Susan the grad student experience

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I was 24 when I met Susan for the first time. We initially met online from a personal ad she had posted.The only reason I wrote her was that she happened to be in a graduate program at the same college as I was and was just looking for someone to hang out with. After just a few short responses, she asked to meet in person. It was the first time a girl ever initiate wanting to meet in person first.

We decided to meet at the food court on campus the very next day. She had described herself to me as 5’6″, short red hair, pale skin, with an athletic body and better than average looks. It sounded great to me and I was excited to see her in person. I remember my heart was pounding and my hands were sweaty with anticipation of meeting Susan. I was shocked when I noticed her walking towards me. She was easy to identify with her short red hair. It stood off her shoulders by a few inches. She wore a baggy sweater, with a plaid shirt and leggings. I admit, I had envisioned her to be more than she was. I stood up and introduced myself. She smiled and we shook hands. She had crooked teeth with a slight overbite. I thought she had oversold her looks a little and considered to be on the average/plain side in the looks department. We began talking about ourselves and our graduate work. Susan seemed genuinely interested in my field of study and I too probed her of her research.

After about an hour of conversing, Susan offered to take me to her lab. We walked together and talked the whole way. I felt very comfortable just talking and it was a pleasant surprise to find out we had some things in common. She showed me around and what results she had found with her experiments. Her intelligence was slightly intimidating. She didn’t seem to be showing off, just passionate about her work. After she finished showing me around, she immediately asked if I wanted to come over to her apartment to hang out. I wasn’t expecting this but of course I said sure.

We walked to her apartment complex, just north of campus, just over a mile away. It was a nice day as I recall for early spring. As we walked, Susan would occasionally bump into me… I didn’t mind it and she ended up taking my hand as we arrived. She buzzed us inside her building and she led me into her apartment. It was very small and cluttered with stacks of books and paperwork lying all over. She had to clear off a space just to sit down on her tiny couch. We sat down close to each other, our legs rubbed against each other. She had a tiny tv and turned it on. I don’t recall what we talked about exactly as she switched through the channels trying to find something interesting to watch. After several minutes, she gave up and turned the TV off. She looked at me and then asked “Would you like a blow job?”

I was totally stunned, I tried to hide my shock as I said shakingly “Ok!” I couldn’t get over how nonchalantly she said it. She stood up, took my hand and pulled me into her bedroom. I scanned the surroundings and noticed her computer on a small desk, she had clothes all over the bed, dresser and floor. Her bedroom windows were open and sunlight filled the room. She sat down on her twin bed and helped herself to unbuttoning my jeans and unzipped them. She slipped her fingers inside my underwear and pulled them down with my jeans just below my knees. I was already stiff with excitement and my hard cock bounced with delight in the sunlight. She examined my rod in her hands, softly caressing it. Then she looked up at me and smiled before looking down and wrapping her puffy lips around my tip. She sucked hard and it felt a little wierd. I had expected it to be softer but she continued to really suck hard. I put my hands on her shoulders to brace myself from falling over into her. She didn’t look up and sucked. The sounds of her sucking easily traveled out of her first floor window and I began to wonder if anyone could here it…. especially since I heard voices just outside. I was very erect but there was no way I would get to climax with the way she mechanically sucked on me. The only way for this awkward bj to end was to offer the same in return on her. I stopped her and said “Susan, I think I should return the favor.” She looked a bit confused by my offer for a second. Then she got up on the bed and let me pull off her leggings and skirt. She removed her bulky sweater. What she revealed was perfect shaped breasts held in by a tiny underwire bra. She had very fair skin, her belly was flat and firm. She had on tiny panties. It was easy to notice her thick red bush underneath the white lace. I pulled her panties down off her and she spread her smooth thick legs apart. I moved up in between them. I softly kissed her inner thigh and made my way into her thicket. Susan kept her bra on as I bore my fingers and tongue into her. She hardly moved as I worked it around. I pulled her lips apart and rubbed my tongue in what I thought was her sweet spot. She was really wet but she didn’t say anything nor did she move unless I moved her. I kept working on her for several minutes and still no feedback.

I stopped. “Am I doing it wrong? Does it not feel good?” I asked in a kind concerning tone. Susan looked petrified. I wasn’t sure what was going on. The moments before she spoke seemed like hours. Then she said “That was interesting.” All I could think is that I had done a poor job. Susan then said in a cool calm voice, ” I’ve never had anyone do oral sex on me before. It was a lot to take in.” I just looked at her. She then asked politely, “Can you continue?” I said sure but insisted she tell me if there was a spot that felt best. Susan didn’t hesitate, she reached down with both hands, pulled herself open and plunged a finger on a location for me to focus. “I felt the greatest sensation right here.” She rubbed it a little and I got turned on even more. I put my efforts into her. Still Susan laid there not making and moves. She did let out a few heavy exhales to let me know it was working. Then out of nowhere, a discharge of fluid erupted out between her legs. Susan’s legs tightened up. She gripped the bed fighting not to move as three or four spurts followed. Her body broke into a sweat. I pushed my face into her and licked a little more. She flinched a little when I playfully bit her flaps. “I don’t like the biting!” She exclaimed. I stopped and moved out from between her legs. Susan asked if I’d like to wash my face. She got up and walked, a little shaky to the bathroom. I followed her into the shower we each washed ourselves. I was surprised to hear Susan explain how it felt for her as I performed oral. She exclaimed that she tried not to move so she could mentally focus on the sensation. It was electrifying for her and she tried to hold back as long as she could to see how long she could keep from climaxing. I told her I did the same when I masturbated. In the shower, we continued to talk analytically about our masturbation habits. It almost seemed surreal to be talking intelligently with a woman,naked, in her shower, about masturbation but that’s exactly what we did. We toweled off and laid on her bed. Instead of having intercourse, we masturbated for each other and I have to say it was very erotic watching Susan pleasure herself as I slowly rubbed my cock.

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