Surprising Summer Discovery (part one)

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My first time with a guy was my first time having sex. If anyone would have told me the day before what I would be doing a few days later, I would’ve laughed and told them they were crazy or punched them in the face, but looking back there were always signs that I was more than just a little curious about other guys bodies. I was always a “locker room looker” even then LOL


The summer before my senior year I hung out with one of my friends from my cross Country team a lot. One afternoon while hanging out at his house watching television the thought of being in a swimming pool just overcame us. We must’ve called four or five different friends seeing if they wanted to let us borrow their pool for the afternoon. Eventually my friend called his buddy (Trent) down the street from him. I didn’t really know the guy very well but remembered he was on the wrestling team a was a grade older than us. My memories of him then were kind of fuzzy but I remembered he was kind of short and muscular enough but didn’t really seem like a jock. I don’t think he was a very good wrestler either.

My teammate explained to me that dude was kind of weird but really cool and the best part was, his parents were pretty well off and rarely home. So we headed up the street to drink some beers and hang out poolside for the afternoon.

When we arrive to the house, my buddy just let himself in since he and the homeowner knew each other. I remember walking through the house through the kitchen, to the sliding back door that led to the patio and pool. When we got out side, I realized the dude was laying on his belly on a lounge chair, wearing nothing but a Gstring. Being a somewhat sheltered teenager, I’d never seen a guy wearing a Gstring and got a little weirded out.

“Nice ass, dude!” My buddy said to his neighbor in a exhausted and sarcastic tone.

Trent lifted his and shoulders and turn around wearing mirrored aviators that looked too big for his face. With a huge shit-eating grin and blonde hair falling on his face he sneered “Fuck you, dude! You’re lucky I’m wearing anything at all in MY backyard “

“Trent doesn’t like tan-lines so he wears panties at his pool” My buddy said taking a seat on the only other lounge chair.

I stood around for a few seconds,desperately trying to keep my eyes from looking down at his ass, looking for a place to sit and chill.

“Hey man, you can grab one of the patio table chairs if you want.” Trent said, sitting up on his elbows and looking over at me.

I was forced to turn my eyes in his direction. I look directly into those mirrored sunglasses so he knew that I wasn’t checking him out.

“Cool, dude. I don’t know if you remember me. I’m Scot.” I extended my hand.

Reaching up to shake my hand he replied “Yeah man. I remember you. Make yourself at home, bro. There’s beers in the refrigerator if you want one or 5” We all laughed.

“Cool. Thanks, man.”

“Hey Scot.. grab me one too.” My buddy said slyly.

“Fuck you, dude. I’m not your mom.”

“Your ass isn’t big enough to be his mom, bro” Trent said under his breath as he laid his head back down taking in the sun rays.

Danny got up with middle fingers for both Trent and me and followed me to the house.

In the kitchen I whispered to Danny, “is he gay or what? Trying to hold back my laughter.

“Actually dude, Trent is always hooking up with pretty hot chicks. He’s just really not into Tanlines., Don’t worry he’s not gonna try to fuck you “we both laughed grab beers and headed back outside.

After a few hours of hanging out, drinking beers and smoking Trent’s mom’s pot, I got use to the Gstring and even managed to sneak a few peaks.

Trent stood just a little bit shorter than me at 5’ 8”ish. Hairless and athletically built. Not huge but well toned for his height with Ginger freckles over his evenly tanned body. I never dared to take more than a quick peak at his package. It didn’t look terribly large in the tiny bikini bottoms but his ass looked almost feminine in the Gstring. He was a well put together young man.

Eventually Trent announced “hey guys you’re probably gonna have to roll pretty soon. My dad’s gonna be home soon. He doesn’t really like me having company when he’s around.”

That’s cool, man.” My buddy and I replied as we started gathering are things.

“He travels a lot so when he’s home he wants peace and quiet. But you can totally come over and hang anytime you see my truck in the driveway.”

“No problem, man. Thanks again for letting us hang out. I’m definitely gonna take you up on the offer. Your pool is awesome.” I said taking one last peek at our host as he walked to the door.

That next Monday I remember having the day off from my job. I woke up and went for a late morning run. During my 5 mile path I saw Trent drive past me and honk.

He slowed down a bit enough to tell me ‘his parents were out of town and I should call Danny and come over’

“Cool man we’ll come by in an hour.”

I picked up my pace and made it home quick. I called my team mate but no one answered.

For a minute I wondered if I should go over without Danny since I didn’t know Trent that well. ‘Fuck it. It’s hot. Dude has a pool. I’m going over.’ I mentally convince myself. Grabbed my pot, swim-trunks and a towel and drove over to Trents house by myself.

I had a dozen second thoughts as I walked up to the door. But the thought of diving in to a cold pool and drinking a few beers guided me to the door.

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