Sweet Mommy Domme Ch. 01

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This is a true fantasy play story about a grown man who enjoys being treated like his Mommy’s college boy.


I met her online. It was clear right out of the gate that we had alignment and a good connection. She needed to lead and I, as it turned out, needed to relinquish control and be directed. Her name is Vivian. I suspect that may not be her real name. She is a 40 something voluptuous woman who has a penchant for old school ways. 50’s dresses, home making, and the like. Best I can tell, she doesn’t have to work. She lives in a comfortable, ranch house that is very well maintained and totally updated. The large yard is perfectly maintained by her gardener.

I didn’t know much about her personal life and weekends and such. We didn’t talk about many things like that when we were together for our first “play dates”. At that time, we rarely, if ever, break from our role playing. That fact surprised me, but it worked. We were meeting during the weekdays for our mutual escape as often as we could.

The first session went like this:

When I arrive at her house, it felt like I’ve just gotten home community college one afternoon. Her door is open and I come in and put my things down. She has instructed me to come right in when I arrive for our play date’s, mind you.

“Hi. I’m home”, I announce as I enter the front door.

I hear her in the kitchen. She comes to greet me.

“Hi, Sweetheart! How was your day?” She gives me a big hug.

She looks very nice this afternoon. She has a long 1950’s dress with apron. I swear, it looks like she has stepped out of a 1950’s Good Housekeeping magazine. Her hair is dark and medium length. She has a very full bosom and large, round ass. The 50’s thing is her “thing”. I’m ok with it. It seems to add to the scene and our play. I often wonder how and why she fixated on that era. One day, maybe she will tell me.

“Come and sit down. I just finished baking some cookies for us.”

She pours me a coke at the kitchen island and she brings me a few cookies on a plate. She touches me every chance that she gets. She slides her had down my arm, she touches my hair.. When she leans on the other side of the island, her dress is unbuttoned way too much. She wants to make sure that I see her magnificent cleavage. she catches me looking and she flashes me a sweet, encouraging smile. I’m quiet, but happily enjoying this break from reality.

“Can you help Mommy with a quick chore, sweetheart? I need you to change a lightbulb for me and I don’t like to get on ladders. As tall as you are, you probably can do it just standing on a chair. My tall, man.”

I stand on top of a chair and unscrew the lightbulb. I hand it down to her and she hands me the new one. Once it is securely in place, I ask her to test it. She flicks it on and before I can get down, she comes over and kind of hugs my waist and says thank you. Her face presses up against my crotch. I feel a nice stirring as my cock is hardening. She does this for a long moment. Then she ends the hug by very obviously rubbing my crotch with her hand.

She feels the hardening and says, “Hmmm. Somebody’s getting a little excited”.

I smile shyly.

“Remember, Sweetheart. You can call me Mum or Mommy. Whichever you prefer?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

She smiles again. “Yes… Mommy likes.”

Once I hop down, she says, “Now, however can I thank you for your help, Sweetie? Would you like to go upstairs? I have a few ideas on what you might enjoy. Mommy will make her boy feel all happy, ok?”

I smile and shake my head. “Yes, Mommy.”

She takes me by the hand and leads me up the stairs to her bedroom. Taking her total leadership is intoxicating. I don’t make any decisions. She guides me to please herself and to please me.

Her room is decorated very nicely. Floral patterns and light colors. Very feminine.

“Ok, Sweetie. Would you like to help Mommy out of all of these old clothes so I can put on a robe?”


“You may begin.” I begin with her apron and then I unbutton the front of her dress. She sits on the long stool at the end of her bed and I remove her shoes, sweetly. When she stands up, she lets her dress fall around her ankles. She has on a lacy bra and panties that match.

She does a slow spin and lets me take in the sight of her. Gorgeous curves. Creamy skin. I can see her nipples hard underneath the lacy bra.

“You’re beautiful, Mommy.”

“Thank you, Sweetie. You make Mommy blush. Now you can take off my bra and panties… but no touching mommy’s ataşehir escort bayan breasts or pussy, do you understand? We will get to that, but my big boy has to practice patience. It makes it more fun.”

“Yes, mommy.”

I carefully remove her bra and my eyes are feasting on her large creamy breasts and enormous nipples.

“I love your breasts, mommy. I can’t wait to touch them.”

“My sweet grown boy. We will get to that. I would like to breast feed my big man, would you like that?

“Oh, yes, Mommy. Very much.”

“Panties, now… and no touching.”

I slide her panties off from the front and I see that she is completely shaved. I also see that her pussy has creamed quite a bit and a large drop of white cream has formed on her pussy.

I venture a comment, “Wow, Mommy. Your pussy is so pretty and so wet already.”

“Yes, baby. Mommy wants her college boy really badly. Can you go into mommy’s closet and bring me my white spa robe.”

I do as I’m told. Her closet is enormous and she has everything organized just so. It smells like lavender.

I bring her robe and she slips into it and ties it at the front.

“Ok, sweetie, Now it’s your turn. I want you to undress for me. Mommy wants to to see your body.”

She watches me closely as I somewhat self consciously take off my clothes. When I’m done, she tells me to stand in front of her. My cock is very hard, of course. She looks and smiles.

“Mommy loves your pretty cock.” She takes it in her hand gently and strokes it.

“Now go into my bathroom and get the Vaseline our of the top left drawer and bring it to me.”

I do as I’m told and when I return, she instructs me to lay across her lap.

“Are you ready for Mommy’s special massage?”

“Yes, Mommy.”

She lightly smacks my ass a few times. Then a few more, much firmer.

“Mommy just loves your cute little butt and I can’t help but spank it. Well now, I believe I remember you sharing with me that you want to explore some of your anal desires. Is that right?”??

“Yes, Mommy.”

“Tell me what kind of exploration you have done so far, Sweetie. Have you touched yourself there? Put anything inside? Has anyone else done anything to this pretty ass of yours?”

It was surreal… Seeing as I was laying there across her lap with her hand caressing my ass, and I was about to answer intimate questions about my anal desires.

“I have put some small things in there before while masturbating. It feels good. Nothing else.”

“Very good, then. I think we will have to explore a little more here and see how we both like that. I enjoy some anal stimulation, too. If you are a really good, I might just let you help me with that some time. Now, on to Mommy’s special massage. Now I am going to put some vaseline on your butt hole and massage you a bit. After we do that, I want to give you an enema. I want my man clean. Inside and out. Are you ready?”

“Ok, Mommy. I’m ready.”

“Now Mommy is going to spread those ass cheeks a bit. Here we go.”

She uses both hands. One on each cheek. She squeezes and then separates my ass cheeks.

“There’s my little red butthole. Mommy has been looking forward to doing this for her man.”

She took a large dollop of vaseline and began to massage my asshole. I moaned a happy sound, because it felt so good. She had me lift my ass in the air a bit and she put a pillow under my front. She also took the opportunity to squeeze my cock and comment about how hard I was.

My ass was up in the air and this woman was massaging and spreading my ass cheeks. I felt embarrassed, ashamed, and incredibly turned on that I was allowing this.

“Ok. Time for my fingers to go inside, Sweetie. Take a deep breath.”

She didn’t start with one finger. She went in with two. God it felt so good.

“Oh, Yes Mommy.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

She increased her pace and the movement of her fingers when they were inside of my ass. She was quite literally finger fucking my asshole.

“I’m going to put one more finger in, OK? You can take that for Mommy, can’t you?”??

“Yes, Mommy, I can take it.”??

She put the third finger in and my asshole felt so full. I thought I was going to cum but I didn’t. I am sure that she would have been greatly disappointed had I cum at that early moment.

She slowed her pace and removed her fingers from my somewhat stretched asshole.

“Ok. You did very well. We will work up to larger and larger sizes over time. Now let’s escort kadıköy go into the bathroom. I want to get you a nice warm, soapy enema.”

??I hopped up and she instructed me to go into the large shower stall. In the shower stall, there were several attachments and shower heads.

“Ok now. Get on your hands and knees for Mommy and stick that cute bum up in the air so we can fill you up.”

I did as I was told. She took one of the attachments, and after testing the water temperature, she slowly inserted it into my well lubricated asshole. She turned a switch and the warm water jetted into my rectum. It felt good to be filled with warm water.

As she was filling me up with one hand, she had the other hand cupping my balls and lightly stroking my cock. All while calling me “her big college boy” and telling me how good I was being for Mommy.

She decided that I had enough of my fill and she instructed me to go into the bathroom and let it out.

Once complete, I left the toilet area and found her turning on the various shower heads and then untying the front of her robe just a bit.

“Ok. Time for our shower. Can you come help Mommy out of this robe?”??

Of course, I was completely nude and I was dying to finally touch and feel Mommy’s body.

I went over and helped her out of her robe.

She turned to me, fully nude, and said, “Well, you have been so good for Mommy today. I think you deserve some reward. Do you want to play with Mommy’s tits for a few minutes before we get in the shower? You can suckle them, as well.”

??I just nodded and moved towards her and placed my hands on her breasts. They looked and felt glorious. I noticed that she immediately started reacting like she was on her way to an orgasm.

“Mommy’s breasts are very sensitive, Sweetie. I can often have an orgasm just from nipple sucking and breast play.”

I took that as a hint and I lowered my mouth to her right nipple and began lightly sucking. Sure enough, she started heaving a bit and talking to me about how it was making her feel. It was so fucking sexy.

“Yes, baby. Love you sucking and touching Mommy’s tits. Oh, My God. Keep doing that… Just that way. It makes my pussy throb and… Oh… Yes… Do you want to make Mommy cum? Is that what my you want? Keep going… Yes… Yes… Make Mommy cum now. Make Mommy cum!!”

With that, she moaned and sighed and her legs almost buckled.

Unsteadily, she made her way over to the edge of the tub to sit down. “Oh, baby… You gave Mommy a big orgasm just from sucking on my nipples… So yummy. Mommy needs a minute.”

Once she recovered, she came over and held me close. This was truly our first embrace. We hadn’t even kissed. Would we ever? Would a real mother and college abed son do that or would they just satisfy each other?

We made our way into the shower and she instructed me to wash her body down. A task that I enjoyed profusely. I washed her tits, her pussy, her ass. Head to toe.

Then she declared it to be my turn. She lovingly washed my whole body. She must have sensed that I was on the verge of cumming from all of the excitement, because she didn’t spent too much time stroking my cock.

She once again moved her fingers to my asshole and fingered me for a bit, saying, “Love my clean man.” And then she simply kissed my cheek.

With that, I followed her lead and we dried off and made our way to back to the bed where she folded back the covers and invited to join her on the clean white sheet.

“Mommy liked that orgasm. That is called a nipple-gasm. It’s a little different than ones I get from having intercourse or playing with my pussy.”

Feeling braver, I asked, “Do you masturbate, Mommy?”??

“Why yes, I do. Would you like for me to show you how I do it?”

??”Yes, please. I would love that.”

“Ok. I will show you what I do and you can stroke yourself as you watch, but promise Mommy that you won’t make yourself cum. I want that for myself, Sweetie. Mommy wants to make you cum today, ok?”?

She got up and went to the closet and brought out a small silken looking bag. It was filled with various toys. She removed a dildo and a wand vibrator.

She spread her legs and said, “Do you want to slide the dildo into Mommy’s pussy for her?”?

“Yes, Mommy.”

I carefully slid it inside of her. She was so wet, it was an amazing site seeing her clean shaven pussy engulf the cock shaped dildo. As I slid it in she turned on the wand and put it to her clit.

“Yes, baby. Slowly bostancı escort fuck Mommy’s pussy with that cock… That’s it… In and out… Ok a little faster… Yes, baby. Ok. deeper for Mommy. Harder for Mommy.”

She got louder and louder as she approached her next orgasm. A white cream was leaking from her smooth pussy and slipping down the crack of her ass.

She didn’t instruct me to, but I put a finger near the edge of her asshole and spread her cream around her crack and her hole.

“Do you want my finger inside your ass, Mommy?”

She was mildly bucking and had her eyes closed, but she knew exactly what I meant.

“Yes, baby… Yes. Finger Mommy’s ass while you fuck me with that cock.”??

I slid a finger in and then two. It felt so hot. I fucked both of her holes as best as I could, paying close attention to her escalating orgasm.

She finally got to her climax.

She screamed, “Mommy’s cumming, baby. Mommy’s cumming. Make Mommy cum, baby! Yes. Yes.”

She bucked for quite some time and was still twitching as she pushed my hand and the dildo, out. The writhed around on the pillows, attempting to recover from the powerful climax.

I hadn’t noticed her looking deeply into my eyes before this moment, but they bored into my eyes at that moment as she said, “Oh My God, Baby. Oh. My God. I don’t ever remember cumming like that in my entire life.”

It was like the facade of our little Mommy and College Boy game disappeared at that moment. She was for real… and I liked what I saw. I wondered if I would see that more in the future.

She finally recovered and pulled me close.

“Come let Mommy hold you. You were incredible. I’m not sure why it was so powerful.”

Then, quietly, almost secretly, she said, “You know, I’ve fantasized about this, but I have actually never done it until now. Wow. So good for me. It’s freeing in so many ways to be in control. I like my big College Boy.”

After that thoughtful moment, she said, “Well, hasn’t Mommy been selfish here? Getting two orgasms and making you wait. I’d say it’s time for you to get what you want. You have been such a patient one, today.”

“You get to choose where and how you want to cum. I mean anywhere. Absolutely anywhere. Do you understand? Mommy’s body is just for you. All yours.”

“Yes Mommy.”

“Ok, then, what will it be, Sweetie?”

With that, she began playing with my cock and looking at me with deep desire.

“I want to start with you on top of me, Mommy. I want my cock deep inside your pussy and I want you to fuck me. Then I want to put my cock into your asshole and cum inside of you.”

“Oh my. That sounds wonderfully hot.”??

With that, she hopped on my cock and began to bounce and ride. She was very vocal, which I absolutely LOVE!

“Your cock is so big, baby. Yes. I love riding your cock. Do you like to see Mommy’s boobs shake while I ride you?”

It was a fabulous view and then I said, “I’m ready to fuck you from behind, Mommy. Turn over.”

I said it forcefully and she responded with, “Yes. My grown boy tells Mommy what he wants. And then he gets what he wants.”

She turned over and her ample ass was spread before me. I decided to do a little talking of my own. I wanted her to beg me for my cock.

“Do you want me to fuck you in the ass, Mommy. Fill you up? Tell me.”

“Oh, yes. Mommy needs her big man to fuck her ass. Please fuck my ass. Fuck Mommy and use Mommy. That’s what Mommy is here for.”

With that, I slid my cock into her asshole and she greeted it with a scream and another request, “Fuck Mommy’s Ass, Baby. Fuck Mommy’s Ass.”

It didn’t take me long to cum. I told her so, as well. “I’m going to cum, Mommy. Yes… Yes.”

And I did. I pumped a load deep into her rectum. As I pulled out, she surprised me by quickly turning around and saying, “Did you save some cum for Mommy to drink, baby? I want some of that cum.”

She sucked the remaining cum out of my cock and then, as I was watching her, she reached a hand down to her asshole and scooped some of that cum up to her mouth and she licked it clean while boring into my eyes with hers. One more time, but this time, she pushed some cum out of her asshole onto her fingers. It came out with a wet sound. She eagerly licks my cum off of her fingers straight from her asshole.

As we recovered, she actually looked a little shy and embarrassed and said, “I’m sorry Mommy was so greedy for your cum. I just want to taste my big man.. Maybe next time you can cum in Mommy’s mouth, if you would like that.”??

“I would like that.”

We laid back on the pillows. This time with her leaning on my chest.

We were both deep in thought. This first get together clearly exceeded our best expectations.

So much more to come…

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