Swim Team Ch. 05

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It was a very late night for Dana and Gina and both slept late into the morning. When they finally rose from bed Dana slipped into one of the long shirts she usually wore to bed and didn’t bother to put anything on underneath. Gina pulled on another of Dana’s large sleep shirts and she too didn’t bother to put on anything else.

They chatted softly and giggled happily as they walked down the hall toward the kitchen. Dana stopped short when she turned the corner and saw Mike sitting at the kitchen table over a couple of pieces of toast. Mike’s hair was a mess and he looked like something the cat dragged in. He was dressed in a pair of old shorts and a faded t-shirt, the same thing that Dana knew he usually wore as pajamas.

It seemed odd given their kinky talk the night before, but Dana hadn’t truly thought about Mike in reality since before she and Gina fucked. Dana had been so certain that Mike would be out all night partying with his friends that she hadn’t really considered the possibility that he would be home to greet them this morning. She guessed that, based on his appearance, he must have just come home a short while earlier.

“Morning mom,” Mike said. Dana tried to gage his expression as Gina stepped into the kitchen behind her. Mike did a quick double take, but other than that he didn’t seem to react even as his girlfriend followed his mom into the kitchen wearing nothing except one of his mom’s sleep shirts. “Morning,” he said to Gina who smiled sheepishly as she greeted him.

Dana and Gina fixed a quick breakfast and sat down to eat beside Mike. None of them talked about the previous night, but Dana still felt embarrassed and excited. She was embarrassed that she had been so caught up in her wild fuck with Gina that the idea of Mike coming home hadn’t occurred to her. What if he had come home early and actually caught them?

This thought stirred up a series of mixed emotions for her. She was embarrassed that she had been so aroused that she hadn’t been thinking clearly. However, she was also very excited to think what might have happened if he had come home. She tried to force herself not to think about it, but her mind wondered what he would have done if he had come home and heard the things she and Gina had said.

After breakfast Gina took a quick shower, got dressed, and left. Gina gave Dana a soft kiss goodbye in her bedroom and then gave Mike a similar kiss just before she left the apartment.

Once they were alone Dana suddenly felt excited and nervous all over again. What if he asked what she and Gina had done the previous night? What if he already guessed what had happened based on seeing them this morning and directly asked her about it? How could she explain seducing his girlfriend?

Fortunately, Mike didn’t ask. Dana was dying to ask him about his wild night, but she didn’t for fear that it would prompt him to ask about her night. It was clear to Dana that Mike was probably pretty hung over, and for most of the afternoon they lounged around the house watching TV and relaxing.

Finally, near dinnertime, Mike groaned and commented that he wasn’t feeling very well. Dana couldn’t resist the opportunity to find out about his night so she asked, “Hard night?”

Mike told her about his night and about how his friends dragged him to a series of bars and bought him a bunch of wild drinks. Dana knew Mike had alcohol a few times before, but he confirmed her guess when he said, “I’ve never even come close to drinking that much before.”

She laughed and offered him a couple of tips to get over his hangover. Mike thanked her and then added, “Ugh, I could have used some of those tips when I got home last night.” With that he got up and went down the hall to his bedroom.

The impact of what he said didn’t fully hit Dana until a few seconds after he left. When it did her mind screamed at her with the realization that he hadn’t just come home this morning but had in fact returned last night.

Dana’s mind raced. When did he come back? Oh my God! Did he hear them fucking? She thought back to the time when she came home and heard Mike and Gina fucking. Had Mike done the same thing to her and Gina last night?

The more Dana thought about this the hornier and excited she became. If he had spied on them, what had he overheard? She briefly imagined him standing just outside her door as she confessed her desire for him. What if he had watched Gina fuck her with the dildo and heard her begging “Mike” to fuck her harder? The mere idea of that made Dana a little embarrassed but also wildly horny. She wondered what his initial reaction would be to learning that his own mom wanted to fuck him.

Dana’s pussy tingled and she felt her own wetness building. She cursed herself for not fucking Gina this morning or at least letting Gina bring her to one final orgasm last night. Instead, she had ended their fuck the night before after Gina had teased and licked her pussy for a long time. After so many orgasms Dana wasn’t worried about missing out on that final one, but now güvenilir bahis she regretted it as her lust was incredibly peaked by her discovery.

Dana was nervous and horny for the rest of the night with Mike. She kept a close eye on him looking for some indication of what he might have heard or seen. She also analyzed everything he said for possible double meanings and remained nervous that he might simply tell her that he saw her fucking Gina. She knew it was crazy, but the very idea that he might have seen them fucking and overheard her secret lust for him was wildly exciting. She hoped it might open a doorway to something that she never thought possible. However, at the same time she told herself she was just being silly.

She lay awake in bed that night and imagined that Mike had heard and watched her fucking Gina the previous night. She imagined that he crept off to his room and pictured him stroking his long, hard cock. She wondered if he had overheard her comments. She also wondered if he would allow thoughts of fucking his mother to enter his mind as he stroked his cock.

The mere idea of that was so wildly exciting and forbidden that she immediately brought her hand to her wet pussy. She played with herself for a few minutes before she reached into her bedside table. Her lust and excitement grew even higher at the mere sight of the dildo Gina had fucked her with the previous night.

She looked at it and was hit with the fresh memories of being with Gina. She brought the dildo to her pussy and slipped it inside as she let out a long groan. With one hand she worked the dildo back and forth while she teased her clit with her other hand.

She kept her eyes closed the whole time and imagined that it wasn’t a dildo but was Mike’s hard cock fucking her. She only had to keep this up for a few more minutes before she came wildly as she dreamed of fucking her son.

Over the next few days Dana teased Mike about his hangover and wild night out. She kept expecting him to say something about what he saw when he came home, but he never did. She wondered if he had been so drunk and tired when he got home that he went straight to his bedroom without paying attention to what else might be happening in the apartment. Even as she suspected he hadn’t seen anything a part of her still hoped that he had.

Mike replied to her teasing by saying he didn’t know how you were supposed to do anything about it. “I guess I just need some tolerance,” he commented.

“Not if you want to keep winning conference,” she teased back. Mike rolled his eyes as she slipped into her role as “coach” for a few seconds.

“Can’t I enjoy the off season for at least a few weeks?” he teased back.

Dana smiled and laughed. She knew that even though Mike liked to sometimes complain and gripe about her being his coach and the amount of training he did that he loved it. She could see his passion for swimming and she knew that he also enjoyed the bond that had been formed as a result of their private workouts and closeness over the past couple of years.

Dana told Mike that a big part of not getting sick while partying was knowing what to drink, in what order, and how to pace yourself. Mike teased that it sounded like Dana had a little too much experience, and Dana just replied that she knew how to have her fun.

Finally, Dana got a fun idea. “Hey, since you are all grown up now, how about I take you out for a night on the town?” she asked. “I need to take you out to celebrate your being 21 now and maybe I can give you a few pointers about drinking.”

Mike agreed saying it sounded like fun. Dana couldn’t resist one final tease as she said, “I sure hope your old mom doesn’t embarrass you and drink you under the table.” Mike laughed and assured her he would never let that happen.

As she prepared for their night out together Dana knew she was far more excited than she should be. In reality she was just a mother taking her son out for a night on the town for his 21st birthday. However, what she felt and how excited she was betrayed that it meant more to her than that. She was giddy and anxious as if she was going on a hot date and she prepared as such. She didn’t do anything too elaborate, but she spent more time on her hair and make up and with choosing just the right outfit than she ever had before when going out with Mike.

The outfit she finally picked was a skirt and top that she thought really flattered her figure. It wasn’t provocative or overly sexy, but she enjoyed the way the skirt clung to her hips and ass and the way the slit ran up from her knee to reveal the perfect teasing glimpse of her leg – enough to be noticed but not enough to draw too much attention.

The one concession she made to her secret lust was to leave one extra button open on her top thinking that at some point she might treat Mike to just a glimpse of her cleavage. To complete her outfit Dana selected shoes with medium height, chunky heels. Again, they weren’t anything that would seem out of the ordinary for a mother-son türkçe bahis night out but she knew they would add just the perfect amount of sway to her hips and cause her to look just a bit sexier in her outfit.

They started their night with dinner at a nice restaurant. Dana ordered several rounds of drinks throughout the meal, which they enjoyed over a long time as they chatted, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. After a decadent dessert to finish their meal they decided to move to the next stop.

Dana selected an upscale bar that wasn’t too far away. It was a very “grown up” sort of place and not the kind of place where college students usually hung out. She wasn’t intentionally avoiding Mike’s friends or anyone they might know from the swim team, but she wouldn’t mind if it was just the two of them for the night.

Besides, there was a small part of her that harbored the fantasy that Mike would suddenly confess he had overheard her and Gina. In her fantasy he would confess that he was as interested in her as she was in him and things would quickly lead to them fucking. She knew it was crazy, but she wanted to be somewhere secluded and private just in case he did confess his desire for her.

The place was crowded but not overly so. They found a fairly dark, quiet booth in the corner. It was the perfect location, just as Dana had imagined. The drinks were overpriced and the staff and some of the customers were a little pretentious, but Dana knew that was the price she had to pay to avoid the majority of the college students.

They continued talking over a couple more rounds of drinks. The more they talked the more Dana realized just what a beautiful man Mike had become. He was handsome, stunningly so in Dana’s opinion, and very polite. He was well spoken with a great sense of humor and Dana found herself being drawn to him as strongly as ever before.

As the night wore on and Dana got more and more drunk, there were times she found herself getting lost in his eyes or gazing at his strong arms and broad chest. She hoped he didn’t notice her staring, but the more she drank the less she cared if he noticed. In fact there was a growing part of her that hoped he did.

They were both so engaged in their conversation that, before they realized it, the night turned late. Dana’s original plan was to take Mike to a couple of other places, but they had so much fun just talking and being together that it was already time for last call.

They rose to leave and as she stood up Dana suddenly felt the full effect of all the alcohol she had consumed. She had lost track of how much she had to drink, but the way she felt told her she had far more than she might have guessed.

One look at Mike showed that he was feeling quite drunk himself. Between his slurred speech, lack of coordination, and the glassy look in his eyes, she was sure that he was pretty drunk. She guessed she had outpaced him by a few drinks, but for the most part he had kept up with her.

They stepped out into the warm, late spring night. Despite it being so late it was still quite comfortable outside. Dana considered taking a cab back to the apartment but once they were out in the fresh air Dana decided she wanted to walk. The walk wasn’t too long when sober and walking fast, but it would probably turn out to be a long walk while drunk. Dana didn’t mind, however, as it meant more time on the “date”.

Their walk took them through campus. Aside from a few other people wandering down the various sidewalks the campus was deserted. Their path through campus brought them right past the swimming pool. “There it is,” Dana said proudly, “the scene of your many victories.” She put her arm around him playfully and felt the spark of her own lust.

Mike commented that he didn’t care about victories right now and that he was more concerned with finding a bathroom. He said he was going to find a tree but Dana stopped him and said, “I’ve got my building keys, let’s just go inside the locker room.” In her role as coach she had been issued keys to the pool building.

She dug around in her purse, found the keys, and unlocked the main door. She shut the door behind them and they walked down the dark, deserted hallway. There wouldn’t be any custodial staff in the building this late and, unless one of the other coaches decided to take a moonlight swim, which was very doubtful, they were alone.

Mike went into the men’s locker room and Dana followed him. “Mom? What are you doing?” Mike asked.

“Oh come on,” she teased, “it’s not like there isn’t anything in here I haven’t seen before. Besides, why should I have to walk all the way around to the other hallway to the women’s locker room when I could just come in here?” Mike didn’t have any argument for her in response.

Mike stepped into the part of the locker room with the toilets and sinks and Dana again followed him. He shot her a curious look and she replied, “What? I have to pee.” She went down to the end of the row of stalls and shut and locked the door.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri was still in the stall when Mike said he was going out on the pool deck to wait for her. She replied that she would be right out.

After he left Dana stepped out of the stall and washed her hands. She turned toward the door that led to the pool deck but then stopped and looked around the locker room. It was true that she had seen countless locker rooms, but she had never actually been in this men’s locker room before. She gazed around at the lockers and inhaled the vaguely stale air. Perhaps it was just her drunk, horny imagination, but there also seemed to be something else hanging in the air.

She thought about how so many young, athletic guys had used this room day in and day out for months. She imagined them showering and then walking to their locker either naked or with a towel around them. She pictured them bragging about who they fucked and talking about who they wanted to fuck.

That was when Dana identified what she detected previously in the locker room air. It was testosterone. As heavy and thick as a morning fog, she was sure she detected the presence of intense testosterone in the room. All the sweaty, naked athletic bodies had caused the levels to build as they changed before and after their workouts. She guessed that to a guy there wouldn’t be anything unusual, but to a woman, at least to this drunk, horny, oversexed older woman, it was palpable.

She thought about Jack and Rick. She trusted that they had never talked specifically of their affairs with her, but she wondered what they would say if they had bragged about fucking her. She remembered many of the wild fucks she shared with them and wondered how they would describe them to their friends. She wondered how Mike would react upon hearing of his mom’s acts.

She thought about fucking Gina and wondered how the boys would describe watching them fuck. She stood there, lost in her thoughts of fucking Jack, Rick, and Gina and in her secret lust for Mike, when she heard Mike say, “You OK mom?”

She looked toward the door to the pool deck and saw Mike standing there staring at her. She flushed deep red at being caught in the middle of her nasty thoughts and fantasies. As she looked at him she felt her lust for him rise to nearly uncontrollable levels. The combination of her horny mind, the testosterone-laden atmosphere of the locker room, and her lack of good judgment from being so drunk caused her to stare at Mike with horny, wanton eyes. She wanted to walk over to him, pull him to the ground, and fuck his brains out.

“Come on, let’s go,” Mike said.

“No, wait,” Dana quickly replied. She fumbled for a reason to stay before she finally said, “I want to see the pool.”

Mike clearly had no idea why she suddenly needed to look at the pool, but he was too drunk to argue so he followed her out to the pool deck. Just being this close to him made Dana’s stomach knot and her pussy ache. She didn’t know what to do.

They gazed at the dark, calm water for a few moments before Dana spoke. She didn’t really know what she was going to say until she heard the words coming out of her mouth. “It looks so peaceful and nice. I haven’t been in the pool since conference.” She turned and looked hopefully at Mike and said, “I know this is crazy, but let’s take a swim.”

She knew rationally that the idea of two drunk people going for a swim in the middle of the night was not a good idea, but there was nothing rational about her thoughts at this point. Staring at the water made her think of Mike’s body and how hot he looked in his swimsuit. Her mind raced to find some excuse to see him nearly naked like that and this is what she came up with.

Mike protested a little but Dana soon convinced him it would be fun. After he agreed he went back into the men’s locker room and Dana went into the women’s locker room to slip into her suit. She stripped naked and briefly considered walking out on the pool deck that way to see Mike’s reaction. If he protested she could claim she was so drunk she didn’t know what she was doing, but if he didn’t then maybe her fantasies could come true. She got wildly excited by this idea and almost convinced herself to do it, but at the last minute she pulled her suit on.

Mike waited on the pool deck and Dana barely concealed her stares at his body. She gazed at his chest, his lean stomach, and then let her eyes focus on the bulge his cock made in the front of his suit. She knew she might be very obviously staring, but in her drunken state she didn’t care. She wanted him so much it was almost more than she could bear.

“What now?” Mike asked clearly not sure what they were supposed to be doing.

“Warm ups,” she jokingly replied as if this was just like any other of their private workouts.

They climbed in the water and Mike lazily paddled around the shallow end of the pool. Once in the water Dana was again overwhelmed by her lust. The water felt like millions of soft, feathery hands touching her tits, ass, and pussy. The water was a little colder than she expected and immediately her nipples grew hard and poked out against her suit. Under the water she fondled her tits and pinched her nipples until they were rock hard.

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