Surrounded Ch. 01

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


Saturday will be the best day of my life. That will be the day I marry my fiancée, Amanda, and I just can’t wait. I’m a good looking guy and after a few failed relationships, I found the right girl for me. Some said 23 is too young to be married, but I’m ready for it. I met Amanda through some friends, and we immediately hit it off. She is the same age as me, and is very pretty, with shoulder length blond hair, and a fit body. It’s her personality that really attracted me to her. She’s just fun to be around.

We had met soon after I broke up with one of my ex-girlfriends. I always seemed to attract the wrong kind of girls, girls who slept around a lot. Those are not the kind of girls I was looking for. I was looking for girls that were nice, and wholesome, and cared about what kind of person they were. I respected the fact that she was a lawyer, and she could make it on her own, not like one of those gold diggers. That was part of the reason I attracted so many of the wrong girls, because I come from a wealthy family, and I make a lot of money now running my own business.

Today is Tuesday, and I was hanging out at our house with my wife and her best friend, Michelle. Michelle was a great girl. She looked like some of those girls I used to date. She had long, straight, black hair, a gorgeous face, and a great body. I shouldn’t notice these things, but she has really big boobs. I’ve always been a sucker for big breasts. Plus, she does have a great butt, which she always covers in tight, clingy pants. Unfortunately, Amanda’s butt isn’t anything special, and she is kind of flat-chested, but hey, boobs aren’t everything.

Anyway, we are sitting in the living room watching TV and talking about the wedding. I’m sitting on the recliner while Amanda and Michelle are sitting on the couch. Michelle turned and looked at Amanda, and I quickly noticed what Michelle’s wearing. I’ve noticed she always wears tight clothes to highlight her body. She is wearing a tight burgundy blouse to highlight her big breasts, as well as a tight blue jeans. I quickly glanced up as she turned back. We were watching the news. There is a story about some big divorce, with the CEO of some company cheated on his wife, and now there is a big divorce trial is happening about who gets what. It’s madness.

“I can’t believe any person would do that.” Amanda said.

“I know. I just can’t imagine anyone cheating on their spouse. Maybe, it’s because I have such a wonderful fiancée, but I could never fathom cheating on you, or anyone I know cheating on their spouse.” I said.

“Yeah, I know, Matt. What is this world coming to? What kind of people would do that?” Michelle said.

“Well, it’ll never happen to us.” Amanda said, with a bright smile.

“You got that right.” I said.

“I love you.” Amanda said.

“I love you too.” I said.


It’s Wednesday, and Amanda’s family was arriving in town. Her parents live a few hours away, and her older sister lives about twenty minutes away. They were all coming to dinner tonight with us. Her parents arrive and we greeted them at the door. Amanda was ecstatic that her parents were here. I shook her father Bob’s hand, and gave her mom, Kelly, a big hug. She pressed herself tightly against me, and I can’t help but feel her large breasts pressed against my chest. Kelly is a stunningly beautiful woman. She could pass for Amanda’s sister. She is very pretty, with long dark hair, and a very sensual face, and she is very skinny, with a nice round butt, and really big breasts, bigger than Michelle’s. She is really nice, and fun to be around. We are in the house for five minutes when my wife’s older sister, Katie, arrived.

Katie is five years older than me and Amanda, and, though I like her, she made me uncomfortable when we are together. She is exactly like the girls I used to date. She is incredibly gorgeous, with a body to die for, and she knows it. She is a gold digger, and she sleeps around a lot. She is a gym freak, and her body shows that. She has huge breasts, bigger than her mom’s and she flaunted them a lot. She always wears low cut blouses to expose her deep cleavage, and they are cut short to expose her abs. Her face always has a naughty look on it, like she is always doing something wrong. She has brown hair, going down to her back. She always wears tight pants or a short skirt, which displayed her long toned legs and her great butt. Katie goes through a lot of boyfriends. They are always rich and handsome, but those relationships always fizzle, shockingly. She doesn’t work, because she always mooched from whoever is her current boy toy. That really bugged me. Plus, she always had an attitude, and she seemed to be a little jealous of Amanda at times, bahis firmaları probably because their parents seemed to favor Amanda more than her.

Katie has always been nice to me, and Amanda seemed to look past Katie’s flaws and treated her as one of her best friends. If she’s good enough for Amanda, she’s good enough for me. But, Katie always seemed really flirty around me. It might just be the way she is, but it bugs me all the same. But, Katie is really fun to be around, and she can always make me laugh, so I don’t dwell on it.

I opened the door and see Katie standing there in a tight pink blouse that exposes her bountiful cleavage. I couldn’t help but glance down at her chest before looking into her eyes. She noticed.

“Hi, Matt.” She purred.

“Hi, Katie.” I said, uncomfortably.

She walked in and shakes her jean-clad butt as she walked to the kitchen to meet with the others. We all talk for awhile, before we settled in to eat. Amanda sat next to me as we ate, and Katie sat across from me. It’s a struggle for me to keep my eyes on hers, and by the look on her face, I can tell she knows that. She knows what she does to men. The rest of the night was a bit uncomfortable, but it got pretty fun by the end. Bob and Kelly are staying here for the next few days, so they prepared for bed. As Katie leaft, she gave me a tight hug, and I can feel her huge breasts squash against my chest. She gave me a smirk as she turned and left.


The day was Thursday, and it was the day of my bachelor party. I was not looking forward to it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy partying and stuff, but it was that I know they were getting me a stripper, and that might not be the best thing for me in my current condition. Amanda is a great girl, and she believes in a lot of things, like no cursing, and no sex before marriage. That’s fine, and I agreed to support her with both of those things. That means that I haven’t had sex in a while, and it was one of the reasons I can’t wait to get this wedding over with. I love having sex, but at this point, the last thing I want is to go to a place with beautiful naked women writhing around.

The bachelor party is like a rite of passage, so John, my best friend, and a bunch of my other buddies were insisting on throwing the best bachelor party they could. So, now we are in a hotel, waiting for the strippers to arrive. There was a knock on the door, and John let in the two strippers.

One of them was a blond, named Stacy. She was gorgeous, with a nice butt and good sized breasts. The other was a voluptuous black woman named Aisha. I have never been really attracted to black girls, but Aisha was absolutely gorgeous. She had long, straight, black hair, dark chocolate skin, a nice round butt, and very large breasts. Her body is perfectly proportioned, her thin waist showing she is in great shape. John talked to both of them. At one point, they all glance at me. Aisha licked her lips. Then, the strippers went to one of the bedrooms. After a few minutes, they emerged.

Stacy was wearing a purple bra and a matching purple thong. Aisha was wearing a stretchy pink bra, and some matching short shorts. The lights are dimmed, some rap music is turned on, and they start to dance in front of me. My eyes tended to stay on Aisha, and I think Stacy started to notice, so she jumped on my lap. She rubbed her decent sized breasts against my chest, an as she did, she undid her bra and peeled it off, revealing her perky breasts, nipples hard. She pulled my head down and rubbed her breasts against my face. I closed my eyes and let this wash over me. She started to grind against my hardening dick. I could tell she was getting a little turned on. Finally, Aisha put her hand on Stacy’s shoulder and pulled her away so she could take her turn.

Aisha stood up on the couch in front of me. She started to twirl her hips in front of me. I was mesmerized by her sexy black body. She turned around and started to shake her sexy, large black booty in my face. It’s not crazy big, like some guys like, but it was large, round, and firm, and it pushed away from her back like a shelf. The bottom halves of her ass cheeks hung out of her shorts. She started to lower her shorts in front of me, until her ass cheeks emerged, bare, divided by a hot pink thong. She stepped out of her shorts and rubbed my face against her ass. She turned around and dropped into my lap. I let out a groan as she temporarily knocked the air out of me. She peeled off her bra, and there sat her massive black breasts. They looked so perfect. She grabed my hands and placed them on her ass. Then, she rose up and forced my face against her luscious breasts. I started drowning in their softness. Memories of my past flashed into my mind. Sweaty tangled bodies, large breasts bouncing, unimagined pleasure. I returned to the present. I suddenly realized I shouldn’t be doing this. I started to panic, and she noticed.

“Calm down baby, it’s okay.” She whispered into my ear, so no one around can hear.

“You into black kaçak iddaa girls honey?” She asked. “I bet you are. Been hiding it all your life. But you’re starting to feel that itch, aren’t ya. You been watchin me all night. You can’t take your eyes off of me. Wanna do something about it? Want to get it out of your system?”

I started to panic again. Is she offering what I think she’s offering? I can’t do this. I pushed her away, and stood up.

“All right, all right.” I said laughing as everyone groans. “Hey guys, I don’t want this to go too far.” I said. They groan but comply. I mainly spend the rest of the night talking to my friends and drinking. My friends got their money’s worth on the strippers, as they hang around, dancing for everyone. As they finally prepared to leave, Aisha bounced over to me, leaned into my ear, and whispered, “If you ever want to get it out of your system, let me know.”


The day was Saturday, and I just got married. It was the greatest day of my life. We were surrounded by all my friends and family. It was a lovely ceremony as I married the love of my life, the woman I always wanted to be with. In all the times I thought about getting married, the one thing I didn’t envision was how horny I would be, all day long. I just wanted to get to our honeymoon suite and make love to my wife. But we had to perform all the things necessary on a wedding day. The ceremony, the pictures, the reception, etc. I just wanted to get it over with. As I danced with my wife at the reception, I looked around the dance floor. I noticed all the good looking women at the ceremony, and had a quick thought that of all the adult women at the ceremony, my wife, by far, had the smallest breasts. Michelle, the maid of honor, Katie, her older sister, Kelly, her mother, and all the others were quite sizable in that sense. I quickly squashed this thought, and continued to dance.

Now, I stand in the bathroom looking at the mirror. I’m a married man. My wife was my true love, the woman I wanted to be with. Right? Did I regret this? Did I make the right choice? I smile to myself. Yes. Yes I did. I head out into the honeymoon suite, where my wife is waiting, ready to make this marriage official.


It was just the beginning of spring, a few months after the wedding. Married life has been great. We were having a great time together. Our sex life was great. I have never been this happy. Today is a Saturday. Amanda is talking on the phone with Katie, talking about how she has to go in to work today. This call goes on for awhile, before she had to end it and start getting ready to go. Amanda gave me a kiss before she went out to her car and drove away. I had a nice day of lying around and watching baseball planned out. About an hour later, there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it. There stood Katie, wearing tight black pants and a tight yellow, stretchy top. Her hair looked tussled.

“Hey Kate, what’s up?” I asked.

“Well, I just finished up at the gym, and I thought I could swing by and have a swim in your pool.” She said, stepping in.

“Okay.” I said. She walked by and dropped her gym bag. She opened it up and dug through it.

“Damn, I forgot my bikini. Do you think Amanda would mind if I borrowed one of hers?” Katie asked.

“I don’t see why she would.” I said to her back as she was already walking into the bedroom. She shut the door. I waited in the living room, until she emerged wearing a black bikini that looked way too small for her.

“God, this barely fits, but it was the only two-piece I could find.” Katie said. She adjusted her top and her boobs jiggled as she did so. The bottoms rode up high on her legs. “I’ve never seen so many one-piece bikinis in my life. How often does she wear this one?” Katie asked.

“Not much.” I said, drinking in her awesome body.

“So, are you gonna join me?” she asked, shaking her hair.

“Yeah, I’ll see you out there.” I told her. She smiled, turned, and walked outside. I watched her butt shake as the bikini rode up her butt. I shook some lewd thoughts out of my head as I went to get my suit on. As I shut the door to my bedroom, I saw the pile of Katie’s clothes on the floor. On top of it were her thong panties. God, what I wouldn’t give to see her in those. Wait, what am I thinking? I shook my head again and put my suit on. I went outside and see her dive perfectly into the water. She emerged with her back to me. She looks down and fixes her top. She turned and smiled.

“Oops, my boobs fell out.” She said, turning and displaying the fact that her top was covering her boobs again. I was definitely disappointed.

“Come on. Jump in.” she suggested. I dove in. I swam around a bit, as does she, before she walked up the stairs and out of the pool. She grabbed a towel and started to dry herself off.

“So, Amanda’s gone all day?” She asked, as she leaned over to dry off her legs. My eyes couldn’t help but jump to her cleavage. She looked up at me as my eyes darted away.

“Yeah, kaçak bahis she’s working on this big case.” I said.

“Got any plans?” she asked, straightening up.

“No, not really.” I said.

“So, you wanna hang out? I got nothing better planned.” She said.

“Uh, sure. What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Well, the first thing I want to do is eat. I’m starving. I could really go for some of that great spaghetti you make.” Katie said with a smile. I smiled.

“Well, at least someone appreciates my cooking.” I said, smiling as I stepped out of the pool. She laughed.

“Matt, you’re a kick ass cook. I can’t believe Amanda doesn’t like your food. She’s such a freak sometimes.” She said smiling. I smiled as we walked inside. I changed back into my clothes, and she showered and changed into her clothes too.

“God, today’s gonna be so much fun.” She said. I was getting the stuff ready to cook. She started to help. She bent over to get out the pots. The thong she was wearing is pulled up above her pants, so it was clearly visible. She stood back up and put the pots on the counter. In no time at all, the spaghetti was ready, and we were sitting at the table, eating.

“Mmm, this is so good.” She said

“Thanks.” I replied.

“I love spaghetti. It’s good for stamina.” She said.

“Hmm.” I said, nodding. We finished up, and I cleaned the dishes. I turned back to her.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked her. She smirked.

“To be honest, Matt, I think we should just get naked and fuck each other.” She said. I stepped back in shock.

“What?!” I said, alarmed. She started to walk towards me.

“You heard me. Amanda will never know. And it’s obviously what you’ve always wanted.” She said like it was incredibly obvious.

“Katie, I don’t want to have sex with you.” I told her. She laughed.

“Yeah right. You are always checking me out. I’m surprised Amanda hasn’t noticed. But, she has always been pretty clueless.” Katie said.

“Excuse me?!” I said, angry.

“You know it’s true. Amanda is an idiot. I mean, what’s up with her no swearing, no sex before marriage, one-piece bikini bullshit. She’s obviously not woman enough for a man like you. You look at every woman you pass by. You’re a very dirty boy, and she’s clueless for not noticing it.” Katie said, standing with her hip pointed and her hands gesturing in the air.

“Katie, I love my wife more than anything. And I won’t have you come into my house and insult her honor like this!” I said angrily.

“Insult her honor? Ha! What the hell are you talking about? Matt, face it, she’s dumb, and she’s ugly. A man like you shouldn’t be dragged down by an ugly retard like her! You deserve a woman like me, and you know it. Compare her to me. I’m a fucking goddess. She’s an ugly troll! ” Katie yelled out.

“You will get the heck out of my house now!” I yelled out, as angry as I’ve ever been.

“That’s not what you really want. You want to rip off my clothes, throw me on your bed, and fuck me till I scream!” she said, her face filled with passion.

“That’s the last thing I want Katie. So will you please leave my house now.” I said, gesturing her to walk out. She stepped over to me and grabbed my penis in her hand.

“If that’s the last thing you want, then why is your cock so fucking hard.” She said, running her hand up and down my hard penis. I was taken aback.

“My, My penis is hard, because….” I stumbled out, before she interrupted.

“Cut the crap, Matt! It’s not a penis. It’s a cock. Jesus, she’s starting to get to you. I’ll work that out of you fast. Just admit that you want to put your huge throbbing cock in my tight little pussy, and then we’ll get down to business.” Katie said.

“Katie, you aren’t half the woman Amanda is.” I yelled out, shoving her hand away from me. Katie laughed.

“Are you kidding! Matt, look at my tits!” Katie said. I couldn’t help but glance down at her huge breasts.

“Matt, Amanda is flat as a board. Men like you deserve a woman with big fucking tits. I’ve got 44 EE’s! Imagine, when you make me your woman, these will be all yours. You are obsessed these things, imagine playing with them whenever you want, squeezing them. They are so soft. Their even perkier than you imagine. God, I’m so hot right now.” Katie said.

“Just because you have big breasts doesn’t make you a better woman.” I said.

“Yeah, it does. You love women with big tits. Who doesn’t? No one would blame you for fucking me. Cause I am the better woman. If you don’t think my tits are enough, how about the fact that I’m smarter, I’m way fucking prettier, I have better hair, better legs, a way better ass, a tighter pussy, and I’m in much better shape. I can fuck for hours.” Katie said.

“You’re a slut. I don’t deal with sluts.” I said.

“Duh. Of course I’m a slut. Sluts like me fuck their sister’s husbands. And that’s why you love me. Because I’m a slut who will do anything. Any position, any way you want. I bet she only fucks in the missionary position.” Katie said. I looked down. “God, it’s true. God what a dumbass she is. I bet she makes you wear a condom every time you fuck, too.” I looked down again. “Ha” Katie laughed.

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