Swimming with Mum Ch. 07

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Although technically the Saturday rule was still in place, we’d missed swimming on the day I came home. With it being the Christmas holidays, the usual timetable at the local pool had been revised, with adult swimming sessions moved into the mornings and evenings to accommodate extra children’s sessions during the day. It made sense, but I didn’t like it as I dragged myself out of bed at five a.m. on Sunday morning.

You might be asking, what kind of self-respecting uni student is able to get up at that time, but I had a couple of things in my favour. One thing was that swimming meant seeing Mum in her swimsuit, which was hot, but another was the fact that for the first time at home, I wasn’t waking up in my own bed. Although we hadn’t actually had sex again, we’d spent an hour kissing and touching each other in Mum’s bed, and she hadn’t made any suggestion that I had to leave afterwards. We’d slept in the same bed in my flat before, but there was something extra sexy about doing it at home, in Mum’s bed, when she could easily have kicked me out.

So when Mum woke me at five, I managed to find the energy to grope around in the darkness for some clothes and find my swimming kit, lovingly washed and packed away by Mum since last time I visited. I figured I’d shower at the pool, so I was standing by the front door, ready to go, just after five-fifteen.

“Bus leaves at twenty past so we need to rush,” Mum said, bustling downstairs and pulling her hair into a plait. “Have you got everything?”

I nodded. “Ready when you are.”

“I just need keys,” Mum muttered to herself. “Have you got money?”

“I’ve got a twenty,” I told her, patting my trouser pocket. “I can pay for the bus, but you’ll have to pay me back. My grant money is getting a bit low.”

Mum laughed. “Such a gentleman,” she teased, unlocking the door.

The session started at six, and since there was nobody else around at the pool, we had to wait outside for a couple of minutes while a girl who looked like she was a similar age to me came and let us in.

“Hiya Kayleigh,” Mum said when the door opened, clearly recognising this girl. “You drew the short straw for the rota today?”

Kayleigh glanced at me before answering. “I’ve swapped it with Marilyn so I can have Christmas Eve off,” she explained to Mum.

“Kayleigh just finished uni this year,” Mum said to me, before turning back to Kayleigh. “This is my son, David, he’s still at uni.”

Kayleigh and I exchanged looks of mutual sympathy. I don’t know why Mum felt the need to explain to a total stranger. Anyway, Kayleigh gave me a quid off since it was off-peak.

The pool was empty and undisturbed, and once the girl had taken my money, she went off to get her lifeguard gear. I walked with Mum down to the changing rooms, and as I turned to go into the men’s, I felt Mum grab my wrist sharply. I was confused for a second, but one look at the expression on her face and I understood.

I’d never been in the ladies’ changing rooms before, so I was a touch disappointed to discover that they were exactly the same as the men’s, just a mirror image. Mum steered me into a cubicle and locked the door.

“We need to be quick or they’ll suspect something,” she said, and I felt a rush of blood to my cock as she pulled off her jumper and shirt in one movement, revealing the top half of her swimsuit. I could see her nipples were already hard and poking through the lycra, and I reached out to tease one of them. Mum responded by moaning softly and reaching down to undo my trousers.

By the time she’d pulled my cock out, I was fully hard, and she stroked my shaft a few times, stepping close so we could kiss. I pushed her skirt down over her hips and squeezed her arse, sliding my hand under the material of her swimsuit. I pushed my fingers between her thighs and felt her moan again as I found her wet pussy. She spread her legs and after a couple of teasing movements around her pussy lips, I pushed a finger inside her. She pulled me closer, to encourage me, stroking my cock faster. I started to move my finger in and out, but Mum broke the kiss and whispered, “Use two fingers, baby.”

It was actually a bit of a struggle to fit a second finger inside her, I think because of how we were standing. Mum seemed to realise this after a minute, and she shifted slightly, putting one leg up on the cubicle’s bench and making it easier for me to start pushing two fingers in and out of her. Her moans got louder, and I instinctively wanted her to be quieter, but there was nobody around and I felt a rush of arousal when I thought about Mum’s moans filling the changing rooms.

“I’m so close,” she said breathlessly after another minute. “Don’t stop.”

I didn’t, and I was rewarded when she moaned loud and tensed her body as she orgasmed. Practically every other time I’d made her cum, we’d been in bed or it had been dark, so this was the first time I really got the chance to watch her face as she orgasmed. She looked incredibly hot and my cock was throbbing extra hard. asyabahis yeni giriş When she came down, she sighed happily and gently pushed my fingers away.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, increasing the speed of her stroking, and I relaxed, ready for her to make me cum. Unfortunately, at that moment, we heard voices coming from outside the changing rooms. Mum let go quickly.

“Get dressed,” she said urgently. “If anyone asks, say I’d accidentally taken your swimming shorts or something.”

Frustrated, I pulled up my trousers and, after adjusting my cock so the bulge wasn’t too obvious, I stepped out of the cubicle. There was still no one in the changing room, and I walked briskly back to the door, doing my best to look like I belonged. Thankfully, whoever the voice was, they’d gone, and I made it to the men’s changing room without any awkward questions. When I got inside, there was an old bloke hanging his towel on a hook, and I guessed it was him we’d heard coming in.

I had to wait until my hard on was gone before I could shower and go out to the pool, and when I got there Mum was already in the water. Kayleigh was sitting in the lifeguard’s chair, swinging her legs gently and looking bored.

We did our usual swimming, although I was working very hard to keep my mind off sex so I wouldn’t get hard again. The old guy was the only other person who came to the pool the whole time we were there, and he worked his way up and down the slow lane steadily.

I waa in good shape from football, but swimming uses different muscles and after forty minutes, I was tired and needed a rest. Mum, on the other hand, didn’t seem out of breath at all.

“I’m gonna do some diving at the deep end since it’s so quiet,” I told her when she paused between lengths.

“Okay honey, I’ll only be another twenty minutes,” she said, pushing off from the wall and giving me a view of her arse that I furiously tried not to think about.

At the deep end, I started with surface dives, swimming to the bottom and touching it before coming back up, working on using just my leg strength to swim downwards. After several attempts, I climbed out of the pool and stood, dripping, by the side, trying to decide on the right way to dive in.

“You need to breathe out more as you go down,” I heard someone say, and looking around, I saw Kayleigh looking at me from the lifeguard’s chair.

“Oh?” I said, surprised she was talking to me.

“If you’re holding too much air in, you’ll find it difficult to go deeper at the bottom,” she said. “Just take a steady breath out when you’re going down, you’ll see.”

“Thanks,” I told her, adjusting my goggles. I felt a little weird, standing there in my soaking wet swimming shorts talking to a girl who was fully clothed, albeit in a yellow and red polo shirt and shorts.

“She’s your mum?” Kayleigh asked, nodding in the direction of Mum, who was midway through a length.

“Yeah,” I replied, feeling stupid that I could only come up with one-word responses.

“We keep trying to recruit her for the Flying Fish swimming team for the over 35s,” Kayleigh went on. “She’s such a talented swimmer, but she never agrees to join.”

I shrugged. “She does seem pretty busy at work.”

“That’s a shame,” Kayleigh said, looking over at Mum again. “She comes to the bums and tums class on Wednesdays and it really seems to be working for her.”

“Um, yeah,” I said, unsure of how to respond to that. Kayleigh noticed and laughed, covering her mouth.

“Oops, sorry, I suppose you don’t really want to think about your Mum like that,” she giggled.

There was a pause while I wondered about the diving again, but Kayleigh went on.

“So where are you going to uni?” she asked, taking her eyes off the pool to look at me again.

I looked at her. I still wouldn’t describe myself as an expert with women, but most lifeguards don’t usually just start talking to me out of the blue. Kayleigh had a fairly round, plain-looking face, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and the legs sticking out of her shorts were quite fit. I had a brief moment of thought about Georgia, but it wasn’t a crime to talk to a different girl. If Kayleigh was interested, then a ten minute conversation wasn’t going to do any harm.

“Sheffield,” I said, smiling at her and taking my goggles off this time. “Where did you go?”

We were still talking when Mum finally swam over to say she was finished, leaning on the edge of the pool and gently kicking her legs.

“You two seem to be getting on well,” she said, grinning at me, and I rolled my eyes.

“Believe it or not, we were just talking about your bum,” Kayleigh replied, giving me a similar grin. “I was saying those Wednesday classes are working for you.”

Mum looked mock-outraged at me. “It’s yoga, too,” she told Kayleigh. “I read somewhere that stretching and flexibility can be just as important as exercise.”

“Anyway,” I said pointedly, “Shall we go?”

“He doesn’t want us to start talking about his asyabahis giriş bum too,” Mum joked, and I cringed. She paddled over to the ladder and climbed out, her nipples still visible through her wet swimsuit. “Nice to see you, Kayleigh, have a good Christmas,” she said, waving and Kayleigh waved back, turning her attention back to the old guy.

As we walked back to the changing rooms, Mum smirked at me.

“I didn’t realise you hadn’t met Kayleigh before,” she said. “Nice, isn’t she?”

“I have a girlfriend, Mum,” I said, trying to sound disinterested. “We were just talking about swimming.”

“If you come along to the class on Wednesday, you’ll see her in a bikini,” Mum added. “That might change your mind.”

“No thanks,” I said, and I was saved as we arrived at the changing rooms. “I’ll see you outside?”

There was a split second where we both considered whether we could resume where we left off in the changing rooms, but we could hear someone in the pool’s reception area, so we both decided against it.

I was starving by the time we got home, but I needed a proper shower to get the chlorine out of my hair, and since Mum offered to make toast, I took advantage and went into the shower first. I had just got under the hot water and was enjoying the feeling of getting warmed up when the bathroom door opened.

“Sorry, it’s just me,” Mum said, sticking her head around the door. “I wanted to know if you wanted tea or coffee?”

“Um, tea, please,” I replied, but I was completely naked and I knew Mum could see me, which made me start to get hard for some reason. I saw her eyes go down to my cock, and she stepped into the room fully.

“I felt sorry for you earlier,” she said, still looking at me. “Do you want me to make up for it?”

I just nodded, and watched as Mum stripped completely nude in front of me, her gorgeous tits swaying as she stepped out of her skirt, letting me stare at her arse as she pulled down her knickers.

“Ready?” she asked, getting into the shower next to me, making me squeeze up against the cold tiles. I was already hard, and I reached out to touch her waist, but she batted my hand away.

“No, it’s my turn,” she said, facing me and reaching out a single finger to gently touch my balls. My cock jumped in response, and Mum dropped down to her knees in front of me, wrapping one hand firmly around my shaft as she gave my cock a long, slow lick up to the head. I groaned, putting my hands on the walls to keep my balance. I watched the tip of my cock disappear into Mum’s mouth, her lips wrapped around it, and when her eyes flicked up to meet mine, I felt a huge pulse go through my cock.

She pulled back slightly and licked my shaft again, stroking firmly with her hand as her tongue and lips worked their way down to the base of my cock. I groaned again and I saw her smile, before she moved her head down again and I felt her tongue slide over one of my balls, gently but firmly. She licked it again, then opened her mouth and sucked my ball inside, the slight pulling and pressure feeling incredible. I’d never felt anything like this and my cock was achingly hard. Mum let my ball slide back out from between her lips and moved over to the other one, sucking it into her mouth and then flicking it with the tip of her tongue, swirling her tongue around against my skin.

“Fuck,” I said, clenching both hands into fists.

“Feel good?” Mum asked, smiling again as she moved back up to my cock and pushed it firmly back into her mouth, sucking hard.

“I’m gonna cum,” I tried to tell her, but I was so turned on that my cock exploded as soon as her lips closed around my shaft, before I could get the words out. Mum was a little surprised when cum started hitting her throat and grabbed my cock with her hand, holding me in place as she swallowed it.

I was literally seeing stars, my head spinning, when Mum slid off my cock and gave me a big smile.

“I hope that helped,” she said, glancing down at my cock again. I reached out again, to put my hands on her waist, but she shook her head.

“Only Saturdays, remember?” she told me. “This morning was an exception.”

It infuriated me how good Mum was at sticking to her made-up rules, but I was hardly in a position to argue. She got out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel as I finished washing myself, then we swapped.

“Now you’re dry, you can go and put the kettle on,” Mum said, grabbing her shampoo bottle. “Thanks.”

I rolled my eyes, but my stomach was urgently reminding me I hadn’t had breakfast so I didn’t argue.

I had brought plenty of uni work home with me, and Mum was back at work until Christmas Eve, so the next week passed quickly. I helped her do the Christmas food shopping on Wednesday, and since Christmas was on Friday, we spent Thursday decorating the house and getting ready for my grandparents’ annual visit on Boxing Day. The house had to be cleaned, as well as Mum getting all the food ready, but whilst usually Mum would be stressed and asyabahis güvenilirmi angry while she did all the preparations, this year she was much more relaxed.

Christmas Day was relaxed, as usual, with dinner in front of the Christmas TV specials. Georgia sent me a text with a photo of her with her family, which said ‘Happy Christmas!!!’. She was wearing a bright red Christmas jumper with a reindeer on it. She was with her family so I didn’t call, I just wished her a happy Christmas too. Her Dad was greying and looked tired, but her Mum looked nice and her older brother had his arm around her. They looked like a nice family and I wondered if we would ever get to the stage of me meeting her family. Also, I had not got her a present, in the end, so to avoid an awkward situation I added another message telling her I would give it to her when I saw her.

By the evening, I was basically ready to go to bed and sleep off all the food, but I couldn’t be bothered to get up. Mum had gone upstairs to clean, not that Granny and Grandpa ever went upstairs, so when my phone went off I assumed it was Georgia again. It was from Mum, though, and it just said ‘can you come upstairs please’. I really didn’t want to do any cleaning, I was way too relaxed, but I knew how stressed she usually got and decided it was easier to just comply.

I pushed open her bedroom door, saying, “What do you want?” but I was stopped in my tracks when I saw Mum lying on her back on the bed, wearing just a bra and knickers. She had her hand in her pants, rubbing her pussy, legs spread.

“Baby, I know it’s not our day but I need you,” she said in a sexy voice. I felt a hot rush of arousal and climbed onto the bed next to her, kissing her for a minute as she kept rubbing her pussy, but she pushed me away. I looked at her for guidance, and she put her hand firmly on my shoulder to guide me down. At first I thought she wanted me to suck her nipples and I reached out to help undo her bra, but she kept pushing me down to her tummy and I got the message.

I shifted into position between her thighs, my heart pounding. Mum pulled her hand out of her knickers and I helped her pull them down, pulling her legs up above my head so she could take them off. I had never given a woman oral before and, although I thought I knew what to do, when faced with the reality of it, I was suddenly unsure.

“Relax,” Mum said softly, resting one of her feet on my back. “You know how to find my clit? Just use your tongue there.”

I leant forwards, breathing in the smell of her pussy, which turned me on straight away. I tried not to stare at her, and kissed her pussy, then gently pressed my tongue against her.

“Lower,” Mum said, and I did as she said, licking lower and tasting her pussy for the first time. It was incredibly hot to taste her wetness and I licked again.

“More gently,” Mum responded, and I held back a little, slowly getting into a rhythm of short licks until I heard Mum moan. Encouraged, I licked a little bit harder again, trying to focus on flicking over her clit. Whenever I moved too far away from what she wanted, she moved her hips until I was back in the right place, and soon her moans were regular and her legs were tensing.

“You can use your fingers,” Mum said, between moans. I reached up and carefully pushed a finger into her wet pussy, feeling her respond, then started moving it inside her, pressing upwards against her g spot. This obviously really worked for her and her moans got louder. I rubbed my tongue over her clit, repeating the same motion in rhythm with moving my finger. I expected her to orgasm any second, that’s how loud Mum’s moans were getting, but after several minutes of this, she was still going.

“Okay, that’s enough,” she said suddenly, releasing the pressure on my back from her foot. My jaw had been getting quite tired and I breathed again, sitting up and looking down at her, wet pussy slick and spread open.

“Lie down,” Mum said, rolling aside so I could lie where she had been. As I moved into position, she helped me take off my shirt and trousers, then pulled down my boxers quickly. My cock bounced out, lying flat on me as I lay down. I expected Mum to give me oral too, for some reason, but instead she straddled my waist and reached down, lifting my cock up and positioning it against her pussy.

“Mum, we-” I started, my hand reaching out to her bedside table for a condom.

Mum shook her head, smiling. “Today’s a safe day,” she said softly, and she moved her hips so my cock sank an inch inside her.

Hands down, it was the best thing I’d ever felt. Her hot, wet pussy around my bare cock was an amazing feeling. She sank down on me steadily, my cock sliding deeper until she couldn’t push any further and I was completely inside her. I moaned and she moaned at the same time. I’d never felt this good and I desperately wanted to grab her and start fucking her, but she sat still for a minute, adjusting to the feeling.

“Okay,” she said, putting her hands on my chest and starting to move her hips. My cock slid easily in and out of her, her thighs slapping down each time she pushed it back inside. I reached down and held her hips, leaving her movement free but occasionally pushing my cock deeper when she pushed down, making her moan unexpectedly.

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