Sweet Sister Ch. 01

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I’m practically grown up now. This happened years ago when I was young, 18 years old, sweet and, oh so innocent … but not for long.

My first introduction to sex, other than fingering myself practically every night in my bedroom, was with my brother. He was a couple of years older than me and obsessed with sex as I guess all boys his age are. I knew he used to peek at me in the shower and try to look up my short school skirts. He was always trying to get me to reach up or down for something so he could get a crafty look.

When I was in the shower I could see the bathroom door slowly open a couple of inches in the mirror. I decided it was about time I teased him a bit more. I started soaping my newly developing breasts and concentrating my fingers on my hard little nipples. Slowly I moved my hands down in between my legs making sure I was positioned so he could see it all in the mirror. I soaped up and down my slit starting to feel those familiar sensations tingling up my body. Somehow it was even more exciting knowing that someone was watching.

As I rubbed myself off I started to get carried away. I started fingering my tight little pussy. My breath started quickening and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I orgasmed.

The door had opened a little wider. The movement must have caught my eye and I looked over to the mirror and found myself looking straight at my brother. Game over – we had clocked each other. Give him his due, he braved it out. He walked in, closed the door and stood in front of me, his stiff cock poking out of his dressing gown. “Go on.” He said. “Don’t stop on my account.”

I was stood just staring at his stiff dick, like a dummy.

“Go on, or I’ll tell Dad what you were doing. I’ll tell him you were showing me on purpose.”

He started rubbing his cock as he leering at my naked body. He would tell Dad as well, little sod. “I’ll do it if you let me touch that.” I said pointing at his hard prick and reaching down for it. He was so shocked he didn’t move quickly enough to stop me. I grabbed it and pulled him closer. At the same time I started running my fingers up and down my slit.

I did us both at the same time. Fingering my tight wet pussy with one hand and moving my hand up and down his hot, stiff shaft with the other. All of a sudden his whole body stiffened and he started thrusting his cock forward in my hand. A long gush of cum shot from the end of his prick hitting me on the top of the thigh and my swiftly moving fingering hand. As he sprayed me with more and more of his hot cum I brought myself to a huge orgasm.

I rubbed his cock until it started to go limp. “Wow.” I said. “That was brilliant. It’s all slippery and sticky”.

Brother was not amused and ran from the bathroom muttering something about telling Dad what I’d done.

The next day when I came home from school I was confronted by a stern Dad. “Your brother told me something very bad, Sam. He said you were teasing him in the bathroom and you touched him in a very naughty place.”

“Oh, Dad it was just messing around, nothing serious.” I whined. I sat down on the chair in front of ataşehir escort bayan him, my short skirt riding up my thighs. I noticed that Dad’s gaze flicked down to the hem of my skirt for an instant before looking me in the eyes again. A very wicked though went through my mind and I slightly parted my legs.

His gaze shifted again. I thought he must be able to see my white panties now. I shuffled around on the seat making the view even more obvious. Dad was getting a little nervous now, his little girl flashing her panties at him like that. I could also see that there was movement in his trousers. God, Dad was getting turned on.

“You really are a little tease.” He scolded. He walked over to where I was sitting and told me to stand up. “I really ought to give you a good spanking.” He lifted up the back of my school skirt and patted my bottom quite firmly.

“Ooh, ouch.” I mocked. Instead of taking his hand away he left it on my bottom and gentle squeeze my bum through the pantie material as if rubbing it better. When he realised I wasn’t pulling away he got a little braver and started stroking me down the crack of my bottom and pressing firmly just around my bottom hole.

“Are you going to teach your little girl a lesson?” I teased wriggling by bum against his wandering hand. It had started to feel good and judging from the enormous bulge in the front of his trousers Dad was liking it too. “Would you like me to do what I did to Alan?” I said reaching out and stroking his stiff cock through the trousers.

“Oh, Sam. That would be so bad. I think I’m going to have to teach you that lesson”

His free hand was already lifting up the front of my skirt and sliding up the inside of my thigh. I could feel my young pussy getting heated up and when the edge of his finger started rubbing against it my juices starting flowing.

He put his hand further up and pulled out the elastic of my panties before slipping his hand inside. His fingers explored my slit and gently parted my lips running his forefinger up and down my slippery cunt. At the same time his other hand kept up the pressure on my bum whilst a finger pressed up against my tight anus. His forefinger now entered my pussy hole up to the first knuckle and I gasped with pleasure.

“Oh, Daddy that feels sooo gooood.” I breathed. “You can put it in deeper if you want.” At the same time I unzipped his fly and grasped his erect cock in my small hand and pulled it into view. I rubbed my hand up and down his shaft whilst he continued to finger my tight, wet pussy.

He couldn’t get his finger up any further in the position he was in so he moved round, put both hands up my skirt and slipped off my panties. We moved back onto the sofa and I spread my legs wide open letting him feast his eyes on my virgin pussy. He put his face closer to it breathing in my girlish aroma. He then pushed his finger up me again and started to use his tongue up and down on my clit. I moaned loudly as he tongued and fingered me. His other hand moved up and started to massage my little anal ring using my own juices to lubricate his entrance into my tight escort kadıköy little hole.

Fingering both my holes and tonguing my click got me heated up really quickly and I could feel the start of an orgasm. I was squirming on his fingers and thrusting my hips up to meet his probing. Both fingers were in as far as they’d go and I still wanted more. I yelled out and gushed my juices over his hands and face as I bucked to a fantastic orgasm.

He pulled back and started to get his clothes off. Looking lustily between my legs as he did so. To help things along a started to rub myself and push my finger in and out of my hot pussy.

“Oh, Sam. You little prick teaser. I’m going to fuck your tight arse and fill you up with my hot cum.” He made me kneel down on the floor and bend over the sofa. He pushed up my short school skirt and rubbed his stiff cock up and down my wet pussy coating it in my slippery juice. He pushed his finger deep into my tight arsehole and worked it around.

Next I felt him slide his finger out and felt the wet tip of his cock hard up against my anus. Oh, god he was going to fuck me in the arse. Before I could protest I felt the head of his cock push into me. He worked it back and forward for a bit then slowly eased the full length up my tight anus. “Oh, Daddy, no, oh god push it in, fuck me, fuck me.” It felt like my whole body was being filled up.

I pushed back against each of his strokes and he bucked and fucked my tight virgin arse. He reached round and shoved a finger into my soaking pussy and rubbed it in and out in time with the strokes of his cock. “Sam, Sam I going to cum. Here it comes, darling, aaahh, aaahh, aaaaaaahh.”

I felt his cock throb then start pulsating with each jerk of cum he shot into my bowels. It felt like it was going to go on forever. He must of delivered gallons up my tight hole. Then he slowly pulled out of me. He left the room leaving me in a small heap, my school uniform dishevelled and my skirt pushed up around my waist.

I should have been shocked when my brother walked in but somehow, after being arse fucked by my Dad I was too weak to care. Alan was naked. His stiff cock standing out before him like a flag pole. Dad was standing behind him his cock beginning to stiffen again.

Alan came over and shoved his stiff member up against my lips. “Suck it.” He commanded.

I took his tool into my mouth washing my tongue all around it. Dad stood beside him watching. I reached up and started to stroke Dad’s firm member with long slow strokes whilst Alan pushed more and more of his prick into my mouth. Then Alan pulled out and Dad replaced him working his cock into my mouth with a slow fucking motion. “Alan, fuck her now. Like I just showed you.” Alan move around behind me and I felt his prick force its way into my arse hole. I could feel Dad’s cum leak out around Alan’s prick lubricating my tight passage.

“We’re going to fill you up from both ends this time.” Grunted Dad as he thrust his cock further into my sucking mouth.

Alan was pumping faster and faster into my hot anus and I knew he wasn’t going to last much bostancı escort longer. I felt an orgasm building up inside me and thrust back to meet his strokes. I moved my hand between my legs and rubbed at my aching clit bringing myself to a screaming orgasm.

My moans were muffled around Dad’s cock and it was then I felt Alan’s cock explode into me. “Oh, Dad I’m cumming. I’m filling this little bitch’s arse for you.”

Dad was so turned on his body arched and he shot his second load of spunk down my throat. The force of it took me by surprise and I ended up having it dibble down my chin and onto my school blouse.

We all collapsed onto the sofa. I was fully aware my aching cunt hadn’t yet been penetrated, it felt like it needed it. I moved round and sat on the sofa and parted my legs. I starting to rub my fingers up and down my wet slit before sliding my middle finger up inside my tight hole. “Which one of you two is going to get hard first?” I teased. “First one up gets the prize.”

Both of them started to rub their limp pricks, eyes glued to my frigging finger. I noticed Alan, being younger and all that, slowly regaining his prowess. I looked up at him lustily. “Oh, yes, Alan. I think you’re going to get the little tight prize.”

Dad parted my legs even wider and put one of his fingers inside my pussy next to my own. I started to moan as he finger fucked me in time with my own finger. “I think she’s about ready, son. Go on fuck the little prick teaser. Fuck her hard.”

Alan knelt down in front of me, his prick stiff as iron now. Both Dad and me slipped our fingers out of my hole and I grabbed Alan’s cock and guided it towards me. I felt the wide tip pushing inside my soaking pussy then he firmly moved forward sliding the entire length into my virgin twat. He left it there for a moment letting me get used to the feeling, him too, I guess, as I know he never fucked anyone before, did he?

I was glad that my trusty hair comb handle had dealt with my hymen long ago now. I wrapped my legs around Alan’s bum as he started to slide his hard rod in and out of my pussy. My cunt muscles stretched around his cock as he manfully thrust in and out of me, building up speed. I started moaning loudly and was only vaguely aware of Dad unbuttoning my blouse to reveal my little budding tits. He started rubbing my nipples and gently tugging on them as Alan worked up more and more speed. I felt my orgasm approaching and held back as long as I could before screaming out my pleasure.

I knew Alan would cum soon and was anxious that he shouldn’t spurt it in my pussy. I noticed Dad wanking himself stupid at the sight of his little girl’s virginity being rudely fucked away by his son. I asked both of them to cum over my face and in my mouth which really set them both off.

Alan pulled out of me all of a sudden and moved up to my face. Dad moved his cock over and both started spunking their loads over my face. I opened my mouth and took as much as I could, using my tongue to lap it off their pricks.

When it was all over we were all exhausted. We just lay there, the boys looking at my cum drenched face, rubbing their finished pricks before dozing off.

This was just the beginning and although all of us knew that it wasn’t the most normal arrangements neither of the boys could keep their hands off me for very long. Perhaps I’ll write some more down one day.

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