Tabitha and David

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It was just like any other normal Saturday morning, or so I thought. It was just after noon when I woke up from my nap, having worked Friday night. My morning routine is pretty much the same every day, get up. pull on my cock a couple times while I go into the bathroom to pee. I always use the bathroom across the hall from our bedroom because Kathy has the one off our bedroom filled with all her stuff. I opened the door, took a step out with my cock in my hand and saw Kathy sitting there with her friend Tabitha and her latest boyfriend David. I was surprised because Tabitha is one of our friends who doesn’t get nude with us so she rarely comes over. Kathy is usually the one who has to go see her.

Normally I just stay in the bedroom when she is over, but I had just woken up and had my to pee. I just smiled and said hello to everyone and continued into the bathroom. After going pee and washing off the sleepy pieces from my eyes, I opened the door and started back across the hall to my bedroom. Kathy called out to me and ask for me to please come there for a minute.

I kind of smiled because I saw Tabitha could not keep her eyes off my cock. I gave it a couple quick strokes just as a little flirt. I glanced at David and saw him adjust his cock in his shorts. I could tell he was having a hard time not staring at Kathy’s boobs. I leaned down and gave Kathy a quick kiss good morning. She moved over a bit so I could sit next to her.

Kathy explained that Tabitha had told her that David had done some swinging in the past. I knew Tabitha has always been shy and not wanting to even broach any sex subject, so I am sure the surprise registered on my face. I reached over and started to finger Kathy’s pussy as we made small talk, trying to get Tabitha more comfortable.

Darren started telling us how his ex girlfriend had got him to go to a couple of swinging parties and he enjoyed watching someone fuck his girlfriend while he fucked theirs. He had really started playing with his cock but hadn’t brought it out of his shorts yet. Kathy was making a show of playing with her nipples too. He said how he had Tabitha actually watch a few pornos featuring swingers and he could see how wet it made her, even though she didn’t want to admit that it turned her on.

Tabitha’s face was red from embarrassment but she couldn’t stop watching me play with Kathy’s pussy. She had worn a see through lacy shirt and I could tell she didn’t have a bra on. I could kind of make out her boobs, and her nipples were poking out through the loosely woven lace. I wasn’t sure how far it was going to go today, if Tabitha was ready to actually take the plunge or not. Usually when people discover they have a new sexual interest, they don’t come over until they are ready to experiment, but everyone is different. Kathy leaned over to me and told me to take Tabitha in the kitchen and get us some drinks. She said she was going to go suck David’s dick and let him titty fuck her. Bolu Escort I was to try to keep her in the kitchen for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Kathy asked Tabitha if she would help me get drinks from the kitchen. Tabitha couldn’t talk, all she could do was nod. She got up and headed into the kitchen. I got up and followed her, admiring her tight little ass that swings as she walks.

I walked to the refrigerator and got a couple wine coolers out. I was trying to make small talk with Tabitha, telling her how exciting swinging can be and how glad I was she was at least open to discussing it. Her voice kind of squeaked as she said she didn’t realize how hot it was until she saw the movies. She said how she had known Kathy and I were into it but was always scared to say anything. Her up bringing didn’t allow for any deviation from what was considered the sexual norm. David had asked her if she knew any swingers and Tabitha had told him about us. As she unscrewed the tops off the wine coolers I reached over and pinched her nipples, telling her I can see she likes the idea. To my surprise she pulled her shirt up so I could see her breasts and said that she was sorry for being so obvious. Her breasts were small and round but fitting for what is about her 5 foot 3 inch frame.

I watched her look down at my cock and pinch her own nipple. I walked over to her and got on my knees and took her breast into my mouth. She started moaning and rubbing the back of my head, pulling my head toward her. I felt her let go of my head and then saw her shirt dropping on the floor next to me. Then her hands were back on my head, holding me close. I reached up and undid the button on her shorts and they dropped to the floor. I wasn’t surprised she wasn’t wearing underwear, it was obvious by now she had come ready to have fun. I lifted her onto the counter, kissed my way down her stomach, and started eating her pussy. I was surprised how wet she was, her pussy juices were actually dripping on the floor. After eating her out for a couple minutes she pulled me back up and whispered in my ear that maybe we should rejoin Kathy and David. Instead I reached down and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy. She soon pushed my hand out of the way, grabbed my cock, and guided it inside her. It only took about 30 seconds and she was having an orgasm.

I picked her up still sitting on my cock and she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her to the corner where she would be able to see Kathy sucking David’s cock. David had already started titty fucking Kathy. Tabitha saw what they were doing, I heard her gasp and her legs tightened around me. I leaned her against the wall and started fucking her. She watched David and Kathy while nibbling on my ear. Her moaning was a turn on and I felt myself getting even harder inside her. I heard her tell David in a raspy voice to fuck Kathy in the pussy.

Kathy looked over at us as David slid his cock in her pussy Bolu Escort Bayan and I heard her ask Tabitha if she was enjoying my cock.. Something about the question must have got to Tabitha because I felt her pussy tighten as she started cumming again. Kathy saw that she was cumming and told her she was glad she could watch her enjoy my cock.

I carried Tabitha over and as I was about to put her on the floor next to Kathy, Kathy told me to bring Tabitha to her, she wanted to see what she tasted like. I slid my cock out of Tabitha’s pussy and lowered her down so she was straddling Kathy’s face. I played with my cock as I watched Kathy eat Tabitha while David fucked her.

I could tell Kathy wanted more than a taste and was going to be eating pussy for a little while, so I pulled out a dildo and lube from the toy box. I stuck the dildo on the wall, lubed my ass, and started masturbating. The three of them would occasionally glance my way but they were to wrapped up in themselves to pay to much attention to me.

Tabitha finally rolled off Kathy’s face and spotted the strap on. She grabbed it came over to me and pulled me away from the dildo on the wall. She mounted me from behind and started fucking me. I heard David tell Kathy that it looked pretty hot, and she told him if he thought that was hot to watch what she was about to do. She rolled out from under him and slid under me in a 69. She took my cock in her mouth and I started eating her pussy. I could taste David’s cum inside her, and I wondered how many times she made him cum. I glanced over at David and watched him play with his cock as he watched. I asked him if he had ever done anything like this and he said no, he has used a dildo on himself a few times while masturbating, but never had a woman fuck him with one and never knew a guy who would fuck him.

Tabitha pulled out of me and walked over to David. She grabbed him by the hand and led him over to us. She unrolled a condom and slid it on his cock, squirted some lube on it, then told him to kneel behind me. She guided his cock to my ass and told him to push in. He hesitated slightly but Tabitha pushed his ass to get the rim of his cock just inside my ass. She pushed him one more time and he was halfway buried inside me. David wasn’t large, and I have dildos that are actually bigger than his cock so it wasn’t hard to penetrate my ass. I squeezed my ass muscles and felt him twitch. Tabitha told him to either fuck me or pull out and watch her fuck me again. He pushed deep inside me, but in about 10 strokes he was cumming. He pulled out and Tabitha pushed him out of the way and started fucking me again.

Kathy moved out from under me and went to suck David hard again. It took about 10 minutes but soon she was straddling him, riding his cock. I watched as she grabbed the lube and spread it on his ass. She wanted to watch me fuck him and so did Tabitha. She pulled out of me and slapped my ass. I crawled Escort Bolu over to Kathy and David and lifted Davids legs in the air. Tabitha put a condom on my cock with a little lube and moved up to watch. She grabbed my cock and guided it to his hole. I knew he has used dildos, but I didn’t know how big, so I started slow. He wasn’t as tight as a virgin pussy so it didn’t take long until I was giving him full strokes. Obviously he has enjoyed different sized dildo in the past. Tabitha moved in front of Kathy so she could watch me fuck David while Kathy could eat her pussy. Kathy finally grabbed Tabitha and rolled her a 69 but made sure Tabitha could watch me fuck David.

I was almost ready to cum but I wanted to cum inside Tabitha. I pulled out of David and quickly wiped myself down with a wet wipe. I crawled over and pulled Tabitha away from Kathy and started fucking her. Kathy went back to David, intent on them both cumming one more time. I kissed Tabitha and as she kissed back her tongue was wild, her body jumping, crazed with lust. She wrapped her legs around my waist and held on like a bucking bronco. She started to cum one last time and bit my lip. That was all I needed to make me explode deep inside her.

We spent the next couple hours laying around and talking until they had to leave. Tabitha wanted to fuck one more time so she sucked me hard and mounted me, riding my cock until she made me cum again. As my warm cum filled her pussy, she sat down hard on me and had one last orgasm. David and Kathy just watched us, playing with themselves as they enjoyed the show. David got up and walked over to Kathy and as she opened her mouth to take his cock he squirted his jizz all over her.

They were expected for dinner at Tabitha’s parents house and they didn’t want to disappoint them. Her parents were going to meet David for the first time. I am sure it wasn’t the same introduction we got of him, but hopefully they like him just as much as we do. Like all other people we are with, we don’t ever know if we will be with them again sexually, but we look forward to the possibilities. I was pretty sure I would fuck Tabitha again, but I was getting mixed signals from David. I know he enjoyed the time, but I am not sure he isn’t just a little jealous of how much Tabitha enjoyed fucking me.

Later that night as we were getting ready for our party, Kathy and I talked about it all. We were both surprised and happy we were able to introduce Tabitha to a different life. Kathy had the same feeling about David as I did, and she said she would try to fuck him a few times and see how he was doing. It had started to rain, so we decided to put our party on hold for a week and after texting everyone we went to bed and fucked. I was ready for an early nights sleep anyhow, still tired from the prior nights work and the fun sex earlier. Just as I was about to turn out the lights I got a text from Tabitha that said she couldn’t wait to fuck me again. I showed it to Kathy and she just laughed, saying Tabitha was hooked. I told Kathy I will go to Tabitha’s and fuck her in a couple days as I was going to fuck Tina tomorrow. Kathy just giggled as I turned off the light. She must have her plans as well…

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