Sweet Dessert

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It’s obviously been a long day at work for you. As you walked in, I noticed you eyes looking tired and your walk just about screaming “exhausted” at me. Everything else about you is just dragging much more than usual.

“That bad?” I ask.

“Worse, every computer on the network went down, and half of tech support was yelling at the other half in their little cave just across that way from me. I don’t even know why I bother anymore.”

“Why don’t you take a hot shower, get into something more comfortable, and I’ll get dinner set”

“OK,” was your tired response.

As you went upstairs, I turned my attention to dinner. Chicken with your favorite teriyaki sauce was in the oven, rice and veggies on the stove. I set the table, lit the candles and got everything ready. I started putting food on the plates when I heard the shower stop, and by the time you walked back in, there were roses, candles, and two steaming plates on the table.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting all this.” You said with surprise in your voice.

“I know, but I got home early, and I thought you might like it”

“MMM, thank you,” as you took the first bites of one of my best efforts in a while

You ate, and I could see the last of the tension drain for your body. By the time you finished, there was a totally different woman in front of me. Perhaps not the prettiest woman on the street, but certainly cute, and with a tall, illegal bahis slender body. Those blue-green eyes with that dirty blonde hair that I loved so much. Just one of those women that feels so nice in the arms, curled up on the couch.

“That was a nice surprise to come down to. What’s for dessert?”

“Well, I was actually hoping…um…you,” with a sheepish grin on my face.

“Me, huh? I think that will be a pretty good dessert.”

With that, you got up from the table, and strolled into the living room. I sat for a second, then followed you. Turning the corner, I saw you laying on the couch, your head resting on your favorite pillow, the cat one I brought you back from a business trip. I lay down on top of you, brush your hair out of your face, and pressed my lips hard into yours. Our tongues met and twisted around each other. Your hand rubbed my back, trying to pull my shirt off. My mouth moves away from yours, kissing all over your face and neck. Little moans of pleasure escape your lips, and I can feel you starting to squirm under me.

I lift you off the couch a little, and your shirt is quickly off, exposing your small, firm beasts. My mouth immediately is on your left nipple, sucking it, teasing it with my tongue. At the same time, I am teasing your right nipple with my thumb and palm, feeling it get harder. I rake you nipple with my teeth, and switch my mouth over to the right> this illegal bahis siteleri time, I suck hard, then push your nipple in with my tongue. My shirt is off, and you’re rubbing you hands all over my bare back, pulling my body to yours.

My hands work their way down, and you life your lower body, allowing me to pull off you sweat pants and panties off. You try to gram my hand and force it towards that sensitive area, but I grasp your wrist and pin your hand above your head. I lick my way down, stopping to circle, then dip my tongue into your belly button. As I get down, I smell your wonderful aroma, and lick my way down, then back up just parting your lips. On the way back up, I get a hint of your wonderful flavor. I find your clit, and lick all around it but no touch it, teasing you. You try to move around to get my tongue on your clit, but I just keep moving away.

“Please,” You say, more than a little breathlessly

With that, I take your clit between my lips, and gently suck it. Occasionally, I touch the tip of it with my tongue, feeling you shudder each time. My hand is rubbing the inside of you thigh, slowly getting closer, until I can feel the heat from your pussy. I gently slide a finger inside you, and slowly push it in as far as I can reach, then pull it ever so slowly out. After a few strokes, a second finger is inside you, and my hand is moving a little faster. My mouth come away canlı bahis siteleri from your clit, and is replaced by my thumb. I feel you getting wetter and wetter, and your muscles are starting to contract and pull my fingers deeper inside you. You’re moaning now, loud and long.

With my thumb on your clit, I squeeze it towards my fingers inside you, gently at first, and slowly move my fingers around, feeling everywhere I can. I start to get a little faster and a little harder. You start to scream, and I start to vibrate my hand hard and fast. In almost no time, I can feel a sure of wetness as your body clamps around my hand. I feel hot fluids hitting my elbow, and smile knowing that I was able to make you squirt.

When you finally relax, I gently pull my hand out, and slide up your body until you are nestled in my arm.

“You’re amazing.” you say with a tired smile.

“That was some good dessert., but it’s not over yet.”

I roll back on top of you, and slowly slide myself into you, pushing in as deep as I can, and holding there for a long moment. I gently ease back until I am barely inside you. I keep at a very slow place, trying to make it last longer, more intense. Soon, I can feel you wriggling under me, and I begin to speed the pace and force of my strokes. You begin to push back against me, and I feel the tension building inside me. I suddenly begin pounding you as hard and fast as I can, feeling myself hit bottom. Soon, the tension inside me is unbearable. Just then I feel your walls spasm around me, and I push in hard, and explode deep inside you. We collapse together, covered in each other’s sweat. As I roll off, I kiss you cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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