Sweet Sister Ch. 07

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I made the drive home from my sister Ellen’s as quickly as I could. I pulled the car into the garage, got my bags and let myself into the house. I looked out into the yard as I walked through. were two women lying on lounges on the back lawn. They were lying head to head. They were talking and laughing and they appeared to be enjoying being nude in the sun and fresh air.

I smiled. They seemed to be expecting me. There was a third towel covered lounge. There was also a cooler nearby. That solved one minor problem. I hadn’t been sure how to be dressed or undressed to meet them. Kim knew I preferred to be nude at home. She had quickly gotten comfortable with nudity when she had visited before. I knew her roommate, Sheri, liked to run around their college apartment with nothing on, but I hadn’t been sure how comfortable Sheri would be at our initial meeting if I were nude.

The problem was solved. I stripped and got a book and towel. As I walked across the patio towards the lawn, Kim sat up and waved. She stood up and ran to meet me as I got to the lawn. We met halfway between the patio and the lounges. Kim through her arms around me and hugged me – tight. I dropped my book and towel and hugged her.

Her skin was slick with sun screen. She smelled of coconut oil. I felt her breasts flatten against my chest and her thighs press against mine. She kissed me on the cheek, then she kissed me on the mouth. I was a little startled when my niece pushed her tongue into my mouth and gave me a deep probing French kiss.

“Oh, Brad! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m excited for you to meet Sheri.” Kim took my hand and led me over to the lounges. Sheri had pushed herself up onto her elbows. She had been watching us with a bemused expression. She stood as we approached. We stopped and Kim slipped her arm around my waist.

“Sheri, meet Brad.” Sheri smiled and extended a hand.

I took it. “Hello, Brad. Kim has told me so much about you. I’m glad to finally meet you.”

“Hello, Sheri. I’m glad to meet you too. And welcome.” I looked at Kim, “I hope she told you just the flattering stuff.”

Kim laughed and blushed slightly. “I told Sheri you were kindred spirits. Clothes were just something to wear when absolutely necessary.” She laid her head against my shoulder.

“You’ve got that right! That’s me. No clothes much of the time!”

I put my arm around Kim and hugged her to my side. Sheri dropped my hand. She put one arm around Kim and one around me. The three of us stood in a group hug. Kim kissed me on the cheek. Then she kissed Sheri lightly on the lips. Sheri seemed a little surprised by Kim’s brief intimacy. I briefly wondered if . . .

Kim dropped her arm from around my waist. “Let’s get some sun screen on you.” She bent over and picked up a bottle from her lounge. “Turn around.”

Kim rubbed sun screen over my shoulders and back. I thought she would stop at my waist, but she continued and covered my butt and legs with the stuff. Sheri had picked up a bottle. She applied sun screen to my arms and chest. When she got to my waist, she paused. She grinned as she handed me the bottle.

I finished applying sun screen. There is no way a man can apply sun screen to his cock and balls without looking like he is playing with himself. I guess the secret is not to smile too broadly while you rub it in. I held up the bottle, “Anyone need a touch up?”

Kim turned her back, “I do.” I squeezed a large glob into my hand and began to rub it on her back. Kim was applying it to Sheri’s back. When I got to Kim’s waist, she turned her head, “Don’t stop there.” I rubbed my slick hands over her hips and down to her butt. I rubbed sunscreen onto her firm ass. It was difficult not to bury my face in the cleft between her cheeks. She spread her feet slightly as I applied sun screen on the back of her thighs and calves. I carefully worked my hands up and down her inner thighs. The sun screen “glued down” the fine hair on Kim’s unshaven legs. She was still the Natural Woman.

When I finished, I was still down on one knee. Kim turned away from Sheri and began to apply sun screen to her arms and shoulders. I applied it to the fronts of her legs and thighs. I stopped about mid-thigh as Kim coated her breasts and belly. She finished her upper thighs. She ran her fingers up the crease between her thighs and her pussy then she wiped her hands on her auburn pussy thatch just inches from my face.

Sheri was bent over as she applied sun screen to her lower legs. Her ass looked firm too. I stood as she straightened up. She was not as tall as Kim. Kim is tall and slim with high firm breasts. Sheri was not as slim. Her breasts were fuller, but when she raised her arms and stretched them upwards, I could see that she worked out regularly with weights.

I could also see that Sheri was a Natural Woman too. There were thick tufts of dark hair under her arms. Her shoulder length hair was loose and fell back as she tipped her face up to the sun. Her dark pubic thatch was as thick and güvenilir bahis curly and as unruly as Kim’s.

Sheri lowered her arms. “This is so neat! “ She stepped forward and hugged me. Our slick bodies pressed together. “I’m so glad Kim suggested coming to spend the spring break with her.”

“Well, I’m glad both of you were able to come down. I hope you have a good time and get a lot of relaxation in.”

Kim laughed, “We’ve got some studying to do, but that can wait. Let’s show Sheri the rest of your home.”

We walked around the yard. I explained how I planned the fencing and plant screening to provide for complete privacy for my nude life style. “The lots here are large enough that no one’s house is sited right next to another house. The fence is built on higher ground around the edge of the backyard so it appears taller than six feet. There is much of my lot and yard outside the fenced area. It is mostly trees with some bushes.”

“Oh, like a grove or a woodlot?”

“I guess you could call it a grove. I like to think of it as woods.”

“It’s too bad it isn’t fenced too. I’d like to walk in the woods with no clothes on. To be one with nature.”

“Well, Sheri, it backs up onto county open space which is also wooded. During the late night and in the early morning hours at dawn, it is possible to do just that. But let’s show you the rest of the place.”

We walked across the yard and into the house. Sheri was interested in the exercise room. “I lift weights. May I use this?”

“Sure. Do you run too?”

“A little. Kim is a better runner so I usually use a treadmill.”

“There’s one of those too.”

Kim piped up, “I think I’ll use the treadmill too, rather than run outside.”

We left the exercise room and returned to the patio. Kim pointed out the gas fireplace near the grill. The hot tub looked inviting but we’d have to shower before using it. We returned to the lounges and stretched out. I sipped a beer while I read and sunbathed. We talked about their classes, my work and other general topics. Shade was creeping across the grass. Kim sat up, “We’ll be in the shade soon. I guess it’s time to pick things up and, maybe, think about dinner.”

“If we shake a leg, it will still be sunny on the patio for a while. We can eat there.”

We picked up our towels, books, cooler and other stuff and carried it all across the yard to the house. “Hand me your towels, I’ll toss them in the washer.”

Sheri hand me her towels. “Sun screen really messes them up. Kim, let’s get dinner together.”

“O.K. I hope you like shrimp salad, Brad. We figured we’d fix something quick this evening.”

“Sounds good to me.” I watched the bare backs – and butts – of the two young women disappear through the mudroom door. The clatter of plates was drowned by the sound of the washer filling. I washed my hands in the service sink and went into the kitchen.

Sheri was adding shrimp to the salad as she tossed it. Kim was opening a bottle of wine. “Anything I can do to help?”

“Yes. Could you hand me that salad dressing.?” I had to squeeze by Kim to reach the dressing. She turned her head and smiled slightly as my cock brushed across her butt. She dropped a hand as I squeezed past her again. Her fingertips lightly grazed me.

I handed Sheri the dressing. “It’s pretty crowded in here. I’ll get some towels to put on the chairs.” Kim smiled at me as I headed for the hall. I got three towels for the chairs and several more for the hot tub later.

I was spreading a towel over the last chair when Sheri came out with a huge bowl of shrimp salad. Kim poured the wine. We ate in silence for a couple of minutes then our conversation from earlier picked up again.

“This is delicious.” I raised my glass, “you both do good work.”

Sheri laughed as she pushed her chair back, I’m stuffed. I’ve read Burroughs’ book ‘The Naked Lunch‘. Is this a naked dinner?”

“You can call it what you want, but it was delicious.” Kim looked around the patio. “A soak in the hot tub sounds delicious too. Let’s get this cleaned up and hit the hot tub.”

We carried the dishes inside and rinsed them. I admired the movement of Sheri’s breasts as she bent over to place the dishes and silverware in the dishwasher. Kim was watching me as I watched Sheri. She smiled and winked.

“We’d better shower. Sheri, you’ll like the shower downstairs. I bet it’s big enough for three. I know it’s big enough for two.”

Sheri stared at Kim. “You and Brad have showered together?”

“Sure,” Kim laughed, “It saves water and you get a cleaner back.” She took Sheri’s hand and started to lead her towards the steps. “Try it, you’ll like it.”

I heard them giggling as I waited a minute then followed them down the stairs. They had their arms around each other’s waists. They were turning and giggling at their reflections in all the mirrors.

I turned on the shower and adjusted the water. Kim led Sheri into the shower. Sheri looked at the multiple türkçe bahis showerheads. “This is so neat.” It was cozy with three but we managed. We were able to position ourselves and sort of wash each other’s backs. It got a little more complex as we tried washing legs and feet. By the time we finished, we were all laughing and not worrying about brushing against each other. As we were drying ourselves, Sheri looked at her reflection in the mirrors, “Isn’t it rather strange to dry oneself before getting into a hot tub?”

“I guess you’ve got something there. Maybe I need to build a shower on the patio. Then you could go straight from the shower to the hot tub without drying yourself.”

“That’s a good idea, Brad. It would save time. Let‘s go soak.” Kim led the way up the stairs.

“Saves towels, too.” I followed and enjoyed the view. I could become a dirty old man really easily. On my way out to the hot tub, I opened two bottles of wine and picked up three glasses. I turned off all the lights in the kitchen and mudroom on my way out.

Kim and Sheri were seated in the tub. I poured and handed each of the then a glass. “I forgot to turn on the pump.”

“I’ll get it, Kim. I walked across to remote switch and set the timer for the maximum. I returned to the tub, poured myself a glass and slipped into the warm water. Kim and Sheri scooted around until I was sitting between them. We silently sipped the wine and enjoyed the warm pulsing water.

Sheri sighed, “This is almost decadent.”

“How so?” Kim asked.

“Well, look at us. Sipping wine in a hot tub. All we need is rich chocolate and it would be decadent.”

“You have a simple definition of decadent,” Kim laughed.

“Well, the fact we’re nude and in mixed company contributes.

I looked at Sheri. “I think it is interesting you used ‘nude’ rather than ‘naked’. So many people talk about being naked when they are ‘unclothed’ or ‘nude’. And I hope I’m a friend, rather than ‘mixed company’, I laughed.

Sheri laughed as she leaned over and touched my arm, “Yes, you’re a friend, Brad. Kim knows how I like to run around the apartment without a stitch on.”

“Yes, unclothed. In the nude,” Kim laughed.

“Well, I don’t like wearing clothing. I’ll sit at my desk or on my bed and study with nothing on.”

“Except the stereo and the lights.”

Sheri giggled, “Of course. With only the lights and stereo on. But I like being nude. I’m comfortable when I work without clothes.”

“I knew you would like it here at Brad’s, Sheri.”

“I like it very much. Thanks again for inviting me,” Sheri paused. “You know, it’s been over twenty-four hours since I’ve worn anything more than sandals, sun screen and sun glasses.”

Kim looked at me, “We got naked, err, nude almost as soon as we were inside the front door.”

“Well, Sheri, unless you step outside the front door or the weather turns cold or wet, sandals, sun screen and sun glasses will be all you need to wear while you’re here. Oh, and a hat. You should wear a hat when you’re sunbathing.”

“This is neat. I don’t plan on going out the front door. This is neat. Over a week of living without clothing. As I said, this is almost decadent.”

We laughed together. I felt a foot rub against my leg. Kim smiled and winked. We had been talking a long time. The pumps had stopped. “Anyone want more jets?” I stood up and stepped out of the hot tub. I stopped to light the gas logs in the patio fireplace. After resetting the timer, I returned to the tub and settled into the water. “Oh nuts! I should have poured the other bottle of wine.”

“I’ll do it.” Sheri stood up and leaned over to reach for the bottle. Her feet slipped a little bit. Instinctively, I put my hand up on her hip to steady her. She looked back at me. “Thanks.” Then she retrieved the bottle of wine. She poured us each a glass then relaxed back into the warm water. “Thanks again for catching me. My foot slipped as I leaned and stretched to reach for the bottle.”

“You’re welcome. No problem. I didn’t want you to fall.” I thought to myself, ‘if the rest of her is as firm as her hip, Sheri is a pretty much a hard body’. And ‘thank you for showing us your beautiful full breasts again’. My ‘dirty old man in training’ speaking again.

We sipped our wine and chatted. We had all scooted around in the hot tub so we could see the patio fireplace. I was still seated between the two women. Sheri leaned back and rested her head against my shoulder. Kim kept rubbing her foot against mine. She also placed a hand on my upper thigh. She removed her hand as the pump timer ran out and the frothy bubbly water calmed.

Sheri sat up and stretched, “This is so nice, but I think it’s time to call it a day. I didn’t realize a full day in the sun could be so tiring.”

Kim and I agreed it was time to dry off and go inside. We stood near the fireplace as we toweled ourselves dry. After pulling the cover over the hot tub, I turned off the gas to the fireplace, picked up the towels güvenilir bahis siteleri and followed the women into the house. I hung the towels over a line in the mudroom and I remembered to take the earlier towels out of the washer and put them into the dryer.

By the time I followed them into the house, Kim and Sheri were ready to go to bed. I was turning off the few remaining lights and locking up when Sheri came up and kissed me on the cheek. “Goodnight, Brad. Thanks again for letting Kim invite me. I’m really looking forward to the rest of our break.”

I returned her kiss on the cheek, “I’m glad you were able to come with Kim. Sleep well.”

“Goodnight, Brad.” Kim kissed me lightly on the lips. As she turned, she ran her fingertips down my arm.

“Goodnight, Kim. Sleep well.”

I watched Kim walk down the hall to the door to Sheri’s room. “Goodnight, Sheri.” Sheri came to the door. Kim kissed her on the mouth, then turned and walked into her room.

Goodnight, Kim.” I went into my own room as Sheri stood looking at the closed door to Kim’s room. She was rubbing her lips where Kim had kissed her. Her expression was one of bemusement.

I awakened when I heard the latch on my bedroom click as the door was quietly closed. Someone padded across the room, turned down the covers and slipped into bed beside me. A soft warm form snuggled up next to me. Then a hand caressed my face as the form rolled over to lie partially atop me. Before I could speak, warm soft lips pressed against mine and a tongue snaked its way into my mouth for a long French kiss.

We separated from the kiss. “Kim?” I put my arms around her. “What time is it?”

“Shh. It’s time to be with my favorite Uncle.” Kim had propped herself up on an elbow. She ran her hand across my chest and stomach and down to my crotch. I spread my legs a little a she rubbed her hand over my pubic hair and cock. Her hand slipped down between my legs to cup my balls. Then she moved it back up to enclose my cock. “Oh, I’ve wanted to hold you and kiss you and feel and taste you in my mouth ever since you walked out of the house yesterday afternoon.”

“Uhh, Don’t you think Sheri might be, er, put off or, at least, surprised if she hears us in here together?”

Kim looked at me with a wicked grin, “I peeked in on her. She’s dead to the world. She was really pounding her ear. She won’t hear a thing, especially if you don’t groan or shout and I don’t squeal or scream. Now lay back.” Kim lay down atop me again.

She planted soft little kisses all over my face then she began to work her way down across my chest and stomach. All the while her hand was loosely curled around my cock. Kim moved around, as she moved down, so her hips were about even with my shoulder. I moved around to better position myself to rub her round ass and her back. As I did so, I glanced at the clock. It was a few minutes past five.

First, I felt her breath then I felt her lips touch my cockhead. She kissed the tip of it then ran the tip of her tongue around it. My cock began to swell and fill her hand. Kim took her time, licking, kissing, petting, stroking, fondling. She got up on her knees and lowered her head between my thighs. Her hand moved to my balls as she picked them up and cradled them in the palm of her hand. My cock twitched as she began to kiss and lick my ball sac.

She turned around and moved her face up next to mine. “When did you shave you cock and balls?”


“I like them like that. Mom says she really likes to give Dad head since he shaved. She says, you told him, he should shave himself. I think it is neat that he did.”

I thought to myself, ‘Kim and her Mother must be really close, if Ellen tells her about the blowjobs she gives her husband.’ I wondered what else Ellen had told Kim.

She kissed me, “I wonder what else you told him?” Kim turned on her knees. My hard cock was fully erect and laying against my stomach. Kim ran her tongue along the underbelly from cockhead to balls. She lifted my stiff cock. I stifled a groan as her sweet lips closed over the crown.

Kim circled my cock around in her mouth as she slowly moved her head up and down. I had never really considered a ‘rising and falling’ circle suck. Kim hadn’t forgotten anything from her previous visit. As a matter of fact, she seemed to be rather adventurous and innovative. I smiled to myself. Kim was a natural cocksucker, just like her Mother, my Sweet Sister, Ellen.

As she changed technique and tempo, I ran my hand up between her thighs. The hair on her unshaven legs was soft. Kim moved her knees farther apart as I pressed the edge of my hand against her hairy pussy. Kim was nibbling up and down both sides of my cock shaft. She paused as I moved around and pushed myself under her belly and between her knees

I reached around for a pillow and pushed it under my head and shoulders. Kim resumed sucking and running her tongue over the cockhead. My face was inches from her pussy. I put my hands over her hips and I pulled my face up into her thick curly thatch. I inhaled the fragrance of a pussy that was warm and getting warmer by the second. As I lowered my head back to the pillow, the hair on the inside of her thighs tickled my face.

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