Tabby the Babysitter

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Delicious Anal

The phone rang loudly as Tabby walked into the lounge. The tall teenager picked up the receiver. It was Cliff Ford, her regular babysitting job.

“Hi Tabby,” Cliff’s friendly voice came down the line. “Sorry to bug you but I’ve got a bit of a problem.”

“Hi Mr Ford, what’s that then?” Tabby asked cheerfully.

“I have an emergency at work and my wife is out of town. Would you be available to baby-sit for me? I realise its short notice,” his voice trailed off.

“Sure, that’s fine, when would you like me?” Tabby asked.

“Um…if you’re not too busy I need to go now really,” Cliff said quietly. “If you could get over here as soon as possible…”

“Sure Mr Ford, not a problem,” Tabby interrupted. “I can be there in a half hour.”

“Ok, thanks Tabby, see you then.” The phone went dead.

Tabby called out to her mother that she was going to the Ford’s to baby-sit and not to wait up for her. She pulled on her College jacket over the flimsy little crop top that she was wearing and left the house.

The Ford’s lived a little distance away but it was still light outside for her as she walked the distance. It took about twenty minutes to walk to the Ford’s and Tabby stopped on the way to pick up a magazine to read at a small local store. Soon she was standing at the big white front door knocking.

“Come in,” Cliff Ford said as he opened the door. “Thanks for coming over at such short notice Tabby.”

“That’s ok Mr Ford,” the young brunette answered. She sauntered in, her hips swaying as usual. This attractive young girl always turned on Cliff. “How long do you think you will be?”

“Um…,” Cliff had to refocus on her words, taking his eyes away from her firm young butt in the tight button-up jeans. “Oh…I’m not sure,” he stuttered. “Depends…”

“That’s ok. I’ll just watch some TV. The kids are in bed already I guess?”

“Yeah, they are asleep. I got them down early tonight,” he laughed. “I hope I won’t be gone too long.”

His eyes focused on her small firm breasts as she took the jacket off, her chest sticking out as she slipped each arm out of the garment. Noticing his stare she smiled back. This older man turned her on too. He was tall, muscular and well tanned. The thought of him made her lick her red lips.

“Umm…see you…um…soon,” Cliff said nervously backing toward the door.

“Bye Mr Ford,” Tabby couldn’t resist giving him a cheeky wink as he opened the door and left.

She gave a little giggle once the door had closed. Then she walked to the big comfortable couch with the nice cushions. There she sat and flicked her trainers off, curling her long legs up under her body. In front of her on the coffee table was the TV remote. Soon she was watching a sit-com.

No more than half an hour had passed when Tabby heard the sound of a car outside. She was about to get up when she heard the door shut and the front door of the house open. It was Cliff Ford.

Tabby was standing as he walked intro the lounge.

“Hi Mr Ford, that didn’t take long,” she said with a smile.

“No, they managed to fix the problem. I got a call on my cell phone when I was almost there,” he laughed.

“Oh well, never mind,” Tabby said.

“I suppose I better call a cab for you, it’s dark out there now,” Cliff said.

“That would be great thanks,” Tabby grabbed her jacket.

Cliff looked at the young beauty. Her dark eyes twinkled cheekily. He could feel a sudden burst of lust corse through his body. His cock reacted to her in her skimpy top, the lilac bra strap showing, and her tight jeans.

“Why don’t you stay a while and have a drink,” He suddenly found himself saying. “There’s no school tomorrow…and I’m all alone tonight…I mean…I could do with some company…Jill has been away for a whole week…would you…”

“Well…I guess I could stay a while, but I need to get home some time or else my Mom will worry,” Tabby smiled.

“Sure, sure,” Cliff answered nervously.

He looked at the gorgeous darkhaired teenager and his cock stirred a little more. He cleared his throat as Tabby smiled and sat back on the couch. She still had her trainers off and she curled one foot up under her sexy butt.

Cliff walked over to the liquor cabinet and poured two whiskeys. Tabby watched, a little uncertain about the drinks, but wanting to be sophisticated, she accepted the large glass of amber liquid. She drank a little of the hot whiskey, trying not to let it gag her as Cliff sat next to her on the couch.

“I suppose I have kept you away from your friends tonight with this false alarm,” he joked.

“Oh no,” Tabby reassured him. “I was probably just going to stay in and get some study done.”

“Sure Tabby. I bet your boyfriend would have had other ideas?” He winked with a little laugh.

She laughed politely. “No, he’s out of town right now. I haven’t seen him for a month or so.”

“Oh, must be lonely for you?”

“Yeah, it is kinda. But he will be back next week…I guess we will make up for it then.”

“That’s like me and Jill. I hate it when she’s away…but man we güvenilir bahis can sure make it up when she gets home,” Cliff grinned again.

Tabby sipped at her drink. It was quite strong and she could feel the alcohol going to her head. Again she laughed politely.

“It’s a real sham for a beautiful girl like you being left for so long,” Cliff smiled at her. “I mean you are a beautiful girl.”

“Thanks Mr Ford,” Tabby felt herself blush.

“Oh, call me Cliff please. After all you are over 18,” he said.

“Yes,” Tabby agreed.

“I remember when you first babysat for us. You were just 15 then weren’t you? Man, you have grown into one good looking young lady,” Cliff smiled, moving a little closer to the teenager.

Tabby took another sip of the whiskey. Cliff was now sitting right next to her on the couch. She couldn’t help admiring his well-toned body beneath the tight fitting summer shirt. Even at his age he was good looking. Mrs Ford sure was lucky to have a man this good.

“A month is a long time…” Cliff started. “To…well…to go without a man.”

“What do you mean?” Tabby asked as he moved a little closer.

Cliff leant forward to put his whiskey on the coffee table next to the couch. He turned to Tabby with a smile and took the glass from her hands. They seemed to have their eyes locked together. The second glass touched the table and he turned back to the young girl.

“I think we both know,” he said, leaning toward her. His hand came up to the back of her head as his lips touched hers. The kiss was gentle, their lips barely touching, as he tasted her sweetness for the first time.

“Mr Ford!” Tabby gasped as they parted. “I don’t think…”

“I think you want to try this as much as I do,” Cliff interrupted. “Don’t you think we should have a little adventure once in a while?”

“But…what about Rick? …and Mrs Ford? You shouldn’t seduce your babysitter..I mean…”

“You want me Tabby, I know you do,” his head moved toward her again. Again their lips met and this time the kiss was more passionate. Tabby felt Cliff’s hand on the bare skin of her belly below the crop top. Warmth flowed through her body; a slight dampness filled her panties.

Now she was letting him kiss her. Her mouth opened to invite him in. His tongue probed into her mouth. Soon she was tonguing his mouth as well. The hand moved from her belly to her right breast, cupping the firm breast through the top. Tabby moaned.

Her hands went up to touch his hair, his back, holding him closer as the kiss grew more intense. Then wandering down to touch his firm well formed butt. Finally they broke off the kiss to stare at each other for a moment.

“God Tabby,” Cliff broke the silence. “You are so beautiful, so sexy. I can’t believe I am with you after all these years and after all my dreams.”

“You have dreamt about me Mr Ford?” Tabby smiled her sexy seductive smile. “Tell me more.”

“It’s true Tabby, you are just too sexy to be ignored. Actually there have been times when I have stopped on the way home from dropping you back at your place and wanked off thinking about you, undressing you in my mind, making love to you, smelling your sweet perfume, tasting your…” His voice trailed off as his hand moved to the crotch of his pants. He was fumbling with his belt.

Tabby watched as he flicked the belt open and started to unzip his pants. She could feel her temperature rising at the thought of what might be revealed.

“Would you strip for me?” Cliff asked suddenly. “Would you take your clothes off, slow and sexy for me?”

His hand was buried inside his open pants. Tabby’s bottom lip quivered as she watched him lift his butt a little to slide the pants and shorts off. There it was, exposed for all to see, his erect manhood, standing tall. It was much bigger than she had imagined. It seemed to twitch a little as Cliff sat back, the red swollen head glistening in the light. All she wanted to do was reach out and touch it.

“Please baby, strip for me, real slow,” Cliff pleaded, giving his cock a slow deliberate stroke.

Tabby licked her lips as she slowly got to her feet. She moved a couple of steps away from the couch, keeping her eyes on the waving cock. Again her tongue licked her lips sexily.

“God Cliff, it’s huge,” she whispered. She ran her hands over her upper body, squeezing her firm young breasts together in the crop top. “Oh, Cliff I want to taste that big cock of yours,” she hissed as she grasped the hem of the little crop top.

Swaying her hips she slipped the little cotton top up over her head. Again she ran her hands over her breasts, now exposed in the little shiny lilac bra. Tabby moaned softly as she played with her breasts. All the time her eyes were fixed on Cliff as he played with the hard cock, slowly stroking up and down the throbbing cock.

“Oh, that looks so good,” she murmured. “Take off your shirt Cliff.”

He obeyed. Quickly snatching the shirt up and over his head. When he refocused on Tabby she had undone two of the buttons on her jeans. She was thrusting türkçe bahis her pelvis out, enticingly as she popped another button. The blue denim peeled back a little. Another button and her bright red lace thong was revealed. Then the last button.

She stood for a moment, her legs akimbo, letting him view her semi-naked body. Once more he stroked the huge cock. Then she tugged the denim over her hips, letting the jeans slide down to the floor. Knowing how hot the scene was getting she shuffled around to face away from him. Then she bent over to pull the jeans free of her feet.

Cliff gasped as she bent down, revealing the sliver of red lace material that covered her pubic mound. The round perfect butt wiggled a little as she tugged the jeans away. Slowly she stood and turned. As she did her hand reached behind her to unclip the lilac bra. She teased a little longer, holding it in front of her, smiling as she slowly puled the straps down her arms.

“Yes Tabby, oh yes,” Cliff moaned.

Suddenly Tabby realised her show may be too hot for the older man. As soon as the bra had fallen free she hooked her fingers in each side of her red thong. Down it slid, her trimmed pussy coming into view. She tossed the flimsy red lace garment at Cliff. He caught them with a laugh, sniffing the damp crotch before tucking them under him on the couch.

“What shall I do for you next Mr Ford?” Tabby said with a husky, deep voice. Her naked body was swaying toward Cliff where he lay back on the couch, his manhood almost bursting at the sight.

“I…I…God Tabby,” Cliff stuttered. “Anything you want.”

She knelt next to him on the floor, touching his rigid pole for the first time. It twitched as her hand brushed it gently. He moaned a little. All he could do was watch as her mouth moved to the hard cock. Her lips kissed it gently, her tongue licked at the small dribble of pre-cum.

“Yes Tabby, yes, suck it, please suck it,” he moaned.

Her red moist lips closed around the hard cock. Slowly she sucked it down, licking the underside of his hard cock. Her lips formed a perfect seal around it as she held the base with her delicate hands.

“Oh, God yes,” he moaned. “Oh, please give me your pussy. Let me suck your hot little pussy.”

Tabby took her eyes away from his cock to smile at him. She moved her butt up over his face as he requested. Lowering her swollen, hot pussy lips over his face. His tongue found her slit, running the length of it. Tabby’s body twitched a little as he ran his tongue over her clit. Then his finger found the soft folds of her opening and pushed a little of the way in her wet hole.

“Oh, yes, oh Cliff,” Tabby moaned.

Her hand worked up and down his saliva-covered cock as she moaned at the attention he was giving her pussy. His tongue stroked hard against her clit as his finger slowly pumped in and out of her moist pussy. Then she lowered her head to his throbbing cock once more, licking another dribble of pre-cum from the smooth round head.

Cliff’s lips grasped Tabby’s hard little clit and tweaked it a little causing Tabby to moan loudly. A wave of pleasure welled in her and cascaded through her as she orgasmed to Cliff’s tender lips, tongue and finger. Her pussy clamped the finger tightly as her juices flooded her pussy. Cliff lapped at her with his tongue.

As her shuddering explosion subsided her mouth once more sucked down on Cliff’s hard cock. She reached the bottom as Cliff let out a long moan. His cock pulsed suddenly and his balls tightened as he fired a long gob of hot cum into her mouth.

It took Tabby by surprise and she pulled back a little, the cock still resting in her mouth as another string of sperm ejaculated into her mouth. She swallowed instinctively, taking the hot jism into her belly. More followed as Cliff arched his back up off the couch, pushing his cock back into her mouth. Tabby swallowed more and more.

Finally his orgasm slowed and stopped. Tabby held the weakened cock as she licked the last of the sticky liquid from the shaft. Her lips had a fine line of white sticky cum contrasting against the red of her lipstick.

She collapsed on top of him at last. They were both breathing heavily. A moment later Tabby lifted her leg over his body and came to lay next to him on the narrow couch. He put an arm around her and stared at her lovely face, streaked with a little sweat and her lips still crusted with a little cum. His own face had a shine from her juices on his chin and nose.

“Tabby, you don’t know how long I have waited for this moment,” Cliff whispered in her ear. “That was wonderful.” He kissed her ear.

“Thank you,” Tabby answered shyly.

Cliff lent over and kissed her on the lips. They exchanged each others sexual juices, tasting themselves on each other, mingled with the sweat and perfume. The kiss lasted a long time. Tabby could feel Cliff’s cock against her leg, still slightly sticky. It was getting hard again.

“Come on Tabby, let’s go upstairs,” Cliff beckoned her. “It would be more comfortable.”

“I don’t know güvenilir bahis siteleri Cliff. I would be more comfortable not doing it in your bed,” Tabby replied.

At least she was going to do it Cliff thought. “Ok, let’s go to the guests room down here,” he suggested.

Tabby just smiled standing to let Cliff get up. As he did she noticed her little red thong, crushed flat under their weight. She smiled and walked toward the bedroom, her naked body glowing in the light. Cliff followed, also smiling to himself. His cock was now standing rigid once more.

The room was quite spacious with two comfortable chairs and a small coffee table as well as a large bed and the usual array of bedroom furniture. Tabby knew the room. She had slept here on a few occasions when the Ford’s had been out really late. She didn’t know that on those occasions Cliff would sneak to the door and peak into the room. Once he had actually stood at the door and wanked into a condom, imagining what he would do to his beautiful babysitter if the chance arose. Twice he had picked up her panties to sniff before retreating to make love to his wife.

Now he was alone with Tabby in that room, and she was naked sitting on the edge of the bed. He sat next to her, his cock waving about as though it had a life of its own. They smiled at each other as his face moved closer to hers. The kiss was like those before, deep and with feeling. They sank back on the bed.

Tabby eased herself back up the bed as the kiss ended, spreading her legs wide. Cliff pulled himself up between her legs, his cock bouncing against her inner thighs. It was Tabby her reached down to guide his cock to her entrance. She moaned softly as the head spread her lips. Slowly the shaft pushed in, deeper and deeper.

Cliff buried his head between her breasts as his cock sunk into the tightest pussy could remember fucking. Her nipples were hard as he sucked on first one and then the other. He could feel the firm breast-meat, squeezing them, touching them, making Tabby moan more.

His cock was buried deep in her now. He started to rock in and out of her tight pussy. Her moans grew louder as his strokes penetrated deeper into her hot wet pussy. Her legs came up around his body, almost pulling him deeper. Each stroke rubbed across her clit sending an impulse through the brunette. Her arms circled his neck, holding his head to her breasts.

“Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, oh yes,” she called out as his strokes grew faster and faster. “Make me cum. Oh, fuck me hard.”

“Oh, Tabby. This is great. You are so tight and hot,” Cliff responded as his cock pumped hard into her.

Tabby could feel another orgasm taking over her body. It shuddered as she responded to his thrusts. Her moans grew louder again as her pussy contracted on his hard cock.

“God Tabby!” Cliff exclaimed. “You cunt is so tight.”

Her juices were flooding her pussy, letting his cock slide once more in and out of her hot hole. Her fingers dug into his neck as he pumped furiously at the young girl. Then he let his hard, wet cock slip from her.

“Roll over,” he whispered as he moved his body. Tabby obeyed, rolling from under him. He didn’t speak, just slapping her butt with his hands and pulling back on her hips as he knelt between her legs. Instinctively Tabby pulled herself up onto her hands and knees, thrusting her pelvis back.

His hard cock found her wet pussy again. She moaned as it pushed into her. His strong hands held her hips as he pumped into her as before. She could feel his balls slapping her as he pushed up into her pussy. Her breasts hung free below her body. He reached up with one hand to play with the hard little nipples.

“Oh, Cliff, oh,” she moaned. “That is so good, so hard, so big in my tight pussy.”

“Oh, I want to fuck your tight pussy forever,” Cliff replied. “Oh, it is so good and hot.”

Another orgasm swept Tabby as the cock slid in and out of her. The wave of pleasure left her tingling. Cliff felt her pussy tighten again, squeezing on his cock. It was too much for him. Spurt after spurt of hot creamy cum poured into her. He pulled her hips back close to him and buried his cock as far as he could into her. She could feel his pulses, jetting cum into her.

Again they fell to the bed red faced and breathing heavily. Cliff’s cock lay semi-erect against her butt as they lay there. The sticky cum slowly drying to a crust. Cum was oozing from her onto the bed. He placed a hand on her shoulder, kissing her neck, then her ear.

“Can I cum in your ass Tabby?” He whispered in her ear softly after a minute of silent kissing and touching. “I would really like that.”

His cock was touching the crack of her butt as the comment was made. It felt so big and strong against her delicate skin. Tabby just moaned a reply. Her mind was lost on her next erotic fantasy with this man.

“I will be gentle,” he reassured as he moved his cock up against her small ass. His hands parted her buttocks as the cock head touched her small asshole. She had never been fucked in the ass before. Yet her mind was so focused she could feel nothing but the pleasure as his cock pushed slowly forward. His cum acted as a slight lubricant as it slipped in. The sensation of his entry sent another wave of orgasm through Tabby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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