Surreptitious Love Ch. 104

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Chapter 104 — Suddenly, Substitutes shine

Technically, we were super well-prepared for our orgy this Friday, which was going to take place at the empty vintage hotel where my log-term affair Nguyet worked in her capacity as real estate broker. We had mobilized four or five ladies and three guys, who were all excited about the plan. Most of the gang was somewhat experienced in group sex, mostly with each other. And the old hotel was the perfect location, as there were no neighbors and we had a lot of space. The furniture was going to be discarded anyway, so we didn’t have to be careful, either. Nguyet and Thuy, her colleague, had already ordered sushi for lunch, while Anna and Thanh had choreographed and rehearsed a rousing striptease. Last but not least, we even had tombola tickets with sensual instructions, in case we couldn’t find a charming start.

The previous week, preparing said striptease and the raffle tickets had already turned into a nice little salacious rumpus at Thanh’s house: At first, Thanh had had webcam sex with her beau Hoang, who was going to be part of the orgy as well, before he swung by in person at Thanh’s house, where Anna and I had been working on the notes with the directions. During the trial-run, Hoang had actually gotten the striptease-ticket from the bowl, but he hadn’t flinched: instead, he enticed us with a formidable performance, before Anna had sucked Thanh’s tits, while I had taken her menstruating snatch from behind. After Hoang had left as soon as he was done fucking his girl Thanh for a second time, she had offered herself to me in the most rousing fashion once more, which had probably been the highlight of that day.

I would never forget how she had pulled up her skirt, so that we could admire her double creampie, but the invitation she extended to me to just come on top of her once more, as Nguyet would have put it, had simply been the most tantalizing thing ever. What had made it particularly salacious was that Thanh was rather composed and mature–too sensible for Anna’s taste, actually. Anna had kept teasing Thanh for her overly settled demeanor but was then forced to change her opinion. Yes, Thanh had loosened up and was now ripe and ready for the orgy, during which she would perhaps even compete with Nguyet for the leading role. Would have competed.

The problem was: there wasn’t going to be an orgy, at least not the way we had planned it. And not with the people we had invited. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 case count in our province was rising, so that the city was pretty much locked down now. For the first time in more than a year, Nguyet had been at her company’s headquarters for about half a day, but since there had been six or seven new cases, she was now forced to isolate at home. Bummer. I couldn’t even imagine an orgy without Nguyet, who had been the driving force behind everything with her extroverted personality, wit, rousing ideas, moxie, beguiling figure, and voracious sexual appetite. Oh, well, last week at Thanh’s house, we saw the potential that Anna, Hoang, and Thanh had, so it still wasn’t going to be disappointing, I was sure. And then there would be Thuy with her huge young-mother’s breasts, which I couldn’t wait to see, touch, squeeze, and lick again, either. Nguyet simply shrugged it off and wished us ‘Good Luck!’

Well, it wasn’t going to be that easy. Both, Thanh’s mother as well as Anna’s father were doctors at the local hospital, where they were now interacting with Covid-patients on a daily basis, which meant their families had to stay put at home. In other words, Anna and Thanh were confined to their houses for several weeks as well, just like Nguyet. So, basically, we were left with Thuy, a relatively shy young mother with large breasts for our orgy. I had hoped that my ultra-slim friend Anna, who was friends with Hanh, my blind masseuse, could perhaps get Hanh to join us, but that proved to be rather difficult, as Hanh’s mother was pretty protective and also wanted her to work during that time at the massage parlor at their house.

The irony of it all was that both young guys, Hoang and Vu, and I had passes that allowed us to go anywhere at any time. Vu was working in in the forestry department and had to watch for wildfires, while Hoang was a plumber, who also took emergency calls. And my boss at our English center had, for some reason, given me a pass as well. But there was one silver lining on the horizon: Nguyet had phoned our slightly dopey former colleague Nga, who, against all odds, had agreed to join us. So we would be five: three guys and the two fairly shy, inexperienced, a tad introvert ladies: sweet, lovely Thuy and dopey Nga. Hmh, should we perhaps postpone the whole thing?

Out of all people: Nga, the clumsiest and most out-of-it girl I had ever met. Well, about a year ago, I had seen a photo of her in a pinkish beach outfit on Facebook, after which I had developed a serious crush on her thighs. Nga had a small clothing store together with a friend that sold fairly upscale ankara sınırsız escortlar but really cute clothes for young women. The modeling on Instagram and Facebook Nga left to her more extrovert friend, however. If she did it herself, she always wore a small hat with a sagging brim and looked at the ground, so that no one could see her eyes. In the picture with the beach outfit, it had been different, though: no hat, and she had pushed her glasses up in her hair, closed her eyes and smiled downward like the Virgin Mary. It was safe to say that Nga wasn’t too fond of her own looks and didn’t consider herself photogenic. I had tried to change that subtly, but I hadn’t seen any picture of her for many months. Perhaps taking part in the orgy would make her more self-confident?

In the end, about a year ago, the allure of her perfect thighs had become too intense, and I had driven over to her clothes store, under the pretenses to be looking for something for my wife. When I had been done browsing the shop, we were standing outside somewhat awkwardly, but then I asked if I could see her in her beach outfit (which was like saying that I wanted to see her legs, of course). As she didn’t live far away, we went to her house, where I soon found myself kneeling in front of her, before I jerked off onto her white panties. I would never forget her cum-soaked simple underwear and the few black hairs sticking out on the sides. After I had come, she pulled her panties off and rinsed them immediately, which I found utterly endearing, before she stroked my dick on the couch. Eventually, of course, I deflowered her on the flokati.

Just to make sure, I double-checked with Nguyet if Nga knew about the orgy or if she just thought it would be some ‘nice lunch’. Typically for Nguyet, or the Vietnamese in general, she didn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but that she had ‘strongly hinted’ it.

‘You know, like last year at your birthday, I said,’ Nguyet told me.

That day, the five of us had fucked profusely for about two hours. In other words: as shy as Nga was, she had been part of the biggest orgy we had had so far. Nguyet and Vu had begun their affair that day, and I was sure we all had fond memories of that enticing afternoon. All in all, Nga wasn’t terribly inexperienced, and the fact that she had agreed to join us this Friday showed that she wanted to do something similar again.

Nga also had had a boyfriend in the meantime, from what Nguyet sounded like, so she was used to having regular intercourse and perhaps missing it. But would she be willing and able to sustain between four fucks, as Hoang and Vu could probably do it thrice, while I would be able to satisfy the two ladies once, each. That would be eight times together; but then there were also countless other forms of sexual practices through which we could plough. Optimist that Nguyet was, she predicted that Nga might lose all her inhibitions, as no woman she knew well would be present. Eventually, I asked Nguyet what we would do if Nga didn’t show up or if she truly thought we were just meeting to eat sushi together? Nguyet assured me that Thuy would pick up the slack, as she was ‘exceedingly keen on having sex with two or three men.’

Ok, fair enough, I thought to myself and went to the old hotel just before eleven. Vu and Hoang might get there a little later, but I wanted to warm up a bit with the ladies beforehand. We wouldn’t have the notes with the instructions, nor the music, nor the striptease performances, but Nga was a trained English teacher and thus could translate, as I didn’t speak Vietnamese fluently and Thuy didn’t know much English. I also wanted Nga to get accustomed to the place and the piquant situation. On the way, I dreamt once more of the rousing party we had had prepared–the dancing, the music, and the tombola–and melancholically hummed Shawn Mendes’ Senorita-song. Until I saw Nga waiting in front of the hotel.

Until then, I had always described Nga as clumsy, dopey, and awkward, but hadn’t I known her, I would have fallen in love with her right on the spot. The young woman standing there was wearing a relatively short, tailored, red dress with beige sleeves and collar. The dress had blue and white stripes which formed rectangles on the dress. She wasn’t wearing her glasses–for the first time ever since I had known her–and had her hair in a sort of page boy haircut. The best thing was that she had stopped dying her shiny black hair. She was still wearing her Corona-mask, but even that thing looked spiffy: nano-black with a small white symbol on one of the cheeks. When I pulled up next to her, she took the thing off and smiled at me.

Nga had pretty much the perfect figure, which was nicely amplified by her lovely dress. She was about five-four or –five and, in many ways, personified ‘innocence’, to use that corny term, as there was no better way to describe it. She looked slightly naïve and definitely younger than the almost 28 years she was. She looked as fresh as a daisy, and her thighs were simply sublime. ankara suriyeli escortlar We still hadn’t said a word, but her whole nimble figure struck me screaming ‘sex!’ I ended my lament that, today, only the substitutes would play, but imagined instead how fabulous everything could turn out. Looking at her, I wouldn’t need any notes with little instructions to lift the action off the ground. I just prayed that she was mentally prepared to completely unleash her sensuality. I pushed the heavy metal harmonica door open and then my Honda in. Nga followed suit, before we said hello properly and looked at each other.

“Jesus! You look devastatingly ravishing!” I told her. “You’ve really blossomed since the last time we saw each other…”

She nodded and put her mask on the handle bar of her motorcycle. She smiled some more and then nodded about the compliment, before we slowly went upstairs. I told her a bit about the hotel and that Thuy was waiting for us in the kitchen on the third floor. Apart from the empty halls and the stucco, there wasn’t much to see, but when we paused between the second and the third floors, I pointed at the huge, impressive chandelier. Even though the building was pretty much empty, it didn’t radiate gloom or doom; neither felt it eerie, at least not during day-time. Or perhaps it was just Nga’s presence, who I now kissed tenderly, as the moment seemed perfect. While she was looking at the chandelier above us, she pressed her butt backwards, so that I felt compelled to lift up her dress and parked it on her lower back. I caressed her white-panty-clad butt a bit, while she put her cheek on her shoulder and purred like a kitten, with her eyes closed.

I was relieved, as she seemed to understand that the day would be a debaucherous one. I now even let my fingertips travel on her naked butt under her panties and rubbed my thumb on one of her cheeks. Her ass, which–as perfect as it was–reminded me of Tina’s, was divine. Supple and firm, and ever so much wider than her shoulders. When I embraced both cheeks with my hands, I was tempted to gently pull her panties down and stuff them in my pocket, as I liked the thought of her sitting across from me with no underwear, but I refrained. There was Thuy one floor up, and the day hadn’t really started yet. We would all fuck together in an hour, in the only room left that had some furniture in it. So, I just fixed and smoothed her dress, after which she turned around to face me. She smiled invitingly, and so I caressed her flat, slim belly and small breasts through the fabric of her dress and bra. She seemed to enjoy it, purring as she was again.

Upstairs, in the kitchen, Thuy was pumping milk out of her lavish breasts, like she was getting ready for our orgy. Was that some kind of foreplay? Well, probably not, as it was simply necessary from time to time. Even though she didn’t seem to mind us standing here, I took Nga out of the kitchen again, so that Thuy could have some privacy. There was a balcony facing north at the end of the hall, where we went and I smoked, until Thuy would be done milking herself. I became aware that my focus was shifting away from Nga, towards Thuy’s mesmerizing breasts, but I didn’t say anything, even though Nga’s English would have been good enough to ask her what she thought of Thuy’s marvelous bosom.

When I was done smoking, we stepped back inside and went back down the hall towards the kitchen, where Thuy was already arranging the sushi pieces on a large oval plate. Strangely, Thuy, who always wore dresses or skirts, was sporting pants today. Even if I had kneeled between her thighs to suck her breasts, I would have had to get up again to wait for her to take off her pants. Anyway, perhaps the trousers were part of some work- uniform, as they looked tailored but not particularly womanly. She looked cute, though, with her tongue between her teeth, as she was trying to arrange the pieces of food perfectly. Her little butt wobbled a bit in her pants every time he moved. I actually kinda liked that she hadn’t dolled up, as that just wasn’t her thing. Or style. She was 31 or 32, and looked fresh and youthful the way she was, with her freckles and white eyelashes, since she suffered from some sort of pigment anomaly.

Nga actually stepped in to help Thuy now, so I sat down and lit another cigarette after my offer to help had been rejected vehemently. At some point, we had to distribute bowls, chopsticks, and beer glasses, but that could be done in 20 seconds. As the window and the door were open, smoking wasn’t a problem at all; and we were in Vietnam, were men above 40 or so are still almost supposed to smoke. At one point, I heard the screeching of the large metal door downstairs and thought to myself that the boys were kinda early, too, but perhaps they were just eager to fuck. When the two of them entered the kitchen a minute later, there was some excited commotion among the ladies, possibly as both, Hoang and Vu, looked super handsome and were spiffily dressed.

Nga sincan türbanlı escortlar remembered Vu from her birthday last year; I surmised that she liked him and had agree to today’s rumpus mainly because she wanted him to bang her again. And, yes, he looked better–with his dark skin and sharp facial features–than I ever did. He had probably already heard from his lover, Nguyet, that today only the two most modest young ladies could join us, but he was a gentleman and would probably make some effort to ensure that the gals would have a great time, too. Thuy asked him now to fetch glasses, ice and beer, as he was a frequent visitor to the hotel anyway, and then we all sat down in a very civil and well-behaved manner. No one seeing us would have suspected that we had been planning an orgy for months and would eventually unleash our desires with impunity. I prayed one last time that the ladies knew that too, and we pitched in.

If Nguyet and Anna had been there, our lunch would probably have turned into some sort of foreplay, with food being rubbed in wet pussies and such. When I looked around, this group of people here did not look like they would take a single item of clothing off. And dunking food between wet labia? Oh, hell no. Neither Hoang nor Vu seemed to like that, and only I and Thuy had ever done it. But that was fine. The two ladies were so modest–and probably felt somewhat queasy–that they just talked to each other, while the two young guys did the same. There was absolutely no feeling that an orgy was about to unfold, but I was still positive that it would. Rather effortlessly, actually.

And so I just admired Nga’s thighs here right next to me some more. I loved that larger muscle above (or in the front) and that line between it and the smaller muscle below (or in the back). And her dress was sure nice: the color was a fresh red, almost a little orangey, like fresh blood. Girls in Europe or the North America didn’t wear such lovely, tailored dresses anymore but, luckily, the Vietnamese did: they also had long straight hair, which most girls didn’t dye in the provinces, only in Saigon or Hanoi. The cargo pants and tank tops that Western women way too often wore were, together with dyed, cropped, chopped hair, which looked like a goat had grazed on it, the absolute horror for me.

Thuy’s pants were dark blue, like some Navy uniform, but I liked how perfect they fitted her. Yeah, well, Thuy was at work, after all. As a top, she was sporting a whitish little cardigan, which probably made it easy to breastfeed her baby daughter, who was about ten months old and staying with Thuy’s mom since Thuy had separated from her husband. Her house was about five miles north of town. Nguyet and I had had sex with Thuy there a few times back in the day, after Nguyet and I had just started our affair. Thuy was putting her hair in a bun now, which made her breasts protrude even more. Since she didn’t understand English, I asked Vu if he sometimes banged her when he visited Nguyet here for lunch at the old hotel or at their office in the ‘burbs.

“God forbid! Nguyet wouldn’t want that,” he shook his head, chewed some more and swallowed. “I like her a lot, actually, but, no, I’ve never touched her…”

Ok, good. I also remembered that Vu liked Nga’s legs and–I guessed–her whole body and personality, so I didn’t ask him about her. But I inquired, since Hoang didn’t speak English, if he liked Thuy. Vu translated but then told me that Hoang wasn’t into Thuy so much.

“So-so, he only said,” Vu translated.

“I’m a little surprised that he’s even here, now that Thanh isn’t…”

“Well, Nguyet isn’t here either,” Vu reminded me.

“And neither is Anna,” I told him, and we both laughed when we realized that none of the special lady of the guys was present, but only two other fine young women, one 27 and one 32, who would have never agreed to an orgy hadn’t it been for the other three who were now quarantined at home.

Oh, irony of ironies. Well, not only Anna but also Nguyet was, of course, one of my favorite ladies of all time. Jesus, what had we been through during the last three or four years?! I had already imagined her being the MC, in her white-black-and-pink Asian frock with the egret and the Korean lettering on the front as well as white lacy stockings: how she would lasciviously open the front and present us her massive tantalizing bush, which offered such a stark contrast to her slim frame and light skin. She sure would parade her pussy around and incite and goad us all to new heights of debauchery and satisfaction. I felt a little bad for Anna and Thanh, who had put so much effort and thought into their striptease performance, too. Well, perhaps in three weeks, when the whole Corona-situation might be more relaxed, we could make good.

As the sushi was almost gone, we toasted once more, as we had done at the beginning. I asked Thuy if we owed her money, but she only replied that Nguyet had paid for everything. Vu had translated again, and now the guys lit another cigarette. The girls were chatting about the Covid situation, it seemed, which had only reached Vietnam with more force in April 2021 and our town by the end of June. Now, we couldn’t even hold the orgy that we had been planning for so long. But maybe another, with lovely substitutes, it seemed.

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