Sweet as Sugar Ch. 03

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Once again, thank you to Literotica and its audience for indulging me in expressing this fantasy erotica. This is the third chapter in the continuation of the Babydoll series. I was asked by many to continue with these characters and I decided to do so in this new series, instead of continuing on with the old series.

For any new viewers, you may want to read ‘Sweet as Sugar’ 1 and 2 and then read the original story (Babydoll) later as a prequel. I have appreciated the encouragement that has been given in the feedback of the previous two chapters. If you really do like the story, please let me know and give me a vote accordingly.

Any likenesses or similarities of character are purely coincidental.


It had been a long week. I had several trials and other matters on my agenda that were taking up all of my waking hours and had been tying me up in knots for a while. So, when I had finished all of my court work on Thursday and settled matters at the office, I told my secretary Beverly that I was going to work from home on Friday. If anyone seriously needed me that she could call me. She knew the routine. That meant that someone better have done something that had them in jail without bail, otherwise I would have the day off.

Jill, Paige, and I went out to dinner that night and I had a few drinks afterward before getting into bed at 10pm. It was early February and we had all settled back into our familiar routines in the weeks subsequent to that fateful beginning of the New Year. That meant that Jill was busy with her own legal practice and she was always running our pre-teen daughter around to various activities such as Girl Scouts and Gymnastics.

On Friday morning, Jill was up at the crack of dawn as she always is during work weeks. She says she does her best work early in the morning and then she drives Paige to school, before heading to her office. They wouldn’t be home until late in the day, so I had the place to myself. I didn’t intend to do much and that was the way it was working out.

I had awoken at 8am and laid in bed until 10am, before checking my messages while having my coffee. Thankfully there was nothing important, so I read the newspaper and browsed the internet and went about having a rare lazy day. I was burnt out, so this was a good thing.

I’m not one for eating much breakfast, so a little after 11am rolled around I was hungry for my first food of the day. I fixed a Turkey sandwich and headed to our screened-in porch area which lies underneath the back deck out next to the pool. A few years before, we had this area renovated so that it was comfortably enclosed into a sunroom during this time of the year. I had just finished my sandwich and was enjoying a glass of tea when I heard a car drive up into the driveway, so I headed inside to see who it might be and what was going on.

I couldn’t even get to the window to look out before hearing the doorbell ring. I headed to the door and when I opened it I was a bit stunned. It was Ashley and we don’t normally ring the doorbell. As brother and sister, we normally just walk right in, if the door isn’t locked. Besides that, it is a rare occasion when we don’t call first.

So here she was unannounced and she appeared to be a bit of a mess. She was teary-eyed. but I couldn’t help noticing she was wearing this eye-catching denim ensemble, consisting of a denim shirt-jacket, buttoned up to the next to last button, and this pair of hip-hugging jeans that displayed her every curve. But, I really needed to know what the tears were all about.

“Come on in,” I turned to the side as she entered.

“Is anyone home?” she asked as she moved by.

I responded, “Nah just me.”

Without saying another word, she moved up into my arms, “My divorce papers were just delivered,” she whimpered.

I replied with a sympathetic nod, “I’m sorry.”

“You, of all people, don’t need to tell me that,” She looked into my eyes, “He sent a note along with it.” She moved back and pulled the folded papers from the top pocket of her denim shirt and handed it over. I started reading it, but she decided to cut to the chase as I read, “It says that I never loved him and if he knew better, he’d swear that I was in love with you.”

I was taken aback by the confession. The letter said a lot more about their irreconcilable differences. It was a list of grievances that enumerated how he had tried to make it work and that admitted that he had cheated after years of a loveless marriage. I wondered silently how much he really did know. I just think this was a letter of confession. He was settling his broken heart. The financials were settled. He wouldn’t be back. There were no worries. It was time for both parties to move on with their lives.

“He is right. We both know it. I never got over you Jimmy,” a tear rolled down her cheek. She came forward and took my lips while hugging me.

I reminisced about a time around Christmas long ago. She had wanted bahis firmaları me to go shopping with her and I did. Her look aroused me significantly.

Almost 33, Ashley was still as hot as any model you see in magazines. 5’7″ tall, 36-26-(and probably now around) 37. She had thickened up a little over time, but it was all in proportion to her luscious curves. Her hair had been honey blonde, but right now before me, she displayed that full headed, fluffy reddish mane that made my inner being pulsate. It was obvious that she had just arrived from the Spa she so often frequented.

‘Hmmmm…’ that face was still flawless with only the beginnings of some wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Those perfect jugs, flared hips, and those thick tight thighs. My matured libido grew in arousal, which was something that usually didn’t respond as quickly as when I was younger. I enjoyed the stimulating feeling of Ash’s presence before me. The girl was still a goddess.

Ash took my hand and pulled me towards the steps and led me upstairs, “I need you to make me feel better Jimmy.” I was getting close to full arousal as we entered the guestroom and continued our embrace. I was churning inside, trying to remain composed. Inside my old room, which was now the guest room, I shut the door and locked it. Something instinctually made me seek privacy. As I held Ash close, I softly pecked her lips. “You are still the hottest bitch on planet Earth.”

Ashley shook her head, “I wanna be. I wanna be for you.”

I pulled her in front of the familiar dresser with the mirror. I don’t know what perfume she was wearing, but her essence was intoxicating. “Look at you,” noticing her swoon.

“Oh Jimmy,” she protested.

“God girl, I’ll never get enough of you. Look at us. We’re a perfect fit.” I boldly proclaimed, slowly reaching around to deftly pull the snaps of her denim shirt open. ‘My god,’ she wasn’t wearing a bra and her pendulous orbs fell out seeking my hands as she deeply sighed. I hadn’t seen her in over a week and I could tell she had been spending time getting a tan at the salon. Her complexion was golden and glowing with tan lines that highlighted the curvature of her breasts.

Coaxing her arms around me, her fat titties mashed heavily and seductively into my chest. We both focused on the moment as my hand pulled the thick wavy locks of her head towards me and I inhaled the scent of her freshly arranged hair. “I whispered in her ear, “You know you are so beautiful. You could have always been a model.” I pulled back noticing her exposed breasts fall, “You would have been a hell of a Playboy Playmate.”

“Jimmy. You’re so ridiculous,” she shook her head and rolled her eyes at the notion, now grinning through her solemnity. It wasn’t like I hadn’t said it before.

I leveraged her around ’til we both were looking at one another, facing the familiar mirror. Slowly, I peeled her shirt away and tossed it to the side. Her liberated upper body begged to be held and I complied by pulling her to me and fondling her tantalizing tits.

Leaning in, I slowly sucked the nape of her neck as my cock naturally ground into her backside. Raising my mouth to her ear, I blew into it, “God you turn me on, Baby.”

(Ashley) – “I know Jimmy. I know.”

(Jim) – “God Girl.”

Without her saying another word, I reached around to undo the belt of the taut denim jeans. She reached down and helped by pulling it out of its loops. I unbuttoned the cinched jeans and we found ourselves playing with the sides of her skimpy attire as it became abundantly clear that she had no panties on underneath. Slowly, we slid the jeans down as I started kissing her shoulders all the way down the spine to her lower back just above her toned, but meaty ass. The worn denim slid further and further down ’til it exposed the neat little Auburn tuft lightly covering her mons. Ashley stepped out of her shoes and went about discarding her attire completely.

I stepped into her as she again swooned back into my embrace, exhaling her request, “I want you to take me.”

“What?” I inquired about what she really wanted.

(Ashley) – “I’m your whore. I want you to take me.”

Pulling her around I pushed her to her knees as we both maneuvered my trousers down. As the pants fell to my ankles, I guided my bobbling cock until she inhaled it. This was like the ultimate scene from a porno. She went to work like the pro she was. Julia Ann or any other starlet had nothing on my sister. She was the Babydoll in every sense of the word.

She pulled her lips off, telling me, “Do what you want Jimmy. Just do what you want.”

I took hold of my cock and tapped her succulent lips as she smiled then giggled. Palming her thick mane, I maneuvered her head until the fleshy sword slid through her orifice and was tickling her tonsils. A few strokes had her devouring me in an unfathomable deep throat. I groaned, buried balls deep, her pouty lips tickling my base. With a huge gasp for air, kaçak iddaa she pulled off gulping, gagging, and searching for breath as the cockslobber drooled from those luscious lips, down her chin, and all over my ultimate erection. I wouldn’t last long; my cock so erect that it snapped back as it popped from her mouth.

Ash stood up, pushing into me, as I stepped from the pants still trapped around my ankles. “Take me, Jimmy,” she commanded. “I want you to take my ass. I want you to own me.”

For some reason, the thought entered my head of our first tryst, long ago. Ashley kept a healthy distance from me for a while after that, but I considered her my girlfriend and would express that to her frequently. Taking her virginity the way I had was wrong, but I wanted her so bad that I let things get out of control. She was confused, but I found a way into her heart and she forgave me. I had been in her heart ever since. I promised her that I would never do anything that she didn’t want to do and I had kept my word and now she was going to give herself to me in the most vulnerable way.

I thought back to last Summer and how I had taken her ass. She let me, but it was only for a moment. Now she was telling me that she wanted it and now I was more than willing to oblige. She turned away, as my cock, coated with her saliva, flexed against her ass. She turned her head to look back at me, with a pouty face of innocence, before turning forward as if she were embarrassed.

No words were necessary in this moment of truth as her ass wiggled against me. The effect of our close quarters had the tip of my phallus burrowing into the crevice of her soft buns. It was a very obscene scene and it was an exhilarating feeling that sent chills through me. ‘Were we really going to do this?’ She was going to give me this gift.

Our natural movements had my slick rod continuing to grind and flex into the crevice of her sweet, supple ass cheeks as I slid my arms around her waist and up her torso, fully embracing her wonderful Ta-Tas. “God baby, move that pretty ass for me, I wanna feel it.” As she obliged, “God you’re so fucking incredible. You turn me on so much.”

I leveraged her down, as she extended her arms to the dresser for better balance. Her elbows rested upon the dresser as her ass pushed up for better access. I drooled down to my cock and lathered it one more time before giving it a couple of pumps. Placing my cock back between her magnificent cheeks, I began a rhythm with both my arms to her side. Ash reached up and pulled the hair back that had fallen into her eyes, as she erotically began to sway with my movements. “Oh God Jimmy,” she swooned.

Lowering myself into her, I pushed my chest into her back, while inhaling the essence of her hair and breathing into her ear – the friction made the sensations almost unbearable as I whispered in her ear, “I’m so fucking horny for ya Baby… So fuckin horny.”

Her ass was in a perfect position, as I placed my thumb on my glans and pushed into her tailbone. I began to percolate as I pulled up into her and continued the rhythm while leaning forward to suck on the nape of her neck. “Oh, God, this is so fucking hot,” I bellowed staring at my throbbing cock, glistening with juices as it finally found and pressed against her sexy little rosebud. This was my ultimate fantasy and it was real.

I could sense Ash’s anxiety. I noticed the flush of her skin in the excitement of the moment. Her body was hot. Her skin was crimson as she turned to look back and then maneuvered her head to focus forward. There was a dampness to the back of her head. A sheen of perspiration glistened her neck.

In the moment, my attention was drawn to her belabored breathing. She was clearly beyond nervous as I stroked my boner against her luscious backside, the tip occasionally touching her bumhole. Obviously, she had conceded to the thought of all of this. I coated my hand heavily with saliva and rubbed it all over my gloriously hard cockhead.

Guiding my tool to her vortex, I reached to diddle her flower. Gyrating into her dirty little thing, I sought to find the easiest access to her secret entry. Just as I pushed forward into the button of her bung, she moaned loudly, ‘ahhhhhh,’ and her body quivered in climax from anticipation.

She had gotten off and we hadn’t even done the deed. As I salivated in expectation, I allowed the excess to drool down to my hand and recoated my cockknob as it flexed with desire for my sister’s dark cavern.

As I once again nudged into her tight sphincter, I met no resistance. Pushing into the pucker with insistence, I lifted her waist for better access. Slowly, but surely, I watched as the head sunk into her warm butthole. With gentle persistence, the shaft found a way to slide in. I was enveloped in a wonderful feeling. I resisted the urge to thrust hard and bury myself. I took my time slowly and deliberately sinking to the floor of her dark hollow.

In no way did I want to hurt her. kaçak bahis This sex was meant to be a sacred pact. It meant that she was giving me everything. It meant that she was mine for now and forever – in the light and in the darkness. It was our secret for only us to know; for only us to share. No one needed to know but us.

Carefully, I pulled back out, dragging along her clinging tightness until the head peeked out. Then I once again pushed back in all the way and just let it languish in all of its glory. It felt so good. I twitched and throbbed inside my sister’s tight bum. I knew I was going to explode and I was going to cream all inside of her. I was going to fill her up, but I didn’t want this to end so quickly.

She was virtually vibrating before me as I massaged the small of her back in waves. With each stroke, I picked up the pace until a minute later she reached down to naturally rub herself. It only took her a few moments to moan and cry out, “Ohhhh Godddd!!,” she whaled as she sucked in air, swooning forward in climax as her mouth hung open while she came.

I just held the position, still firmly inside, pushing forward, holding and caressing her tailbone and massaging the fleshy globes of her ass as she carried on in her reluctant ecstasy. Her ass flexed around my turgid tool and then she detached, seemingly exhausted, as she finally came down from her high.

“This is so bad,” she whimpered, “So bad,” she turned halfway around and palmed my chest.

“We don’t have to do this,” I insisted. “I don’t wanna hurt you.”

She rubbed my chest and pecked my lips before moving towards the bed. “Come here,” she gave me a look that had a serious demeanor. “I wanna finish what we started, but please be gentle.”

She moved up onto the perfectly made bed and pulled out the tucked in pillows and rested forward. She looked so lovely and vulnerable as she sunk down on all fours fully exposing her backside to me.

I moved to the bed and pulled her to me as she sunk down giving me full access. Once again I positioned myself, kneeling behind her while extending my arms to her sides. My sensitivity caused me to groan as I pushed inside her murkiness. A cold chill came over me as I resumed the ride seeking my own culmination. I didn’t want to hold back any longer. I thrust deep, tunneling to the bottom, burying myself deep inside her dank.

She whimpered and chomped down on her bit. I couldn’t help it, even though I could feel her sensitivity, “Ohh, oh, Ohh, uhmmmm… fuck… ohgod…” she bellowed, but never resisted… never detached… never pulled away. She was allowing me to claim her.

I pistoned a few more strokes, the flesh of her bottom bouncing off my pelvis, until finally, the sensation overwhelmed me as I grunted. Letting go, I blasted a jet of cum deep inside her lovely tight little bumhole and then another. She detached falling limp as my cum blazed inside her.

I reached down and rubbed out the rest of my seed as I sought comfort and completeness. Sated, I fell to my lovely sister’s side. Slowly but surely, my breath came back to normal as we both lay in a daze.

Moments later, Ash rolled to me and curled up in my arms, “I do love you my sweet brother.” she kissed my cheek and then my lips. “Will you hold me?” She asked and I obliged.

Our nude bodies entwined, we continued with our kisses and nibbles as we gazed in loving adoration of one another. “Thank You, Jimmy,” she said surprisingly.

“Why should you thank me?” I retorted in bewilderment.

(Ashley) – “It’s what I wanted. It made me feel better about things.”

I wasn’t going to continue down this line of thought. I just kissed her forehead and hugged her a little tighter.

She continued in a serious tone, “Not a word about any of this to Jill. Okay?”

“Shhhh… Not a word,” I replied.

She reached her hand out, “Pinky promise.”

I reached out to comply with that famous hand gesture, “Pinky promise.” Why would I ever tell my wife about this was my thought. We’d told one another many things, but we both needed to hold back some secrets.

“The weekend after this is the Heart Ball,” I was shocked when she brought that up.

“Yes, I know,” of course I knew. My company and especially my Grandfather had always been one of the major sponsors. It centered on Valentine’s Day to benefit Heart research. Thirteen years ago at the event, my life changed forever and though I always tried to keep up appearances, It always made my heart sink a little when we would enter the building and the ballroom for the occasion. The events of that evening would be forever etched upon my mind until the day I died.

“Jimmy, I know how you are feeling, but you know I have never been back to that event since that night,” she actually didn’t look sad or remorseful. You know I was going to tell you that night,” she nodded and continued her affirmation. “Big Daddy beat me to it. The events of that night were surreal. Jill showing up. Big Daddy and his tribunal… I was going to tell you about JJ. I was going to tell you that I loved you and wanted to be with you forever.”

“But you didn’t. You did the opposite,” I chimed in.

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