Sylvia and Judy have an afternoon with two older m

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Making love with Judy
Judy `Chavez“was my dearest friend and lover when I was in high schoo in North Hollywood. She was from Panama. She was fat and wore thick glasses..She was only fifteen when we met, but she was so wise about sex in a lot of ways, while I was still a c***d, I didn’t have the body of a c***d, but emotionally……Judy was kind of on a different level ……In high school, no boy would look at her, but like she said,
“There are a lot of dicks hangin’ between guys legs here in this big city, why mess with high school?”
“She was the first girl I was ever with who ………what can I say…………she made me do stuff………………..that I never did before…and when I say made me……………………………..that was new……that was the part I liked…………Rachel and I went down on each other, but she was getting ready to go off to New York….we just mostly kissed and hugged and did each other’s boobs and each other pussies…………..”.
“Judy, wow, Judy messed with my head….she taught me about stuff:
“Some girls are small like you, Syl, you’ve got a tiny little pussy and a teensy liitle ass-I don’t know how you can poop out of it, really, but I’m just the opposite…..I got a big one, a deep one, it takes a man with a long dick to get the sweet spot for me., Lots of boys are really sweet, but they have like six inch dicks, which I know is pretty normal, but doesn’t quite get it for me. I know, for you, fat is what works the best, but my man has gotta have a big one. The first time I had a boy do my ass, I was so surprised, I thought it would hurt like a bitch, but he wasn’t that big, and he popped it right in. Didn’t hurt, it took me a little while to get used to it, but now I really like it. I like it as much as pussy fucking, sometines better…………..God, Syl, I’ll bet when a boy gets your little puss around his dick, he thinks that he died and went to heaven.. I am so jealous………….. I had another girl friend when I was just starting to fuck and she showed me how to use a fuckin’ dildo on myself and even better how to teach a man to use it right……………so now I don’t worry about cock size so much.”
Judy fucked me with a dildo, we fucked with “Mary-Lou” we did all kinds of stuff.
She knew how to make me be her bottom and just loved it. She would kneel with her knees on either side of my head, push herself down onto my face. I would have to eat her pussy, and eat it, and eat it and eat some more. I found that the feeling of her pushing down on me, making it hard for my to breathe, with all her weight, was very stimulating. Sometimes she would do that, and finger my ass or my pussy at the same time, I came from this the first few times she did it, and after a while, I would come every time, every single fuckin’ time. For Judy, knowing she could bring me off that way was…well she really loved it, and told me and told what a hot little bitch I was.
Tthat wasn’t Rachel’s style at all.
Judy called me her little “cum-whore” I liked that, too.
“Cum-whore” I practiced saaying it to myself when I wasn’t with her.
I was doing lots of boys, hoping that I could find one who I liked me, who really cared about me……..I wasn’t having any luck finding the “boy”, but I was getting laid a lot, and most of the time, with high school boys, I was the one setting the scene and directing the action. I was getting a lot of stage roles now, too, and I liked to be in charge. After Rachel left for New York, I was lonely for girls and girl sex, but I found it, and I liked it better than sex with boys most of the time. Girl sex was more fun; boys were mostly so serious about it….I never had to think about who was going to get it up, who was going to get it all over me and my clothes, and who was going to get me knocked up. and find out three weeks later……some of the stuff I had done with Rachel, like pee, was just between us………….but I still wanted it.”
“I didn’t quite know everything Judy was up to yet. I came over to her house….one afternoon, after school……….and these two men, grown black men, Al, and Jimmie were there, just hangin’ out, listening to music, drinking beer or something, smoking grass… Al must have been forty, very dark, slim, tall, glasses……..Jimmie was maybe a little younger…. thirty-five?..shorter and chubbier with the most beautiful brown eyes…………Both of them were very nice. I had a thought about them being gay……… We were listening to jazz….and they knew a lot about music and I thought I did too. I started talking about opera and Jimmie knew a lot about that too, so then I thought gay some more………..There was kind of a sexual feeling in the room………Judy hadn’t told me anything, but I think any woman would have felt it. It was hot, I don’t remember what I was wearing, but it was hard to hide my boobs no matter what I was wearing…I remember Judy lying and telling them that we were both eighteen. Well, we were close…….Judy was not pretty, neither was I, but like one of the guys said “She could really move it around.”……….her mom was from Panama and she had that super beautiful skin color that some Panamanians get……….We had been having sex for about three months……..Just…..the thought of being with her in any way was so exciting to me……….”
“We ended up totally fucking both guys, both of us…….I fucked………..well……….l…………..I never had so much ….These guys weren’t big………..but ……I was walking funny for week……….I know that sounds like an old joke, but this time it was true………. By the time I was sixteen and s*******n, I was doing it a lot, and not always high school boys or girls either… I had figured out that I could get grown men all excited about my big tits and my tight as a virgin pussy, they didn’t care if I wasn’t pretty. Even though I left my cherry behind when I was fifteen, I loved the feeling of power I got from that……why mess with boys in high school?”
” I was dancing with Jimmie. I was being sort of proper, for me anyway, just dancing close. Jimmie started stroking my ass a little. The way he touched was so nice. This was not high school, Tom. I had my face against his chest, and my body against him. I could feel his boner against my belly, and I liked that, but I had felt that with lots of boys and usually it wasn’t a super turn on for me. He stroked my ass cheeks like we had been friends and lovers for years. He was a wonderful dancer…… he was getting to me and he had hardly kissed me……..I hardly even knew him………Oh god, I loved the way his hand felt. If my ass cheeks could have lit up like light bulbs, they would have. He wasn’t grabbing me or lifting my skirt up or messsing with my panties or anything that dumb……….I had had quite a few boys and men by then. The ones who really got me going were the subtle touchers like Jimmie. When I first met Al and Jimmie that afternoon, I thought about sex, but it was just a thought. Now he was touching me, and I was getting wet and I hoped he didn’t notice right away……….uuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm I liked the way his hand felt. I didn’t want him stop……… after a while, I began to pay more attention to the way he felt against my belly……his penis resting against me was becoming harder and bigger. I thought to myself:
“Uh, I go……………..”
My knees started to get gushy, and then he gently turned my face so he could kiss me…….. holding me, kissing me so sweetly, not missing one dance step, “caressing” is the best word I can come up with………….caressing my ass, rolling that boner……..he was so subtle about it………rolling his boner against my tummy. I was young and eager. I put my hand down and started rubbbing it through his pants.. He put his mouth right on my ear. Some sex words came out, I don’t remember what they were, but they were the right ones..His kisses on my ears, my neck and mouth got better…..It didn’t take long, I was getting wet, I knew exactly what I wanted, I glanced over and Judy had her bra off and Al was mouthing her nipple while she arched her back and held the back of his head, pulling him in to her…………I felt jealous watching him.”
“After a little bit, I had Jimmie unzipped. The way these things go, I don’t always remember all of it, but before long I was naked, on the floor, on my knees, bent over everything else this man did, he was subtle.. I’ve had these huge breasts since I was thirteen, and I have to wear a really sturdy bra that kind of holds them tight to my chest, but when that bra comes off………… I understand it can be a lot for a man to comprehend, but I was really done with boys gaping at me when I was halfway through seventh grade. My breasts were in his face, but Jimmie didn’t act as if he had never seen a woman with big tits before, he just did what men are supposed to do, but hardly ever get right……, touch, kiss,nuzzle, suck, lick and tiny bite till I say “when”. He took his time, did my big boobs so nice, it felt great, I was buzzing all the way down to my toes. I had one thought after he did that for about fifteen minutes:”
“Anything you want, baby, anything …………… want.”
“Tom if we make love, don’t be in a hurry when you get the bra off, please??”
“I like to nuzzle guys in their underwear before anything comes out into the daylight, so I was rubbing my cheek on that soft cotton with the boner underneath……. I had been in this situation before, but…uh….. Judy was blowing Al now, I could see out of the corner of my eye and definetly hear it. I wanted I got those underpants off….now…. I grabbed the waistband and pulled……..Jimmie was much more suave when he took my panties off………. I didn’t do anything for a minute…. it was so hot to see his dick standing straight up like that, pointing at his chin, with a curve in it, while he was flat on his back, and him with such a nice smile.”
Sylvia said: “Tom, I think I told you about the day with Al and Jimmie and Judy that was so wonderful. I might have told you some of it before..each time I tell it, Tom, you start stretching out the front of your fucking underpants, baby, Rememeber how I told you I practiced calling myself “cum-whore” until I got used to it, it became who I was, and Tom it’s who I am now, and I’m not backing off from it at all.”
“Would you be upset if this little cum-whore got your dick all hard and then dove in after it?”
It was so hot to see his dick standing straight up like that, pointing at his chin, with a curve in it, while he was flat on his back, and him with such a nice smile.”
“Tom, is it okay for me to tell you this? You’re getting hard, I can tell.”
She reached over and patted the front of my jeans.
“I was planning to throw my leg over and climb on . Judy had gotten behind me, going down on my puss a little while it was all up in the air, wavin’ in the breeze. I was sucking Jimmie’s dick, in front of everybody, and I’ve always been a performer, so the more people watching, the hotter it is for me….up to a point………….I was a long way from that point now. Al and Judy were watching. Judy was masturbating and talking to me:
“Oh yeah,suck it, Syl, suck that dick, baby……….:”
” That is what gets me excited much more than the actual dick in my mouth.. Judy asked Al if they would like to see us go down on each other, though she said “eat her pussy out” which sounded a lot dirtier the way she said it, and as soon as I heard the words, I wanted to get my face between her legs as quickly as she would let me. This is how I began to understand “bi-sexual”, at least for me……….I could go right from Jimmie and his cock to her belly. My face right there kissing her tummy, opening her pussy lips so I could find her clit and get my mouth on it……… in a few seconds. It seemed normal to me, just like sex with my sister did. I didn’t have to think about it. It took a ther****t years later to tell me that I was weird. I thought she was weird. In 1966 or 67, whenever this was, nobody was out of the closet, and truly bi-sexual people were especially not, so anytime you could get together with another person or persons, like that afternoon, it was very liberating, just like it always is when you find another soul similiar to you. So Judy and I were the floor show, doing a girly “69”, while Al and Jimmie watched and stroked themselves……….whoops, each other. I think Judy might have put a few extra moans into it for their benefit. So I was having myself a fine time, first being the little blow-job princess, one of my favorite roles, and next getting my pussy eaten by my favorite lover, and for a treat, watching these two men kissing and jacking each other off. I was hoping they liked girls. I almost came from Judy, not quite, but I wasn’t too worried. I knew there was more coming.As usual, I was thinking, “Today might be the day I come from fucking.”
“Al came over, Judy moved her head, and I felt his cock between my legs, not in me yet, but I was ready. Judy stopped him.”
“Al, hold up a second”…….she was so confident,where did she get that?
She started tapping my butt cheeks, just little taps, kissing me there too.
“Silkie, you have such a darling little ass, Mama Judy wants to spank it……..have you ever had a spanking and gotten fucked good and hard right after?”
“Judy, I have never been spanked in my life……….”
“Well, baby, I’m gonna spank the shit out of you, what do you think about that?”
“Please, Judy, please………………..”
” God what a sexy little cunt you are…..okay, this is gonna burn, but when Al puts it up you while your ass is still burning, trust me, you are going go through the ceiling….got to trust me a little……it’s gonna hurt, but after you come down from the ceiling, I’ll love it and put some lotion on it…I want you to come today………I’m gonna get my ass spanked too, you fuckin’ bet I am, that shit just makes Judy crazy……Al, Jimmie, you hear what I’m sayin?..”
“I had never been spanked before, but she slapped my little bottom, easy at first, then harder and harder. It got so hot and painful, and she just kept going. I was screaming, yelling, telling her to stop. This is not a sexy joke, it really hurt, but I never did anything to stop her. I was crying, my face was bright red, my nose was running, my ass cheeks were on fire, all the way down to the back of my puss. I had some eye make-up on and that was a big mess now all over my face ………, huh?……………My heart was pounding, I was sweating…..then like that, she stopped………. I felt Al’s body press against my hot ass cheeks from behind. He slid around and right in me….oh god, that was a feeling…………..that was a new one for me…I didn’t come, but I was close. His cock was not that big, but he really stretched me out and I had to get him to stop three or four times before I could take him.”
“Al was pushing it in me:
“Ooooooohh baby are you sure you ain’t thirteen, I ain’t never had…”
” Al, don’t worrry, I can take it, all of it, lover, fuck me, fuck me with that thing………..c’mon that’s just what I want…………”
“When I start to use the “f” word during sex, Tom, you know I’m getting there………………..”
“I bent over Jimmie and tried to keep my bj going, but I couldn’t really do it, because the sensation of Al against me pumping in and out was just too much……I just put my head down, my ass up, and yelled…… I think that Judy got behind Al and was doing all kinds of stuff to his balls from behind, and then she had her face in his ass and she was…………..that’s when things started to get crazy……….I was really excited from the spanking…………nobody had ever done that before……and getting fucked that way…………a really, really experienced lover……………I had never fucked anybody quite like that…………oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhmama……….that got me going….I was ready to just hop around, fuck both these guys, eat her pussy, eat her ass……….. I was rarin’ to go as they say…………….but Judy had some other stuff in her sleeve..”
” I knew things were going to be different when Jimmie ………………well, Al was doing me doggie style and pinching my nipples……so sweet…my puss is really small, and I used to think all Black men were huge, but he wasn’t. He was not bouncing his cock off my cervix, and that was okay, ’cause I felt like I was as full as I could be. I finally came down enough so that I could go back to Jimmie’s fat dick and suck him, while getting fucked, and I liked it. Does that sound slutty? Well, I’m not going to lie. It was great, Tom, I love sex like that….. Jimmie was was careful and considerate, not pushing his dick through back of my head or down my throat like boys did, no, he was letting me do him mostly, not grabbing my head or anything like that, just talking to me in his really sexy voice……….
“Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah that is so sweeet….suck that dick…… …oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhyeah……….suck that fuckin’ dick………………………”
“His voice and Judy’s telling me what a great cock sucker I was, and Al saying all this stuff about how hot I was and how beautiful…and how tight my puss was….wow……….. it was a huge turn on.”
” I know how to do a bj, and now I really wanted to make it good. I was all slobbery, sloppy, spitty, slippy, slidey around his fat dick head……………………..”
( laughing) “God. I sound like such a whore…………..”
” …………………….getting all his sweet spots around there with with my tongue, jacking him with my hands, sometimes just moving my hand lightly up and back and then grippping him harder and pulling the skin and everything up and down, kissing him down his brown dick till I got to his balls, giving them the same treatment I did on the other end, giving him lots of eye contact, saying something crazy about cock-sucking, and starting the whole thing over again…….Jimmie was lovin’ it, I could tell, and I was too, and I was hoping he wouldn’t shoot right away, but I also was kind of hoping that he did……….’cause if I can get a guy to pop when I’m doing that, it’s a huge power thing for me…”
Jimmie pulled it out of my mouth, came around,
“Sugar, Al’s got to have a little taste, don’t you, baby?”, and popped his dick into Al’s mouth……I couldn’t see it at first, but I figured out pretty fast what was going on……….Al blowing Jimmie while he was fucking me………, that was really a surprise. Al did Jimmie for a while, and then I decided I wanted some too, so both of us were on his dick. I had never sucked some man’s cock and shared it with another man..while one of the men was fucking the shit out of me……..okay, men do this differently than women….but after I got done being surprised, we were kissing and sucking cock and kissing all wrapped around each other…….I had done that with Rachel, I had done that with Judy and a few other girls when we were tag-teaming one lucky guy. but this guy, with his scratchy face doing that with me…..It was exciting, it was really nice. Jimmie got right back in my mouth with Al’s spit and mine all over his dick and his balls too…….I was already turned on……….that taste of spit got me excited….I think Judy was into asses that day…………..I can’t remember all of it, but she got behind Al and was doing something with her mouth to his ass while he was riding me……………..and she was talking about it too….everybody except me was talking about all the ass- fucking that was going to happen soon………….it was a little too much for me right then………….I didn’t mind giving my pussy up at all, but my ass? That was a different story……..”.
” I never saw two grown men be lovers for each other and for us till that day……it’s funny, I was part of it, totally, except I didn’t give up my ass, but it was so amazing, it was kind of like a movie, too……..the great thing was, every time I kind of drifted away a bit and started to get into the “watching the movie” thing, Judy would kiss me or touch me or do something, and …wham-o….I was right back in the middle, sometimes a girl sandwich for Judy and these guys………..”
” I whispered to Judy:
” Let’s get these guys to come, Judy, I want some pee stuff…… you think these guys are into that?”
“Silkie, do you think that I would bring them over here if……………….? ………….Let’s get this guy to pop, baby……………”
“I was all over the head of Jimmie’s cock again, Judy got down and got his balls without bumping my head once…………the girl was so amazing…………….”
” Then she joined me on the fat end of Jimmie’s dick. Jimmie was not interested in shooting all over my face, that was a nice change too. He shot his cum all over my pink tits, and Judy’s brown ones. I loved all the skin tones mixed in with his semen on my tits: His dick: really dark, much darker than the rest of him, my boobs: kind of pink, Judy: kind of golden, with really brown nipples, and his stuff, looking like shampoo, all over us…………….it was great.”
” I’m going to have Al spank me, Silkie, pay attention::
She got on all fours. All you could see was brown butt.
“C’mon, you faggot motherfucker, spank me, spank it , bitch…”
Al didn’t need another invitation. He was hitting her, hard, and she was screaming so loud, I was sure the police were going to come and break up our party…suddenly, she flipped on her back..
“Enough, c’mon Al, c’mon baby, don’t make me wait now…………………..”
She wrapped her ankles around his back, pumped into him with more energy. She was really fat, but that didn’t slow her down at all when it came to this stuff. I was really getting the sexual education of my young life from her, from just knowing her and being around her….she was coming, or pretty close to it….She dug her fingernails into his back, leaving bleeding scratches two inches long. Before she finished coming, his back was a bleeding mess……………..he came in her after she came. Quickly she was behind him, licking and sucking the blood that was all over his back……….she motioned to me, and I was doing it to and then Jimmie was too. Sucking blood? Jesus, I never ever thought I would be…
Judy got me into sex places that nobody had ever taken me before..
“Well, I was kind of getting out there, the sex stuff was strong and the feelings I had were getting stronger………it began to make sense to have Judy and these two men I barely knew pee on me……………..”
“I got on my back, opened my legs, and pulled Al into me….he was a nice lover, he lasted a long time and then he came in me, just the way I like.. I could feel him shoot inside me..Judy was on her back, fucking Jimmie, right next to me, so close that I could turn my head and kiss her and I just loved that..Al pulled out of me, but Judy and JImmie were still having this lovely fuck right next to me. I leaned over and kissed Judy and then moved my head down and sucked her nipple and I felt her come while I was doing that …….then she was on her back, catching her breath and she kissed me:
“When you got on my nipple, Syl, when you did that, that’s when I came, that’s when I went over the top, you fucking lover woman, you are so sweet…………..what do you want? What do you want me to do for you? Kiss my breasts, please, again, I think there is a little milk there for you to taste.”
” I had never tasted my own breast milk let alone another woman’s, but she she did have some and I tasted her…I don’t like to use the word “sexy” too much, but this was and so personal, too. She had Al and Jimmie get their erections close to her and she squeezed a few drops on each of their cock heads, and she and I moved it around with our tongues until it was gone.”
“Everybody had come, except for me……..we were naked on the living room floor and then Jimmie just pulled me up on the sofa and I was in his arms, he wasn’t doing any kind of sex thing for a few moments, and I loved that…..After a while, I thought it might be okay for me to tell them what I wanted:
“Al, that was wonderful, but I can’t come from fucking yet…..but if Judy goes down…………………”
” No problem, darling, when I think about pussies to eat, baby, it’s you… you think these guys could help me?”

“Who ever, except in their fantasies, ever gets their puss done by three people, a woman and two men , at the same time?
So Judy went down on me, and then Al and Jimmie were there two,. somebody, it must have been Judy was using her finger, one of the guys had his tongue all over my clit along with Judy. The other guy, it must have been Al, was giving everything between my ass cheeks a lot of attention; it took about ten minutes before I started coming, but then it seemed like I wasn’t going to stop.””
“I don’t know what it is about me and piss……just like anybody else, most of the time, it is just what it is; pee, wipe, flush the toilet. But when I get into certain kinds of sex things with certain kinds of people…..especially people, especially women who dominate me, like Judy, not that many, a few really special lovers………….this time it was with men that I liked, they were both attractive to me, but as far as any emotional connection……………I had a great set of orgasms from all of them eating me, just wonderful……….my desire to get pissed on by any of them or them, all of them………… it was like an explosion…Judy knows about my pee thing, she will play,’cause she is like that, but it’s not her thing. Being a dom while I was submissive, she loved that part, and when I got turned on enough, I loved it too………I was laying there, my puss was still buzzin’, and all I could think about was being restrained some way while the three of them played with each other, and pissed and pissed all over me, especially on my face and in my mouth, and said all kinds of mean sex things to me…I’d be lying if I didn’t say it bothered me to be that much of a twisted girl at age s*******n, Tom. but I’d also be lying if I tried to be somebody else.”
“She had a fancy dog collar that she would put around my neck when we got that way, then she would put a leash on me, and walk me around naked on all fours….that had been just between the two of us, but when I saw Al and Jimmie blowing each other, I thought it might be okay to do in front of them too……..and it was. They loved it. They loosened up and were being much more “gay” than they had been a few hours before.”
“We were headed for the bathroom and the tub, but me with the collar and the leash on, going around on all fours, that seemed to get everybody excited. The whole thing about it was that I just completly exposed……….I guess that was exciting for the men….it was more excitng than Mrs Strela’s English class and “Beowulf”, I was sure of that.”
“Jimmie had it up me, then Al did, then Jimmie some more, then Al again…………I had my face between Judy’s legs, and then I was blowing one of the guys while the other one was behind me, just pumpin’ away, then Judy was doing me while I watched Al fuck Jimmie’s ass……….. things were going so fast..Jimmie’s legs were up in the air………Judy got on Jimmie’s face while Al was doing him, and sometimes Al would pull out and pop it into Judy’s mouth..I thought I was slutty, but that was the nastiest thing I had ever seen, and even though I was the sub, and had to do whatever they wanted to do with me, I didn’t want to suck a cock that had just been up somebody’s ass, but here is the thing: I did it, I was the sub, I loved that role, I did anything they wanted……….I sucked their dicks wherever they had been, ate everybody’s ass out all afternoon. I wasn’t about to have them think that Judy had anything on me as far as how far I would go……I was begging Al and Jimmie to pop their load all over my face, by this time I really wanted it that way, I didn’t care if Mrs. Strela and all of 11th grade English was in the room taking notes. I never shut up anyway, so when I could use every nasty word and phrase I knew…the funny thing was me, there, begging, begging two grown men to come in my face. I thought how I would like to be a teacher and assign my English class or drama club students to create appropriate dialog for this situation..I also thought how it might work as part of an opera, with me as the soprano lead, of course……..I’m not going to repeat every word, Tom. I’ll let you use your imagination, but I was a dirty mouthed little girl that day. It was so great to just let myself go that way. I hadn’t had sex like like that in a while, I had sort of forgotten how hot the temperature of semen was when it landed on my cheeks, lips and tongue. It was in my hair and my eyes, all over me. The three of them them were kissing me and licking it off my face and sharing it. All of us were on Al or Jimmie’s cock, getting all the drips and little extra squirts we could.
I knew that Judy was going to “force” me to drink her piss pretty soon. How slutty could one girl get? I couldn’t wait to find out….”
“I was in the tub on my back. Judy was calling me a cunt and a fucking pig, a whore (of course), all the dirty mean words she could think up. I was crying, begging her to piss on me, still in my role and aware of it, but kind of out of my head, too.. She was sitting on the high edge of the tub, near my head. Al and Jimmie weren’t so good with being mean, that wasn’t their thing, but they were standing over me, next to the tub, holding each others cock, pointing them at me.”
“s*******n years old, a senior in high school, naked, on my back, begging two middle aged men and a girl my age to piss all over me: when I look back on it, it seems really twisted, but nobody was forcing me to do a single thing that I didn’t want to do, that I didn’t ask for and arrange……….so if you want to say “twisted”, fine, it was twisted, it was also role playing and sterile urine, but the emotional satisfaction for me was like nothing else……….after I could have orgasms from fucking, the pee stuff was not so intense, which does not mean I stopped liking it it or doing it.”
“First an arc of pee came out of Judy, landing on my chest above my tits. She moved a little so that it was landing on my face. I love to masturbate when this happens, it is really special. I always come, always, when I feel hot pee land on me like it was that day. I don’t care who is watching or what they think……….”
” Isn’t that a hot story?…if you can deal with all my weird stuff, I’ll be such a great lover for you
Silkie leand back against the pillow, and took another puff of her cigarette.
” I’m going to try to tell this part of the thing that I got into with my mom…just that part.
“Tom, I’ve been talking a lot to you about this sex stuff with Judy and these grown men that happened when I was f******n or fiteen years old…f******n, I think. “
“Holy shit, that was crazy, you know. All this fucking and weird sex when I was still in what we called Junior High? ”
“Tom, telling that last story to you got me horny, okay? As in H_O_R_N_Y! I want you, I’ve got a big old fucking itch that needs a scratch now, lover. I need some kissing, my boobs and my tummy and my puss and back here in my ass..all that part of me needs some attention.”
“I talked so much about sucking dick, but I didn’t do it,but I want to. Right about now…”
“Boys think that cock sucking is all about pleasure for them, I can’t speak for any woman but me, okay? Sucking your dick is really good for me, lover. Here is something to think about….”
“I’ve sucked the cocks of boys and men I didn’t like that much, and I still liked doing it,,okay, not all the time, but sometimes..> Sometimes it’s just great to get so intimate, my face down there, the feel, the smell, the taste; the feeling I’m getting him so excited, the sex words, the build-up to having him pop?'”Okay, I’ve done it a lot. Sometimes it’s the same old same old…but…sometimes..”
“I like to play with myself when I do it, though, I must admit.”
The first few boys I did that way, when I was thirteen, I didn’t get that, but..well this is how thte story with my mom started, I guess…’

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