.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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