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“Be safe,” the Westerner told his wife, pulling her into his arms to hold her tightly one last time before she left. “And have fun.”

“I know I will,” Keishou answered, lifting her head off his chest to give him a deep, passionate kiss. They stayed motionless for several moments, lips pressed together, as if committing the sensation to memory. It was the first time Keishou had left for any length of time, and both were feeling the sense of loss already.

“I love you,” he told her, finally breaking the kiss and squeezing her hand.

“I love you, too,” she answered, and couldn’t resist one last, quick kiss, reaching down to grope him and give him a taste of what was sure to come the night she returned. He grinned, doing the same for her before she turned and headed for their truck.

He shook his head, smiling and waving as his wife left. She was going into Tremain for the weekend, to spend some time with friends, and get in a lot of shopping. In the meantime, he was stuck with his two eighteen-year-old daughters, Nariko and Kaida. This was going to be an interesting weekend.

The two girls were still asleep, having gotten up for a sleepy goodbye before going back to bed. He went into the kitchen, fixing himself a bowl of cereal and sitting down at the kitchen table with the newspaper. He’d only finished half of the front page before Kaida flounced in, plopping herself down at the table and asking, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Whatever you can find,” he grunted. “Keishou’s not here to make it for you, so you’ll be on your own for breakfast.”

“Oh.” After much slamming of cupboards and rummaging in the refrigerator, Kaida finally settled on some fruit, noisily slicing up some bananas and oranges before sitting back down again. The Westerner looked at her over his newspaper to see that she’d loosely tied a thin robe around her, offering him a clear view of her breasts as she leaned over to pour herself some juice. Quickly, he turned back to his newspaper; he couldn’t believe he’d even looked down his daughter’s robe. He didn’t catch Kaida’s sly grin as she began eating.

The day passed slowly, as Nariko finally got up sometime around noon and the girls found their own diversions. Nariko had dressed far more modestly, in jeans and a t-shirt, but Kaida didn’t get out of her robe all day. She also clung close to the Westerner, still doing things with her sister but leaning over close to speak to him and hugging him constantly.

He didn’t concern himself with it too much, deciding she was just missing her mother, and becoming clingy as a result. He obligingly watched the two as they sparred in the front yard, as he tended to his garden. Although they had a clearing they often went to, for its privacy and its relatively flat ground that was perfect for practicing new moves and their inherent white magic, they didn’t go out of the Westerner’s view all day.

“Don’t you feel silly in that robe, Kaida?” Nariko finally asked that night at dinner. She smiled sweetly at her sister, who glared a little back at her.

“No,” Kaida answered. “It’s comfortable.”

“But a little revealing,” the Westerner said, glancing over at her crossed legs. Her robe just barely came to her knees, and revealed her long, shapely legs.

“So? I’m with family,” she replied. “Heck, if I wanted to take it off, neither of you would care, right?”

The Westerner looked at her, pondering her mental state. “Kaida, it wouldn’t be right for you to be naked at the dinner table. Not in front of your father and sister.”

“But you’re my family. You shouldn’t care. And Nariko’s body is exactly the same as mine; she shouldn’t care, either.”

The Westerner sighed and turned back to his food, deciding to ignore his voyeuristic daughter for the moment. He had to admit, though, no matter how much he tried to push the thought out of his mind, the idea of his daughter naked was alluring.

“Kaida!” Nariko suddenly yelped, and the Westerner turned to see the very sight he’d just been imagining, revealed. His daughter had slipped off her thin silk robe and was sitting in the chair completely naked, her lithe and slightly muscular body proving how dedicated she was to swordfighting. Her petite breasts looked enticing, but the Westerner didn’t let himself look below her waist.

“Kaida, put your robe on right now,” the Westerner told her, shifting a little uncomfortably as he felt his traitor of a cock begin to grow.

“But why?” she pouted as she obligingly slid it on again, a teasing pout. “It’s more comfortable.”

“It’s not right,” Nariko answered for her father. The rest of the meal passed in uncomfortable silence, and when the girls went to bed, the Westerner could hear the muffled sounds of an argument through the thin walls of the small cabin. He shook his head, wondering what had gotten into Kaida lately, and why she’d felt such an urge to show off her body. He supposed it was just hormones acting up, but he thought he’d taught her a better sense of propriety than that.

When güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri he went into bed that night, the sheets cold and the bed far too empty, he instinctively reached down to relieve some of the tension he’d been feeling ever since Keishou had copped a quick feel before she left. As his hand found his cock and he slowly began to stroke it, he closed his eyes and began to fantasize. Keishou materialized in his mind, her nude, beautiful body stretched out on the bed, barely covered by a sheet that she tantalizingly slid off, revealing her perfect, petite frame. In his mind’s eye, he leaned down, slowly beginning to tease her with his tongue as he pleasured her nipples, then her clitoris, the taste and smell of her, as always, intoxicating.

He imagined sliding his meat deep inside her, taking hold of her body and letting her warmth and wetness surround him as he slid in and out of her, her breaths becoming shallower and quicker as he made love to his wife. Oh, how he wanted to do that right now… his hand was a poor substitute. In his fantasies, he pounded into Keishou until she was screaming out in ecstasy, her body writhing beneath him, gasping as his seed flowed into her.

Exhausted and sated, the Westerner finally nodded off to sleep, his mind still filled with the memory of his lovely wife’s body.

The next morning, he was relieved to see that whatever silly notions had taken over his daughter the previous day were no longer there. Kaida was dressed sexily, but modestly in shorts and a tight tank top, showing off the curves and lines of her body that the Westerner was finding himself uncomfortably entranced by.

Nariko announced that she was going to the clearing to practice her magic, but Kaida elected to stay inside, complaining of a headache and aching muscles from all the practice they’d had yesterday. With a nod, and a kiss on her father’s cheek, Nariko disappeared into the woods.

“Did you have anything planned for today, Daddy?” Kaida asked, opening the refrigerator and leaning down to get a soda. The Westerner stared at the curve of her ass and her shapely thighs before responding negatively. “Well then, maybe you and I can do some stuff,” she said brightly.

“Uh, sure, like what?” he asked, folding up his newspaper.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure we can find something to occupy ourselves.”

Not comfortable with the direction the conversation was heading, the Westerner stood. “Maybe after I take a shower, okay, Kaida?”

“Okay, Daddy.” Kaida smiled, taking the newspaper and beginning to read as her father nervously left the room. He stripped in his bedroom after closing the door, his clothes landing in a heap on the middle of the bedroom floor as he went to the bathroom and turned on the hot shower. What I really need is a cold shower, he thought, nonetheless reaching for the soap and forcing everything that had happened in the past day out of his mind.

A few minutes later, he stepped out, dripping wet, and pulled on his jeans. He decided to leave his shirt off, something he often did around the house. He mostly did it for Keishou, who loved to reach over and stroke his still-muscular chest or even tweak his nipples when no one was around, but today, he just felt like going shirtless.

Kaida was stretched out on the couch reading a magazine when he came out, so he joined her, sitting on the other couch and flipping through a rather boring entertainment rag. He noticed, but didn’t comment on, his daughter moving to his couch and stretching out, her feet resting on his lap as she laid on her back.

“Daddy, can I talk to you about something?” she finally asked, setting the magazine aside.

The Westerner did the same. “Of course. What is it?”

“I’m eighteen years old,” she said, pausing for dramatic effect, “and I’ve never been kissed.”

“So?” her father asked, a smile playing on his lips. “You just haven’t found the right guy yet.”

“That’s just it. I haven’t found any guy. Nobody that’s not gross or doesn’t want to just use me, that is.” Kaida sighed, sitting up. “I want to be kissed. Lovingly. I want somebody who loves me to do it.”

“Then I’m sure you’ll find someone,” he answered, patting her knee reassuringly.

“But I think I already did.” With a smile, not letting the Westerner react, Kaida leaned over and kissed him deeply, far more passionately than a daughter should kiss her father.

He pulled back instinctively. “Kaida! I’m your father!”

“But you love me, don’t you?” she asked, pouting from their broken kiss.

“Of course I do, but paternally, not romantically. You’re my daughter, and I can’t kiss you like that.”

“Sure you can. You can do a lot more with me, too,” she said, her eyes pleading. “I want you to kiss me.”

The Westerner’s mind was reeling as he stared at his young, pretty daughter, her face a mixture of arousal and entreatment. He thought about how he’d felt the past day since Keishou had left, how empty his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bed had felt, and how earnest his baby girl was as she asked for a kiss. That was all… just a kiss. How could he deny his daughter that?

She was obviously surprised when he leaned forward, his hand cupping her chin as he gave her a kiss that she deserved, a sweet, loving, gentle kiss that he was sure would give her hope to find a boy to love out there. He pulled away, opening his eyes and smiling softly.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she murmured, breathing a little hard even though the kiss had remained platonic.

“I love you, baby,” he answered.

“I love you, too, Daddy,” Kaida replied, smiling.

“Now, I have a question,” he said, clearing a still-wet strand of dark brown hair out of his eyes. “What did you mean when you said ‘you can do a lot more with me, too’?”

She giggled, her eyes lighting up as she realized he’d understood her innuendo. With a flirty glint in her eyes, she asked, “What do you think I meant?” Without waiting for a response, the young woman pulled him close for another kiss, this one far more passionate and needing. Her lips were crushed to his, and her tongue sought out her father’s, dueling as they explored each other’s mouths.

The Westerner couldn’t believe what he was doing, but he couldn’t stop himself, either. He ran a hand through Kaida’s gray hair, lingering over the black streak that differentiated her from her sister. The feeling of another woman’s body pressed close to him was driving him to things he’d normally find abhorrent, but his sexual desires were acting for him at the moment as he stood, gathered his daughter in his strong arms, and moved to his bedroom.

“You’ve been asking for this all weekend,” he told her as he put her in the bed he shared with his wife. “Dressing like a slut, all your little innuendos… you want me, don’t you? You want your daddy.”

Kaida moaned, her long limbs stretching on the bed she hadn’t been in since she was a young, frightened girl. She ran her hand over the empty part of the bed, looking to her father with wide eyes as she said, “I want you.”

He slid into bed beside her, wrapping her in his arms as he continued to kiss her. Kaida’s body was trembling, from arousal or nervousness, the Westerner couldn’t tell which. She broke their frenzied, incestuous embrace just long enough to say, “I watched you last night.”

“Hmm?” he asked reaching for her again, his thoughts only on his daughter and the overwhelming need he felt to have her breasts in his hands, her pussy under his control.

“I watched you jerk off,” she said, smiling as she kept just out of his reach. “The expressions on your face just made me want you more, Daddy.”

The Westerner thought back to his masturbatory session the previous night, smiling. In his mind, the fantasy of a nubile Keishou was replaced, momentarily, with Kaida. “My little girl’s been spying on me,” he said with a grin.

This time as he reached for her, she let herself be taken, guided into his arms once more. “Your little girl’s about to be fucked.” She grinned mischievously, her breathing becoming shallower by the minute.

In response, her father slipped her tank top over her head, revealing the breasts he’d been thinking about ever since Kaida showed them off the previous night. They were perfect, smaller than Keishou’s but completely delectable. He leaned down, taking one of her nipples in his mouth, his experienced tongue swirling around the small bud, teasing it into arousal, as his daughter gasped in pleasure. He snaked his other hand up her nubile body, using his thumb to play with her other breast, Kaida’s gasps telling him how much she was enjoying this.

He was eager to have her naked before him, sliding down her black shorts and panties quickly. When she was nude before him, he sat back on his heels, staring at her lovely body with amazement. “You’re beautiful,” he told her, “every inch of you.” He traced a finger up his daughter’s feet, legs, and past her belly button, between her breasts and up her neck, running it across her lips as he stood to undress himself.

Kaida watched him in anticipation as he undid his belt, letting his pants drop down, then his boxers. Her eyes widened when she saw his erection, long and hard, eager to push into her virgin pussy and use her for his own pleasure. The Westerner took a few seconds to slip on a condom, then slipped into bed, pulling him close to her to feel the warmth of their skin touching, her breasts pressed into his chest as his cock rubbed against her pussy.

“Do you want your daddy’s cock?” he asked her, sliding a finger through the folds of her sex and feeling that she was extremely wet, ready for him.

“Please, Daddy, give it to me,” she begged, spreading her legs for him. He moved in between her legs, but didn’t position his cock at her entrance just yet. He teased her languidly, sliding his penis through her sex and making her cry out in both güvenilir bahis şirketleri pleasure and frustration.

“This will hurt, baby,” he murmured before he finally gave her what she, and he, wanted so much—his penis pushing deep inside her, filling her up as her tight, virgin vagina slid around him. He gasped and looked down at his daughter’s face, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Knowing that the only way to stop her pain was to continue, he slowly began thrusting into her, his thick cock driving deep inside his daughter’s pussy with every movement of his hips.

“Daddy, that feels so good!” she gasped, and he felt her body begin to buck underneath him, her pussy driving up to meet his cock with every thrust. He was panting now, unable to keep quiet as he buried his face in her shoulder. It felt as it had when he had made love to his wife for the first time—the wonder of taking something so sacred from a woman, and the intense feelings such an inexperienced pussy could bring him.

The Westerner felt a sudden pang of doubt, as if realizing for sure just how wrong this was, but he could never deny his daughter something he had already begun to give her. He had taken her virginity, and now she deserved to be made love to. As she continued to moan underneath him, he took it slow, driving his penis deep within her with every thrust. She slowed her bucks almost to stopping, giving a little gasp as her father suddenly sped up. Now he was pounding into her just as he had fantasized about doing to his wife the previous night.

Kaida’s moans were growing louder, and the Westerner had the presence of mind to want to quiet her, thinking of Nariko. Before he could say a word, however, his daughter let out an orgasmic scream, and he felt her belly twitch and her grip on his back relax as, he was sure, amazing feelings washed over her. The expressions on her face were enough to make him give her his seed, moaning along with her.

As he lay there panting, his softening cock still buried deep within her, he looked down at her and smiled softly. Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing hard, a little sheen of his sweat on her chest. Slowly, he pulled out of her well-used pussy and took care of the condom, a familiar ritual from nearly every night in bed with Keishou. He wrapped his arms around his post-orgasmic daughter once more, kissing her on the cheek.

“Umm…” he heard a voice from the doorway, exactly like Kaida’s. “What’s going on, Daddy? Kaida?” Nariko stepped into the master bedroom, stepping over clothes that had been tossed everywhere in the sexual frenzy earlier.

“Oh, uh, Nariko!” the Westerner stumbled, pulling a sheet over his daughter and himself. “I…”

“What the hell? Mom leaves for three days and you and Kaida start fucking at the first opportunity?” Nariko yelped. “She’s your daughter!”

“Ah, come on, Nariko,” Kaida said with a nervous smile. “Don’t you think it’d be fun? He’s so good…”

“He’s your father!” she yelled, but Nariko’s attitude was obviously weakening. The Westerner could feel her eyes traveling over the shapes of their bodies under the blanket, and even as she clenched her fists he could see the sexual frustration she was trying to hide.

“Come here, baby,” he said, taking a risk but deciding it was well worth it. He held out his arms for his other daughter, who reluctantly moved into them. “Kaida and I had a lot of fun,” he said enticingly, tracing the shape of her jawline. “I feel bad that you’ve been missing out. Don’t you want to be kissed, fondled, teased… fucked?”

Her eyes widened, but she looked away as she nodded. The Westerner took it as his cue to press his lips to hers, a passionate kiss that she didn’t break, but barely responded to, beginning to shake with fear. “Don’t worry, old lady.” He ruffled her gray hair affectionately and gently slid her shirt over her head, revealing a white bra.

Kaida was watching them both eagerly, slowly bringing her hand down to her sex to pleasure herself as she watched. The Westerner was beginning to feel himself getting aroused again, as he kissed Nariko’s neck and collarbones and slipped off her bra. Once her breasts were exposed, he gently took one in his mouth, exploring her skin and realizing that she was already very aroused, from the wrinkled bud that was already present.

“You want me,” he told her, his voice growing more controlling as he seduced his other daughter, who was still looking at him with fear in her eyes. She nodded quickly, and laid back on the bed next to Kaida. As he began to slip off her jeans, he saw Kaida fondle and tease Nariko’s breasts.

She was beginning to relax, gasping sharply when he let his hand graze her panty-clad sex. He was enjoying exploring her body, letting his cock respond as he watched Kaida play with her, teasing her himself as he stroked the insides of her thighs.

“Daddy, please,” she begged softly, and he didn’t deny her, slipping off her panties and teasing her pussy with his fingers. She was completely bare for him, while Kaida still had a small patch of hair. He found himself enjoying Nariko’s more, her bare pussy revealing everything for him. She gasped as he flicked her clit with a finger, then spread her open and knelt in between her legs, bringing his head down to explore her with his tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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