Taboo And Number Two

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I have my erection wrapped around my moms panties ready to cum and my mom opens the front door downstairs. I quickly put her white cotton panties back into her underwear drawer and zip up my pants.

“James, I am home,” my mom yells. I run downstairs to great her.

“Hi mom how was work,” I ask.

“Work was work. How was your day,” she says looking down at my crotch quizzically. I look down at the wet spot on my jeans.

“You know just another boring day,” I turn and dash up the stairs to my bedroom hoping she didn’t really see what I know she saw. I shut my bedroom door and lie down on my bed and begin to finish what I started. I pull my cock out and tug away imagining my mom wearing her cotton panties. My load comes out and my bedroom door opens and my mom steps in and my cum shoots all over my shirt.

“I am so sorry,” my mom says slamming the door shut. I take off my shirt and button my pants and dash out the door.

“Mom…,” I grab her shoulder turning her escort ataşehir toward me. “It isn’t…”

“James it is ok,” she says once again looking down at my crotch. She stares at my exposed half hard dick hanging out of my open fly.

“O my god,” I push myself back into my pants and zip up my zipper. My mom just looked at me in my eyes intensely breathing heavily.

“It’s ok, it’s ok,” she mutters out off breath. She turns around and goes into her bedroom and shuts the door. I go back to my room and hope to disappear. About a half an hour later I get up to talk to my mom. I walk into her room and she is lying on her bed with her pants at her ankles fingering her pussy. I quickly slam her door shut.

“O my god. Mom,” I sprint to my room.

“James, I…”

“Mom, I am so sorry,” I say cutting her off.

“James,” she sits down next to me patting my upper leg. I just sit there as she pats my upper leg and caressing it. She starts breathing heavy again kadıköy escort bayan and her nipples harden under her blouse.

“Mom,” I look into her eyes. My penis hardens and bulges the crotch of my jeans. My mom breaks our stare and looks down at my pants getting tighter. I move my hips down positioning my bulge closer to my mom’s hand. She slowly touches and pats my bulge.

“O James,” she moans. She slowly grabs around my mass.

“O mom,” I quiver as she moves her hand up and down. First very slow then more quickly. “Mom, I am going to cum,” I move my hips in rhythm with her hand.

“Wait, honey,” she stops stroking and unzips my zipper pulling my cock out and with out hesitation she puts my dick into her warm soft mouth. It feels so good.

“I am going to cum,” she stops and stands up and pulls her pants and underwear off and sat on my dick facing away from me. Her pussy slipped right around me. I just sat there as she moved her ass up and down squishing escort bostancı her pussy on and off me.

“Fuck me James,” I thrust my hips slapping against her ass. She squirts all over. She actually sprayed me and my bed for like ten seconds. The smell of her pussy juice and warm urine filled the room bringing me to near explosion.

“Mom I am going to cum in you,” She pulled off and grabbed my dick directing the tip to her asshole. Her ass opened and shut opened and shut. The tip of my dick resisted going in.

“Stick it in my butt,” Her ass winked at me. She sat down hard and it slipped inside her tight messy ass. She moved up and down my now messy cock.

“Mom it’s getting shitty”

“O honey please ignore it and cum in me.”

“No, I like it, open it up.”

“But then it will come out.”

“Mom, shit,” I wanted to feel her warm brown mess squirt around my cock. “Mom shit please,” her hole loosened letting out a small fart. I could feel and see her poo ooze out around me.

“Honey, honey…it’s coming out. I…I’m pooping,” her ass opened letting out all her bowels and squirting pee all over.

“Mom…,” cum squirts out into her nasty ass. I push against her hard squishing her poop up my front and her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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