Tabby’s Job

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Tabby waved good-bye as her father sped off in his rental car. She had been pleased to see him, although they had only managed a quick dinner together. He said he was very tired after spending more than a month away from home on the road. He wanted to get an early night so he could make the trip home, over 200miles, early the next day. Tabby thought this was a good idea, her mother would be missing him. Anyway, Tabby had told him, she had to work at the student café that night. So that is where he had dropped the 20-year-old student.

As soon as the car rounded the corner Tabby walked to the phone box outside the café and called a cab, hoping it would arrive soon. Dinner had made her late for her real job that night, but not too late. The cab arrived quickly.

“Moonlight Club please,” Tabby asked with some urgency as she got in.

The Moonlight Club was across town. It was a very up market brothel. The girls were all picked for their charm and beauty. Tabby had been working there for over two months and was really enjoying the work. This particular night she was anxious to get to the club as it was the first party night she had attended.

On party nights the men paid large sums of money to stay as long as they wished and have sex with as many of the girls as they wished. The May party was always regarded as the ultimate fun. Everyone wore masks so no one would recognise anyone else and it was a no condom night. This increased the premium paid by the men and thus limited the numbers. There was always a hardcore of men willing to pay the $1,500.00 price tag.

Tabby handed the taxi driver a fifty dollar bill and didn’t wait for the change. The driver smiled as the tall brunette shot out of the cab, straight to the side entrance of the club. She hastily punched in her code on the digital lock and stepped into the lit hall.

It took another hour to transform the young student into the sophisticated lady of the night. Her make-up had to be just right; long dark lashes, deep red lips and a smooth satin finish to her skin. There was no time for a shower; perfume and talc would cover her rush to get there. Her long black hair was made up into a French plait with the help of one of the other girls who had slipped away from the party.

Finally her clothes needed to reflect that same sophistication; a long dark dress, very tight fitting with a swirl of silver thread through it to make it shine as she walked. Underneath she wore a little white lace bra that barely concealed her tanned breasts, a matching white lace garter belt and thong. The garter belt held a pair of white lace top stockings up. Finally she slipped her feet into the silver spike heeled, open toed shoes.

The party had been going for a while now, although the paying guests were slow to arrive. When Tabby finally swept into the lounge room she could see Tiffany, a short girl with her hair dyed a brilliant red, sitting with a potential client sharing a glass of wine. Amanda, another brunette was sitting in one of the big red leather chairs with a man leaning forward over her, more interested in the view down the front of her black cocktail dress than any conversation. Leah, the only blonde, was talking with two men and Jacqui was locked together with a man who was French kissing her. Lana, the short Asian girl, was well entangled with a man on one of the couches, his hand up her short skirt, feeling her pussy as they kissed.

Tabby looked around the room, surveying the group. There were a total of seven men. Everyone looked strange in their masks. Tabby was wearing a large butterfly mask that covered most of her face. All the males were given a plastic animal mask to wear, sometimes it muffled their voices so much that it was hard to hear them clearly. Amanda had a star-burst mask and Tiffany a little devil mask. Lana sported a simple ‘Lone Ranger’ mask and Jacqui a clowns face. Leah wore another simple ‘Zorro” type mask.

Having stood for a moment at the entrance from the dressing room Tabby decided to start with something from the bar. There would be more men arriving and it was best to be ready with a drink.

The bar consisted of a table against one wall with some bottles on it. The choice was sparse, but was included in the charge. The girls were allowed two drinks for every hour they worked with a maximum of six. Mrs LaBlanc, the Madam, kept an eye on them, making sure this rule, along with all the others were adhered to.

Tabby didn’t get to the bar. A hand came to rest against her sweet rounded butt, another on her bare shoulder across the thin strap of the dress.

“Hello there sexy, what is your name?” The muffled voice of one of the men whispered in her ear. She could feel his breath on her cheek.

“Jade,” she said in a sultry tone, using her working name.

“Well Jade, it’s nice to meet you,” he continued as she turned toward him. He was tall, like her, wearing a foxes mask that muffled his voice. She noticed the wedding ring, they all wore wedding escort ataşehir rings.

“Nice to meet you too,” Tabby replied, placing a hand on his shoulder, her wide white smile showing through the large black and silver butterfly.

“This is a grand sort of party you have going here,” the man said. “I could really get use to this lifestyle.”

“So you are a visitor to our Club?” Tabby asked.

“I am,” came the response. His hand was slipping up her body from her butt to clasp her slim waist.

“Can I interest you in a drink from our bar?” Tabby asked politely.

“It’s like this Jade, honey, I want to have a sweet taste in my mouth, but the taste I’m thinking of doesn’t come from a bottle,” he laughed, holding her tight to him.

He kissed the tall brunette, quickly on the lips. The fox mask made it difficult, at least the nose did, but still they managed to lock lips for a moment.

“And I suppose a piece of cake wouldn’t satisfy that taste either?” Tabby laughed.

“No Jade, it wouldn’t,” he smiled beneath the fox face.

“So would you like to tell more about those desires in private, or do you prefer the public arena?” Tabby asked her hand resting on his thigh as he pulled her even closer.

“Well, I think we should discuss some of these things in private, don’t you Jade?” He said.

“Fine Mr Fox, why don’t you just follow this little butterfly,” she teased as she slipped from his grasp.

They walked back through the room, where three more men had arrived. The man with Lana now had her skirt up around her waist revealing her pink lace thong to the world, his hand was buried inside it as he kissed her. Leah had settled on one of her men who had undone the ties of the her halter top letting it fall to the floor and expose her bare breasts. Amanda was no where to be seen. This survey was important as it would help Tabby determine where to take her client.

A long brilliant white passage led off the lounge. Off the passage were rows of doors, alternating all the way to the end of the passage. Tabby passed the first three, then at the fourth she stopped and winked at Mr Fox.

“This will be nice and private, we won’t be disturbed,” she whispered to him, teasing, heightening his expectation.

Inside was a large white room. A beautiful king sized bed adorned the centre, soft and inviting. The room was tastefully wallpapered in a cream embossed paper with tiny blue flowers all over it. A large painting of a naked lady adorned one wall while a still life of a kitchen scene was on another. A small coffee table with a vase of fresh flowers and a two-seater couch along with two bedside cabinets were the only other furniture.

“Nice, very nice,” he muttered, turning to take in the decoration.

“I thought it might suit your idea of fun,” Tabby teased again. “Now you were going to tell me more?” She swept up beside him, her hands resting on his shoulders.

“Yes, I was,” he was starting to get lost for words. The mask made it difficult to make out what he was saying, even that close.

“Would you like a shower before we start? Or are we just going to do it?” Tabby decided on the direct route.

“Tell me Jade, what are you wearing under this rather fine dress?” He asked.

“Shall I show you?” Tabby smiled back.

“Please do,” he almost begged.

The tall girl stepped back from him and found the zip to the long sheik dress. She was deliberately very slow in releasing it, letting it slip to the floor in a pool of shimmering black material. She stepped out of it to show him her body in the white lace.

“God, you look like a bride. A beautiful sexy bride. Jade, I like to talk real dirty…does that offend you?” He asked politely, mesmerised by the girl standing before him.

“Of course not, I am here to please, remember that,” she smiled. “Do you want to take off the masks…we can if you want to.”

“No, no, I want to do this like you are,” he said. “Just like this.”

Tabby grinned. “Ok, so what is next? Come on tell me how you want it, how you want to fuck me.” She tried to goad him using his own kind of language.
“Get the thong off, bitch, I want to see your pussy,” he ordered, her method seemed to have worked.

She bent low as she removed the lace thong. She had turned so her butt was waving at him and he could see her trimmed pussy between her legs as she stepped out of the fine lace thong. She lifted each stockinged leg in turn to release the thin lace garment from her spike heels, balancing against the end of the bed as she did.

As she tossed the thong to one side she looked back at him. He had unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. He had meant it, he was ready to fuck her right there and now. She smiled at him and lingered, parting her leg so he could view her trimmed back pussy, the lips swollen and waiting.

“Fuck, you are going to be my slut bride tonight,” he hissed as he stepped up to her, running his hand across kadıköy escort bayan her soft butt. “Now lean forward so I can get into that hot cunt of yours.”

Tabby moaned as he placed his cock at her entrance. There was no preliminary here, he wanted to fuck her real bad. He parted her pussy lips with one hand as he guided his cock with the other. Then he just gave one hard vicious push as he thrust the full length in the young girls hot pussy. Tabby gave a squeal as his big, thick cock shot into her wet, juicy hole.

“Oh, yes Mr Fox, fuck my pussy, fuck me hard,” she urged.

“You are so fucking tight bitch, you can’t have been doing this long. Fuck what a cunt,” he grunted as he pumped in and out of her.

Tabby struggled to stay on her feet as he pushed in and out of harder and harder. His balls were slapping against her bare butt, his hand grasped the suspender belt as he kept punishing her butt.

“Fuck me harder Mr Fox, fuck your whore-bride. Fuck me with that huge cock of yours,” Tabby continued, pushing her butt into his crotch as his strokes grew harder and harder. “Please give it to me, give me your cock. It’s so hard and big in my hot pussy.”

Mr Fox was reduced to grunts now as he felt his load growing. In and out he plunged his cock. A slurping, wet noise accompanied the heavy slaps of his body slamming into Tabby’s light frame. Then he let out a low wail as his cock exploded. Using the suspender belt he pulled Tabby back onto his hard cock, spilling shot after shot of creamy jism deep into her.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Tabby responded, reaching back with one hand to rub his balls between her legs. “Fill my pussy with your hot cum. Yes, it’s so good.”

As his cock shrunk he stood upright. A moment later he slipped from her body. A dribble of sticky cum slipped from her stretched opening onto the floor. Slowly Tabby pushed herself up from the bed.

“I’ll take that shower now if you don’t mind,” he said, returning to the meek mild man who had entered the room. His cock hung down in front of his pants, staining the tan material.

“Sure,” Tabby responded. “Just through there.” She pointed at a door on the far wall that led to an ensuite. “There are towels available in there. You can leave your clothes in a locker with Madam LaBlanc if you like, everyone will be naked out there by now.”

“Ok, thanks,” he said in his muffled voice.

“I will leave you to it, I need to get back to the others,” Tabby smiled, smoothing the unused bed where she had lent on it. “We have to keep moving tonight, you understand.”

“You were great Jade, I really liked that. Maybe we can meet again later tonight,” he probed.

“Yeah, you never know. But remember there are plenty of nice girls for your pleasure out there, so hurry and have your shower so you can join the party again.” He would have struggled to see the seductive wink Tabby gave him as she walked to the door, the dark dress draped over her arm and thong gripped between two fingers.

Tabby slipped through another door opposite the room she had just used. This took her into the back room of the club. Amanda was sitting on a chair, smoking a cigarette. The black cocktail dress was nowhere to be seen. Amanda sat in her black lace corset and black stockings and heels. She smiled as Tabby tossed her dress over a chair.

“May as well hang that up love,” she said. “You won’t be getting back into it tonight.”

Tabby looked at the older girl and smiled. “I suppose you are right.” She picked it up and walked to the cupboard, hanging the dress before picking up a towel from the pile next to the door through to the bathroom.

“No point in having a shower either, not enough time,” Amanda stated with the authority of experience. “Best just to have a quick wipe, make sure you are ready for the next cock and spray some perfume.”

This made Tabby laugh. She was right again. The more clients they serviced the more they were paid. Madam LeBlanc always kept an eye on her girls and seemed to know what they were up to at every turn. Tabby walked through to the bathroom and took Amanda’s advice. A moment later she was ready to return to the lounge. Amanda was already gone, just a waft of cigarette smoke as evidence.

By now the lounge was very busy. Lana was naked except the pink lace thong. Two men were pawing at Jacqui in her sexy lace underwear. Leah and Tiffany were nowhere to be seen. Amanda was chatting with a man at the bar. As soon as she walked in a man accosted Tabby, touching her bear shoulder with his hand. “Hello my fine little Butterfly,” he whispered in her ear. “Where have you fluttered in from?”

Tabby giggled at the weak humour. “I ‘m just on the prowl for a mate,” she laughed.

“Well, may I be of any assistance?” He was a short, fat middle-aged man with a balding head. His suit looked slightly scruffy. He wore a puppy dog mask which hid his features. Tabby wondered if he was fit enough for this.

“Of course you can assist escort bostancı me. Where shall we search?” Tabby asked.

“Maybe there is somewhere a little less crowded?” He smiled.

“Sure, follow me,” Tabby headed for the door into the passage once more. Just as she opened it for her guest Mr Fox reappeared, naked except for the mask. He gave the tall brunette a smile as they passed.

The Puppy Dog followed the tall brunette along the hall, watching her bare, fine butt wiggling in front of him like a bone for the Dog. She walked with ease in the high heels as she swept along the passage. Again she passed the first doors to open the one she had just returned from. She gave him a pleasant smile as he whipped passed her into the room.

“So my friendly Dog, what do you want from your Butterfly?” Tabby asked in her sultry voice.

“I…I want you,” the man said. He was grinning eagerly at her beneath the mask. “I want you to suck me off.”

Tabby stepped forward. “Well, you better get ready for the blow-job of your life.”

The rather over weight man tossed his clothes off in an instant. His cock was short and fat, about five inches at full erection. Tabby smiled and licked her lips as he took up his position sitting at the end of the bed.

Tabby knelt in front of her client, taking his hard cock in her hands, rubbing them over the throbbing cock. She smiled up at the watching Puppy Dog before lowering her mouth to the cock. Her moist red lips slipped over the big purple head, sucking it in. He moaned as she began to bob up and down the shaft. It tasted of cum and pussy juice, Tabby recognised the combination. She wasn’t his first of the night.

As she moved faster and faster, taking his cock deeper, he reached down to play with her small firm breasts still tucked in the delicate white lace bra. She moved her body, making it easier for him to fondle her breasts, plucking at the nipples as he peeled the fine lace back from them.

“Ohhh,” he moaned softly to himself as she slid her red lips up and down his shaft. Tabby grasped the base of his cock in one hand, the other fondled his balls. He lent over her crouched body, watching her action as he touched her breasts. “Get up.” He ordered her, the demand coming quite forcefully now.

Tabby obeyed, her sleek, slim body towering up over him as he lent back to admire her every inch. Now he could get a good look at those small, firm breasts, wobbling ever so slightly as they past his face. Then his eyes tracked down across the tanned, tight tummy to her small shaved triangle of dark hair, pointing to her pussy lips.

“I want to fuck you now,” he said in a flat voice, a touch of nervousness coming back. “Get on your back.”

Once more Tabby said nothing, just returning his commands with a sensual smile that he could see beneath the ornate mask. With a twist of her lithe body she moved past him to the bed and crawled up onto the deep white covers, purring like a cat and with her perfect rounded butt thrust upward.

The Puppy Dog watched as she positioned her body on the bed. He stood holding his rock hard penis in his hand, squeezing it through his own fingers. Tabby laid back, her legs spread and knees brought up. She ran her hands over her breasts and body, ending at her crotch which she framed with her red varnished nails. She used her hands to part her pussy lips, exposing the juicy, pink interior.

This sight was almost too much for Mr Puppy Dog he scrambled up the end of the bed in an undignified rush to claim his trophy. With one hand placed roughly on her upper thigh he guided his hard cock to her. The five inches seemed tiny compared to Mr Fox’s massive cock. It slipped in straight a way. She tightened her pussy around the little penis, squeezing it as he pumped into her.

She tried to look away as his breath came closer, she didn’t like his garlic after-taste. He was leaning in closer to her now, his hands resting above her shoulders as he strained to keep up his pace. In and out of her wet pussy he drove his cock. His slightly round belly rested on her tight form. As he pounded her body he grunted, his breath coming in short sharp puffs.

It had to end, she felt herself shake with a small involuntary orgasm as he pushed in as hard as he could. She ran her hand through his hair, brushing his ear. Her other hand she reached down with to caress his balls. That was it, he started to whine as he let go, his cock jammed hard in Tabby he pumped his hot cum deep inside her.

Tabby gave the obligatory moan of pleasure as he sunk on top of her, running her fingers through his hair one last time. He was panting, red in the face as the cock slipped from her, followed by a trickle of sticky hot cum. Tabby reached for a tissue from the bedside table and held it to her pussy as she squirmed out from under him.

The Puppy Dog rolled over and lay still.

“You can take a shower in there if you like,” Tabby informed him.

“Wow, that was great. Ohhh,” he moaned. He seemed to be recovering as he pushed himself into a sitting position and watched Tabby wipe the sticky cum from between her legs. “No, I like it dirty,” he stated. “I just fucked that girl Amanda and now I want to get another, who would you recommend?”

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