Susie Ch. 01

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Ball Gag

Standard disclaimer: If you are under 18, offended by sexually explicit and erotic stories, or it is illegal where you are to read/possess such material, STOP READING NOW.

Over the course of many years and many friends and lovers, I’ve had the opportunity to help some uncover deeply hidden sexual desires and fantasies. This series will serve as my memory box of these erotic adventures, and hopefully some good entertainment for my readers. The names have been changed to protect the guilty, but the stories are fairly accurate according to my recollection.

Many thanks to Jacuzzigal for helping me extract many of the details of this story from the deep recesses of my mind. (And from keeping me from a comma rampage!)

Susie: Part 1

I met Susie in Bloomberg a few years ago, before I relocated my business to another state. She was working as a part-time cook in the café beneath my office downtown. She had already graduated, and was still trying to break into the amazingly intriguing field of topography. Anyone familiar with this field of study (I wasn’t at the time) would know that the job market is very, VERY small, with only a handful of actual positions one could hold with such a degree.

She was your average looking girl; short (about 4’10”), and weighed around 115 lbs. She was very curvy (had some “junk in the trunk”, as we used to say), and some decent-sized breasts (30-32 D’s). She had lost a lot of weight during the last two years of her college career and, as a result, had a bit of a roll on her sides. She was no centerfold, but rather cute in her own way.

Since this café was so convenient to my office, and they had a few nice pool tables that just beckoned to me, I regularly would go down there with my laptop and my phone (hooray for the wireless age!) and shoot a few games over some half-way decent food. This was usually a 3-4 hour event, and in the course of such time down there, I became very familiar with the whole staff.

At the end of one such day, I proceeded downstairs with my equipment to begin working on a project plan for a rather large client that was going to be upgrading its entire system backbone. After many hours and a beer or two (or was that after an hour or two and many beers?), as Susie was closing down the café and cleaning up, I decided to pack myself up and head to the liquor store and then home. I asked her if she’d like to join me for margaritas out on my deck. Not being one to turn down any free drinks, she readily agreed, and so we were off.

Being a bit of a liquor snob, I always buy the top-shelf stuff. It costs a good deal more, but it is well worth the price. I spent an easy $300 buying the supplies and a few bottles of wine for the cellar. Susie was impressed that I was so easily throwing money around, but I consider it an investment. And since I regularly entertain clients at my home, it also served as a good tax write-off!

We swung by her apartment so she could change and grab her bathing suit (for the Jacuzzi). While I was there, she immediately canlı bahis began shedding clothes and before I knew it, she was stark naked in front of me!

“Do you mind if I jump in the shower real quick before we go? I’m all sweaty and smell like the griddle.”

Being a rather accommodating fellow, I quickly assured here that it was not a problem.

While she was getting all cleaned off, I roamed about the place and picked my way through some books that were lying about. When she returned, she had her hair wrapped up but nothing covering her body up at all. Since I’ve joined her and the rest of the crew at the café for a few nights out on the town, hopping from bar to bar and into a few of the strip clubs, I knew that this is just how she was. She just didn’t care who saw what or what they thought about it.

“You’re not the bashful type, huh?” I asked.

“Oh! Sorry. I’m just so used to being alone in here, and I usually walk about naked anyway. You don’t mind do you?”

“It’s your apartment, and I’m never one to complain about naked women in my presence.”

With a laugh, she turned around and began to get dressed. I had a great view of her ass as she bent over to pull her panties up. Then she stopped and stood there for a second as if thinking, and then took the panties back off. She turned around towards me again, and said, “I guess if we’re going in that hot tub of yours, there’s no point in getting dressed right now, huh?”

“I’d rather not get pulled over for having a completely naked woman in the car, but otherwise I don’t mind.”

She giggled a bit, turned back to her dresser and pulled out her bikini and put it on. She threw an old t-shirt over top, and took some other clothes to put in her handbag. A quick brush of the hair, and we were off, again.

When we got to my place, I promptly put the goodies away, and Susie made her way right to the deck. I got my shorts on and proceeded to the kitchen to mix the margaritas.

Handing one to Susie, I sat down next to her and looked out over the valley, as the sun set off to our right. It was a warm night, but not too humid, and there was a light breeze floating across the hill.

We talked about work, co-workers, bars, our respective ex’s, and many other superficial topics. After our third round of drinks, the conversations flowed freely and uninhibited, and eventually the topic turned towards sex and sex partners.

“So how many people have you had?” she asked.

“Enough. I couldn’t possibly try to remember them all, but I’d guess around 18 or 20 off the top of my head.”

“Christ! I’ve only had 4.”

“Remember, I’m eight years older than you. But still surprising, considering how uninhibited you are about your body.”

“I think that’s the problem. Too much body. It doesn’t seem like anyone would be interested in this stretched out sack. I’ve had one boyfriend, two one-nighters, and one friend, who I did it with a couple of times.”

“I think the body is fine. I guess it depends on who you are looking bahis siteleri for. Are you after a one-nighter, or do you want a long term relationship?”

“I like my life the way it is. I like being able to date who I want and when I want. I don’t want any boyfriend right now. But it would be nice just to have someone around to ‘play’ with.”

“I understand. After Stacy and I split, I just decided to immerse myself with the business and I just don’t want to be bothered with another relationship right now either. I’m looking to relocated the business further south in a few months and it wouldn’t make sense to get involved now.”

The conversation dwindled a bit, so we got out and went inside to dry off and mix another round. While I was mixing the alcohol, Susie came into the kitchen with just a towel around her hair again.

“You don’t mind do you? I’m just so much more comfortable with nothing on.”

“I don’t mind, so long as you don’t mind me staring and getting a bit worked up.”

With that she reached down and started stroking me through my shorts.

“Worked up, huh? I’ll just have to see what that means.”

And with that, she took her drink and moved to the living room and sat down on the loveseat.

It took a second to regain my composure. I took my drink and followed, sitting down next to her, making a quick adjustment so no ‘tent’ was showing through my shorts.

After a few more minutes of idle chatter, the subject of sex came up again.

“Would you really prefer a sex-only relationship right now?” she asked.

“I don’t have time or energy for a commitment, but I do with something fun like that. Besides, it offers a great ‘release’. Why? Are you interested in the opening?”

With that, she reached over, and again, began stroking my shaft through my shorts.

“If the position is still open, then consider this my application.”

She slid down to between my legs, and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. With long strokes she licked up and down my cock, from base to tip. Then she lifted it up and licked the underside the same way, now paying special attention to the tip. She would lick quick little circles all around the tip and then back down. Keeping her mouth wet, she then put her mouth over top, and swallowed as much as she could. With one hand at the base, moving up and down with a slight twisting motion, her mouth covered the rest of my cock. She bobbed up and down, applying extra pressure with her tongue on the underside of my shaft. Slick with saliva, her hands glided up and down effortlessly. Circling my cock I could feel the slightest roughness from her tongue on the head. Realizing how sensitive it was, she would pull off and use the tip of her tongue to quickly circle the head again.

I could see small beads of sweat on her back, as she began getting worked up. Slowly, the musky scent of sex began to fill the air. One of her hands reached down between her legs and started slowly stroking her pussy. Within a few seconds I could hear the slickness caused bahis şirketleri by her own juices as her fingers began sliding in and out of her box. I could hear and feel each time she let out a small moan.

After a good five minutes of some great stimulation, I was ready to take some action into my own hands. I pulled her off and set her down on the couch beside me. Kicking my shorts from my ankles, I crawled up behind her. Lifting her by the hips until she was on her knees, I took my first two fingers and parted her lips. She was already very slick with her own juices. I slid my fingers back and forth, all the way along her lips; teasing her clit from time to time. Her breathing quickened and became more intense. Sweat glistened off the top of her back. After a moment or two, she was well coated, and I withdrew my fingers and replaced them with the head of my cock.

Again, I slid it up and down the whole length of her slit. At every pause, she would stiffen and her breath would cut short, waiting for me to enter. After a minute of teasing, I placed the head of my cock inside her, and she began to moan and beg. I didn’t move any further, and kept a good grip on her hips to ensure I was keeping right there.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Oh! Shit! Just fuck me. Please, I want to feel you inside me. Put it in already. Ohhhh!”

I still didn’t move any deeper, but swayed a bit to the left and right; then a little up and down motion. I squeezed her hips, and with a quick and forceful thrust, buried myself deep inside her. Her body tensed and she began to convulse. Panting heavily, she screamed and nearly collapsed shaking with a sudden orgasm. Holding my cock deep inside her and feeling the walls of her vagina pulsating against me, I started moving up and down and side to side. As her body began to relax and her breathing became steadier, I slowly slid my shaft out, all but the head.

Again, I held it in position, moving left and right for a minute, until she started begging again. And again I thrust as quick as I could, spreading her cheeks just a bit so I could go even deeper.

I repeated this about four more times, each time altering how long I was staying out. Finally I could tell she was wearing out, as her walls were quivering the last time I pulled out. When I pushed back this time, I started a rhythmic movement, in and out a bit at a time. As another orgasm was hitting her I made my movements longer. In harder and out further, she was slowly sinking down onto her stomach, unable to hold herself up.

I was now pushing with so much force that we would sink into the cushions every time I came down. Her whole body was shaking as my cock swelled, and I started spurting my cum against the back of her pussy. I grunted and pushed a few more times, and I heard her issue a cross between a scream and a moan simultaneously.

We lay like that for a few minutes before I propped myself up a sat to relax. She curled up a bit, but could not say anything. After another ten minutes had passed, she said, “Thank you. That was fucking awesome. No one has ever done it like that before. God, that was good.”

“Anytime. So what else haven’t you done?” I said, beginning a new chapter in Susie’s life.

To be continued…

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